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Chapter 608 - Request to Join

War God was a nickname given by players. It represented supreme honour and glory.

War God Lei Su was the first player to advance to a Swordmaster in the previous timeline. He stood at the top of the Berserker leaderboards for three years straight and never once fell out of the top three. Smoke Stub at that time was far weaker in comparison. In this life, however, he could probably go toe-to-toe with War God Lei Su.

War God Lei Su was a legendary existence. Nie Yan could never forget the video of him soloing the Level 260 Lord, Death King, during a demon beast invasion in the Hilton Stronghold. Back then, he was equipped with War God Kelo’s Dual Greatswords and the full War God Set. He was powerful beyond belief.

When Nie Yan assassinated Cao Xu, War God Lei Su was at the peak of his glory. Save for a few people in the entirety of Conviction, no one was his match.

“Lei Su…” Nie Yan knitted his brows, recalling Xu Yan mentioning this name before. Lei Su was some sort of fighting champion in the Top Military Academy, main point being he was supposed to be a really amazing figure. At that time, Nie Yan wasn’t too interested. Never could he have imagined that Lei Su of the Top Military Academy and Lei Su inside Conviction were one and the same!

To the students of the Top Military Academy, Lei Su was already an existence akin to a War God. That was where he got the nickname in the first place.

Nie Yan stared at the area below the stands. “He’s approaching Muslin and Scoundrel. What’s he up to…”

Seeing Lei Su walking over, Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others all focused their attention on him. A figure like Lei Su rarely showed himself. For him to suddenly go right up to them, they couldn’t help but be wary of his intentions.

“Lei Su, what brings you here today? You never come to these gatherings,” Painted Muslin greeted. Even she felt a bit of pressure talking to Lei Su. However, as an elite of Asskickers United, she couldn’t disgrace herself by showing weakness.

Undying Scoundrel stood right beside Painted Muslin. Natural Fiend and Lustboy stood a few steps behind. They’d been casually chatting. But when they noticed the situation, they also turned their attention to Lei Su.

Sensing the hostility of the players from Asskickers United, Lei Su chuckled. “Where’s your boss at? Tell him to come out. I’m looking for him.”

“Our boss? Nirvana Flame?” Undying Scoundrel looked surprised.

“If you’re looking for Nirvana Flame, I suggest you head to the Asskickers United office in Calore,” Painted Muslin replied. She was quite puzzled. Why would Lei Su come looking for Nie Yan here?

“Huh? He didn’t tell you guys he became a student of the Top Military Academy?” Lei Su blurted out in surprise.

“What!?” Undying Scoundrel’s eyes bulged out in disbelief.

Natural Fiend and Lustboy also stood up in shock. “Muslin, is that true? The boss really entered the Top Military Academy? How come we didn’t know?”

So it’s like that. Lei Su suddenly came to a realization. You really do like to stay low-key…

“Since you guys have no idea where he is, forget it. The next time you see him, tell him I want to join your guild. Ask him if he’ll accept.” Lei Su chuckled.

Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others were dumbstruck. Lei Su wanted to join Asskickers United? Given his skills, he would definitely be an amazing asset to the guild. It was just that they were wondering if he was pulling their leg.

“Alright, we’ll pass on your words to the boss,” Undying Scoundrel said. They didn’t dare to refuse or accept Lei Su.

“Alright.” Lei Su smiled. “Then I’ll be off.”

Lei Su bid farewell and took his leave.

Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others had complicated looks on their face. Did Lei Su come all this way just for that?

“Muslin, do you think Lei Su actually wants to join Asskickers United? Is this a trick?” Undying Scoundrel asked.

“I don’t think he would lie. He’s someone who follows through with his words. Given his status and fame, he has nothing to gain from tricking us,” Painted Muslin replied. She at least had this bit of understanding of Lei Su’s personality.

“So, does that mean Lei Su is going to join Asskickers United? Our guild will have another powerhouse!” Undying Scoundrel started getting excited.

“Don’t start celebrating just yet. I have a feeling this situation isn’t so simple. Lei Su wouldn’t join a guild so easily,” Painted Muslin said after thinking for a bit. Many guilds had approached Lei Su before, but he refused all their offers, Asskickers United included. Now, he suddenly wanted to join? Something fishy was definitely going on.

“Muslin, Lei Su said the boss entered the Top Military Academy. Is that true?” Natural Fiend asked.

Natural Fiend and Lustboy didn’t care much about Lei Su joining Asskickers United since they had no idea how strong he was. They were only interested in whether or not Nie Yan had entered the Top Military Academy.

“I’m not too sure either. Lei Su shouldn’t be lying. Nirvana Flame probably still hasn’t contacted us because he wants to maintain a low-profile. If people in the Top Military Academy found out he was a student there, he would probably have to say goodbye to his peaceful school life,” Painted Muslin said after thinking about it deeply. If she were Nie Yan, she would probably do the same thing too. 

The onlookers had no idea what Lei Su talked about with Painted Muslin and Undying Scoundrel. Everyone was speculating wildly.

“Do you think War God Lei Su is trying to stir up trouble with Azure Windchime?”

“If War God Lei Su wants to make a move, Azure Windchime definitely won’t be in for a good time. That much I can confirm. The power backing Lei Su is astonishing.”

“Not necessarily. Azure Windchime has the backing of Asskickers United.”


If everyone knew that Lei Su had actually approached Painted Muslin to request to join Asskickers United, one could imagine what kind of commotion it would cause. The entire Top Military Academy would probably be in a state of upheaval.

Apart from Nie Yan and Xie Yao, all the other members of Asskickers United had registered with Azure Windchime. Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others organized a dungeon run. Everyone could get to know each other and build their friendships.

Undying Scoundrel looked at the bustling scene over at the student union’s side. “Fang Rujie must be really pleased with himself. I think God Executioner Sword has recruited at least 1,000 new members from the Top Military Academy. If the boss loosened our requirements, all these people would definitely choose to join Asskickers United instead.”

“In that respect, I agree with Nirvana Flame’s way of thinking more, quality over quantity. A loyal member who’s devoted to the guild is much better than 10 new recruits. How many of those people are only joining God Executioner Sword for the benefits? How many of them are willing to risk it all for their guild?” Painted Muslin laughed. She wasn’t the slightest bit envious.

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