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Chapter 128

128 Yu Liu Li’s Return to the Capital

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In an ancient building, in a bright and spacious hall, delicate and exquisite decorations made up a unique world’s number one villa . The secluded forest of white magnolia, along with gingko trees and camphor trees, with blue waves rippling across the surface of the fish pond, forming a fascinating beautiful scenery .

Yu Liu Li was sitting in the hall munching on exquisite pastries, but it was tasteless to his mouth . He thought he longed for the freedom in the pugilistic world, but when he returned, he realized he wasn’t happy at all . Instead, he missed everything in the capital .

Suddenly, an eagle hovered around the sky for a while before flying down towards Yu Liu Li . Yu Liu Li stretched out an arm for the eagle to rest on . Yu Liu Li took down the message the eagle carried in his claws .

This eagle was Feng Yi Xuan’s pet, incomparably better than the average pigeon . Not only was it fast, but it also won’t be discovered by other people . Feng Yi Xuan rarely used this eagle to send him messages . There was probably some change in the capital . Yu Liu Li hurriedly opened the note .

“Jing Wu An in danger, quickly rescue!” There were only these seven words on the note . It was these seven words that scared Yu Liu Li out of his wits .

At this moment, because Yu Liu Li was worried about Jing Wu An, so he didn’t overthink anything . They all knew what kind of person Feng Yi Xuan was . He wouldn’t interfere with these matters . But Yu Liu Li has forgotten, Feng Yi Xuan had Lan You Nian who he loved to his bones, so…

To make Feng Yi Xuan help, Lan You Nian had to sacrifice some of her beauty, gave Feng Yi Xuan a kiss before Feng Yi Xuan used the eagle to send the letter to deceive Yu Liu Li .

Yu Liu Li made arrangements for all the matters in the villa and then immediately rode back in the direction of the capital . At this time, there was none of the so-called concerns and so-called society in Yu Liu Li’s heart . He only kept blaming himself in his heart as well as pleading for nothing to happen to Jing Wu An, he must be alright!

“Master, Master Yu is already on the way to the capital!” An Er reported to Feng Yi Xuan .

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In Ming wang manor’s gardens sat Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian, as well as Gui San who wanted to join in the fun .

“Nian’er meimei, Liu Li will probably arrive in the capital in a few days, if he knew I lied to him, I’m afraid…” Jing Wu An said worriedly . After all, no one wants to be deceived .

Lan You Nian brewed each of them a cup of tea, her tone leisurely, “You still need to do something these next few days . And who said you deceived him? You are indeed injured, and it is very grave . ”

As Jing Wu An listened, the more puzzled he became . Even Feng Xia Qi and the others didn’t understand what Lan You Nian wanted to do . Only Feng Yi Xuan smiled as he gazed down at the cheeky Lan You Nian . Inside, he had a guess at what Lan You Nian wanted to do .

“Brother Wu An, do you know what you need to do right now?” the slight smile on Lan You Nian’s flawless face gradually widened, so blinding that even the bright sunlight dimmed .

“Injure myself then wait for Liu Li’s arrival?” Jing Wu An asked . Yu Liu Li took up every space in his heart that wanted to accept the feelings between them, no longer evading .

Lan You Nian leaned back, falling onto a broad chest, “Brother Wu An if you want to be together with Brother Liu Li for a long time, then you shouldn’t hide this relationship . Your family should know so that in the future, they won’t arrange for those women . It isn’t that Brother Liu Li doesn’t like you, but he is afraid . You have too many things you can’t control . If you can’t make him see, then I think it’s best if I tell Brother Liu Li to return to the villa!”

Jing Wu An suddenly understood . He always thought it was best if there were fewer people who knew about their relationship . He didn’t realize that his actions made Yu Liu Li think he didn’t accept this relationship at all . If they didn’t disclose their relationship to the public, then his marriage was big trouble . Letting others know about their relationship, this will make Liu Li feel at ease .

“Then his injury?” Feng Xia Qi was confused . After all, they used the excuse of Jing Wu An being in danger to deceive Yu Lu Li to return to the capital .

Feng Yi Xuan brought the tea over to Lan You Nian’s hands, glanced coldly at his brother, “Marquis is old-fashioned and strict, if he knew his son was a broken-sleeve (gay) and fell in love with the world’s first zhuangzhu, he would definitely break his legs, isn’t this danger?”

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Feng Xia Qi’s lips twitched . He realized that ever since his younger brother had Lan You Nian with him, there were more words and his whole person has livened up a lot, but…Feng Xia Qi glanced at Lan You Nian, his eyes flashed dimly, disappearing with a flash…

Jing Wu An really felt Lan You Nian was clever to be able to think of this . If he told his father, his father would definitely beat him, then he will surely be injured . Therefore it can’t be considered deceiving Yu Liu Li, and his efforts in doing so will make Liu Li see his heart, killing two birds with one stone .

Jing Wu An stood up, bowed to Lan You Nian then said, “Brother thanks Nian’er meimei’s kindness, I didn’t waste my love on you!”

Feng Yi Xuan threw him a palm, his voice carried pressure, “Nian Nian only needs me to love! You scram!”

