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Chapter 464 - Luminous Dancer

“Remember to tell Soaring Angel to deliver those five pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment,” Nie Yan said with a indifferent expression. “Oh, one more thing. I’ll be paying a visit to the Satreen Empire in the near future. I’ll be sure to return the favour in kind.”

The crowd trembled. This was Asskickers United’s declaration of war on Angel Corps!

The distance between the Satreen and Viridian Empires was far too great. With a single trip by transfer point costing several hundred gold, there likely wouldn’t be a large scale war occurring until flying mounts were more widespread. Only the elites of both sides were duking it out for now. As for what the outcome would be, players were eagerly waiting to see. These sorts of clashes between top experts were always exhilarating!

Watching everything from the guild hall of the Angel Corps headquarters, Soaring Angel slammed his fist on the table. Through gritted teeth he spat out, ”Nirvana Flame, you’re still gloating after getting a cheap win. If you dare to come to Orc King City, I’ll crush you like an ant!”

This loss meant nothing to Angel Corps. The majority of their attention was focused on capturing cities and unifying the Satreen Empire. They were too busy to bother with anything else. Besides, the Viridian Empire was too far away. Were it any closer, with their current strength, they could easily swallow Asskickers United whole.

Flying mounts! Two words popped into Soaring Angel’s mind.

Whoever had the most flying mounts would control the skies!

The makeshift arena in Calore’s central square was slowly dismantled. Mad God and Depraved gloomily teleported back to the Satreen Empire. This matter had come to an end for the time being.

Discussion about these PvP matches would naturally continue for a long time. However, Mad God and Depraved had clearly become laughingstocks. They had arrogantly barged into Calore, only to depart beaten and bruised. 

There was a lot of ongoing discussion surrounding Nie Yan’s strength as well. As for exactly how strong he was, they could only guess. Ever since his first appearance, he had never once lost. Everyone hoped another godly existence capable of matching him would emerge.

Nie Yan returned to the Cripps Stronghold with Smoke Stub and the others.

After experiencing a war, the Cripps Stronghold became even more flourishing than before. Instead of destroying the stronghold, the flames of war fueled its development even further. When merchants looked to set up their businesses, the first thing they looked for was security. If they bought a plot of land in a stronghold and set up shop, only for it to burn down during a war, wouldn’t their investments have gone to waste?

Asskickers United had proven they could hold the Cripps Stronghold even against an overwhelmingly superior enemy. Could there be a better assurance than that? As such, merchants were flocking here from all over. Besides security, another important factor was potential. With a large number of Level 60-80 maps surrounding the stronghold, its prosperity was guaranteed. Not to mention Asskickers United intended to develop it into a central hub, spending vast sums of gold to construct transfer points and connect it with other strongholds. With these transfer points, travelling back and forth would become much more convenient.

Nie Yan felt gratified at the bustling sight of the Cripps Stronghold. It appeared Guo Huai and his team had properly managed this place while he was away.

Nie Yan entered the Asskickers United guild hall. Guo Huai and his team were swamped with work.

“How’s the War God Tribe doing?” Nie Yan asked. Guo Huai hadn't come running to  him about the War God Tribe since last time. So, he could only conclude they were doing well.

“I don’t know what you told them, but they’re fighting with renewed spirit and fervor. The Tuoba Family’s five guilds can’t do anything to them. They should be able to hold out for at least five or six more days,” Guo Huai reported.  The situation over in Nisode was stable for the time being.

It seemed Nie Yan’s provocation back then had really lit the fire in their hearts. After all, none of them wanted to be called trash and be looked down on by others. With the leaders of the gaming organizations passing down the orders, their subordinates would naturally give it their all. The unity of the War God Tribe instantly soared. Although the War God Tribe couldn’t beat the Tuoba Family, as long as  they could hold out for several more days, Asskickers United would be in a better position to help.

After five or six days, Nie Yan could dispatch a group of players to support the War God Tribe. The Armoured Ice Catapults would also be ready for war. At that time, they could launch a counter offensive on the Tuoba Family.

Nie Yan cared quite a lot for the War God Tribe. It was the Nie Family’s asset. He absolutely couldn’t allow the Tuoba Family to destroy it.

After confirming the War God Tribe was in no immediate danger, Nie Yan dealt with some other guild affairs, then teleported back to Calore. It was about time he paid the Temple of Light a visit.

