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Chapter 125

125 I Will Kill for You

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Feng Yi Xuan’s deep eyes were as sharp as a knife, emitting an even more piercing gaze than before . If gazes can kill, the people clothed in black wouldn’t know how many times they would have died .

The men in black who were full of murderous auras saw Feng Yi Xuan come here more or less scared . After all, the rumors of Feng Yi Xuan’s bloodthirstiness no one didn’t . The thick dark aura on Feng Yi Xuan was too strong, the aura pressured the men in black making them unable to breathe .

Lan You Nian without a word started to kill . The dagger in her hands became one with her . All the men in black around her will fall to the ground with blood flying . Lan You Nian was very good with close combat, so once she passed by an assassin, she will take a life .

Although Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian’s abilities, he was still worried . He always stayed at Lan You Nian’s side . You could only see Feng Yi Xuan was like a cheetah, his actions fast and full of power, shoulders, elbows, hands, seemed to be all weapons that hurt people . A black cloak silhouetted him, making him more wild and fierce, like a tiger coming down the mountain . Everywhere he went, the assassins were cruelly hearts interrupted and died, compared to Lan You Nian’s cruelty, it was even worse .

In the shadows, the shadow guards who followed behind widened their eyes watching Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan’s skill . They knew master’s skill was very fierce, but they didn’t expect the woman their master took a fancy to was so powerful, such strange skills made them envious .

When Feng Yi Xuan with his arm cradling Lan You Nian to retreat from this bloody grassland, all the men in black were all dead .

Perhaps because of killing so many people, having spent all the suppressed and pent-up inside, Lan You Nian felt tired .

“Xuan, do you think I’m cruel, bloodthirsty, and vicious?” Lan You Nian looked at her hands that were already died red from the blood . She seemed to not be able to remember when her hands became stained with so much blood . There were those deserving as well as innocent people, but she didn’t regret it . She showed the real her to Feng Yi Xuan . She only hoped they can know each other so there wouldn’t be any complaints in the future .

Feng Yi Xuan took out a plain white handkerchief, carefully wiping the wipe on Lan You Nian’s hands, his eyes were without any disgust . When Lan You Nian’s hands were wiped clean, Feng Yi Xuan leaned against Lan You Nian’s forehead, “As long it is you, I like it all, even if it’s a demon, I will accompany you to hell!”

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Lan You Nian felt this man was really good and exhibited a smile that was more beautiful than the sunset . Lan You Nian’s hands hooked around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, gaze gentle as she kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were gentle seeing Lan You Nian actively kissing him, that numb sensation from the dry throat up to the trachea, the lungs, to the heart, where it spreads to every drop of blood in his body . It was a feeling he had never felt before that made one suffocate but at the same time pleasantly surprised and crave for it . He even hoped that he can continue to drown in this, never coming out .

The shadow guards were well-trained as they cleaned up the mess . It was clearly a disgustingly bloody scene, but because of the two not far away, they felt warm inside .

A kiss later, Lan You Nian’s breath was unsteady, but she was happy inside . Looking at the man hugging her whose eyes flashed with affection, she felt very comfortable . She felt her eyes were really good, for this man was hers .

“Nian Nian, if you don’t like blood, then let me kill for you . If you like blood becoming a river, then I will destroy this world . What do you think?” Feng Yi Xuan passionate voice was slightly hoarse but was very tempting .

“Good!” Lan You Nian nodded with a smile . This man always moved her without much thought .

Feng Yi Xuan lowered his head, and it was another kiss, a kiss with joy and tenderness, from the lips to her mouth, the hot and humid with a temperature that can melt anything, capturing territory, leaving no leeway .

“Who do you think sent these people to come to assassinate today?” Lan You Nian asked . She didn’t receive any news about today .

Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan rose on the same horse . Feng Yi Xuan wrapped Lan You Nian in his arms, riding the horse under the sunset .

Speaking of this, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed coldly . He had a forbidden line that no one was allowed to touch, his line was Lan You Nian . Anyone who wanted to hurt Nian Nian wasn’t allowed . Although An San didn’t follow Nian Nian today, he received news that in the Western Mountain Ranch, there would be an ambush, so he, without any stops, hurried over . Fortunately, nothing happened to his Nian Nian, otherwise…

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“This assassination definitely has something to do with the imperial family, Feng Lin Che!” Feng Yi Xuan slightly pondered it and said, eyes filled with murder . He didn’t expect that after Feng Lin Che has been broken so many of his wings and has been confined, he is still restless .

Lan You Nian heard Feng Yi Xuan’s words and thought about it . This assassination attempt was clearly directed at her with a determination to must-kill . The Empress’s faction won’t make it so obvious . These people were obviously hired killers, that means that this person probably didn’t have any subordinates available . Hostile towards her, want to kill her and the forces in his hands were already deficient, there was only third wangye Feng Lin Che . It seems that he still held a grudge against her for scheming his incarceration . But this time, she won’t so easily let him go!

“It seems he spent a lot of money to get so many killers, he really thinks highly of me!” Lan You Nian laughed .

Feng Yi Xuan watched the sun go down, the night fell . He reached out a hand to wrap up Lan You Nian in the cloak . He could remember Nian Nian’s poison and Gui Yi Zi’s instruction that he can’t allow Nian Nian to get cold . Feng Yi Xuan felt heartache seeing such a thin and frail Nian Nian .

