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Chapter 111

111 Gambler Lan Yin

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June 1, 2019
In the capital’s biggest casino, it was a hubbub of people, noisy and confusing . Even though this place caused many people to lose all their fortune but the crowd has not dissipated .

Lan Yin stood in the casino full of people, kept following everyone starting to place bets . The obsessive look has become a standard gambler . He already lost all the money in his hands, even stole mother’s private money and gambled it all away, yet he was unwilling to return to the manor .

“Lost?” Lan Yin fell onto the ground, looking at the dice . He has lost completely .

There was a helper in the casino to help Lan Yin up, “Lan second young master, if you don’t have money on hand, you can go to the second floor and borrow money from the manager, when Lan second young master wins, just return it!”

Lan Yin’s eyes that haven’t rested for many days suddenly opened, looking at the servant happily, “Really? Take this young master there!”

“Alright! Lan second young miss please come upstairs!” the servant diligently led the way for Lan Yin, bringing him to the room of the manager on the second floor .

“It turns out to be Lan second young master . Why has Lan second young master come to this little one’s place?” the manager was roughly a thirty years old man, there was a scar on his cheek that as horrifying . His measures in the capital were well known .

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Lan Yin arrogantly sat down opposite the manager and said, “This young master heard you can borrow money here?”

“Yes, if Lan second young master doesn’t have enough money, you can borrow money from this little one, just take out a corresponding object to mortgage it!” The manager’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light, but Lan Yin didn’t notice it .

“Alright, then let this young master borrow a thousand taels!” Lan Yin carelessly said . A thousand taels was a year’s expenses of a large manor . He was able to say it so easily was to flaunt, and besides, he thought the manager won’t be willing to let him borrow so much money .

The manager seemed to be troubled as he thought about it, then to Lan Yin said, “Lan second young master, lending a thousand taels isn’t impossible but Lan second young miss must give something of equal value as collateral!”

Lan Yin didn’t expect the manager really dared to lend him so much many . He felt in his heart if he had this money, then what couldn’t he do? Besides, he saw a lot of people win a lot of money in the course of a night . He felt he can do it too but he had to have the money in his hands .

“Then what does this young master need to use as collateral?” Lan Yin thought that he didn’t have anything valuable . He couldn’t touch anything of Lan manor . An manor, although it was his grandfather’s home, but was separated by an indirect connection . To say it nicely, he was Lan manor’s second young miss . To make it sound ugly, he was just an unfavored illegitimate son .

The manager seemed to seriously consider it then said, “If there really isn’t anything then just sign a debtor’s contract, if you can’t pay the money, then use your hands and feet to pay!”

Lan Yin seemed to be scared by the manager’s words, rapidly shook his head to leave . Although he was mischievous and greedy but he was not brave, he cherished his life even more .

The servant who led him in said charmingly, “Lan second young master’s luck is very good, it will only take a few days to win, how wouldn’t you be able to repay the money?” the servant saw Lan Yin seemed to waver and continued, “And Lan second master is Lan manor’s young master, also is Prime Minister an’s grandson, Lan manor and An manor how could they disregard Lan young master? But if Lan second young master has money this time, what can’t you have?”

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Lan Yin was moved by this servant’s words . Indeed, if he win several thousand, then in the future even Lan Mo Xian would have to stand on the side . Father will definitely not continue to ignore him, and even if he lost, he was still father’s child, father can’t not save him .

“Lan second young master, have you thought about it? There are many people outside waiting to borrow money!” The manager said deliberately, there were indeed several gamblers standing outside .

“Alright!” Lan Yin grit his teeth and nodded, “Where is the contract?”

The manager took out a written contract, the above regulations clearly stated that they will lend Lan Yin a thousand silver, it must be repaid in three months . If within three months it wasn’t repaid, then one of Lan Yin’s hands and one of his feet will be used to repay .

Lan Yin hardened his heart and sighed in name on the contract, pressed his fingerprint, however inside he felt afraid . But when he received the thousand taels from the manager, he completely forgot, hurriedly ran to the hall to continue to gamble, so he didn’t see the servant’s contemptuous eyes .

When Lan Yin left the room, the manager stood up and bowed to An San who appeared from the shadows, “This subordinate completed the task!”

An San accepted the contract in the manager’s hand, his lips curled, since this Lan Yin offended Miss Lan, his would not be a good ending . Besides, this matter was personally instructed by master, no matter what it must be done well .

“En, let him win a little, then lose it all!” Finished, An San left the gambling house .

