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Chapter 59

From later autumn to early spring, for four consecutive months, in the early hours of the 18th of the month, people would find a naked male corpse in a secluded alley. None of the dead men had much in common, other than the fact that they were in their 40s and had their genitals cut off when they died.

No, it wasn't cut off.

Forensic identification found that their genitals were torn off when they were still alive!

As we all knew, a certain male part was quite sensitive. Among the four dead bodies, one died in great pain while the other three had an iron bar neatly and accurately stabbed through their hearts.

The iron bars were left at the scene of the crime. However, the iron bars were too ordinary. They could be found casually abandoned at any work site. Thus, there were no clues. This serial killer was very cautious, leaving no fingerprints or evidence, forcing the police to wander around in a fog.

For a time, the whole city was in a panic.

In this way, another eight months passed and late autumn arrived again. 12 people had died in a row, so the government could no longer suppress public opinion. The public thought there was a horrifying murderer hidden behind every corner of the city.

On a late autumn night, a female teacher returning home from school got off the bus. Her home was very remote and in a small alley due to cheap rent. Tonight, she entered the alley as usual.

The sound of her footsteps was very light and gravel was blown with the wind.

The female teacher suddenly froze in place when she saw a youth covered in blood!

The dark clouds happened to be blown away by the wind at this time. The clear and bright moonlight fell gently to the earth, showing how filthy the boy was in front of the pure moonlight. He was covered in blood, with it being clotted in some places.

The black hair was also stained with blood, but those eyes were surprisingly bright. He was squatting down, looking at the stupefied female teacher with a calm and indifferent gaze. Dark and red blood flowed at his feet. He didn't look down, intuitively raising his feet to avoid the flowing blood.

The female teacher felt her whole body trembling as she saw the appalling lower body of the corpse. The young man's hands were still stained with blood, the pungent rusty smell was clear across the five metres gap.

The stench was too much and the female teacher felt like vomiting. However, the youth didn't seem aware of it. He just squatted beside the corpse, watching the female teacher with cold eyes.

A very long time seemed to pass as the female teacher felt her blood solidify. She watched as the youth slowly walked towards her.

The youth's expression was still calm, showing no mood fluctuations despite his body being stained with blood.

He looked dirty— because his whole body was covered with blood.

But he looked clean— because his eyes showed no awareness of what he had just done.




The young man walked past the teacher. He didn't stop, just kept moving.

Plop, plop, plop…

Once the sound of footsteps completely disappeared, the female teacher suddenly fell to the ground and tears flowed down. She trembled as she reached her home and quickly locked the door. The next thing she did was call the police.

On a quiet, moonlit night, a beautiful youth covered in blood suddenly appeared.

This was a nightmare for the female teacher. But for the police, it was a miracle!

Thanks to the description from the female teacher, they drew a portrait of the suspect and conducted a search through the city. To everyone's surprise, no one ever saw this handsome boy. He was like fog, suddenly appearing and then disappearing.

But perhaps because of his rush, this time, the youth left fingerprints on the weapon.

When the police found the teenager in the slums, he was sitting in front of a dilapidated table, calmly bowing his head to eat. He was eating… it was just a bowl of rice, but grains could be seen, as if it wasn't cooked. The youth chewed with loud 'crunch crunch' sounds.

The police searched for a whole year but they never thought the culprit would turn out to be such a young and pale boy!

The police snapped at the boy to raise his hands. But he didn't seem to hear anything. His head remained bowed as he kept eating in an elegant manner, as if he was at a royal banquet with delicious food.

The police repeated it again and the youth still ignored them.

Then the female teacher was escorted by an officer to a place close by. She saw the boy through cracks in the wall and suddenly exclaimed, "It is him! That is him!"

The youth suddenly paused. He raised his head and looked through the gap in the wall to see the female teacher. Right now! The youth finally got up, but his sudden action caused a timid police officer to shoot at his left leg!

The youth's body suddenly fell.

At this time, the shadow covering the city for a whole year completely disappeared.


After receiving the script, Ming Yu had written a lot of notes and also found Brother Yuan to discuss it. The result was a good performance. As long as Ming Yu repeated 'Spicy chicken, you are a spicy chicken', the director could barely accept the scene.

Ming Yu and the heroine didn't have much interactions in the plot. He would often only get a glance of half a face, a pair of eyes or hands—

Ming Xiaoyu, '╮(╯_╰)╭. It is unfortunate that I can't show my deep acting.'

