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Chapter 465 - The Fifth Character Property

Nie Yan had no idea how long the Luminous Dancer class advancement quest would take. If he was away for too long, he couldn't travel to the underworld, meaning Asskickers United would suffer a heavy blow financially. This really wasn't an easy decision to make.

Nie Yan felt deeply conflicted. Passing up on this quest would mean forever losing the opportunity to become a Luminous Dancer, a regret that might follow him for life.

He was frozen by indecision.

After inwardly struggling for a long time, Nie Yan ultimately resolved to give up on becoming a Luminous Dancer. Asskickers United's development was simply too important compared to his personal matters.

"Priest Anisen… My deepest apologies, but I'll have to politely decline!" Nie Yan said through gritted teeth. 

Stunned by the refusal, Anisen stopped the ritual.

"Youngster, are you really not willing to inherit God's glory? This is a supreme, once-in-lifetime opportunity! You will become a fabled Luminous Dancer, the existence closest to God," Anisen said with a look of disappointment. Never did he imagine that Nie Yan would refuse!

"Priest Anisen, I would love nothing more than to travel to the ancient past, to pursue God's tracks and receive His inheritance! However, I am a guild leader. I have too many people relying on me right now. I can't just abandon them in their time of need for my own selfish gain! Bound are our paths. So too our souls!" Nie Yan said with unwavering conviction.

Anisen's worried expression relaxed into a gentle smile. "So it is like this. No problem. Feel free to look for me when you have the time. Your willingness to sacrifice your own growth for the sake of your guild is truly admirable. The gates of the Temple of Light will always be open to you."

With a stunned look, Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. The Luminous Dancer quest didn't disappear! It was fortunate it could be picked back up at a later time. If he forever lost the opportunity to become a Luminous Dancer, he would've definitely had regrets in his hearts. Now, however, he could put travelling together with Anisen to another world on hold until after he resolved pressing guild matters.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Priest Anisen," Nie Yan said in a grateful tone.

Anisen laughed. "Go, may the light be with you."

Nie Yan bid farewell to Anisen and was just about to leave, when he noticed 'Selfless' was added to his character page.

Nie Yan never expected to be rewarded for being willing to pass up the opportunity to become a Luminous Dancer for the sake of his guild. Selflessness was the willingness to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. It was sublime virtue on part with the other four.

Brave, Just, Benevolent, Sincere, and Selfless… Nie Yan felt like he had seen these words somewhere before.

Beside information he was already familiar with, Nie Yan couldn't recall any clue even after racking his brains. However, he was certain he had seen these words somewhere before in his past life. Many of his memories would remain buried for the time being, until something triggered them.

Nie Yan could only set this mystery aside for now. 

Nie Yan left the Temple of Light. Level 100 wasn't too far away. It was probably best for him to dedicate the next few days to levelling. After that, he would have to return to the Underworld and conduct his third trade. Making use of the Dark Portal to earn some gold would be beneficial to Asskickers United's growth.



Most recently, things in the city were quite hectic. The heated war between the War God Tribe and Tuoba Family was a great headache for all players, including those not affiliated to either guild. They were discussing the war every day.

The 300,000 players on the side of the Tuoba Family's five guilds were besieging the War God Tribe's several strongholds. With great progress in the beginning, they believed they could end the war in no time. When they sweeped up the War God Tribe, Asskickers United would have no way of salvaging the situation by dispatching their forces to Nisode. After all, Asskickers United was already having trouble taking care of themselves. With Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors glaring like tigers on the sidelines, waiting for the opportunity to strike, would they dare to take the risk?

With all this in mind, Tuoba Hongye ordered his five guilds to launch a full-on assault on the War God Tribe's strongholds. Just as it looked like a stronghold was about to fall, the players of the War God Tribe suddenly fought back with renewed vigor, not hesitating to throw their lives away to beat back the enemy again and again. He couldn't understand for the life of him how the cowardly and turtling War God Tribe suddenly became so full of spirit.

The war instantly entered a stalemate.

Seeing as no progress was being made on any front, Tuoba Honge was getting restless. Could Asskickers United have sent reinforcements? That shouldn't be the case. He was feeling a little paranoid, seeing enemies everywhere.

Tuoba Hongye watched the video of the Cripps Stronghold siege. Asskickers United's players were truly frightening. Each of them could be described as one with the strength of ten. If Asskickers United really entered this war, the outcome would become difficult to predict.

