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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:29 PM
Chapter 112

112 Robbers

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June 2, 2019
Hearing the robbers roar, Lan You Nian stepped out of the carriage . Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s hand as he followed behind . Lan You Nian did not wear a veil so as soon as she came out, she made the robbers stupefied, staring at Lan You Nian .

What everyone saw was a white dress, with a white water flower skirt wrapped around the waist, a misty purple gossamer wrap around her wrists, a cascading hairstyle with a water jade orchid hairpin inserted in her hair . Eyes were expressive, a beauty that teases one’s heart .

“Beautiful, really too beautiful!” The robber’s hand touched the face of the girl crying on the ground but his eyes were staring straight at Lan You Nian, what looked suspiciously like drool spilled out the corner of his mouth .

Feng Yi Xuan was surrounded with a killing aura, gloom as hell . His exquisite face was truly terrifying, more stunning and dangerous than devil’s snare, he disliked any man looking at Nian Nian with such an obsessive and dirty expression . It makes him want to dig out his eyes . That was exactly what Feng Yi Xuan did .

Feng Yi Xuan slightly released the hand holding Lan You Nian’s hand, and came right in front of the robber in an instant, then directly dug out the robber’s eyes .

“Ah—“ The robber rolled all over the ground in pain, Feng Yi Xuan disdainfully threw away the two eyeballs in his hands, accepted the hankerchief An Yi handed him, carefully wiping away the blood on his hands, then as if nothing happened returned to Lan You Nian’s side but used the other clean hand to hold Lan You Nian while the hand that dug out the eyes were placed behind his back as to not touch Lan You Nian with it .

The head of the robbers fainted from pain, while the servant girl sitting on the ground helped up her young miss, and cowered into the side of their carriage, wanting to run but not daring to .

The other robbers were stunned by Feng Yi Xuan’s sudden move . They didn’t expect this man didn’t even utter a word and dug out the eyeballs of their leader, his cruel and bloody measures frightened them .

But the robbers weren’t stupid . They knew they kick landed on an iron panel, even if they begged for mercy it didn’t look they they would have a change to live, then it’s better to charge, instantly all the robbers charged towards Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan, after all their status was clear to the group .

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The robbers moved, Zhang Lin and the others also moved . The robbers were merely brute force, there was no martial arts at all, within moments, they have been slaughtered with none left, only left with their corpse and the blood in the air .

Feng Yi Xuan saw the matter has been dealt with, was going to return to the carriage with Lan You Nian, but suddenly a voice sounded, “This young master…”

Feng Yi Xuan’s footsteps did not stop but Lan You Nian stopped to look at the woman who was supported by her servant girl . The yellow smoky brocade used five-colored gold threat embroidered into jasmine flowers in bloom, with a yellow phoenix tail skirt with a bunch of butterflies and flowers, a yellow gauze brocade wrap wrapped around her wrists . A delicate hairstyle with a hairstyle inserted in along with a dewy rose along the back . Although she received a scare but seemed even more graceful, her figure elegant . Now that women stared in infatuation at Feng Yi Xuan, the meaning was self-evident .

When she was helpless, this young master saved her . Since young, she has never seem such a handsome man before, handsome just like the storytellers said, and this man was very gentle with the woman beside him, so gentle it made her jealous .

On the other hand, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even look at that woman, rather, his pair of eyes were looking at Lan You Nian, as if no matter how much he looked it won’t be enough, that pair of cold eyes emitted softness .

“This little girl Yu Qing thanks young master for saving me!” The woman curtsied, deliberately to attract Feng Yi Xuan’s attention, but she was disappointed for Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even move, as if he didn’t even hear her words .

Lan You Nian looked at the woman’s appearance with great interest, was very satisfied with Feng Yi Xuan’s performance . Lan Wu and Lan Wu already consider Ming wang as young miss’s husband, now that there was something who was trying to steal their young miss’s man, they were furious!

“Where did young master save you, delusional!” Because they’re outside, everyone called Feng Yi Xuan young master and Lan You Nian young miss .

“How can you say this! My family’s young miss is grateful for young master’s life-saving grace, watch your mouth!” The servant girl of the young miss named Yu Qing shouted at Lan Wu .

Yu Qing raised her eyes to look at Feng Yi Xuan, sharp cold face as like the sun god Apollo of Greek mythology, deep and enchanting eyes was cold as a frozen river, such a Feng Yi Xuan was enough to move a woman’s heart . But in the capital, Feng Yi Xuan’s reputation was too terrifying, many woman cherished their life more between the choices of men and life .

“I have nothing to thank for the grace of life, this little girl wants to invite young master to my manor, this little girl’s father will definitely thank young master!” Yu Qing said shyly . She liked this man, if this man saw her identity in the manor, he will definitely view her in a new light, this way she can be together with such a man .

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“How can there be such a shameless person in the world? An Yi, say, why did young master kill that robber?” Lan Wu rode on the large horse, using the same voice as Yu Qing to ask An Yi .

“Because that robber looked at Miss Lan!” An Yi replied, this was the fact everyone saw .

Yu Qing’s face became slightly ugly, she didn’t expect that this man really didn’t want to save her in the beginning . He didn’t kill the robber for her but if she left like this, she was unwilling . Since young, whatever she wanted, what wasn’t she able to obtain, this man was the same .

“No matter what, young master saved this girl, ask young master…” Yu Qing continued to say, her tone contained gratitude and shyness .

Even Zhang Lin couldn’t stand it anymore . If they couldn’t tell the relationship between young miss and Ming wang, then they were really blind . In their eyes, such a beautiful and smart young miss can only match with the cold and ruthless Ming wang, so saw this woman dared to covet, he couldn’t stand it .