If there was something difficult, it was probably the scene where he got arrested. Ming Yu had relatively simple and plain makeup. This time, Sister Zheng deliberately placed some ashes on his face to make him look poor.

And this scene, Ming Yu NG eight times.

How to shoot it? The director felt like there was a problem.

Ming Xiaoyu's hidden 'acting' was finally revealed at this moment. Once he NG for the ninth time, the third-tier female actress, Zhu Kejia came to Ming Yu and volunteered to help him.

Zhu Kejia was 33 years old, calling Ming Yu a child wasn't a problem. On the surface, Zhu Kejia had more scenes in this MV because she helped the police investigate. But Zhu Kejia knew that the core of the MV was Ming Yu.

"The song comes to a climax when 'I cry out and you get up to look at me.' Ming Xiaoyu, you should've heard the song, right? At the climax, all the tension and excitement are combined ant the lyrics…"

"Blood all over the wilderness, the broken tiles of the eaves, the lone star rises from the place where the heartbeat stops, everything becoming imaginary smoke."

Zhu Kejia froze after hearing Ming Yu recite the lyrics so quickly. Then she nodded, "Yes, as you know, this song is about the type of loneliness that the world doesn't understand, a crazy paranoia. Ming Xiaoyu, can I see your script? Well…"

Zhu Kejia's voice faded away as she saw Ming Yu's dense notes.

After a moment, Zhu Kejia raised her hand. "Don't tell me that these small words are your copy of the script?"

Don't say that it is research notes, don't be research notes, don't be research notes…

Ming Yu smiled like he didn't understand the other person's expression. "Sister Zhu, these are my notes. I studied the last act dozens of times and carefully scrutinized every word. I think the script wants to say…"

Zhu Kejia didn't listen to Ming Yu's later words.

Bang! Zhu Kejia felt her brain suddenly become paste. She could only repeat 'I studied it dozens of times' and 'carefully scrutinized every word.'

Zhu Kejia, '(/"≡_≡)/~┴┴

Studied it dozens of times? Why? Just look at them with an 'I don't want to talk to you' expression and act it out!!!  Even if the spicy chicken was an aging mother, put pepper and other spices on it to turn it into a super spicy chicken!!

… Well, there was something wrong with that.

Cough. Looking back, Zhu Kejia had considerable acting experience. After directing Ming Yu for an hour, Ming Xiaoyu got a NG three more times before finally passing through the arrest scene.

The whole cast sighed with relief once the director said, "Good, it is over!"  After all, everyone had been filming late into the night. After this scene, the staff closed down the set, ready to continue tomorrow.

Zhu Kejia was about to leave when she saw the little youth squatting down in a corner, with his head towards the wall. She felt a rare curiosity, so Zhu Kejia walked over there. She faced Ming Yu's back and said with a laugh, "Ming Xiaoyu, why are you suddenly squatting here? What are you looking at?"

The tall and handsome youth had changed himself into a ball. After hearing Zhu Kejia's voice, the youth turned his head and said solemnly, "Sister Zhu, I was thinking about the scene to be shot next."

Don't mention the serious expression. In Zhu Kejia's eyes, Ming Xiaoyu was like a mushroom squatting in the corner, head down silently. When he turned to look at Zhu Kejia, she almost thought that Ming Xiaoyu would say, "In fact, I am a mushroom."

…Well, fortunately he wasn't a mushroom. He was just a mushroom (?) thinking about the plot.

The young man was handsome and also had very good manners. Zhu Kejia was very comfortable in the past few days, so she squatted beside him and said, "There are only two days of filming left. Ming Xiaoyu, there are several more important scenes, especially the one where we face each other. For my sake, I want to ask you. In the end, what do we want to really express with this MV?"

Ming Xiaoyu thought for a moment and replied, "How to arrest an antisocial personality disorder serial killer?"

Zhu Kejia, "…"

"Teaching children that it is better to kill 1,000 people than to let one go?"

Zhu Kejia, "…"

"Don't leave dead bodies anywhere in the middle of the night. Throw it into the wilderness?"

Zhu Kejia, "(╬▔皿▔)!!!"

Chapter 60

"In fact, I think it is really hard to show his mentality."