“I help you deal with it, alright?” Feng Yi Xuan leaned his chin against Lan You Nian’s clavicle . Based on his personality, he was very arrogant . Whatever he wanted to do, he wouldn’t follow other people’s ideas or suggestions . But with Lan You Nian, he always chose to pamper, chose to respect . If she agreed to let him solve it, he will handle a lot of things, not let her worry . If she wanted to solve it herself, he would let her do it, but he will still stand by her to protect her .

Lan You Nian saw such a tyrannical man restrained his personality, more or less her heart was touched . In fact for Lan You Nian, whether it was the overbearing Feng Yi Xuan or gentle Feng Yi Xuan, she knew this man did things for her own good . She trusted this man won’t hurt her so who went to deal with it, was it that important?

“Alright but I want to see!” Lan You Nian leaned on Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, smiling charmingly, then looked at the cloak on her body with dissatisfaction, “It’s summer, it isn’t cold, why do you keep me wrapped up?”

Feng Yi Xuan worriedly said, “Shifu said you have been buried in the snow for many days, your body is weak, I will look after you now!” his voice was rarely so severe .

Feng Yi Xuan’s voice just fell, Lan You Nian stiffened in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .

“What’s wrong?” Feng Yi Xuan asked anxiously, thought that his tone was too severe, made Lan You Nian unhappy, hurried to say, “I can follow you on anything, but when it concerns your body, you must listen to me!”

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Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian in his arms didn’t utter a word and smelled the scent of blood, hurriedly picked up Lan You Nian to check her, “Are you injured anywhere?”

The shadow over Lan You Nian’s heart was big . She didn’t expect that every time her menses came, Feng Yi Xuan was always with her . Most importantly, every time, it got onto Feng Yi Xuan’s body . No matter how indifferent she was, it was embarrassing . Her abdomen hurt a lot .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian wasn’t injured, then saw the skirts under Lan You Nian’s butt had traces of blood as well as the blood on his own clothes, he suddenly understood . His face reddened . Ever since last time Lan You Nian’s menses pain, he read the medical books about this aspect and asked some doctors, afraid that he will be helpless in the future .

“Have your menses come?” Feng Yi Xuan placed his warm hands on Lan You Nian’s abdomen, rubbing it regularly . This was something he learned from medical books .

Lan You Nian felt that Feng Yi Xuan’s massaging her abdomen the pain was much better, with some embarrassment she said, “Your clothes, send me back to the manor!”

Feng Yi Xuan did not even look at his clothes . Although he had an obsession with cleanliness but with Nian Nian, he did not have that kind of resistance . He was only worried if the girl in his arms was in pain .

“Go to Ming wang manor!” Feng Yi Xuan said and drove the horse to Ming wang manor, but he’s slowed down to take care of Lan You Nian’s body . The hand on Lan You Nian’s abdomen didn’t stop . He even laid out his wide clothes on the horse to let Lan You Nian sit on it, afraid Lan You Nian would be uncomfortable .

Lan You Nian didn’t refuse . Because her menses came, she felt tired so went along with Feng Yi Xuan .

When Feng Yi Xuan flew into the manor into Lan You Nian, the shadow guards didn’t look surprised as it was as they expected . Their master was really mighty, every two and three days abduct Miss Lan here!

Opening the compartment in the room, Lan You Nian very familiarly walked in . The hot spring inside was still warm . Lan You Nian asked curiously, “I remember the first time coming here there wasn’t such a room nor was there the hot spring . Why was it here the second time?”

Feng Yi Xuan was currently looking for Lan You Nian’s clothes in the drawers, “Last time you fell into the water, thought the tub was inconvenient, so later built this!”

Lan You Nian couldn’t help sigh . Feng Yi Xuan’s speed and power were amazing to so quickly build this hot spring without anyone knowing, and this was for her . How can this man be so good?

When Lan You Nian took the clothes and saw the menses pad, Lan You Nian stiffened her hands accepting it, asked dumbfoundedly,” You even have this? You found someone to make it?” In her place, she didn’t even prepare, this man really…

Feng Yi Xuan was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t hide anything from Lan You Nian, let alone Lan You Nian asked personally .

“I personally made it” Feng Yi ’Xuan’s ears were red, “All your future menses pad, use the ones I make!” Feng Yi Xuan used an overhearing voice to cover up his embarrassment .

In his bones, he was a tyrannical person, towards Lan You Nian it was even more so, so such intimate things, Feng Yi Xuan hoped were all done by him . To make this thing, he learned for a long time . Compared to fighting in wars, it was even more difficult, but at last, he’s learned how to do it .

“You did it?” Lan You Nian blinked her eyes, it was impossible to imagine the brilliant and mighty Feng Yi Xuan holding a top-quality snow satin sewing frame, it really made people unable to accept .

“In the future, let Lan Wu them do these!” Lan You Nian’s heart ached . This man did too many things for her . He a wangye how could he do these?

“I will do this!” Feng Yi Xuan picked up Lan You Nian into the hot spring, “Your everything is mine!” Finished, looking at Lan You Nian, the meaning was very clear .

“Good!” Lan You Nian thought since he was willing, then why would she stop him . In her heart, she was more dependent on Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian agreed and left the bathing room, his mood was a lot better . Nian Nian has genuinely accepted him . They have truly become two people who loved each other!

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