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Chapter 124

124 Ambush at the Horse Ranch

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Recently the capital has been quite lively . That was because of this year’s four major countries’ exchange banquet was being held in the capital . In the capital, there can be found any people from other countries, different clothing, different customs let the businesses in the capital rake in a ton of cash .

“Miss, Bai Lian sent news!” Lan Qu reported the news she received to Lan You Nian . Bai Lian since the day she left there wasn’t any news of her . Young miss didn’t ask about it, but it was entirely unexpected that Bai Lian contacted young miss .

“Speak!” Lan You Nian thought of that beautiful, aloof woman and couldn’t help being deeply affected . If she was a man, she will probably really like Bai Lian . It’s only a pity that she was a female . But Lan You Nian still wanted to be friends with Bai Lian . Such a woman if she let go of this opportunity, it would be one regret .

“The exchange meeting of the various countries will be held in the capital . Amongst the people Yue has sent, there is Bai Lian!” Lan Qu said then glanced at her young miss seemingly troubled . Although young miss treated Bai Lian very ordinarily on the surface, they can tell young miss really liked this woman very much .

“Is there anything else? Say it . Is it related to Bai Lian?” Lan You Nian asked .

Lan Qu pondered it and directly admitted, “This time Bai Lian seems to be used as a marriage alliance princess to come to Feng . Bai Lian seems to have agreed . I’m afraid this time Bai Lian will marry into Feng’s imperial family!”

Lan You Nian’s smile was still splendid, there was danger in that brilliance . The black swirls of her pupils deepened further, “Yue really has a good idea . Bai Lian agreed?” Lan You Nian thought of Bai Lian’s temper, would rather break than bend . For her own life to be arranged, she probably wasn’t willing .

“This is what’s strange . Bai Lian seems to be willing . Young miss, should we intervene?” Lan Qu asked worriedly, thinking that such a smart woman if she entered the palace walls to become a chess piece for peace marriage, it was such a pitiful event .

“No need, since Bai Lian does this, she has her own intentions . When she comes to the capital, we’ll make another plan!” Lan You Nian’s eyes were cold . “If Bai Lian needs her princess identity, she must fulfill a princess’s obligation . We can do anything to stop it!”

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Although Lan You Nian’s Wu Qing PAvilion’s power wasn’t small but couldn’t compete with a country at all . Lan You Nian believed Bai Lian had her own intention in doing so . Lan You Nian never thought that Bai Lian did all this, all because of her .

“Yue’s Emperor’s favored consort, Noble Consort Su died not long ago very strangely, it seems Bai Lian did it!” Lan Qu said . Bai Lian returned to the imperial palace to end all the previous hatred . She didn’t expect the seemingly gentle Bai Lian, when she did things, she had a bit of master’s style .

Lan You Nian laughed; Bai Lian didn’t disappoint her . She avenged herself!

“Young miss, today junzhu invites you to horse riding!” Lan Qu reminded when she saw that her lady wasn’t in a hurry .

Lan You Nian suddenly sat up, “Oh right, I almost forget! Bring my riding clothes!” A few days ago, Hua Mu Qing came to the manor to tell Lan You Nian to go to the Western Mountain to ride horses in the afternoon . The two agreed to meet in the western mountain . Hua Mu Qing was probably already there .

Lan You Nian changed into a more convenient riding outfit . It was still pure white embroidered with red spider lilies . Her face was covered with a veil as she rode out of Lan manor’s back door . Because her relationship with Lan Jian Jun was much better, Lan Jian Jun gave this daughter a lot of consideration .

When Lan You Nian came to the western mountain’s ranch, on an endless green grassland, Hua Mu Qing wore a slim blue riding outfit, having been waiting for a long time . When she saw Lan You Nian, she waved her hand excitedly, shouting, “Nian’er meimei, here!”

Lan You Nian drove the horse over to Hua Mu Qing, with some guilt, “Mu Qing jiejie waited long?”

Hua Mu Qing carelessly said, “Just a while ago . I don’t have anything to do in the manor, so it’s good to look at the scenery!”

Lan You Nian knew that recently the Empress’s faction was on the move . Feng Xia Qi encountered many obstacles in the courts, even the army has become out of the ordinary . Lan Mo Xian as Feng Xia Qi’s subordinate will help out . He probably didn’t have time to spend with Hua Mu Qing .

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“Today ride around the ranch?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew Hua Mu Qing couldn’t stay still .

Hua Mu Qing suddenly whipped the horse riding away, looking back at Lan You Nian, “Today I want to race with Nian’er meimei, let’s see who can reach the destination first?” Hua Mu Qing heard from Lan Mo Xian that Lan You Nian’s riding skills were pretty good . Hua Mu Qing always believed herself to be pretty good at riding amongst other women . When she heard Lan Mo Xian say this, she naturally wanted to have a competition .

Lan You Nian hasn’t ridden a horse for a while . The last time she rode a horse it was with fourth brother racing in a small village . Now thinking back, she missed it very much .

“Okay! But what is the prize for winning?” Lan You Nian laughed . Mentioning this was only to render the mood .

Hua Mu Qing thought about it carefully . She knew Feng Yi Xuan pampered Lan You Nian a great deal, what she ate, or used was the best, even she a junzhu cannot compare . What can she use as a prize?

