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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:49 PM
Chapter 101

101 Kiss

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May 19, 2019
Perhaps Lan You Nian was truly happy, she became a little drunk . That slightly red cheek and water-like eyes seemed especially moving .

Feng Yi Xuan was afraid other will see such an enchanting Nian Nian, picked up Lan You Nian and used qinggong return to Ming wang manor . Don’t ask him why not go back to Lan manor, because he felt if he sent Nian Nian back to Lan manor, then won’t the servant girls see Nian Nian’s tempting look . Feng Yi Xuan wanted to kill just thinking about it .

Perhaps Lan You Nian was really starting to trust Feng Yi Xuan so when Feng Yi Xuan picked her up, Lan You Nian did not refuse . She leaned against this chest . She liked to hear this man’s steady heartbeat .

Perhaps afraid the night wind was too cold, Feng Yi Xuan wrapped up Lan You Nian’s entire body into his chest and skillfully carried Lan You Nian into the room . In the shadows, the shadow guards went from shock at the beginning to the habit of now . Every shadow guard was sympathetic of their master . Such a beautiful celestial being yet Miss Lan was still so small . Who knows how long master will have to wait ah .

Drunken Lan You Nian was a little muddled . As she slept on Feng Yi Xuan’s large bed, she breathed in Feng Yi Xuan’s unique scent . Lan You Nian’s mouth slightly curled up . Her misty large eyes looked at Feng Yi Xuan who wash her face and hands . She felt this man was really good looking, better than any man .

When Feng Yi Xuan finished wiping Lan You Nian’s face, he saw the girl staring at him with wide eyes, shedding her indifference . The young girl seemed to be especially quiet . An exquisite palm sized face was flawless, long eyelashes seemed like fragile butterfly wings, her nose was small and cute, lips were pink and tender, size and thickness was perfect, willow eyebrows stretched out, her pure beauty was like a painting of a celestial maiden .

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Feng Yi Xuan’s finger caressed those pink lips, looked at the lovely lips that were like a beautiful rose in bloom . The fingertips that felt the softness and warmth made Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes deepen, unwilling to part from Lan You Nian’s lips as he stroked back and forth, that pair of eyes already started to recover their purple color .

Lan You Nian’s lips were tickled by the touch on her lips . She opened her small mouth and took a bite, then because it didn’t taste good, spit it out . She didn’t look up to see Feng Yi Xuan’s shocked look, and that gorgeous pair of purple eyes .

Feng Yi Xuan really liked the feeling on his fingers so didn’t retract his hand, but he didn’t expect Nian Nian who was drunk to open her small mouth and bite him . His finger didn’t hurt at all but felt numb and itchy, like a current passed through into his heart .

Looking at that little mouth, Feng Yi Xuan longed to know what she tasted like . Thinking this, he did exactly that . He slowly leaned down, forehead against forehead, tip of his nose against tip of her nose, then kissed the lips he longed for .

When Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips pressed against Lan You Nian’s pink lips, the two felt as if they have received a hit . Lan You Nian widened her watery eyes . Feng Yi Xuan focused on the girl under him . His now completely purple eyes were all filled with Lan You Nian .

The meeting of lips with lips made Feng Yi Xuan feel hot . He slowly started to trace Lan You Nian’s pink lips, slowly no longer satisfied, his tongue broke into Lan you Nian’s small mouth . Feng Yi Xuan, without any rules, without any technique, but spared no effort in his gentle treatment of Lan You Nian, lazed around on her lips intimately .

Lan You Nian didn’t know what was going on as she laid there stunned and dazed . Her tongue kept dodging, but how could Feng Yi Xuan let her go so easily? His tongue chased after Lan You Nian’s fragrant tongue, entangled, draining the sweetness of Lan You Nian’s mouth, greedy as a drug addict .

Until Lan You Nian felt it was difficult to breathe, she stretched out her small hand to beat at Feng Yi Xuan’s chest . This forced Feng Yi Xuan to wake up from the delicious taste, reluctantly parting from those pink lips that made him unable to control his passions . But when he saw the girl in his arms with reddened cheeks, sucking in large gulps of air, those pink lips were red and swollen, that pair of eyes seemed to be oozing with tears, Feng Yi Xuan panicked, afraid his clumsiness made Nian Nian uncomfortable .

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Lan You Nian has now completely woken up from Feng Yi Xuan’s deep kiss . She felt strange and didn’t know what to say . Should she blame Feng Yi Xuan, no, in fact when Feng Yi Xuan kissed her, she was already awake, but she didn’t stop it, even indulged in this sloppy but fervent kiss . She could feel Feng Yi Xuan’s cautious gentleness and intensity entangling together . Even when he kissed her, she can hear sounds of flower blooming .

Feng YI Xuan saw Lan You Nan was stunned and didn’t know how to explain . He indeed took advantage of Nian Nian’s drunkenness and stole a kiss from Nian Nian . Perhaps it doesn’t count as stealing a kiss . He just wanted to kiss her so he did just that . If he were to choose again, he will still do the same, but he was afraid Nian Nian will dislike him and stay away from him in the future . Now seeing Nian Nian didn’t say a thing, Feng Yi Xuan thought Nian Nian was angry, so was even more uneasy .