“Do you want to repay with yourself?” Zhang Lin’s face was already tanned dark, when he hardened his face, it was quite scary, the guards riding in the back also disdainfully laughed, “Sorry, our young master isn’t attracted to you!”

“Yeah, so ugly yet you dare to come out to scare people, we should hurry and leave!” Lan Qu joined in the insults .

Yu Qing stood there like a small white flower swaying in the wind and rain, but it did not receive Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, and the servant girl’s mouth couldn’t dispute over Lan Wu and the others, she could only angrily cry .

Lan You Nian headed into the carriage, ignoring that woman who was being bullied by everyone . Feng Yi Xuan was even less likely to look at that woman . Before meeting Lan You Nian, there was no such thing as a woman in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes . Now that he had Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan’s world only existed of this female, Lan You Nian .

They didn’t expect they would once again meet this woman in the future…

The group of people silently returned to the capital . Although Feng Yi Xuan wanted to enter Lan manor with Lan You Nian but he knew that there were a lot of memorials and documents piling up in Ming wang manor that required him to deal with . There definitely were some changes in the court while he was away, he must deal with them all one by one .

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Feng Yi Xuan left An San with Lan You Nian for her to give orders to and returned to the manor . Originally many shadow guards were fighting over this chance to stay with Lan You Nian but Feng Yi Xuan only An San this woman wasn’t a threat to him .

Lan You Nian entered You Nian Pavilion, looking at the seemingly different Lan manor, to Lan Qu, “Go find out if there is a happy event in Lan manor recently!”

Lan Qu left You Nian Pavilion . She still needed to find out if An yiniang was behaving herself while they were away and whether old madame was still tormented by the poison .

Although Lan manor’s buildings haven’t changed but there were clearly more decorative items . There were even a lot of potted flowers placed in the front hall . Usually Lan Jian Jun was martial arts practitioner so didn’t like these things, so the entire Lan manor besides You Nian Pavilion was relatively simple and elegant but now Lan manor was clearly planning something so needed to decorate, and seeing how the servants were moving in some gifts, it was definitely for a banquet .

“Young miss . ” Lan Qu walked in the Pavilion looking at Lan You Nian who was laying there . Whatever young miss did, it was always beautiful .

“En…” Lan You Nian didn’t open ehr eyes, but the light sound showed she was not asleep,

“In another month it is General Lan’s birthday, so the manor is arranging all the things needed!” Lan Qu reported the things she found out to young miss, but her heart was extremely dissatisfied . Her young master has never celebrated a birthday, because on the day of lady’s birth, it was young miss’s mother’s day of death, so young miss all these years pretended as if she had no birthday . They didn’t dare remind, afraid of causing young miss’s upset .

“En, Lan manor will be lively!” Lan You Nian softly said, don’t know what she was feeling .

“Young miss!” Lan ren suddenly appeared in the pavilion, “Fourth master will arrive to the capital in a few days, and second master has already departed from Sunset City, and will probably arrive in the capital soon!”

Lan You Nian speechlessly touched her forehead . Although she missed these senior brothers but she can get out of this whirlpool that is the capital . If all her senior brothers came to the capital, who knew what a mess it would be . Her senior brothers often fought with each other, her quiet days will be over soon .

“Now young miss won’t be lonely!” Lan Wu said happily, after all every time young miss was with the young masters she was very happy .

Lan You Nian smiled, fine, it’s impossible to tell her senior brothers to go back, they were quite capable themselves, and she will protect them, after all, they were the family in her heart .

“Lan Ren, you and Lan Feng return to Wu Qing Pavilion, after all if the senior brothers, there isn’t anyone to hold the fort!” Lan You Nian instructed .

“Young miss…” Lan Ren said worriedly outside, “Young miss’s poison every month is more and more unstable, if we’re all gone, there isn’t anyone to protect oung miss, and last time…”

How can Lan You Nian not understand his worry, last time if it wasn’t at Zhen Wei Pavilion, something would have definitely gone wrong, fortunately when the poisoned awakened she was on her own territory, otherwise not only will reveal her weakness, will also became a deadly point for the enemy to attack her is she wasn’t careful .

“Relax, senior brothers are in the capital, there won’t be any accidents!” Lan You Nian said, after all senior brothers were quite capable, they will definitely protect her, she felt very secure .

“Yes!” Lan Ren hearing the young miss say this, was also reassured, after all the several young masters and young miss were like real brothers and sisters, all these years they took great care of young miss, if the young masters were in the capital then young miss will be much safer .

“Has something happened in the capital recently?” Lan You Nian asked .

“Nothing big has happened in the capital recently, but third wangye Feng Shao Chu because of deliberate murder was known by the Emperor, has now been imprisoned in his manor!” Lan Ren replied .

“Ai? Young miss, really weird! It’s very common for a wangye to kill someone, who knows how many people Ming wang has killed, but why would the Emperor imprison him for this?” Lan Wu was puzzled .

“Of course Feng Xia Qi must have done something, otherwise how could Feng Lin Che end up like this?” Lan You Nian thought of Feng Yi Xuan’s older brother, clearly he was a fox, there was such a good excuse and weakness, how could he let this opportunity go? Sure enough, Feng Xia Qi didn’t disappoint her and dealt with an opponent .

“Oh? It seems that fourth wangye is very gentle but it turns out his ability in court is big!” Lan Wu said incredulously .

“You, don’t be fooled by his face!” Lan You Nian said .

A chuckle drifted in from the outside, “Then has Nian’er meimei been fooled by my face?”

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