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Chapter 109.2

“Do you still remember the gift that Corey gave me during my birthday last year?” Elder Su asked smilingly while drinking his tea .

“The golden card?” Su Yanyi’s memory was very good and she immediately recalled it . At the same time, she understood the reason Grandpa had called her here and directly asked: “Are you really intending to send us to participate?”

“Yeah, you guys should also see the world . Besides, you guys still haven’t gone on a honeymoon since you got married . Just take it as a holiday . ” Grandpa Su was really thinking on behalf of the younger generation .

“Honeymoon? Grandpa, are you sure this isn’t a dangerous holiday? I’ve heard that blood has been spilt at almost every such auction . ”  Su Yanyi had heard this from her own brother because her brother had gone to the previous few auctions .

“Are you scared?” Grandpa Su did not deny this but used a taunt as he smiled at his granddaughter .

“Scared!” Su Yanyi didn’t fall for it and said “scared” very calmly .  

“Haha, scared your head . What fears does a brat like you have . Just one sentence, are you going or not?” Grandpa Su laughed out loud, not believing Su Yanyi’s words at all . He had never seen his granddaughter afraid of anything . No one would believe words like that even if they were spoken aloud .

“Going!” After making her grandpa laugh, Su Yanyi did not dawdle and agreed directly . She was still interested in this underground auction . Since she had a chance this time around, she naturally wanted to go take a look .

“I’ll get a secret team to shadow you guys . Safety is number one . Of course, I also wish that both of you will play happily . If you see anything good just buy it, don’t hesitate to spend money . This time all your expenses will be paid for by Grandpa . Take it as a present to you guys . ” Grandpa Su didn’t explain why he was giving them a present but his meaning was clearly the same as Mother Su’s; when Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran got married, the elders didn’t give them any present and they were now taking the opportunity to make it up to them .

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Reasonably speaking, the expenses for going on a holiday weren’t much . At the very least, it wasn’t as valuable as the shares that Mother Su had given . Of course, this was under normal circumstances . However, Qin Jiran’s instincts told him that the circumstances surrounding this holiday were not ordinary . If not, Grandpa wouldn’t have asked if Su Yanyi was afraid, and he all the more wouldn’t send a covert group to protect them!

So did they receive another big gift this time? Qin Jiran thought helplessly, the gifts he was receiving recently made him go weak . The total value of these gifts added together was a lot more than what he had earned in the three years he’d been fighting for his career .

“Grandpa’s words are true?” Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened as she looked at Grandpa Su . She looked a lot like a miser .

Qin Jiran knew looking at Su Yanyi’s expression that the expenses for this trip probably wouldn’t be cheap . If not, Su Yanyi wouldn’t have revealed such an expression .

“They’re true! Hahaha, whatever you want to buy just buy, even if it’s an aircraft carrier, Grandpa will reimburse you!” Grandpa Su very heroically confirmed .

This moment’s Qin Jiran still felt like many of Grandpa Su’s were funny . This wasn’t because the Su family couldn’t afford to buy an aircraft carrier, but that the Su Family both dared to buy one and also had the ability to buy one . However when he really went to participate in this mysterious underground auction, Qin Jiran knew just how naïve his way of thinking was . Just what was an aircraft carrier? If they really wanted to, they could even buy a nuclear missile!

Of course, it was hard to say whether an aircraft carrier or a nuclear missile was more important . Even though they were both weapons, they belonged to different categories . Qin Jiran also did not really have the intention of buying such things . Besides, it was because he had never thought that he could buy such things that when he saw people purchasing them, he was more surprised and also understood what the elder meant by seeing the world .

The auction, even though it was called an underground auction, was actually held in the ocean on a privately-owned luxury liner . Thus, the auction could also be called an ocean auction . However, the tanker wasn’t the most unique thing about this auction . Perhaps another way of saying this was that this tanker’s specialty didn’t lie solely with the auction, so a lot of people had named this the “Dark Banquet” .

The Banquet would be held at the end of March . When it was time, a private plane would be waiting to take Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi there . When there were still more than ten days to the end of the month, Elder Su used the time to give Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran a special training .

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Even though he would send people to protect the two of them, things usually would not reach a stage where they were out of control since he and the owner of the liner had been friends for many years . However, it still wasn’t an ordinary venue . When the time came, all of the world’s shady characters would possibly be attending this banquet . The scene of rogues of all kinds running around would be very interesting but naturally, there would be a possibility of danger, so Grandpa Su had prepared special training for the two of them .

The contents of the special training were very simple . The training mainly had to do with the use of weapons . Secondly, they were trained on how to trail someone and how to lose a trail . At the same time, he also briefed them on the kinds of powers who might make an appearance and these powers mainly consisted of various underground organisations in the world . Of course, amongst them there were spies and special ops from different countries, including Interpol’s monitoring group . In this world if there was black, there would also be white . Many times, these two sides would appear together .

