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Chapter 102

102 Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing

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May 19, 2019
“Father, son is already grown . Son wants to fight alongside father, hope father can agree!” Lan Yin stood in front of Lan Jian Jun, standing up straight and tall as he pleaded, but there was no firmness in his eyes .

Lan Yin looked at his father who didn’t have any expression and felt anxious inside . He was already an adult but could only fool around with his disreputable companions to spend his days . He had no access to the authority in Lan manor . He didn’t enter the army like Lan Mo Xian . If he didn’t work hard now, there will no longer be any place for him in Lan manor .

“Since second brother likes the army so much, how about going to older brother’s camp to be a small soldier? This can be considered granting second brother’s wish!” Lan You Nian entered the large hall, grinning at Lan Yin . Want to steal her brother’s status of Lan manor’s legitimate son? Why don’t take a look at what you are!?

“En, Nian’er is right, Yin’er, go to Mo Xian’s camp tomorrow!”Lan Jian Jun nodded .

“Father!” Lan Yin cried in panic then seemed to realize he was too emotional and then bowed his head, “Father, son feels that you are a general of a country, if son is only an obscure soldier, isn’t that losing your face?”

“Then what does second brother want to do? Be a general? When has second brother become so naive? Without any military merit, you want to step into heaven?” Lan You Nian sneered, making Lan Yin extremely awkward .

“That’s not what I meant, I only don’t want to lose father’s face . Besides, even if I start with a slightly high position, I will definitely do well in the future!” Lan Yin dislike this Lan You Nian more and more . It was originally something very easy but with her interference, father won’t agree anymore .

Lan You Nian glanced at Lan Yin . She felt very irritated inside and used Lan Yin as a punching bag . Because since Feng Yi Xuan kissed her last night, he was like sticky candy, no matter how much she shook, she couldn’t shake him off . He would often appear in front of her and even wants her to take responsibility, causing Lan You Nian’s temper to be extremely bad . When she heard Lan Yin had some other ideas, she naturally came over, completely venting her anger .

“A slightly higher position? Yin’er, what do you want to do?” Lan Jian Jun’s eyes filled with disapproval . Though he always thought this child was quite useless, but he wasn’t a good-for-nothing . But now Lan Yin’s words let Lan Jian Jun knew this child reaches for what is beyond his grasp, truly a good for nothing .

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“Since eldest brother is General Che Qi, how about let son also be a General Che Qi? This way it won’t lose father’s face!” Lan Yin thought he was being very reasonable but he didn’t know that his words only made Lan Jian Jun angry and Lan You Nian only felt it was hilarious .

“General Che Qi?” A burst of laughter traveled in from outside the hall, then Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing came in .

“General Lan!” Hua Mu Qing curtsied politely, put away her arrogance .

“Father!” Lan Mo Xian followed suit in acknowledgement .

Today Hua Mu Qing came to Lan manor to play, everyone was aware so there was no surprise . Lan Jian Jun’s impression of Hua Mu Qing was very good, this women wasn’t pretentious, was a forthright as the men on the battlefield, Lan Jian Jun was looking forward to the relationship between his son and Hua Mu Qing . Looking at the two’s atmosphere, it seems that in the near future there will be a happy event .

“Junzhu came, sit down!” Lan Jian Jun was very kind to Hua Mu Qing, compared to Lan Yin, it was much better .

“Nian’er meimei, didn’t Lan manor’s second master say he wanted to be General Che Qi?” Indeed Hua Mu Qing couldn’t pretend to be a scholarly lady for a moment longer before she exposed her original form, energetically came to Lan You Nian in question, causing Lan Mo Xian to look fearfully at father, afraid father’s impression of Hua Mu Qing wasn’t good .

“En, Mu Qing jiejie’s hearing is good, second brother says he wants to be General Che Qi,” Lan You Nian scoffed . She knew with Hua Mu Qing this priceless treasure, Lan Mo Xian won’t suffer any losses, sure enough…

“Not this junzhu saying you ah, second master Lan, one must see the truth of the matter, Lan Mo Xian started from a small soldier killing many enemies before he became General Che Qi . And this title was granted by the Emperor . Do you think it’s like selling cabbage?” Hua Mu Qing mercilessly attacked Lan Yin .

Many times Lan Mo Xian shot Hua Mu Qing a look, but Hua Mu Qing who was currently defending him didn’t see, until Hua Mu Qing scolded Lan Yin until his face was red, dis she react . There was still an elder present ah! Hua Mu Qing looked at Lan Jian Jun in embarrassment, but noticed Lan Jian Jun did not look unhappy because of her vulgarity so she released her breath .

Since last time Nian’er meimei fell down the cliff, she and Lan Mo Xian have gotten closer . In the past, they were always bickering while caring for each other but slowly this friendship unknowingly became this clumsy love . Although at first she was surprised and in a panic but after thinking it over, she bravely accepted it . Lan Mo Xian was great, she knew very well, so that night of her birthday when Lan Mo Xian pursued her, Hua Mu Qing agreed to it .

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“Father son only wants to share some of father’s responsibilities!” Lan Yin refused to give up but inside he hated Hua Mu Qing like he hated Lan You Nian . As long as the person stands on the same side as Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian, they were all hateful .

“Then go to Mo Xian’s camp to exercise yourself, that’d be sharing responsibility for father!” Lan Jian Jun decided the matter then waved his hand at Lan Yin, “It’s late, go spend time with your yiniang!”

Although Lan Yin was dissatisfied inside, but towards the head of the house Lan Jian Jun he did not dare to disobey, but hatred rose inside for Lan Jian Jun’s favor . They were all his children yet father could never see them, even Lan Mo Xian this son without blood relationship he can lend his support to, but towards him there wasn’t any concern, such a father…

When Lan Yin left, Lan You Nian felt the air was much better . Instantly in the large hall there was only four of them left .

