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Chapter 130

130 Gui Wu Meets Trouble

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Inside the wine-scented You Nian Pavilion, Zhang Lin and the others stood outside, not allowing anyone to enter . Those who didn’t know would think something unpresentable was happening inside, who knew that You Nian Pavilion was in perfect harmony .

In stone gazebo of You Nian Pavilion’s garden, sat Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan, Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, Feng Xia qi, and Gui San, as well as He Chu Yang who arrived without delay upon hearing the news .

“Tsk tsk, Nian’er meimei such good wine, Mo Xian didn’t get to taste it, it’s really a pity!” He Chu Yang took a sip of the fruit wine, a pure fragrance overflowed, warming the heart .

“How could anything be more important than junzhu? The two of them didn’t get to spend time together recently, who knows where they’ve gone to have a heart to heart?” Feng Xia Qi laughed . Lan Mo Xian if he’ weren’t busy with the matters of the army, he would be out chasing his love .

“Since he has warm and fragrant jade in his arms, Nian’er meimei can’t leave him any fragrant wine!” Yu Liu Li gloated, after all, today’s fruit wine was only that one and two jars, it wasn’t enough for them to drink .

“Since he didn’t come then there isn’t any wine to drink, however speaking of which, don’t you have warm and fragrant jade in your arms?” Lan You Nian teased . Because Jing Wu An’s injuries haven’t completely recovered, the two were very intimate with each other .

“~cough couch~…” Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li coughed in embarrassment at the same time . Although the two have announced their relationship but to be joking about it like this was a little embarrassing .

“How is he warm and fragrant jade? Jing Wu An’s body isn’t soft, am I right little junior sister?” Gui San joined in the ranks of teasing them .

“Indeed,” Lan You Nian carefully looked at Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An, making the two of them feel their hairs raise . When Feng Yi Xuan felt incredibly dissatisfied, she retracted her gaze to look at Feng Yi Xuan, curiously asking him,” Say, who is on top, who’s on the bottom?”

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Besides the guilty party Lan You Nian, all the other people sprayed, even Feng Yi Xuan was no exception . They didn’t expect Lan You Nian to ask such a straightforward and shameful question .

Feng Yi Xuan elegantly wiped the wine on the corner of his lips, then glared at Lan You Nian, but there wasn’t any sternness in those eyes only pampering, and sighed, “Who taught you these?”

“No one taught me?” Lan You Nian was puzzled, then looked at Feng Xia Qi and the others, “Don’t you want to know?”


“Little junior sister!” Gui San helplessly touched his forehead, this little junior sister of his seemed like otherworldly, but if she was with someone who made her feel at ease, then her obliviousness will be apparent, the naughtiness in her bones will gradually reveal the cuteness of her other side .

“Third brother, don’t you want to know? Nian’er is sure you’re the one who wants to know the most!” Lan You Nian stuck her tongue at him mischievously .

Feng Yi Xuan pressed such a cute Lan You Nian who made him like her even more to his chest, otherwise looking at Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s blushing faces, there wouldn’t be an end to this thing . Feng Yi Xuan came closer to Lan You Nian’s ear, his voice low that only the two of them can hear, “Who’s on top who’s on the bottom I don’t know but if it is us, then I know…”

Lan You Nian glared with her innocent and pure big eyes at Feng Yi Xuan, her cheeks became red . She didn’t expect such a pure-love Feng Yi Xuan could say such a thing, just who led her man astray?

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Lan You Nian covered her red cheeks with her hands, unhappily looked at Feng Yi Xuan . She always thought it should be her teasing Feng Yi Xuan . She didn’t expect the tables to turn and to be teased back, she wasn’t happy, very unhappy!

Feng Yi Xuan can see Lan You Nian’s bashfulness . He wondered if he was being too impetuous but only with Nian Nian would he unconsciously be like this .

To coax his precious treasure happy, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes shot at Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li, “Talk!”

Yu Liu Li furiously glared at Feng Yi Xuan . How did he make such a friend who puts beauty before friends? To coax Nian’er meimei happy again, he hung his friends out to dry! Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu An, meaning to have him say it, don’t ask him why he didn’t resist, that is if you dare to resist against Feng Yi Xuan, then you’re dead!

Jing Wu An’s initially pale face due to his injuries after drinking fruit wine that wasn’t harmful to the body and upon Lan You Nian’s words, his color was much better, helplessly looked at Lan You Nian who hid in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms giggling mischievously, “Haven’t tried it yet, don’t know yet!”

“Little junior sister, let’s make a bet!” Gui San feared the word wasn’t in enough chaos and said, “Bet who is on top and bottom! If you lose, you brew some jars of wine, if you win, you choose the conditions!”

“Since you’re betting, then I will join too! We join in with Gui San’s side!” Feng Xia Qi and He Chu Yang also joined in .

Lan You Nian shot Feng Yi Xuan a glance, meaning that he would place the bet . Feng Yi Xuan nodded . Towards Nian Nian’s trust and dependence on him, he was very satisfied .