This day, the Su family were at a secret base in the outskirts . After Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi finished training, the two of them were resting in the lounge . Qin Jiran took out a bullet from his pocket and placed it in front of Su Yanyi .

“Yanyi, this is for you . ” Qin Jiran looked at Yanyi with some expectation . He had taken an entire three days to carve the bullet into this shape . Of course what he used was his spare time, he was just too busy at the moment . It wasn’t easy to find time behind Yanyi’s back .

As Su Yanyi received the bullet, the System’s voice unsurprisingly rang out .

[Congratulations to Master on completing the level three mission once . One point has been added . The total number of points now is 28 . Please continue working hard Master!]

Not long ago, Su Yanyi has given Qin Jiran the Wang family’s companies and shares as a present but had not received anything back but right now, Qin Jiran had given her a bullet carving . This mission could be counted as having been completed . Now with twenty-eight points, there were only two points before the System could be upgraded .

The remaining two presents had already partially prepared; one would be the Qin family’s shares and as for the last present, Su Yanyi felt that there shouldn’t be any problem . Now she was already used to giving presents .

“Very creative, but it’s missing something . ” Su Yanyi pointed out as she saw that Qin Jiran’s eyes had a hint of mischievousness .

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Qin Jiran’s instincts told him that Su Yanyi’s next words were probably teasing, but he still followed Yanyi’s line of questioning and asked: “Missing what? I’ll add it . ”

“There’s only a queen but no faithful dog . ” Su Yanyi replied very seriously but her eyes were full of laughter . Right now on the internet, their positions were very obvious; ‘the queen and her loyal dog’ had already become a common saying . This made her feel very amused every time she saw it .

After being stupefied, Qin Jiran reacted . He laughed helplessly while saying beside Su Yanyi’s ear: “Who said there’s no loyal dog, isn’t that me?”

If Su Yanyi was able to see the news then naturally he was able to as well . Although at the start he was somewhat uncomfortable, after seeing it more he felt that it was quite suitable . What was wrong with being a loyal dog, he was a loyal dog, what’s more he belonged to Yanyi alone . As long as Yanyi is happy, he was fine with anything!

“Hehe, a loyal dog knows how to bark, do you?” Su Yanyi laughed lightly . Her expression seemed very happy . She was obviously very satisfied with Qin Jiran’s reaction .

“… Woof woof… woof woof…” Qin Jiran blinked his eyes then laughingly complied . His head was against Su Yanyi’s neck, as if he were a normal pet trying to please its master .

“Hehe, that’s enough, you are . Don’t move, it’s itchy . ” Su Yanyi’s laughter came more rapidly as her hand pushed at Qin Jiran . This man’s lower limits were disappearing more and more .

Qin Jiran didn’t move even after being pushed . He just raised his head and looked at Yanyi with eyes full of fire . His mouth lightly called out Yanyi’s name .

“Yanyi, Yanyi…” Yanyi’s smile was really, really beautiful . So beautiful that it moved one’s soul, so beautiful that it made one want to grab on to it tightly and never let go, so beautiful that it made one want to hide it secretly and not let anyone else see it .

Su Yanyi took the initiative to kiss the man . She was more and more unable to resist the way he called out her name . The beat of her heart seemed to merge with that sound as if you couldn’t separate the two .

Although they were in the lounge and even though they were both a bit tired from having finished training, when the passion came, they didn’t care about that much . Su Yanyi’s initiative had ignited all of Qin Jiran’s passion .

“Yanyi, Yanyi…” This time, it fell lightly kiss after kiss . His Yanyi . All of her belonged to him!

Time flew by very fast and it had already reached the end of the third March . Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had finished their preparations and secret Team A had already converged .

This secret team was the one which was previously responsible for guarding Su Yanyi . This time they had ten people with eight guys and two girls . Their top priority was protecting Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s safety so they flew with the two of them on the same flight . The one who was commandeering this flight was a member of the team, nicknamed Leopard, who was good at operating various vehicles .

Actually, in order to become a member of secret Team A, each member could be said to be the elite of elites and each had their own expertise . These people were one of the reasons that Grandpa Su was comfortable letting the two people participate in the Banquet . The ability of these people to protect was not any less than that of any country leader’s bodyguards .

The Banquet was just how people addressed the banquet held on that tanker and this tanker’s name was “Matt Wallens”, the name of Corey’s father . The Wallens family’s biggest industry was the entertainment industry and amongst these, their specialty was the underground auction that claimed to have everything .

The direct flight landed on the tanker itself which was already in the middle of the Pacific Ocean . Corey was the young master of the Wallens family and was also the main person-in-charge of this banquet . This person-in-charge greeted Su Yanyi and company with a smile .

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