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Chapter 136: 136

136 Representatives of Other Countries

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When Lan You Nian received the news, it was already five days later . Noble Consort Lin caught a disease and died… .

Noble Consort Lin’s death did not cause any waves in Feng country . It was just a noble consort . It was just a concubine . With the exchange coming soon, the imperial family suppressed this matter . The people only talked about this when they were bored .

Lan You Nian was currently making grape wine . When she heard of Noble Consort Lin’s death, she didn’t stop what she was doing .

“Young miss, how could Noble Consort Lin die? Isn’t it strange?” Lan Wu asked .

Of Lan You Nian’s subordinates, Lan Wu’s personality was slightly naive . Although she has seen many dark things, her heart was still full of sunlight . Sometimes Lan You Nian was envious of this .

“Because someone wants her to die, so she can’t live!” Lan You Nian smiled . Noble Consort Lin could have lived without any worries in life, but she was too restless . She dared to brazenly provoke her, then Lan You Nian will send her off . She Lan You Nian wasn’t a kind person, those who provoked her, whether innocent or evil, she won’t let go of any of them . Because Lan You Nian knew if you wanted to survive in this world where life was worthless, then you can either endure or be ruthless . She Lan You Nian will never tolerate, so there was only left with ruthlessness!

“Listening to young miss, young miss knows who did it?” Lan Wu asked . Her worship of her own young miss can be described as blind, no matter what, nothing was difficult for young miss . Young miss can do anything . She was younger than them, but she knew much more .

Lan You Nian pinched the grape in her hand, the fresh juice flowed along Lan You Nian’s soft white fingertips, making people feel comfortable just looking at it . In this world, probably only a woman like Lan You Nian would have a finger that’s beautiful to the point it was suffocating .

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“Who in the palace has this ability to touch a noble consort?” Lan You Nian mused .

“Is it the Empress?” Lan Wu asked, her eyes revealed her surprise .

“Of course, only you are stupid for not knowing!” Lan Qu laughed .

Lan Qu helped Lan You Nian get the grapes and looked at her young miss who looked relaxed, and couldn’t help ask, “I heard today the representatives of various nations are entering the capital, Ming wang will probably be busy for a few days, some princesses have also come, young miss…”

These days, Lan Qu has seen that indifferent Ming wang pampering her family’s young miss . Not to speak of every night, he slept in young miss’s room but took pity on young miss’s young age, he never crossed the line . He always diligently took care of young miss . In many things, he did much better than them, the servant girls . Which man can help a woman dress, wash up, and draw water for her, much less a wangye who held power in his hands? Because Lan Qu and the others felt Feng Yi Xuan was a rare good man, they felt their miss should keep an eye on him . There were many beautiful women outside, they didn’t want their lady to be hurt though there weren’t anyone more beautiful than their young miss .

How can Lan You Nian not hear the meaning behind Lan Qu’s words? Lan Qu wasn’t reassured about Feng Yi Xuan . If peace marriage was needed, the several wangyes were the first to bear the brunt of it . But Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t that type of person . If that were true, she would break off these feelings…

At this time, three groups of processions have entered the capital . The people watching have filled up the streets .

The people Feng country sent out to welcome the representatives was Feng Shao Chu and Feng Xia Qi . Originally Feng Yi Xuan was supposed to come too, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t like these atmospheres so didn’t come . The Emperor didn’t place any blame, so let Jing Wu An take his place .

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The three stood outside the imperial palace . Feng Shao Chu wore a snow white brocade robe, with a jade crown, from a distance he was a handsome and elegant man .

Feng Xia Qi was dressed the same as Feng Shao Chu in a white brocade robe, his handsome face was serene, his mouth was faintly smiling . Under the sunlight, it was eye-catching . With this comparison, Feng Shao Chu didn’t beat him .

Jing Wu An wore blue, with a black gauze robe, with a brown-plated dragon jade buckle at the waist . His hair without any errant strands was tied up, a handsome and flawless face, with a hint of elegance and ethereal, who would have thought this man’s heart was so black?

From afar, they watched the three groups of people gradually approach the imperial palace . Feng Xia Qi and the others smiled, this wasn’t only the start of the exchange, but it was the contest between countries .

The first to come was Yue country . From Yue, there were two princesses . Third princess Yue Qian Ling and eldest princess Yue Bai Lian . As a princess, they sat in sedan chairs without showing their face . Yue Qian Ling at an unknown time joined the procession, coming in from outside the capital .

The second was Hua country . Hua country sent Hua’s crown prince Hua Xiu Yi . This person was known by the rest of the world, from a young age, he broke off any retreat of his brothers and climbed up the position of crown prince . He also could manage the battlefield . Once, he has battled with Feng Yi Xuan .