“If you lose, then on brother and Mu Qing jiejie’s wedding day, you double the red envelopes!” Lan You Nian said . Everyone was simply happy to play around, betting wasn’t important, so Lan You Nian casually said this .

“Alright!” Everyone agreed, completely forgetting the interested parties Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s thoughts . The two looked at each other helplessly shrugging their shoulders, but they were relieved by their friends’ calm acceptance of their relationship .

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“Jing Wu an up top!” Feng Yi Xuan was straightforward then ignored everyone else to sip on his wine .

Lan You Nian smiled happily as she looked at such a smart man . Based on martial arts, Yu Liu Li was much more powerful, but Jing Wu An was simply too black-bellied, every time he didn’t allow Yu Liu Li any advantages, it would be the same on the bed .

Gui San slapped Yu Liu Li’s shoulders, “Liu Li, you have to work hard, otherwise my money…”

Yu Liu Li glared at the culprit Lan You Nian, but that glace was discovered by Feng Yi Xuan . Yu Liu Li trembled as he retreated his gaze, pitifully looked at Jing Wu An . Jing Wu An black-bellied smirked, already considering how to drag Yu Liu Li to bed inside!

“Gui San, you are Wu Qing Pavilion and Xiao Jin Pavilion’s manager, do you lack money? Master Wu Qing wouldn’t be so stingy?” Yu Liu Li asked . Now that they knew about Nian’er meimei’s relationship with Gui San and the others, they have never heard them talk about Master Wu Qing so was very curious .

“One or two silvers is still money, this master knows how to live a comfortable life!” Gui San said with plenty of narcissism .

“Master, Miss Lan!” An Yi appeared in You Nian courtyard, “Today Gui San went to Zhen Wei Pavilion to eat and now has Yue’s third princess clinging to him, they’re still in Zhen Wei Pavilion!”

Gui San shot up prepared to go to Zhen Wei Pavilion . Amongst their brothers, Gui San was the most innocent and in the aspects of martial arts and such, he was the weakest . Besides little junior sister, everyone worried most about Gui Wu .

“Third brother don’t worry, Xuan and I will go!” Lan You Nian said . Yue’s princess already involved matters of the imperial court, if Gui San were to stand out now, it wouldn’t be suitable .

“En, alright, you guys go!” Gi San knew Lan You Nian’s abilities . Besides, there was also a Feng Yi Xuan . They wouldn’t let Gui Wu suffer any losses . Feng Xia Qi and the others weren’t worried . After all, once Feng Yi Xuan took up the matter, everyone hand to stay on the back burner . This was the conclusion they have come to after many years .

When Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian arrived at Zhen Wei PAvilion, they noticed in the hall downstairs was Gui Wu and a woman, according to An Yi, Yue’s third princess . It seems every countries’ emissaries have already started to pour into Feng but didn’t expect for this princess to not follow the national ceremonial procession .

“Get out of the way!” Gui San hardened his baby face towards this Yue’s princess Yue Qian Ling who was blocking the way .

Gui San wore white today, without a stain of dust, as if white lotus remaining aloof from the rest of the world, especially those pair of big watery eyes, resplendent as the sun and moon, as eye-catching as the stars . His skin has returned to their whiteness from Gui Yi’s medicinal diet he prescribed . As if a concentration of a layer of radiance, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth seemed to be concentrated on this young man, making people intoxicated unable to extricate themselves .

On the opposite side of Gui Wu was Feng’s princess Yue Qian Ling who was wearing a yellow brocade embroidered with phoenix, a slightly sweeping the floor pink flowy skirt, with a soft emerald gauze wrap around her wrists . A bloom of peony was inserted into her beautiful hairstyle, making her seem like a beautifully decorated woman, but that arrogance made people dislike .

Gui Wu often trained himself in Ming army, but he wasn’t considered one of Ming army’s members . Sometimes he would even come out to play . Today originally he wanted to come to Zhen Wei Pavilion to bring back some delicious food back to the military camp, to give everyone a taste but didn’t expect as soon as he entered the restaurant to be accosted by a woman . He can tell this woman’s identity was not an lady of an ordinary family . If he hastily killed her, it will bring trouble to Nian’er meimei, so he was entangled to this time .

“This princess wants you to be my servant!” Yue Qian Ling said arrogantly, her arrogance was different than Bai Lian’s . Bai Lian had pride in the bones while she was unreasonable arrogance .

“Such arrogance!” Lan You Nian stood on third floor’s room saying but didn’t go down to take care of it but continued to watch .

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the situation below, then said, “Nian Nian don’t be angry . If you don’t like just kill okay?”

Lan You Nian saw Feng Yi Xuan was serious . This man really puts her first for everything, even the country had to stay in the back burner, otherwise, why didn’t he consider the state of the two countries instead of her mood .

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who hated he couldn’t hug her every moment of the day . Her anger that had just risen because of Yue Qian Ling instantly disappeared .

“It’s nothing, let’s continue to look!” Lan You Nian smiled . Feng Yi Xuan carefully looked at Lan You Nian, found she wasn’t angry and released his breath . He didn’t want Nian Nian to be angry, anger hurts the body . He hoped that even Nian Nian’s tears were due to happiness .

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