The Temple of Light was located in Calore’s West District. Large religious ceremonies would often be held at this place. Every week, NPCs would gather en masse to pray and listen to sermons. On top of this, a grand pilgrimage would be held every year, with the sickly coming from all over to receive healing from the warm radiance of the holy light.

As Nie Yan walked along the street, he gazed at the grand building constructed of grayish white stone shrouded in a faint white radiance. 

In front of the building was an open square with a large statue of an angel wearing white battle armour. Its expression was vivid and lifelike, right down to the last feather on its wings. This was the most famous figure of the Temple of Light, Archangel Tallod. He was permanently stationed at the gates of hell, guarding humanity’s peace.

The dignified expression of Tallod’s statue filled everyone who saw it with a sense of respect and reverence.

Nie Yan walked past the statue and approached the Temple of Light. A guard in silver white armour stopped him from entering. “Stranger, please leave this place. Those not affiliated with the temple are not allowed to enter.”

Nie Yan looked at the guard’s name.

“Sir Gerard, I’m looking for Priest Anisen. I’ve obtained an evil item, and I’d like to have it examined,” Nie Yan respectfully said. Everyone at the temple had an extremely high status. This was because the majority of the nobility in Calore were followers of the Temple of Light.

“If you wish to purify an evil item, you’ll have to wait until the weekend to enter the temple.”

It seemed Nie Yan couldn’t purify the Evil Gemstone today. The weekend was two days away. He could only wait until then.

Nie Yan was about to leave, when a grey haired and bearded old man in white robes walked over.

“Grand Scholar, what brought you to this holy sanctuary?” the old man asked.

Nie Yan looked at his name. It was Priest Anisen, just the person he was looking for! He was a bit astonished by his luck.

Anisen saw the pondering expression on Nie Yan’s face and faintly smiled. “Don’t be surprised, sir Nirvana Flame. I was informed by God of your arrival. He is omniscient and omnipotent.”

Nie Yan didn’t pay Anisen’s words about God any mind and directly took out the Evil Gemstone from his bag. The black gem emitted a corrosive black miasma.

Anisen looked at the item and said in a grateful tone, “That is the Evil Gemstone. It originated from the distant Dark Abyss. It absorbs the energy of the undead and can enslave the mind of its owner, simultaneously granting them immortality. Even if they’re killed, they’ll resurrect. For this very reason, the Temple of Light could never completely exterminate the Bloodshadow Legion. Sir Nirvana Flame, you’ve resolved a great headache for us. Please, let met purify it.”

“Of course, Priest Anisen.”  Nie Yan handed over the Evil Gemstone to Anisen.

Anisen smiled. “Sir Nirvana Flame, please follow me.” Together, the two walked into the Temple of Light.

After entering, the miasma coming off the Evil Gemstone was instantly  suppressed. The originally pitch black turned faint.

Nie Yan followed Anisen into a lounge. It was filled with a boundless radiance and overflowing with holy power.

Nie Yan felt the warm light wash over him and cleanse him of all impurities.

This was the power of light.

Anisen took the Evil Gemstone to a white stone pillar. It held a thick book which let out a brilliant radiance.

As Anisen flipped open the book to the first page, holy power gushed out. Nie Yan saw twisting tadpole-like scribblings on the page. They were both bizarre and elegant. This was the Temple of Light’s Holy Scripture. It possessed unimaginable divine power.

As Anisen chanted out one cryptic syllable after another, the Holy Scripture grew all the more dazzling, its radiance completely enveloping him. The Evil Gemstone in his hand started slowly disintegrating before finally exploding and disappearing into thin air. There wasn’t even the smallest of fragments left behind.

With the Evil Gemstone purified, Nie Yan wondered how the reward for becoming a Luminous Dancer was triggered. Was it a quest? Was he going to receive some sort of item?

As for exactly how Smiling completed the Luminous Dancer class advancement in the previous timeline, Nie Yan wasn’t clear. Smiling himself definitely would not reveal this sort of secret to the general public.

Since the Evil Gemstone was already purified, Anisen would definitely give him a reward. Nie Yan waited in anticipation.

After a while, Anisen finished chanting. He waved his hand and a white ray of light shone down on Nie Yan. 

Nie Yan felt a formidable power slowly entering his body. 

“Light and shadow in coexistence. Youngster, would you like to enter a different world and pursue a divine power from the distant past? You will be transported to an ancient battlefield. There you will obtain the blessing of God. Within the spinning wheel of time, prove your worth by surviving,” Anisen’s low and sonorous tone guided Nie Yan into a dreamlike state.

This was the Luminous Dancer class advancement quest?

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