“Nian Nian,” Feng yi Xuan held tightly to Lan you Nian whose head was lowered and didn’t say a word, “Nian Nian, I love you, so…don’t be angry!”

Who’d ever thought that the vicious, demonic, having no respect for anyone Ming wang will be so nervous, have no idea what to do, will be so cautious . Because that person was Lan You Nian, so he would be so afraid that he became so unlike himself

Lan you Nian did not blame Feng Yi Xuan, she was just in conflict with herself, so contradictory she wanted to get angry . Ever since her rebirth, she was cold-hearted and indifferent walking in this world, because not caring so carefree, but since meeting Feng Yi Xuan, even though she didn’t want to admit she was attracted to this man, she was greedy for this man’s warmth and scent . She can sleep peacefully when this man was near without putting any guard on . That wasn’t the her of the past .

Lan You Nian did not doubt Feng Yi Xuan’s true heart . His care for her was different . His concern for her, care and pampering, she can clearly feel it, but can she really trust another person? Can she open the door to her heart and accept someone inside?

Someone once said because there is nothing left so they dare to gamble, because there was nothing left to lose, but she Lan you Nian was different . Because she had nothing but a heart, if this heart was lost, then what was she left with? She perhaps was strong and invincible, but she was equally vulnerable, like the wounds of the pervious life . It has already been so long, even if she was in this time period, although she didn’t hate, but it still left a deep scar in her heart . A scar was a scar no matter how much time has passed, as long as it was touched, it will hurt . That kind of pain as if heart was cut by a knife was still clearly left there .

Feng Yi Xuan noticed Nian Nian remained silent . For some reason, there was a painful air around her . Feng Yi Xuan panicked . His arms holding Lan You Nian were even tighter, he only knew he can’t let go of Nian Nian, he can’t allow her to leave him .

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Feng Yi Xuan’s tight hug forced Lan You Nian to wake up from her own world . She noticed Feng Yi Xuan’s arms were strangling her . She struggled to let Feng YI Xuan let go of her, but didn’t expect with her move Feng Yi Xuan’s hug was even tighter . He seemed to want to drag her into his body .

Nian Nian seemed to want to leave him . She was struggling . Thiis realization made Feng Yi Xuan’s entire person shake . There was only one thought in his mind, can’t let go, can’t let go, even if he died he can’t let Nian Nian leave him .

“Xuan?” Feng Yi Xuan’s volatile aura was too obvious, the cups on the table nearest to them started to break apart, and she was hugged to the point she almost couldn’t breath, Lan You Nian softly shouted, this Feng Yi Xuan made her heart ache .

“Don’t leave me, Nian Nian, Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan in Lan You Nian’s voice broke out of his thoughts, although slightly let go of Lan You Nian, but the twin arms holding her did not let go .

“You’re hurting me!” Lan You Nian did not reply to Feng Yi Xuan’s question, because she didn’t know how to answer . She didn’t know if the poison in her body can be cured . Even her life she can’t guarantee, how can she reply to Feng Yi Xuan?

Lan You Nian’s words made Feng Yi Xuan nervous again, did not continue to dispute his question . He picked up Lan You Nian carefully and took a look . He noticed Nian Nian’s arms were strangled purple and blue, his heart was aching and guilty . He hurriedly found the best ointment to give to Lan You Nian

After putting on the ointment, Feng Yi Xuan pitifully looked at Lan You Nian, like a large-sized loyal dog, causing the little person inside Lan You Nian to be overjoyed .

“Nian Nian, you’re still angry at me?” Feng Yi Xuan stood there looking straight at Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian originally wanted to tease Feng Yi Xuan but seeing that kingly man now nervously watching her, she couldn’t make a joke anymore .

“Not angry!” Lan you Nian said earnestly, deep black eyes full of softness and warmth, delicate face bloomed with sunny bright and warm smile, that smile warmed the heart, warming Feng Yi Xuan’s heart as well .

“Really?” Feng Yi Xuan asked unsure, but on the inside he was bubbling, his Nian Nian was so good .

“Really!” Lan You Nian nodded .

“Then you must take responsibility!” Feng Yi Xuan continued, extremely tyrannical .

“What?” Lan You Nian screamed, it was clearly he who kissed her okay, now why was the one who must take responsibility her?

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan still wanted to say more but Lan You Nian pulled the blankets over her to sleep, otherwise she can’t promise she won’t get into a fight with this rogue .

With Feng Yi Xuan there, Lan You Nian fell asleep very soon . That curved corner of her lips seemed to prove that the girl had a good dream .

This night, Feng YI Xuan simply stood there standing guard over Lan You Nian, afraid this girl will run away, even more afraid it was a dream . Seeing the sleeping Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan felt he could no longer let go .

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