This incident was quite a coincidence . On the way back to the capital, Lan You Nian talked about this with Feng Yi Xuan . To Lan You Nian’s surprise, the capital’s biggest gambling house was Feng Yi Xuan’s . Since the gambling house belonged to Feng Yi Xuan, then the matter would be much simpler . That is why she designed such a scheme .

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Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian were not in a hurry to return to the capital, instead they made frequent stops, dressing themselves into a wealthy young master and young miss .

Originally Lan You Nian was riding a horse . Feng Yi Xuan felt that Nian Nian wasn’t willing to ride with him . Besides, Nian Nian’s beauty cannot be allowed to be seen by other people . So after a day of riding, he had An Yi arrange a luxurious carriage and took Lan You Nian into the carriage .

Perhaps at every hill there were robbers for they were lucky enough to encounter a group of robbers . Many burly robbers stopped Lan You Nian’s carriage . The head of the robbers shouted at the people inside the carriage, “Give me your money, otherwise I will take your life!”

Outside, An Yi and the others already started to prepare to exterminate these robbers . Zhang Lin and the other guards who were disguised as domestic servants clenched their fists . Their young miss held the importance of a god in their hearts . How could they allow these nobodies to insult her?

Inside, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian didn’t say anything . The people outside who didn’t hear the instructions of the master did not make a move first but this caused the robbers to become anxious . They thought the rich young master and young miss in the carriage must have fainted from the scare .

At this time, another came up from behind . The robbers were overjoyed . From the looks of its, the carriage definitely contained a rich lady, though it couldn’t compare to the carriage in front of them but there were certainly plenty of good things . They didn’t expect usually they wouldn’t be able to rob even once a month but now today there were two . They were rich!

“Robbery! Get out of the carriage!” the robber shouted . The driver and the male servant beside him were trying to block them but were directly killed by the robbers . From the carriage came feminine screams and weeping .

“Get out!” The robbers opened the curtain and pulled out two women from inside, one was the young miss and the other was her maid .

“Oh, boss, there’s two clean women!” the robber said, seeing the two women crying pitifully . The other robbers leered at the two women’s body and face .

“Good! Tonight let everyone have a taste, look at little face white and tender!” The leader of the robbers touched the one who was clearly the young miss’s face, his lust was obvious .

These two women didn’t have any servants with them . They looked to Zhang Lin and the others for help but Zhang Lin and the others didn’t even blink . During the time spent in the training grounds, young miss not only let them some techniques, even taught them to have a ruthless heart, those who were kind will not necessarily have a good ending .

The women’s crying was very wretched but did not move anyone of the people of Lan You Nian’s group, even LAn Wu and Lan Qu did not have any pity in their eyes .

What was Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan doing at this moment in the carriage? Lan You Nian sat opposite Feng Yi Xuan, observing Feng Yi Xuan’s disatisfied expression, because since coming onto the carriage, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to hug Lan You Nian, but Lan You Nian shot him a cold glare which led to it being like this .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan continued to work had to get near Lan You Nian, “The carriage is bumpy, it will be more comfortable if I hug you!”

Lan You Nian glanced at the carriage they were riding . This carriage was personally instructed by Feng Yi Xuan to An Yi to prepare . This inside was extremely luxurious, the soft and think carpet blanketed the entire carriage, the exquisitely decorated carriage’s hidden draws were full of the snacks and dried fruits she usually like to eat . In the middle of the carriage was placed a low stool of phoebe zhennan wood with tea and fruits on top of it . She didn’t where was it bumpy, where was it uncomfortable . When did this man learn to lie?

Feng Yi Xuan was very unhappy looking at Lan You Nian, in his eyes were clearly written, come over let me hug you!

Lan You Nian burst into laughter . Since the two of them understood each other’s hearts, the distance between the two seemed to have shortened . This happiness and joy was different than the happiness those friends, family, and shifu gave . You will feel in this vast sea of people, you are no longer alone, because beside you there is a person who is on the same boat as you through the storm .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at the girl laughing happily in front of him, his lips curled . In the past, in front of Nian Nian, he didn’t dare to express himself too much because he was afraid if he advanced too much, Nian Nian will escape . Now that he knew Nian Nian liked him, so he will say and do what he sincerely wanted to express, let her see the real him, fall in love with the real Feng Yi Xuan, fall in love with this entirely different Feng Yi Xuan .

The crisp and sweet laughter drifted out of the carriage, letting those standing outside be in a much better mood . Lan Wu and Lan Qu even looked at each other and giggled . They haven’t heard their young miss laughing so happily for a long time . Young miss will usually smile and laugh with them but it wasn’t this happy, it seems young miss being together with Ming wang was right .

“The people in the carriage get out!” The robbers yelled at the carriage .

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