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Chapter 135

135 Punishment

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“This is really strange, the imperial palace’s Yulin army and guards are everywhere, what kind of thieves can enter the palace and even enter the Empress’s side palace to steal the paintings without alarming anyone?” Feng Xia Qi asked bewildered, his tone gentle but with an aggressive attitude .

Following behind Feng Yi Xuan, An Yi rolled his eyes . He wanted to say that person was him . Listening to fourth wangye’s description, he seemed very powerful .

Many people had some doubts as they considered these words . The palace wasn’t any ordinary place . How many people of the pugilistic world can enter the palace? The guards that can enter the harem weren’t simple . The investigations were also very rigorous . How could they know An Yi and the others swaggered into the palace using a seal then snuck into the harem?

“What kind of capable people aren’t in this world? Fourth wangye how can you frame bengong? If someone didn’t steal the paintings, why would bengong use this method? Isn’t making trouble for myself?” The Empress wasn’t a simple woman, with a few words, she made everything sound reasonable .

But Feng Xia Qi was a sly fox . Originally he didn’t have any intention to argue with such a woman but thinking of Nian’er meimei’s instructions and his brother’s eyes, Feng Xia Qi said righteously, “Since so many paintings were stolen all at once, why didn’t the Empress tell Imperial Father? You could have found the thief quicker as well as recovering the paintings . you only let everyone know now, it was all due to Noble Consort Lin’s eyes, otherwise won’t everyone be in the dark?”

The Empress wanted to say more, but Feng Xia Qi’s eyes smiled, “Not only did the Empress not allow the minister to know, but you also use these fakes to taint everyone’s eyes, do you take Imperial Father and the ministers as fools?”

Feng Xia Qi’s final words were quite severe, directly set the charge of the Empress being lax, deceiving the Emperor . Every sentence Feng Xia Qi uttered was reasonable . Most people were dissatisfied with the Empress’s actions, how can these actions be worthy of being the mother of a country?

The Empress was speechless not to mention that although Feng Xia Qi wasn’t full of arrogance like Feng Yi Xuan but that noble aura was oppressive, making the Empress only anxiously kneel on the ground .

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Second wangye Feng Shao Chu watched his Empress Mother being blamed but couldn’t say a word . Not only couldn’t he plead for his mother, but he also needed to totally clean himself of it . After all, the Empress was only a woman, nothing would have to her, but if he was involved… .

For a time, the entire palace each one had their own thoughts . Everyone all waited for the Emperor’s decision .

“Empress, do you know your wrong?” The Empress looked at the Empress kneeling on the ground, her eyes flashed with dissatisfaction, but with a look at Prime Minister An who was sitting there, he knew it wasn’t a good time to depose the Empress . It was almost time for the exchange between the countries . If a scandal happened in Feng country, it would lose the face of Feng country .

“It’s all chenqie’s fault, chenqie is really to be punished!” Although The Empress didn’t know why the Emperor asked this but knew since the Emperor said this, then she wasn’t in too much of a trouble .

The Emperor glanced at his fourth and sixth son . He felt this matter was a bit abnormal, but it seems it was only an accident . But in any case, he can tell the two children wanted to punish the Empress .

“In this case, the affairs of the palace will be taken care of Empress Dowager, The Empress will move to the Buddhist temple to concentrate on Buddha” The Emperor was taking away all of the Empress’s authority, only left with the title of Empress but Prime Minister An’s faction had no way of pleading . This was the Empress’s negligence .

“The lost paintings of the officials will be made up by the Empress, including the ones in the palace, if you can’t find them, repay with money!” The Emperor said . Since Prime Minister An’s faction was so wealthy, then let them make up for it . The treasury wasn’t used for these things .

The Empress wanted to plead innocent, but looking up, she saw the Emperor’s dissatisfied and threatening eyes, the Empress knew it would be no use to beg for mercy . Unfortunately, her own savings probably wasn’t enough, this time they really fell on their heads .

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A good appreciation banquet due to the fakes ended silently . The young masters and misses followed their parents out of the imperial palace, but many people whispered about the Empress’s method . No one liked to be deceived, much less exchanging their real treasures with fakes .

“Nian’er meimei has earned a lot this time?” Jing Wu An chuckled . They all knew Feng Yi Xuan gave everything to Lan You Nian, even the money from counterfeiting was in Lan You Nian’s purse, they couldn’t help sigh Feng Yi Xuan really was a thousand gold for a beauty .

“Brother Wu An is envious?” Lan You Nian and they sat in the carriage .

“Ai, envious so what? I don’t have that good life for someone to give me money!” Jing Wu An exclaimed .