The youth's pleasant voice was heard. Zhu Kejia was still slightly shocked and couldn't respond. Was this why he was squatting in a corner? There was a helpless smile on the handsome and clear face of the mushroom youth. Ming Yu explained, "He has suffered too much damage in the world and his eyes are full of hatred. The ones walking the streets aren't human, or he thinks there is no different between humans and animals. But he spared the female teacher at his last murder."

Zhu Kejia thought for a moment before replying, "It is because the female teacher looks very similar to the doctor who helped ease his psychological pressure."

She had just finished speaking when Ming Yu suddenly raised his eyes and asked, "But for him, wasn't the female doctor a human? If she is a human then isn't she a beast?"

Zhu Kejia was suddenly speechless.

“Sister Zhu, the script gave him an antisocial personality disorder, a ruthless personality. He despises all humans and doesn't even think of himself as a living creature. So why did he let the female teacher go?"

Zhu Kejia's mouth opened, but looking at the youth's sincere eyes, she couldn't come up with rebuttal.

Finally, Ming Yu spread open his hands and summarized, "Then Sister Zhu, he must not have a complete antisocial personality. For example, why does he have to rip off the genitals before he kills?"

Zhu Kejia finally found something to refute. "It is because he was raped by his stepfather as a child, so he hates every man in his 40s…" Zhu Kejia's voice trailed off as she found her own mistake.

Ming Yu helplessly waved his hands. "Sister Zhu, did you also find it?  Since he thinks that everyone is equal, they are all animals, then why pick middle aged men in their 40s? Why rip off their genitals?"

Zhu Kejia, "%#$#$#$!!!"

Her worldview was messed up.

Ming Yu sighed. "Sister Zhu, this bug in the script, it is really misleading me!"

Zhu Kejia was also confused for a long time. Finally, Ming Yu stood up and the two people headed to the parking lot with their respective assistants.

Zhu Kejia had completely accepted the youth's words and decided to later look in some psychology books in order to expand the role. Suddenly, Ming Yu opened his mouth and called out, "Sister Zhu."

Zhu Kejia looked at Ming Yu with surprise, causing him to smile. "Just now, I was speaking casually. Sister Zhu, don't put it in your heart. I don't have an antisocial personality disorder so I don't understand why he is thinking. Maybe in his heart, he is thinking 'this 40 year old man is particularly ugly. Wouldn't it be interesting to tear off that thing?'"

Zhu Kejia. "… (/=_=)/~┴┴"

Ming Xiaoyu, come over, I promise not to kill you!!!

You little child, why are you like a sesame bun? Truly bad ahh!


Ming Xiaoyu might've had a serious discussion with Sister Zhu about the true meaning of the script yesterday, but to be honest, understanding the story didn't mean that he could really act it out.

Huaxia culture in this world was very open, they were able to accept some more…stimulating things. For example, the script that Ming Yu received for this MV was actually very simple. But if it was studied too deeply, it would make people have a sense of repression.

Why did a young boy commit these serial killings?

Why did he choose men in their 40s and why make them suffer before their deaths?

Why did he let the female teacher go, even risking his arrest?


The boy was born in the slums of the city. This place was dirty and messy. The elderly didn't go to hospital when they were sick and skinny children were abandoned. The houses here were unlocked before there was nothing worth stealing. Some walls were just wooden boards with cracks that easily allowed a person to freely access the place.

When this boy was seen, it was hard to believe he lived in such a place.

The water was muddy and the thin arms seemed like they were break at any moment.

The youth living here wouldn't have a good childhood, but how could it be so bad?

Once the female teacher learned about his background from the police, she was silent for some time and didn't know how to react. She was a teacher and cherished every student. But when this youth was a child, who cherished him?

His mother remarried and frequent beat him. His stepfather got drunk and repeatedly raped him.

How many more sad and pitiful people were there in the shadowy places of these glittering cities?

It wasn't until the mother and stepfather died in a car accident that the youth escaped from their clutches. However, he changed since then. People who didn't understand would say, "This child is really cold-blooded. He doesn't have any expression despite his parents' deaths." But the psychologist knew: this child was injured.

Thus, the psychologist who looked like the female teacher took the initiative to reach out to the youth and gave him three years of free psychological counseling. The more contact the psychologist had, the more anxious she became. It was because she gradually discovered that this body had antisocial tendencies.

He could indifferently watch a puppy lying in the middle of the road and not rescue it, only watching as it died. He apathetically looked at car accident victims dying and only gave one answer when he was asked. It was, "That person isn't alive. There is no need to save him."