Lan You Nian saw Hua Mu Qing so serious thinking about this and said, “How about this, if Mu Qing jiejie wins, I will personally make wine for Mu Qing jiejie to taste, if little sister I win, then Mu Qing jiejie cook for me?”

“Okay!” Hua Mu Qing felt this prize was interesting, it was much more enjoyable than anything else .

The two looked at each other and galloped . Lan You Nian rode the horse feeling the warm wind blowing past her cheeks . Her mood was rarely so pleasant . Perhaps because she usually had many things weighing down on her, Lan You Nian wanted to indulge just this once .

Hua Mu Qing looked at Lan You Nian who was riding in front of her, her heart flashed with enjoy . She didn’t expect Nian’er meimei’s riding skill was even better than hers . Her riding skills were only good to look at but weren’t useful at all . But Nian’er meimei wasn’t the same . Her riding skill could compare to Lan Mo Xian’s .

Lan You Nian whipped by on the horse without any restraint . Hua Mu Qing who fell behind a considerable distance had some difficulty, but the smile on her face was still bright . After all, in the capital, no matter how wild she was, she was still a junzhu . She must have the bearing of a junzhu . For now, she was very happy .

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Lan You Nian looked at the sun above her head and the lush forest surrounding the ranch, suddenly a cold smile tugged on her lips and stood upright .

Hua Mu Qing from afar saw Lan You Nian was happily riding when she stopped . She immediately went to Lan You Nian’s side asking, “Nian’er meimei, what’s wrong?”

“It’s getting late, Mu Qing jiejie should return!” Lan You Nian leaned closer to Hua Mu Qing .

Hua Mu Qing’s eyes flashed with panic, but she didn’t show it, she lowered her voice, “If there’s something, how can I leave? Does Nian’er meimei underestimate me?”

Lan You Nian knew Hua Mu Qing was a very loyal person . She probably can’t persuade her . The people hiding in their surroundings from their breathing, they weren’t regular guards but assassins . Because of her poison activating, she had hurt her foundation . Her martial arts hasn’t recovered completely . Hua Mu Qing, although can do some martial arts it was just some basic punches and kicks, it wasn’t any help at all . It seems they will see blood today .

The enemy moved . Lan You Nian was even faster . Her whole body was like galloping lightning, breaking into the place the assassins had hidden, taking her dagger, one after another . The men in black never thought Lan You Nian’s skills to be so excellent, were more or less shocked, but more if it was even more entangled killings .

Lan You Nian protected Hua Mu Qing behind her, the dagger in her hand flew like a butterfly, rushing towards the people charging towards her, one by one they fell to the ground, blood pouring out of their hearts . In a blink of an eye, those assassins were all scattered on the ground .

Hua Mu qing had never seen such a blood event before, her face was a little pale, but there was no disgust . She knew that a lot of times if you don’t kill other people, then the one who dies would be you . She wasn’t a woman who didn’t understand anything . She had her own measures .

Lan You Nian saw another group of assassins, her delicate face had a sly smile, her soft voice was like the wind of the beginning of spring with a bit of coolness, “It really makes people unhappy! Only know to bother my enjoyment?”

Saying this, she gripped the dagger prepared to kill, but she was taken into a warm embrace . Feng Yi Xuan received the news that Lan You Nian has been surrounded instantly without stop rushed here . Feng Yi Xuan’s brows were covered with a layer of ice, the sharp cold eyes were like a sharp knife, stabbing into the men in black in front of him .

And following behind him were Lan Mo Xian and the others . Hua Mu Qing’s barely held together nerves when she saw Lan Mo Xian instantly relaxed and fainted .

Lan Mo Xian held Hua Mu Qing looking at the bloody corpses on the ground and knew how cruel his little sister’s ways were . Although Lan You Nian was much better due to Feng Yi Xuan’s arrival, the surrounding cruelty and bloodthirsty aura still wrapped around her . It probably scared Hua Mu Qing, or simply her nerves were too stimulated .

“Brother should take Mu Qing jiejie back!” Lan You Nian said to Lan Mo Xian .

Lan Mo Xian glanced at the surrounding people and shook his head . Although his heart ached for Hua mu Qing, he knew what his duties were .

“Go back . Otherwise, Xuan and I will be distracted taking care of you, it’d be difficult!” Lan You Nian said . She knew Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts were powerful . The two of them can take care of these people .

Lan Mo Xian glanced at Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan’s aloof face nodded, as if accepting, Lan Mo Xian carried Hua Mu Qing using qinggong to go back .

“Are you hurt?” Feng Yi Xuan carefully checked Lan You Nian, afraid of Lan You Nian having a mishap .

Lan You Nian shook her head, the coldness in her eyes had yet to disperse, “No need for An Yi and them to do it, I want to do it myself!” Lan You Nian already saw Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to let An Yi and them take care of these people, but Lan You Nian felt her rare good mood was disturbed, she felt stuffy inside and wanted to see blood .

Feng Yi Xuan although his heart ached for Lan You Nian but knew if he didn’t let her vent her anger, she wouldn’t feel comfortable, so he only held Lan You Nian securely in his arm, “I accompany Nian Nian?”

Lan You Nian thought that she has yet to see Feng Yi Xuan kill, although it was rumored he was bloodthirsty, naturally there were hints of expectation, “Alright!”

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