From Xue country was the prime minister Pei Fu, this prime minister was quite young at only 30 years of age . In Xue country, he was valued by the Emperor . This person was knowledgeable . In Xue country, he was respected by many and is an important person .

Feng Xia Qi and the others had some small chat with the various representatives then brought them to a palace outside the imperial palace walls . This was where the representatives will be living . The exchange will be set a few days later . Tomorrow the representatives will be attending the dinner banquet in the palace .

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Yue Bai Lian sat in the sedan looking at the familiar capital . She was thinking of that aloof but charming Lan You Nian . She now knew her master was a girl, but she was still unable to forget after returning to Yue . She still remembered master once said, same-sex love wasn’t shameful . She didn’t know if she still had a chance to see her master .

In the other sedan, Yue Qian Lin was in a bad mood . She has always been very arrogant . When she started from Yue, she quietly rode to the capital first to see the customs and people of Feng . She didn’t expect to encounter such troublesome matters . Not only she wasn’t able to take that cute young master as her servant, many people knew her identity and threw her onto the streets . Lan You Nian, Yue Qian Ling thought these things were all because of that woman . This time she comes with the identity of a princess of Yue, she won’t let go of that woman .

Meanwhile, Hua country’s sedan can be described as luxurious . Beside Hua country’s crown prince Hua Xiu Yi sat a soft boneless woman . At this time, the woman’s chest was slightly exposed, stroking Hua Xiu Yi’s chest, her fingers slowly moved up to touch Hua Xiu Yi’s face, but she could no longer advance . Because that woman died with her eyes wide open . The one who killed her was Hua Xiu Yi who was tenderly affectionate with her .

Hua Xiu Yi threw out the woman who died . The people outside caught the dead woman and destroyed the body . No one noticed Hua Xiu Yi’s smile . He thought he was very talented and never encountered any opponent but since two years ago that war with Feng, he lost, Hua Xiu Yi took notice of that Feng country’s god of war Feng Yi Xuan . Hua Xiu Yi had to admit, Feng Yi Xuan was the most powerful opponent he had ever seen . He came to Feng because of this, it was due to his interest in his opponent .

In Xue country’s sedan sat a man with a straight posture . This person only held a book quietly reading . He seemed to be deaf to the outside world . He didn’t look like a prime minister of a country, more like a scholar who lived in the mountains .

“Prime minister, why did prime minister come to Feng country personally, this isn’t a good job!” the manservant sitting beside Pei Fu asked .

Pei Fu turned the page over, after waiting a long time, he said, “It’s something I should do!”

Currently, Feng Yi Xuan sat in Ming wang manor playing chess with Yu Liu Li as if the matters of the capital had nothing to do with him .

“I heard Hua country’s crown prince came to the capital!” Yu Liu Li put down a piece, taking joy in his friend’s misfortunes as he said .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have any expression, calmly placing down another piece, his tone still cold, “En, Pei Fu also came!”

Yu Liu Li looked at the chess game, thinking for a long time but still wasn’t able to think of where to go, and was slightly annoyed . Every time they played, he wasn’t Feng Yi Xuan’s opponent, “This Hua Xiu Yi isn’t an easy person to deal with . All these years, he seems to consider you his opponent . He wants to compare with you in everything . I’m afraid this time there won’t be any rest with his arrival!”

“He doesn’t dare, this is the capital, he isn’t so reckless!” Feng Yi Xuan said . He knew about this Hua Xiu Yi . Ever since he won over Hua Xiu Yi that year on the battlefield, that man always did something behind his back, always wanting to defeat him . It’s a pity that there wasn’t much interaction between them . Hua Xiu Yi didn’t have this chance to do anything .

Yu Liu Li finally put down another piece, then worriedly said, “I know you aren’t afraid, that is because you didn’t have a weakness, but Nian’er meimei…”

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly looked up at Yu Liu Li, his eyes cold, placing another piece, the entire game Feng Yi Xuan had already won .

“Ai, I can tell you care about Nian’er meimei and agree to you being together . But I want to tell you, you are someone with a weakness now, be more careful . I consider her as a little sister, I don’t want her to be implicated,” Yu Liu Li said . Feng Yi Xuan of the past was someone without any weakness . He was cold-hearted and ruthless . The current Feng Yi Xuan was like a real person, though worthy of joy, but it also had its drawbacks .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at the intricate game, his voice cold but with a dignity that couldn’t be denied, “Nian Nian isn’t my weakness, she is my life!”

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