Perhaps the psychologist had the chance to pull the boy back from the cliff, but her accidental death closed this last window for the youth. From then on, the sky was only filled with dark clouds and he was flooded with memories of the abuse.

Have you ever seen a kite with a broken line?

Even if you got it back and connected a new line, it was no longer the original one.

It was dirty, broken, contaminated with dust.

Thus, he walked in this land like a zombie until he saw a middle-aged man who wanted to rape him. The young man silently stopped, picking up a weapon and inserting the steel rod into the other person's heart.

It felt like the world abruptly changed the moment that blood flowed out.

Some people's births were a mistake. Every day, the youth ate grainy rice, dressed in old clothes thrown away by others, immersed himself in the gloomy memories of the past and stared blankly at this group of things called humans.

The teenager had known, since the first time his stepfather raped him. The disgusting man moved on top of him, torturing his body with that hideous, nasty thing. At the time, his mother came and she looked at him being raped by his stepfather in dismay. Her finally choice was… turning away.

She looked at him with disgust and turned away.

Do you know the feeling of a kite that had its line abruptly cut?

He drifted away and never came back.


Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were really lucky that when the female teacher learnt of the youth's past, it was montage technique, an illusionary flash, so Ming Yu didn't have to act. Huaxia might be open but they couldn't blatantly film such a horrible scene!

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru: As long as this difficult part isn't performed by Ming Yu, it is very good!

However, even though this scene wasn't performed by Ming Yu, he had to act out another scene with a higher degree of difficulty! It was just one scene, but it made Zhao Rui and Luo Ru very worried. Only Sister Zheng had no experience with his acting, stating, "The image is very close to Ming Yu. Didn't he also perform well before? I'm sure he can do it."

Luo Ru couldn't help covering her face, while Zhao Rui had a blood expression as he said, "Sister Zheng, you are too naive…"

The naive Sister Zheng, "…."

After seeing Ming Yu act in front of the camera, Sister Zheng realized that her past self really was too naive!  She thought that Ming Yu's previous 10 NGs were really terrible and was perhaps an anomaly. But once Ming Yu continuously NG 19 times, and was able to break into the 20s, Sister Zheng couldn't help joining Zhao Rui and Luo Ru in covering their faces.

Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng, "=皿="

Ming Xiaoyu finally NG for the 20th time! Luo Ru sighed softly and tried to comfort them. "Forget it. At least Xiaoyu's acting has progressed. His efforts during this period of time weren't in vain. This scene is really difficult. The director also knows it so he won't blame Xiaoyu."

…How could he not blame Ming Yu?

The director was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

The difficulty of this scene was a little higher but wasn't it 20 continuous NGs? It was 20!   Not two times, not ten times!

It seemed like it was impossible to shoot this scene today and the time was also late. Therefore, the director arranged for the last three scenes to be shot tomorrow.

Before leaving, the serious Ming Yu found the writer to discuss the plot and wrote a lot of notes. On the way to Ming Yu's house, he turned on the light in the rear and carefully studied the notes.

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu carefully in the rearview mirror and sighed. "Xiaoyu, you're not part of the entertainment industry. This is a difficult scene so you couldn't do well, but you can handle some of the simpler scenes. If we pick a movie, we will find something simple."

Luo Ru nodded in agreement.

But to their surprise, Ming Yu put down the notebook, looked up at Zhao Rui and replied calmly, "Brother Zhao, Sister Luo, when I was in training, Brother Yuan said something that impressed me. He said that even if I am a vase when it comes to acting, I have to be the best vase.  I'm not taking the path of an actor, but as long as I have a script, I will be sorry if I can't act it out."

The youth's words caused Zhao Rui and Luo Ru to stare at Ming Yu for a long time with astonishment.

A moment later, Zhao Rui cried out emotionally. "Xiaoyu, I didn't expect you to have such great ambition and ideals! You’re right! You must do your best! We have to work hard and not give in!"

"Brother Zhao, you seem a little…too excited?"

The excited Zhao Rui, "No! I am not excited. I thoroughly understand that you are a positive and passionate person! I misunderstood you before! In fact, you are willing to help others and sweat every moment when making an effort!"

Ming Yu, "…"
Wait a minute, why did this seem wrong?

"Xiaoyu! If you need anything in the future, tell me. I will do my best to explain it to you. I will work with you to complete your goal. Later, you can act well…"

Ming Yu, “…”

This wasn't right!

For the sake of the audience, he really didn't want to be a serious actor!!