“Junzhu stay to eat!” Lan Jian Jun said, his face was still stiff . Besides Lan You Nian, towards everyone he was straight-faced but it was clear it was much better when talking to Hua Mu Qing .

“Thanks General!” Hua Mu Qing smiled . She always felt Lan manor was very nice, but that is if there wasn’t An yiniang and the others .

“What thanks? Mu Qing jiejie, maybe in the near future we will be one big family?” Lan You Nian has been bothered by Feng Yi Xuan to the point that she is behaving abnormally so now that Lan Yin has left, the punching bag was gone, then she started to tease Hua Mu Qing .

“What nonsense are you talking about? Nian’er meimei is making no sense!” Hua Mu Qing glanced at Lan Jian Jun then covered Lan You Nian’s mouth but Lan You Nian was wearing a veil, plus with her abilities, she couldn’t even touch Lan You Nian .

As a matter of fact Lan Mo Xian wanted to tell Father little sister wasn’t disfigured but this matter was severely criticized by Hua Mu Qing . Hua Mu Qing felt Lan Jian Jun treated Lan You Nian too ill, a little punishment was good, so now Lan Jian Jun doesn’t know Lan You Nian’s face was still in perfect condition .

“Is it nonsense? What do you say brother?” Lan You Nian blinked her big eyes at Lan Mo Xian . In fact she deliberately clarified the relationship between the two in front of Lan Jian Jun . After all, in this time period, mutual feelings was important, the blessings of the parents were also important . If the two really had feelings then even if they don’t marry, they had to at least settle an engagement, otherwise if the Emperor for some reason gifts down a marriage, there will be one more bitter pair of mandarin ducks .

Lan Mo Xian knew his little sister’s intentions and couldn’t help being moved inside . This little sister since she was little has suffered . Now he wanted to protect her, who knew many times now it was this little sister who thought for him, making him feel warm inside .

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“Nian’er meimei is right!” Lan Mo Xian didn’t deny it, pulled up Hua Mu Qing’s hands and the two knelt in front of Lan Jian Jun, “Father, son likes junzhu very much, ask father to give your blessings!”

Hua Mu Qing was very nervous . Although she knew the two’s relationship was bound to be known by General Lan but now that it really happened, she was afraid, afraid General Lan won’t agree but seeing Lan Mo Xian who was staunchly holding her hand, Hua Mu Qing didn’t feel so afraid anymore .

“My son has grown up, Mu Qing junzhu is a girl girl, why won’t father agree?” Lan Jian Jun helped the two up, “Since you two mutually in love then settle this engagement soon, this matter father will ask the Emperor!”

“Thanks father!” “Thanks General!”

The two sat at the table seating in perfect harmony . Although at the table one can see Lan Jian Jun picking some dishes for Lan You Nian but Lan You Nian was still indifferent but Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing was still very excited, the two looked at each other from time to time then smiled in happiness .

After the meal, Lan Jian Jun had things to take care of so he left . Lan You Nian led Hua Mu Qing and Lan Mo Xian to her You Nian Pavilion to sit, then you could hear…

“Wow! Nian’er meimei your courtyard is so pretty!” The three sat in the stone pavilion for a drink of tea . Hua Mu Qing from time to time took a look at this, took a look at that .

“Wow, this is the rare ruby! You use it to decorate your walls?” Hua Mu Qing exaggerated . She always thought Nian’er meimei was very poor, but now felt she was the one who was poor .

Lan You Nian’s mouth twitched . These things weren’t hers . They were put up by Feng Yi Xuan’s people . She liked looking at it so didn’t take it down . Now that Hua Mu Qing mentioned it, wasn’t she blatantly showing off her wealth?

“Have you guys thought it over?” Lan You Nian said unclearly .

“What?” The two asked in unison .

“Have you thought over if you want to be together? Do you want to marry? Do you want to be with this person in the future?” Lan You Nian asked seriously .

“En, decided!” The two without any hesitation answered, although the two weren’t very intelligent people but the two were straightforward .

“Older brother,” Lan You Nian looked at Lan Mo Xian, “If you want to marry Mu Qing jiejie, then you can only marry her, otherwise, don’t hurt Mu Qing jiejie!”

Although Lan You Nian was looking forward to the brother and Hua Mu Qing’s relationship, very hopeful that the two can come together, but in this world, a man can have many women while women can only remain faithful to their husbands . Hua Mu Qing was her first friend, so inevitably she wished she can be happy and not wait for a man’s favor in a small courtyard . It will only cause this cheerful woman to be buried in pain, so if this was explained clearly, wasn’t that best?

Hua Mu Qing heard Lan You Nian’s words, felt very moved . She didn’t expect this girl who was much younger than her will think for her, even if the one she was attacking was her brother, this friendship made Hua Mu Qing want to cry .

“I won’t, I will only want Mu Qing!” Lan Mo Xian wasn’t a fickle person . He always believed two people in love did not allow for a third person .

Lan Mo Xian saw Hua Mu Qing crying and thought she was moved by his words, didn’t expect Hua Mu Qing gave Lan You Nian a big hug, sniffling as she said, “Nian’er meimei, you are so good! Nian’er meimei is the best!”

“What about me?” The forgotten Lan Mo Xian asked unwillingly .

“What you! If you dare to marry someone else, see if this junzhu doesn’t break your legs!” Hua Mu Qing barred her teeth, then hugged Lan You Nian, “Nian’er meimei will help me right?”

“Of course!” Lan You Nian smiled in agreement, completely ignoring Lan Mo Xian’s helpless expression .

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