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Chapter 609 - Settling Scores on the Arena Stage

“We need to find out from Watchful Snail what the boss’ real name is and what class he’s in! We can just directly ask the boss ourselves too!”

“Yeah, definitely!” 

Natural Fiend and Lustboy excitedly reached an agreement.

“It’s better if you don’t bother him. Watchful Snail is really busy managing the guild right now, and the boss might be busy with a quest,” Undying Scoundrel said.

“Alright, we’ll ask the next time we see them.” Natural Fiend and Lustboy nodded.

After the clubs finished recruiting, the gathering entered the PvP segment. 20 stages were erected in the center of the arena. Players could freely go up and PvP. Every class faced off to determine which was the strongest. Each team sent out their three representatives to participate in the rotational team battle.

The atmosphere immediately became heated. The rival clubs in particular were brimming with hostility, like Azure Windchime and Bloodfiends. Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, Lustboy, and the others were itching to do battle.

Dark, Ardent, and the others from Bloodfiends decided to take the stage.

“Last time we PvPed against Bloodfiends, we won nine matches, lost six, and were also defeated in the team battle. So, both sides came out roughly even. This time with Fiend and Lustboy, we’ll definitely crush those bastards!” Undying Scoundrel took out his staff. At the previous gathering, the quality of his equipment was poor, and he was having a hard time raising his level because Asskickers United was in the midst of a heated war. Now, things were different. After being given a chance to recuperate, he had already reached Level 85. He was roughly on par with those from Bloodfiends in level. His gear had also undergone a complete transformation—five pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment while the rest was Dark Gold-grade. Simply put, this was astonishing. It was enough to completely overwhelm any single player from Bloodfiends.

Not only Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend and Lustboy’s equipment was also of high quality. Nie Yan had provided them the locations of many Sub Legendary and Legendary-grade equipment. All of them had acquired a few, three pieces at minimum. Add this on top of the fact that Nie Yan had provided them with a large pile of twinked Level 100 gear, and no other guild could surpass Asskickers United’s elites in terms of equipment. Skill, of course, didn’t need mentioning. If you lacked it, you weren’t welcome in Asskickers United. Painted Muslin was even more amazing. A Priest that could heal and PvP was incredibly difficult to find.

“How come Lofty Shadow and Monochrome still aren’t back yet? With them, we can destroy Bloodfiends in the team battle too!” Undying Scoundrel said. He was fired up.

“Lofty Shadow and Monochrome are in the middle of a dungeon run. They’ll be over in a minute,” Painted Muslin replied. Lofty Shadow and Monochrome had already contacted her. They were almost finished. 

“That’s good. I’ll go up and play with them first.” Undying Scoundrel couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Alright.” Painted Muslin bitterly smiled. Undying Scoundrel had a naturally restless personality. She could only let him go. Of course, she had full confidence he would bring back a victory.

Undying Scoundrel jumped onto the stage. Holding his head up high with a proud look on his face, he pointed at the players from Bloodfiends. “You shitters. I’m standing right here! If you got any , come up and fight me!”

Undying Scoundrel’s arrogant entrance infuriated the players from Bloodfiends. Dark, Ardent, and the other three from the main five ignored the provocation. However, the rest were barely holding themselves back. They wanted nothing more than to give Undying Scoundrel’s cocky face a good beating.

“Damn, he’s really aggressive this time. He must've gotten some good equipment,” Seal said with a hint of envy after examining Undying Scoundrel.

“Dark, what do we do? Do we go up?” Ardent asked.

“Send out a few of the guys below to probe him out. Let’s see just how much progress he’s made to be so confident,” Dark said. He was fairly calm. The five of them wouldn’t go up. Even if the Thieves below them went up and lost, it wouldn’t mean anything. What would be troublesome was if they went up without a clear understanding of the opponent’s strength. If they weren’t careful and ended up falling for the enemy’s trap with so many people watching, Bloodfiends would lose all face.

One of the Thieves from Bloodfiends jumped on the stage. Just as he was about to open his mouth and throw out some insults, Undying Scoundrel waved his staff. A mist of frost emerged and immediately froze the Thief and everything around him solid. Before he could even activate Gale Step, a fireball whizzed toward him. BANG! He was sent flying out of bounds.

“Fuck! That’s dirty! What a shameless bastard!” The players from Bloodfiends were up in arms over the surprise attack.

“Don’t you guys surprise attack people all the time? This is called receiving a taste of your own medicine. If you guys hadn’t ambushed our boss five on one, do you think he would’ve almost lost? What’s laughable is that you guys didn’t even succeed, yet you’re going around bragging about your failure like it’s some amazing achievement. Calling me shameless. Hah! I’ve never met more shameless people in my life!” Undying Scoundrel sneered.

Undying Scoundrel had struck a nerve. The faces of Dark, Ardent, and the other three warped with anger.

After hearing Undying Scoundrel’s words, the onlookers sank into deep thought. How did Bloodfiends become famous? Wasn’t it because they almost succeeded in assassinating Nirvana Flame? However, just like Undying Scoundrel said, even if you succeeded, there was nothing glorious about ganging up on someone five on one. Logically speaking, rather than those five being amazingly skilled, it was because Nirvana Flame was simply too famous! 

Undying Scoundrel gazed at Dark and the others and snickered, “Stop sending these small fry over, or else you’re going to bore me to death. If you think I said anything wrong, come up and prove it. Stop hiding in your shells like turtles!”

All the onlookers focused their attention on the main five from Bloodfiends. At this point, they had no choice but to go up.

“Fuck, let me go up and teach him a lesson!” Shadow cursed. He didn’t wait for an answer and quickly jumped up on the stage.

Undying Scoundrel got a light warm up. The two started their match. At the same time, Natural Fiend and Lustboy got on the other stages and started challenging the other Thieves from Bloodfiends.

The feud between Asskickers United and Bloodfiends had long since crossed the point of no return. Neither could coexist with the other. Bloodfiends might have failed to assassinate Nie Yan, but they had killled quite a few people from Asskickers United. At least 300 guildmates had died at their hands. How could the ordinary members of the guild be a match for them?

Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy naturally wanted to get revenge.

After the two exchanged several moves, Shadow grew more and more apprehensive. The last time they fought, they were roughly even. However, after just a few weeks, the difference had become so great. As soon as the battle started, he was immediately inundated by an endless stream of spells. He had no choice but to keep dodging, not even getting the slightest chance to close in on Undying Scoundrel.

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