On the way home, Zhao Ri was overly excited, the anime X swirling above his head. Ming Yu didn't let Zhao Rui be disappointed. Once home, he carefully pondered the plot and even looked at some family ethics… ah, don't be mistake, it was family ethics movies.

The more Ming Yu thought about it, the more pained he was by the contradictions. His sober mind was becoming dizzy.

The moment he was feeling extremely confused… The doorbell suddenly rang. Ming Yu was surprised for a moment, before getting up and opening the door.

Chapter 61

The number of times he met with this man was really too much. Therefore, when Ming Yu opened the door, his first reaction wasn't 'What are you doing here?'
It was "Xi Ze, aren't you busy recently?"

The man calmly standing outside the door, who would it be except for Xi Ze?

Ming Yu let Xi Ze into the house. The two people entered the living room and sat down, with Ming Yu preparing a cup of boiled water. This time, he knew not to prepare paper towels. As expected, the man pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the glass.

Ming Yu was dumbfounded and quipped, "If you come to my house a lot, I think that all the cups in my house will be wiped by you."

In the face of this ridicule, Xi Ze was silent, still carefully wiping the cup. Then he threw the handkerchief into the bin and said, "There won't be such a situation. I don't like to wipe the things in my own home.

The confused Ming Yu, "…?"

The two people chatted for a while. Ming Yu learned that Xi Ze needed to attend a party nearby tomorrow, so he chose to temporarily stay at his apartment here. After all, the traffic jams in the capital were well known, so being nearby was always good.

While they were talking, Xi Ze looked down at the script that was beyond recognition and asked, "Were you reading a script? Is it for CX Entertainment's MV?"

Ming Yu had long known that this guy often abused his privileges to look at Ming Yu's jobs. Therefore, he wasn't surprised when Xi Ze knew about the MV for CX Entertainment. He just honestly replied, "Ah, I have been filming for six days already. There are only three scenes left tomorrow."

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the words and looked meaningfully at the youth.

In general, for MV filming, the scenes weren't long and filming one shouldn't exceed 10 minutes. Three scenes added up to only half an hour. Given the time needed to prepare the lights and cameras, it should be finished in an hour.

Why did it need to be dragged out to the next day? It meant there was something wrong.

Ming Yu didn't try to hide it. "The penultimate scene, I got a NG 20 times."

Xi Ze, "…"

He was probably very shocked by this number. After a long time, Xi Ze said, "This scene, can you act it out for me?"

Ming Yu was stunned. "You will act?" After a moment, he added, "I remember that you never shot any movies or TV shows. Can you act?"

The handsome and elegant man looked up at the words, his lips curving. "I might not have shot movies, but I don't think I will continuously NG…ah… 20 times."

Ming Yu, "?_?"

What are you trying to say? Just say it! I dare you!!

Ming Yu showed the script to Xi Ze. Xi Ze didn't look at the contents of the script. Rather, he stared at the small writing for a long time. It was a pity that the words were too small. Xi Ze couldn't read what they said, he only felt like there was something wrong.

He didn't pay any more attention to Ming Yu's words, Xi Ze looked at the script and turned to the youth, asking with a raised eyebrow, "Which scene do you need to NG…um, more than 20 times?"

"…It was 20 times, not more than 20!"

The not very sincere Xi Ze, "Oh, 20 times."

Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Yu made an expression that said 'I don't want to talk to you' and pointed to the scene. Xi Ze studied it carefully for a while, before he couldn't help asking, "There is a hugging scene between you and the heroine?"

Ming Yu said, "…You seem to be concerned about the wrong thing."

Xi Ze acted like he couldn't hear anything. He looked back at the script for a moment before stating, "Let's try to act it out."

Ming Yu was stunned and reflexively asked, "You want me to stand on the sofa to hug you?"

He wasn't ashamed to admit that he was 10cm shorter than this man. After all, Ming Xiaoyu believed he was youg and could still grow, while this man was old meat. Unless he wore high hells, he wouldn't break through 2 metres.

But Ming Xiaoyu, you are forgetting that you wouldn't break through 2 metres even if you wore high heeled shoes…

Under the bright lights, the youth looked surprised while Xi Ze showed a light smile. Since getting to know the youth, Xi Ze knew that this young man wasn't as simple as he looked. He was clever and cunning, a fish that was difficult to capture.

Thus, little fish, little Yu.

This name was really good.

