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Chapter 127

127 Bromance

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Today, with nothing to do, Lan You Nian was going to go to Xiao Jin Pavilion to see third brother . She wore a female outfit, entering Xiao Jin Pavilion from the back door .

“Master!” The old procuress now knew Lan You Nian’s identity . She was loyal to Wu Qing Pavilion and won’t betray . Gui San was afraid Lan You Nian’s identity would be revealed, so he gave them a poison . It wasn’t that he didn’t trust them but just in case . The prioress understood this and was very much willing .

“Where is third brother?”

“Third master isn’t in the pavilion today, but master’s friend Yu zhuangzhu and Heir Jing are in the third-floor box . ” The procuress replied .

Because they were familiar with each other and have become friends now, after Gui San and they have become familiar with each other, there was a box on the third floor that was specially reserved for them . That way, whichever property of Wu Qing Pavilion they visited, it would be much more convenient for them . Feng Xia Qi and the others were delighted by this when they knew, not for the box, but because of the consideration between friends .

Lan You Nian nodded and then headed towards Jing Wu an’s box but when she neared it, the voices she heard made Lan You Nian’s lips curl with a wicked smile…

Yu Liu Li was dressed in blue robes, as enchanting as a fox demon, but without any feminity . His inner robes were half-open, revealing the white collarbone, even more tempting than any woman . He watched as Jing Wu An came over slowly, his eyes flashing with panic .

Speaking of which, his relationship with Jing Wu An was a mess . He didn’t know when, despite his appreciation for all kinds of beautiful women, he didn’t feel anything towards them . But with Jing Wu An, his heart was moved . Even he was shocked . Ever since then, he suppressed the feelings in his heart and treated Jing Wu An as his friend . But he can feel the difference in Jing Wu An’s treatment of him .

Jing Wu An’s constant care and consideration of him, what made him gloomy was that he couldn’t escape from his side, nor did he want to flee from his side . Like this, they cared about each other as a friend . He thought this kind of life was good the way it was .

But now they all have come of the age that they should raise a family . He Yu Liu Li was a person of the pugilistic world, as well as being the world’s number one zhuangzhu, his parents have already passed away, he didn’t need to concern himself with that, but Jing Wu An was different . The marquis manor already started to seek out a suitable heir consort . Thinking of this, Yu Liu Li felt depressed inside, so he prepared to go back . He didn’t want to continue to stay in the capital and watch him marry and have children . However, he didn’t expect for Jing Wu An to invite i=him here to play, and…

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How could Yu Liu Li have expected when he proposed that he will go back, this black-bellied man actually kissed him! He, without a care to anything else, kissed him who was also a man! Because of this kiss, he broke the illusion they deliberately created . The paper window between them was ripped open by Jing Wu An .

“You, how can you do this!” Yu Liu Li threw away his usual playfulness and demanded in a panic .

Jing Wu An looked at Yu Liu Li, who was glaring at with incredulous eyes . He didn’t regret anything he did . Initially, he invited Yu Liu Li to Xiao Jin Pavilion to play, because Yu Liu Li was a person who knew how to enjoy things, he was willing to go along with his habits, but he didn’t expect before they even drank a few cups of wine, he heard he wanted to leave the capital . He was angry, so he just kissed him .

Jing Wu An from a long time ago liked this man who appeared amorous and unruly but meticulous in his bones . Before, he thought that was only a fondness for a friend like a younger brother . Later, he realized that wasn’t true . He liked Yu Liu Li . It was a possessive desire . He knew it was the affection of love .

Jing Wu An knew it was difficult for men to be together . He couldn’t bear to see the carefree Yu Liu Li by cast aside by the world, so he suppressed his affection and thus guarded him as a friend . However, he didn’t expect he wouldn’t even give him this opportunity!

Jing Wu An’s bright eyes, skin white as jade, lips moist and plump, a towering nose, raven black hair was tied with a red ribbon, under purple robes, an elegance gave birth to a seductiveness, he looked at the defensive Yu Liu Li, smiled bitterly, “Why can’t I do this? I have wanted to do this for a long time!”

Yu Liu Li didn’t expect Jing Wu An would be so straightforward, he looked at Jing Wu An bitterly, “Why must you be so? I heard the Marquis is busy with your marriage!”

“I didn’t agree, I won’t marry a wife!” Jing Wu An explained . He had never wanted to marry and have children, now he didn’t nor will he in the future .

“But you will eventually marry!” Yu Liu Li stood up, “We are impossible, are we not? Why torture each other?”

“Since I, Jing Wu An, can’t let go of you, then I won’t let go . If you are willing, we can find a place that no one knows about and live a leisurely life!” Jing Wu An really liked Yu Liu Li, so for Jing Wu An, what status of heir, prosperity and wealth and success were not as important as being together with the man in front of him .

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Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu An in surprise . He was not unaware of Jing Wu An’s affection for him . Wasn’t he the same in love with this man? But their identities, their responsibility didn’t allow them to be willful . He wasn’t willing to let Jing Wu An abandon his talents and hide in the mountains .

Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu An silently . Only the heavens knew how much he wanted to agree to Jing Wu An’s proposal and be together . They won’t give a care to society nor think about the future and simply be together . But he had a lot to consider, he couldn’t open his heart to accept a man .

Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu An for a long time then took advantage of Jing Wu An inattention . He pressed Jing Wu an’s acupuncture point, and flew away from Xiao Jing Pavilion, and left the capital .

Jing Wu An could only watch as Yu Liu Li left, unable to move . Inside, he was hurt, and his heart ached . He understood Yu Liu Li’s concerns, but he will take care of it all . Why won’t he believe in him?

Lan You Nian saw Yu Liu Li leave but didn’t make any attempt to stop him . Instead, she walked into the room, looking at Jing Wu An and opened up his acupoints .

Jing Wu An looked at Lan You Nian with shock, thinking that his and Yu Liu Li’s affairs were all heard by her but his Nian’er meimei’s eyes did not have any contempt, as if their love was normal . Jing Wu An felt better inside .

As soon as the acupuncture point was open, Jing Wu An was going to chase after Yu Liu Li, afraid that they will gradually drift away from each other .

“Brother Wu An, if you trust Nian’er, then don’t go!” Lan You Nian sat down saying to Jing Wu An who was right beside the window .

Jing Wu An heard Lan You Nian’s words and stopped . He always admired Lan You Nian’s sharp mind and wisdom . Seeing two men in love yet she can still accept it calmly, such a woman was rare in the world, probably only Feng Yi Xuan can match her .

“Does Nian’er meimei have a good idea?” Jing Wu An asked with a pleading attitude . After all, after so many years, he and Yu Liu Li were still like this, now with much difficulty, the matter has been pushed out, but it was awful, he really didn’t understand emotions very well .

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Lan You Nian giggled . She can tell the two were truly in love with each other, but what was cruel was this world didn’t allow the feelings between men . Jing Wu An was smart and resourceful but was too rushed with feelings . Yu Liu Li had too much to consider, so they became like this .

“Brother Wu An, have you decided?” Lan You Nian asked, “If you decided, no matter what you are faced with, you can’t back down!”

“I know our love isn’t tolerated by the world, but I won’t back down!” Jing Wu An said . Before, he was lost and backed away, but it only exchanged for his pain, now he knew what he wanted, he won’t back down or give up .

Lan You Nian was going to say something when she noticed Feng Xia Qi, Feng Yi Xuan, and Gui San entered the box . Lan You Nian stopped what she wanted to say .

Feng Yi Xuan sat beside Lan You Nian, looking at Lan You Nian, clearly unhappy . How could Nian Nian be alone with Jing Wu An? He confessed he was jealous .

“Little junior sister is here, why didn’t you inform me? If I didn’t happen to meet with fourth wangye and Ming wang, I wouldn’t even know yet!” Gui San said dissatisfied .

“Yeah, Nian’er meimei came out to play yet didn’t call us over, what is there to talk about with Jing Wu An, this black-bellied person?” Feng Xia Qi said, but his tone was just the teasing between friends .

“Me? I’m teaching Brother Wu An to chase his beloved” Lan You Nian comfortingly held Feng Yi Xuan’s big hands . Sure enough, Feng Yi Xuan who was just angry immediately pulled Lan You Nian into his arms, then threw Jing Wu An a glare .

Feng Xia Qi was surprised . As good friends, they knew about Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s matters . Although they tried to cover it up, it wasn’t difficult to see .

Jing Wu An heard Lan You Nian say this so straightforwardly and couldn’t help being embarrassed, glanced at Lan You Nian and noticed Lan You Nian was looking at him .

“If you don’t even have the guts to tell others about your relationship, then how can you have Brother Liu Li?” Lan You Nian said, “Your relationship, the more it is hidden, then the women who desire you will be endless, have you thought about his feelings?”

Jing Wu An instantly understood, yeah, they always worried about this, worried about that, even the true feelings for each other they didn’t dare to bring to light, how can he give Liu Li any sense of security?

“I like Liu Li, but things seem to be troublesome!” Jing Wu said to Feng Yi Xuan and the others .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t any have expression . To him, it wasn’t important whether Jing Wu An liked men or women, as long as it wasn’t Nian Nian, it was good .

Feng Yi Xuan had a rough estimate, so he wasn’t too surprised, only looked at Jing Wu An, “If you like then fight for it, Nian’er meimei has a lot of good ideas, you should listen more!” After all, towards matters of emotions, them men don’t understand anything . A girl would understand more, though Yu Liu Li wasn’t female .

“Oh? This master was wondering what the matter was,” Gui San opened up his fan without a care, “Little junior sister said that love isn’t judged by nobility or lowly, as long as you are truly in love, who cares if you’re man or woman!”

Gui San even lowered his voice, but everyone heard it, “Before little junior sister even advised me to find a man to live my days with, afraid I harm good woman!”

Gui San’s voice just fell, everyone looked at Lan You Nian strangely, they couldn’t imagine how Lan Yo Nian who was still just a child would have such an idea . But Jing Wu An felt he found a rare confidant . He can only depend on Lan You Nian’s plan to chase by Yu Liu Li .

Lan You Nian smirked and revealed her plan to the others . Jing Wu An eagerly nodded with admiration .

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