Tuoba Hongye also monitored the war's progress through livestreams of the several battlefields. With the aid of siege ladders, his troops had scaled the walls of the strongholds countless times, only to be beaten back every time. Who knew how many bodies had already piled up on those walls?

For Tuoba Hongye, this truly felt like an excruciatingly long ordeal.

A private residence in Nisode. In a room filled with all sorts of decor, exuding a special sort of elegance, a player in civilian clothing was leisurely sipping tea. He was the current head of the Tuoba Family, Tuoba Hongye.

He was actively monitoring the progress of the war while also waiting for someone.

After a while, a youth in silver white armour entered the lounge. It was Tuoba Time. 

"Have a seat," Tuoba Hongye said in a dignified tone.

Tuoba Time calmly sat down on the seat opposite of Tuoba Hongye, accepting tea offered to him.

"How's the war going in Nisode?" Tuoba Time asked.

"In three day's time, the War God Tribe's strongholds will fall," Tuoba Hongye confidently stated.

"Oh, really now?" Tuoba Time responded in a nonchalant tone.

"Are you really sure you want to go through with this? Think about the consequences. You know there's no turning back. Between you and me, only one will come out the victor," Tuoba Hongye said. A ruthless glint flashed across his eyes.

Tuoba Time simply chuckled. "You've grown old and senile. If it back then, you would never use such words to threaten me."

Tuoba Hongye was briefly stunned. Tuoba Time had truly struck a sore spot. His threat really was just empty words. After falling out with the Century Financial Group, suffering attacks from all sides, and his position as the head being eyed covetously by two others in the family, he really had exhausted all his resources. Even after using up all his tricks, he still couldn't win this losing battle. He really had grown old, no longer possessing the boldness he did in his youth and allowing himself to be forced on the defensive.

Right now the situation was already out of his control. His shares in the Tuoba Family had shrunk considerably, and his position was at risk of being taken over. The nephew he had never paid attention to had suddenly risen as a dark horse, rapidly buying up a large amount of the Tuoba Family's shares and even forming an alliance with Tuoba Fengyuan. Tuoba Hongye faced enemies on both fronts. Even he couldn't understand how Tuoba Time convinced Tuoba Fengyuan to give up on the struggle to become the family head.

Tuoba Hongye was at the end of his rope. If his investment in Nisode went down the drain, he would lose his position as the family head.

Tuoba Hongye had originally never planned on taking any action against the War God Tribe. However, he wasn't blind. There were clear traces of the Nie Family behind Tuoba Time's purchases of Tuoba Family shares. The War God Tribe belonged to the Nie Family. Putting two and two together, he'd be an idiot to not realize they were in cahoots. Rather than waiting to be swallowed up, it'd be better to proactively eliminate the War God Tribe before Tuoba Time's plans could come to fruition.

Tuoba Hongye still had this bit of drive in spite of his old age. He knew it was a do or die situation once he started this war. This was why he was assaulting the War God Tribe's strongholds like his life depended on it.

As for what the final outcome would be, he would have to wait a few days to see. However, his patience was being stretched taut.

Tuoba Time smiled. "You're tired. It's time to hang up the coat, and let the younger generation take over."

Tuoba Time got up from his seat and left. The only reason he had come here was to say these words to Tuoba Hongye. This was his official declaration of war. The victor would become the head of the Tuoba Family. The loser would forever fade away into obscurity.

Seeing Tuoba Time's receding back, Tuoba Hongye's eyes flashed with a cold light. You want to drag me off my throne? It won't be that simple! Don't be so quick to celebrate your victory!

No one knew when the war would conclude. Everyone was discussing this, for they knew that the outcome of this war would determine the destiny the of Nisode!

Between the Asskickers United backed War God Tribe and the already established Tuoba Family, who would win was still up in the air. 

Checking up on the situation in Nisode from time to time, Nie Yan found a Level 90 map that spawned Dark Goblins. He started mobbing them with impunity.

If he wanted to reach Level 100, regardless of how fast he levelled up, it would still take at least two to three months. Not to mention he still had to travel back to the Underworld during this time. It would take a lot of time.

The days passed by one after the other in relative peace. For the players of Asskickers United, this was absolute bliss. They could finally wholeheartedly devote themselves to levelling. It was crucial that they take advantage of this time as much as possible. The wounds they suffered from the siege of the Cripps Stronghold would take a long time to heal.

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