Jing Wu An blinked at Lan You Nian then immediately left Ming wang manor . Otherwise, he was afraid Feng Yi Xuan will beat him half to death . This Feng Yi Xuan’s care towards Nian’er meimei was becoming more and more serious . He was really careless making friends!

Feng Yi Xuan watched Jing Wu An leave, then glanced at Feng Xia Qi and Gui San, his intention was self-evident, that is scram!

Feng Xia Qi had a feeling of a daughter is like the water that is dumped out . Although his brother had yet to marry in, seeing how much he treasured, Feng Xia Qi lamented how unfortunate he was . He even disdains his only brother .

Gui San took a sip of tea without a care, then solemnly said, “Little junior sister is still very young, Ming wang be at your leisure . Shifu said if you crossed the line, then he’ll take little junior sister back to the Medical Valley!”

Gui San can tell Feng Yi Xuan’s good, and spoiling of little junior sister was even better compared to them senior brothers . Little junior sister also had feelings for Feng Yi Xuan . Although they didn’t want little junior sister to enter into this kind of noble family, they can’t help little junior sister make decisions . Feng Yi Xuan was almost twenty while little junior sister was only fourteen . Although from the outside rumors, this Feng Yi Xuan didn’t like women to be near him, now he had little junior sister, it’s inevitable he had some impulsiveness, so he will deliberately remind them .

Feng Xia Qi was currently sipping tea, when he heard Gui San’s words, he sprayed out the liquid in his mouth . Gui San was simply too direct!

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Feng Yi Xuan looked down at Lan You Nian, his affection for the girl written on his eyebrows, “This wang knows . I won’t do anything to harm Nian Nian!” He knew how weak and young Nian Nian’s body was . Even if sometimes he desired it, but compared to Nian Nian’s health, he can bear anything . Right now, what worried him most was the poison in Nian Nian’s body…

Lan You Nian smiled . She didn’t blush because of Gui San’s words . She knew that Feng Yi Xuan sometimes desired her, but more of it, it was his sympathy for her, this man won’t hurt her because of a temporary impulse, she trusted him .

Yu Liu Li hurried to the capital without making any stops . Finally, three days later, he arrived in the capital . He didn’t even have time to eat or sleep . He looked much more haggard, his unrestrained attitude all gone .

Feng Yi Xuan has already received the news of Yu Liu Li’s arrival in the capital, so he already had Nian Nian wait in Ming wang manor with him . Lan You Nian at first wasn’t willing, but since she helped, then she’ll help to the end . If she let Feng Yi Xuan lie, it will most definitely be revealed . It wasn’t that he couldn’t lie, simply he condescend to do so .

Although Feng Yi Xuan at first was dissatisfied with Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s matters, because they made Nian Nian pay attention to them all day, but now he felt it wasn’t bad . It was because of their matters that he had the opportunity to make Nian Nian stay with him all day .

Yu Liu Li directly entered Ming wang manor . He knew Feng Yi Xuan was currently in the garden . He used qinggong to come over and saw Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian . Yu Liu Li didn’t even have a chance to breathe before he asked, “What’s wrong with Wu An? What happened?”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t bother to answer this question, so Lan You Nian purposely acted troubled as she asked, “Do you know Brother Wu An loves you very much?”

Yu Liu Li’s entire body was frozen in place, then with some evasion, as he said, “Nian’er meimei, you know everything?”

Lan You Nian sighed, thinking that this match-making stuff was really a headache, if these two weren’t her friends, and were relatively important to Feng Yi Xuan, she wouldn’t be the middle person .

“Brother Liu Li, why are you lowering your head? Do you feel your feelings are lowly?” Lan You Nian’s voice was slightly cold .

“No, our feelings aren’t any different than the feelings between men and women . We are sincere,” Yu Liu Li refuted .

“In this case, why are you still hesitating? One lifetime is only a few decades, if you don’t fight for your feelings, when you are old, all you’re left with is a heart of regret!” Lan You Nian said gravely . Feng Yi Xuan kept playing with her little hands, making her unable to say the words she prepared in advance .

“Yes, I am cowardly, Nian’er meimei is right!” Yu Liu Li felt he called himself carefree and unrestrained, he didn’t even understand such simple truths . What is he Yu Liu Li afraid of? He wasn’t afraid of a poor reputation, nor was he afraid of the contempt of the world, he was only afraid he will let Jing Wu An slip away .

“Yi Xuan, why did you say Wu An was in danger?” Yu Liu Li was in a panic thinking about Jing Wu An’s maters . This time, he won’t leave .

“He’s in marquis manor!” Feng Yi Xuan said with some impatience . If Nian Nian were a male, he wouldn’t have so many concerns . Anyways, he liked, he loved, then no matter what Nian Nian’s identity is, he won’t let go .

Yu Liu Li heard this immediately flew out of Ming wang manor, heading towards marquis manor .

“It seems Brother Wu An will have his wish granted!” Lan You Nian smiled .

“Nian Nian” Feng Yi Xuan uttered dissatisfied, “You don’t care about me all this time, only care about them!”

“Is it?” Lan You Nian kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips, “You’re in my heart!”

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