“This time Empress’s faction lost a lot of blood . So many calligraphy and paintings that need money to be remedied . It seems Feng Shao Chu will be living poorly for a while!” Feng Xia Qi said, “But this is all thanks to Nian’er meimei’s plan . ”

Lan You Nian didn’t show any pride and said very peacefully, “Even if I didn’t make any plans, you would have an even better method to suppress the Empress’s faction . I was only bored . Everyone’s good intentions, Nian’er knows!”

Lan You Nian knew that to survive in the imperial palace, how can any of the princes be simple? Feng Xia Qi’s methods although Lan You Nian has not seen but knew it wouldn’t be ordinary . There was no need to mention Feng Yi Xuan . And Jing Wu an, a famous military strategist is shrewd . Everyone just saw she wanted to play, so they let her do as she wished . Lan You Nian was not unaware of their care and protectiveness of her . Lan You Nian considered them her own people . She will treat them sincerely .

Feng Xia Qi and the group were momentary stunned . They didn’t expect Lan You Nian to read the situation so thoroughly . They truly treated Lan You Nian as a little sister . So no matter how Lan You Nian wanted to play havoc, not only Feng Yi Xuan was willing to pamper, they also helped . This was where they were different from other people . Towards the enemy, they were always cruel and ruthless, but towards their own people, they will do all they can to protect, this is why Lan You Nian had such a good relationship with Feng Xia Qi and the others .

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“In this case, Nian’er meimei brew some wine for us to taste!” Feng Xia Qi said . Ever since last time he had a drink of the wine that Lan You Nian brewed at You Nian Pavilion, he didn’t ever have a taste of such good wine again . They said to Lan You Nian several times, but Lan You Nian didn’t give in .

Yu Liu Li once sneaked into You Nian Pavilion to search, wondering if the wine was hidden in You Nian Pavilion . However, not only didn’t he find any wine, he was caught by Feng Yi Xuan and taught a lesson . Since then, he didn’t dare to sneak into You Nian Pavilion .

“Nian’er knows Brother Xia Qi has the tribute grapes…” Lan You Nian said but was interrupted before she could finish .

“Nian’er meimei likes to eat grapes? That’s easy! When I go back, I’ll have people send the grapes to Nian’er meimei!” Feng Xia Qi said . The tribute grapes were pretty good, the skin was thin, juicy, and tender . The palace only gave them to some wangye and princesses . Even some niangniang didn’t have any .

“Nian Nian, my manor has them, how much do you want, I have it!” Feng Yi Xuan said unhappily . His Nian Nian wants what, he will bring it to her, won’t take other people’s things .

Lan You Nian didn’t demure, glanced at Feng Yi Xuan, “Yours isn’t it mine?”

“Yes!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded . He liked the feeling that there was no separation between them .

“Great!” Lan You Nian appeased Feng Yi Xuan saying, “I, want to make grape wine, need a lot of grapes, so I want all of it!”

“Okay!” Feng Yi Xuan said . Inside he was wondering if Nian Nian making that so-called grape wine, he will be the first to taste . Although he wanted to monopolize it but was afraid he will invoke Nian Nian’s anger .

“Grape wine?” Jing Wu An’s eyes brightened, “Nian’er meimei will brew the best!” Jing Wu An didn’t say this purposely rather every time Lan You Nian, whether it was delicacies, wine, or tea, it was all stuff they have never seen or tasted .

“Grape wine is made from grapes . After Nian’er meimei finishes the batch, you can’t hide it selfishly to yourself, you have to let us taste it!” Feng Xia Qi declared . He wasn’t afraid Lan You Nian wouldn’t give them any to drink, rather he knew his younger brother’s temper . He will probably get jealous and not let them drink .

“En, first give it to Xuan to taste, then give it to you to drink!” Lan You Nian said . She considered Feng Yi Xuan to be very important; she wouldn’t refuse to admit it .

Feng Yi Xuan’s lips tugged upwards, hated he couldn’t laugh .

Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An looked at each other and chuckled . Towards Lan You Nian’s straightforward personality, they really were fond of .

At this time, the Empress and Feng Shao Chu were in a panic . All at once they needed to have so much money, it was difficult even for the Empress . Feng Shao Chu was ready to kill that counterfeit artist, he realized that person already left . There was no way to find him again .

The Empress had Feng Shao Chu sell off all the things that can be sold . But for some reason, these expensive things didn’t get a good price at any of the pawn shops . Those jewelry and other stuff were pawned off at nearly a worthless price . How could they know many of the pawn shops in the capital all belonged to Lan You Nian . Behind the scenes, Lan You Nian earned a fortune .

The Empress and Feng Shao Chu thought of many ways before they got enough money . Due to the recent events, the Empress’s lips emerged with blisters . The money obtained from corrupt means in the palace was almost all gone . Feng Shao Chu wasn’t any better . Those ministers who were still optimistic about him were now whispering about him . This was not a good thing for them .

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