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Chapter 131

131 Yue Qian Ling

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“Go away! Don’t blame me for not being polite!” Gui Wu snapped at Yue Qian Ling, but due to his cute baby face, there was no fear-inducing momentum behind it .

Yue Qian Ling wasn’t afraid . She was a princess . She was used to being unrestrained without any regards to the laws . Usually, when she sees something she wants, whether its a person or thing, she will obtain it . Many of the servants in her palace were snatched by her . The man in front of her while not very handsome but he was cute . She wanted such a man to serve her .

“Take him down!” Yue Qian Ling snapped at the accompanying guards .

As soon as a number of the guards heard this, they ran towards Gui Wu ready to take Gui Wu down . It seems their actions were practiced . They probably did this pretty often .

Although Gui Wu’s martial arts wasn’t as good as Gui Si and the others, compared to the average person, it was much better . When the guards neared him, he simply slaughtered them . Although he didn’t like killing, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper . In this world, besides little junior sister, if other women wanted him to take care of them and wait on them, he just wanted to kill!

Yue Qian Ling was shocked by Gui Wu’s sudden attack . She took out the long red whip she carried with her to give Gui Wu a whipping .

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with ice . Yue Qian Ling’s martial arts might not be high, but the whip in her hands has been applied with poison . Once hit with that whip, the average person will bleed from all seven orifices and die within a few days .

Lan You Nian didn’t have any feelings towards these things, but if someone used these things against the people she cared for, then that person would be provoking her, Lan You Nian .


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Gui Wu also discovered the poison on Yue Qian Ling’s whip . No matter what you say, he was still Gui Yi Zi’s disciple . How could he not be able to figure this out? Gui Wu wondered if he can kill this princess . If he killed, will it bring trouble to Zhen Wei Pavilion? Will it bring trouble to little junior sister?

“Princess Qian Ling might be a little too overbearing . This person from the looks of it is my Feng country’s citizen . Princess Qian Ling doesn’t give any regard to the laws of another country? Or is it that Princess Qian Ling looks down on Feng country?” Lan You Nian walked down saying to Yue Qian Ling who was prepared to attack .

“Miss Miao Yin…” Many people in the hall who were eating excitedly gave their greetings . Many people here were Lan You Nian’s fans . Hearing the contents of Lan You Nian’s words, their gazes on Yue Qian Ling weren’t kind . Many of the people in Zhen Wei Pavilion eating were the nobility of Feng country . Even if they did not have a strong sense of patriotism, but they would not allow a woman to look down on their country, let alone that Feng country’s Feng Yi Xuan campaigns have made them even strong than several other countries .

Lan You Nian greeted everyone warmly . Although her temperament was slightly aloof, she knew not to easily underestimate anyone . Because the people who most often put you to death were the people you weren’t concerned about or looked down on, let alone in the ancient times, why find so many enemies for yourself? But if someone provoked her…

“You are that Miss Miao Yin?” Yue Qian Ling looked down her nose at Lan You Nian, “It seems the rumors that you are an ugly girl is true!”

As soon as Yue Qian Ling’s words came out, Lan You Nian had yet to get angry, Gui Wu and many people in the hall were angry . Lan You Nian glanced at the third floor, not allowing Feng Yi Xuan to make a move . She felt her man was too good looking . If Yue Qian Ling took a liking to him, she would be very angry .


Feng Yi Xuan was overjoyed by Lan You Nian’s blunt possessiveness . He hated Nian Nian couldn’t look at him all day . This way, he would be able to see Nian Nian at any time .

Lan You Nian knew the rumors of her face being ruined will cause a lot of gossip for her but even, so Lan You Nian didn’t want to reveal her face . It wasn’t that she was too narcissistic but simply that her face was beautiful to the point of angering both humans and gods . After a few years, it will probably be even more attractive . At that time, this face may not be a good thing . Besides, she already found the man she wanted to walk hand in hand with . She didn’t care .

“What are you saying? Is a princess, so without any manners?” Gui Wu can’t bear to see anyone bully his little junior sister .

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Yue Qian Ling saw Gui Wu was so protective of Lan You Nian, the angrier she was . At first, she was attracted to this exquisite looking man, but this man not only didn’t he want to go with her, he even helped an ugly troll . Yue Qian Ling was prepared to hurt Lan You Nian .

“Manager, drag Yue’s third princess out!” Lan You Nian didn’t wait for Yue Qian Ling to make a move and set down orders, “In the future, Zhen Wei Pavilion does not welcome Princess Qian Ling!”

Originally Lan You Nian wanted to kill this Yue Qian Ling, but if she really killed a princess, especially under such a situation, the two countries will use this as an excuse to start a war . Once a war is started, then Feng Yi Xuan will definitely go on the battlefield, let alone General Lan, Lan Jian Jun .

Although Lan You Nian gave orders to the manager, the ones who acted were An Yi and An Si . Yue Qian Ling had some skill of her own, and with her poisonous whip, the manservants wouldn’t be able to deal with it . So when Lan You Nian said the word, Feng Yi Xuan had An Yi, and An Si appear .

The two wholly ignored Yue Qian Ling’s identity as a princess and struck her acupuncture point and threw her out .