After Ming Yu's question, Xi Ze rolled up his sleeves, revealing beautiful wrists and replied like it was obvious, "Can you act well standing on the sofa?" Xi Ze didn't wait for Ming Yu's reaction. "Of course, I will play the male role and you will try the female role."

Ming Yu asked, "…Do I look like a woman?"

Xi Ze replied lightly, "A good actor should easily be able to play the opposite sex."

"But I'm not a good actor."

Xi Ze smiled. "Oh, an actor should easily be able to play the opposite sex."

Ming Yu, "?_?"

Do you think I will listen if you just get rid of a word?

In any case, Xi Ze wanted to help him figure out the emotions. Before, Brother Yuan had also said that if he couldn't figure out the emotions from his character, he could try the other role to see if he could find the feeling.

Therefore, Ming Yu agreed to Xi Ze's request. Xi Ze's memory was very good and he didn't have many lines, so he quickly memorized it. On the other side, Ming Xiaoyu was writing a dense series of notes on the script!

The words were so small that Xi Ze could only see it as a mass of shadows. He couldn't imagine words so small, to the extent of… cough, anyway, it showed how seriously Ming Xiaoyu was trying to figure out the script.

After a minute, the two people were ready to act it out.

This scene was when the female teacher, after learning the truth, requested the see the youth before he received the death penalty. During the meeting, the female teacher tried to make him speak but he kept his head bowed down. He didn't look up even when the female teacher asked if it was because the psychologist left him alone.

Just as the police arrived to take the youth away, he finally said something to the anxious teacher.

"What is your name?"

Xi Ze's voice wasn't similar to a teenager. However, when he spoke, there was the sensation of something being suppressed in his throat, as if it was rubbing against rough sandpaper.

Ming Yu was startled when God Xi suddenly looked up.

These eyes were ruthlessly cold, as if they were a deep pool of ice and melting wasn't possible.

Ming Yu remembered his line but he couldn't help hesitating for a moment. Then he replied, "My name is Luo Qiong Yao."

The moment he finished speaking, Ming Yu felt a dead silence spread from the man's body. The momentum was too powerful, the murderous feeling and unnatural coldness making Ming Yu feel unprepared. He felt like his blood had suddenly solidified.

It was the first time Ming Yu had seen Xi Ze at such a close distance.

Affected by the other person's momentum, he held his breath and looked closely at the man in front of him.

Xi Ze's facial features were really good, different from Ming Yu's exquisite beauty. In particular, Xi Ze's long eyebrows and slanted eyes came him almost a mixed-blood look. He had a high nose, eyes that were a deep black colour and thin lips…

Ming Yu's gaze involuntarily stopped at the man's lips. The distance was too close, so his heart started to thump thump thump.

Every designer pursued the ultimate beauty. Then what about supermodels?

They also pursued beauty.

At this moment, Ming Yu suddenly saw a pale and beautiful boy who captured his heart with the beauty of impending death. The figure of the youth overlapped with Xi Ze. Ming Yu didn't quite understand it. Did XI Ze choose to give this youth a decadent dying beauty, or did the youth really take over Xi Ze?

At this time, Xi Ze spoke. "Qiong Yao, a beautiful jade. This name is very good. My mother was also called this."

Ming Yu was slightly startled and reflexively cried out, "You have a serious antisocial personality disorder. If you use this as a point of appeal, you can get life imprisonmet or other penalties.  You…"

"Luo Qiong Yao."

Xi Ze interrupted Ming Yu.

Xi Ze raised his eyes, earnestly looking at Ming Yu. There was no smile on his face, but his eyes weren't as cold as before.

He said, "Luo Qiong Yao, can you give me a hug before I die?"

Xi Ze opened his arms as he said this, looking down at the boy still sitting on the soft. Ming Yu started dumbly for a moment before getting p and hugging the man. His hands tightly held onto the other person as he honestly spoke his line. "You really can't die, you can't die, you…"

“Luo Qiong Yao, you can…"

Xi Ze spoke again, while Ming Yu felt the other's hand gently on his waist. According to the script, Ming Yu looked up, waiting for Xi Ze's next line.


The moment he looked up, Ming Yu felt something warm touch his forehead.

It was a warm and delicate touch, with the other person's breath emitting heat. Ming Yu was stunned as Xi Ze calmly removed his lips and continued, "Can you give me a kiss?"

Ming Yu, ""##%##$#$!!"

Why are you changing the script?

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