Because Yue Qian Ling’s arrogance in Feng made many people disgusted, as well as because of Yue Qian Ling’s blunt insult to Lan You Nian, made many scholarly people when passing by the paralyzed Feng Qian Ling all spit at her .

When has Yue Qian Ling ever received such treatment? When her guards arrived, she prepared to have them seal Zhen Wei Pavilion, but she didn’t expect soldiers from the army to block them . Not only was Feng Qian Ling shocked, but the people who wanted to watch the fun were also shocked . None of them expected that a small Zhen Wei Pavilion had the imperial court as its backstage and made it so open and aboveboard .

“Xuan, did you bring over the Ming army under you?” Lan You Nian watched as Yue Qian Ling’s people were put down by these army people . These soldiers had an oppressive killing aura . Their footsteps were steady, much better compared to the average soldier . When Lan You Nian thought about it, Ming army popped into her mind .

“En,” Feng Yi Xuan admitted to it . In fact, he had his own secret scheme . He knew even if Yue Qian Ling wanted to find trouble with Zhen Wei Pavilion, it wasn’t possible . That Master Wu Qing wasn’t vegetarian (idiom: has a backbone, won’t let people walk all over him) . But Feng Yi Xuan felt his woman he will protect himself . She can play and make trouble as much as she wants .

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“Does this count as abusing your authority?” Lan You Nian asked . If the average person dared to dispatch soldiers, he would probably be declared guilty of rebellion .

“Ming army doesn’t belong to Feng but belongs to I Feng Yi Xuan . It also belongs to you, Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan picked up Lan You Nian . Because Lan You Nian was petite and slender, Feng Yi Xuan hugging her, it was just like holding a child .

Lan You Nian understood Feng Yi Xuan’s meaning . He was telling her no matter what she did, he will always be behind her . He had the ability to protect her!


“Master, Miss Lan!” An Yi looked at the news in his hands and glanced at his master .

“Speak!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel there was a need to hide anything from Nian Nian . He wouldn’t do anything that will wrong Nian Nian .

“Recently, the Empress seems to be eyeing Miss Lan . She already started to disperse money to try to hire killers to kill Miss Lan!” An Yi was angry regarding this . Who is Miss Lan? She was their Ming wang manor’s future matriarch, their master’s precious treasure .

“Oh?” Lan You Nian smiled and asked, “Is the Empress very rich?”

Feng Yi Xuan originally was angry he wanted to kill but seeing such a cute Nian Nian curled up in his arms, there wasn’t any anger left, nodded, “Decent but not as rich as me! Nian Nian wants money?”

Lan You Nian was going to say something, Feng Yi Xuan continued, “An Yi, give all of this wang’s properties to Nian Nian, and . . ”

“Don’t!” Lan You Nian covered Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips . She knew Feng Yi Xuan was very rich, but she didn’t lack either .

“Isn’t your money my money too?” Lan You Nian gave Feng Yi Xuan a flaunting look . Feng Yi Xuan nodded dotingly, not only was the money Nian Nian’s, his person was Nian Nian’s too .

“I heard the Empress recently sorted out the most valuable ancient calligraphy and paintings in the palace and is preparing to hold an appreciation banquet before the exchange banquet of the various countries takes place?” Lan You Nian asked .

“Yes, every year the Empress will hold an appreciation banquet, those calligraphy and paintings have been collected by the palace for many years, as well as many that are collected by the various houses . When the banquet is over, it will be put back or returned to their houses!” An Yi reported all he knew to Lan You Nian .


“What do you want to do? En?” Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian’s eyes turning and knew she had an idea .

“Do you have a capable person who can duplicate these calligraphy and paintings?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew Feng Yi Xuan’s forces were bigger than it seemed . The two have already exchanged their hearts, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about . Lan You Nian was willing to rely on this man sometimes .

There were many capable people under Feng Yi Xuan that he sometimes couldn’t remember, so Feng Yi Xuan glanced at An Yi . An Yi instantly replied, “Answering Miss Lan, master does have a person who can imitate calligraphy and paintings, but fake is fake, there is still a difference!”

“It’s best if there’s a difference!” Lan You Nian smiled evilly, “You steal the calligraphy and paintings and then send it to Xiao Jin Pavilion to third brother!”

“Yes!” An Yi agreed instantly disappearing to go steal the calligraphy and paintings . Don’t ask him why he didn’t ask his master’s thoughts . Master currently pampered Miss Lan without any principles, not just to go steal calligraphy and paintings, even to steal the imperial jade seal, master will do it!

“Nian Nian wants to steal these calligraphy and paintings so that the Empress has nowhere to go then spend a lot of money to buy these fake calligraphy and paintings and then finally expose it!” Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t questioning but affirming . From the moment Nian Nian asked about it, he could guess what Nian Nian wanted to do .

Lan You Nian gave thumbs up to Feng Yi Xuan inside . This man, don’t know whether his thoughts were the same as hers, or he was too smart, he could so quickly understand what she wanted to do . Fortunately, he wasn’t the enemy . Lan You Nian still remembered the last time she went to pick the fragrant lotus . When she saw Feng Yi Xuan’s back, she knew this man spelled danger . At that time, she would never have imagined she would be together with this man .

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