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Chapter 56

The top floor of the Muse building was divided into three areas.

The president's office, the board meeting room and Xi Ze's studio.

Once Ming Yu stepped out of the elevator, the staff standing next to the elevator was surprised and wanted to ask what was going on. But when he saw Ming Yu's face, he suddenly stopped and even showed Ming Yu the path to Xi Ze's studio.

Ming Yu wasn't surprised. A long time ago, Xi Ze had said that Ming Yu was always welcome to find him on the top floor. Therefore, Ming Yu guessed that Xi Ze expected him to someday come to this floor and prepared things in advance.

Ming Yu thanked the other person and walked down the glass corridor to the other side of the building.

This floor was very quiet, the transparent glass and steel making the corridor look like it was suspended in the air. People with a fear of heights would probably be frightened. Xi Ze obviously enjoyed it. On the way to his studio, the sound of water flowing over pebbles was heard, giving it a quaint atmosphere.

Ming Yu walked to the mahogany door and gently knocked on it, twisting the door handle after obtaining permission to enter.

At this time, Xi Ze was half leaning down and drawing on the table with a calm expression. After coming in, Xi Ze didn't give him a chance to speak. He finished a stroke and said calmly, "I don't care about the things regarding Lou Cheng. Tell Shen Xiang to find him. He has been in the United States for too long. It is time to come back."

Ming Yu was surprised by the words before understanding. Xi Ze thought he was Ding Bo!

He gently coughed and said, "Xi Ze, it’s me."

Xi Ze's hands stopped in the middle of their movements as he looked up in surprise, seeing Ming Yu smiling at him. The two people stared at each other for a moment before Ming Yu asked, "You didn't expect me to come?"

Xi Ze's lips curved as he put down the pencil. "Yes, I didn't expect it to be you." There was a pause before Xi Ze added meaningful words. "You came later than I imagined."

Ming Yu asked with surprise when he heard this, "You knew I would be looking for you?"

Xi Ze calmly stood up and arranged his clothes. Then he picked up the paper towel placed on the table and wiped the fingers that were just holding a pencil. "Ah, I knew you would come to me. This time, is it because of the world's supermodel rankings being released next month?"

Ming Yu smiled and didn't respond.

Xi Ze shook his head. "It doesn't look like it. It is because of March's issue of Character?"

The smile on Ming Yu's face deepened, but he still didn't say anything.

After thinking carefully, Xi Ze spoke casually, "It is because of Lu Zhenxi."

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow. "Why because of him?"

“It looks like it is because of him.” A playful look filled Xi Ze's deep eyes. He slowly threw the towel in the clean trash bin and walked to Ming Yu's side. "It is because I told Shen Xiang to pay more attention to him. Ah… the effect is good, you came to me."

Xi Ze's studio was empty, but it was at least five times bigger than the lounge room downstairs. This man was apparently an extreme minimalist when it came to architectural design. The room was dark blue with a silver finish, and it was quite straightforward except for the small stream at the other end of the room.

Ming Yu sat down on the lambskin soft and shook his head as he watched Xi Ze. "It really was you. Can you tell me why you decided to suppress him?"

Xi Ze thought for a moment before replying. "Because I don't like him?"

Ming Yu, "…That is very unfair to Lu Zhenxi. He has a lot less jobs because you don't like him."

Xi Ze explained calmly. "He just missed the resources assigned to him by the company. Shen Xiang didn't have to move at all." Xi Ze paused and his tone was no longer playful. "I guess that you came here today to owe me a favour."

The youth heard these words and asked with a smile. "What did you guess?"

Xi Ze replied calmly, "You came to plead for Lu Zhenxi."


Xi Ze was startled as the youth suddenly laughed. "That isn't it?"

Ming Yu solemnly shook his head. "No, I don't want to plead for Lu Zhenxi. I'm here today to ask you to introduce me to Director Shen of the Public Relations department and Director Xu of the Acting department. If I make Zhao Rui do this, he will have to go through a lot of trouble and it will take a long time. It will probably happen very quickly if you do it."

Xi Ze looked at Ming Yu with surprise for a long time, but didn't continue the precious topic. He pondered for a moment before saying, "It might be time consuming to let Zhao Rui do this task, but you won’t need to owe me a favour. Ming Yu, it is very troublesome to owe me a favour."

"For example, Master Fei owed you a favour. You made him shoot thousands of photos for Ji and Ya, and he even had to stay late to do the post-repair work."

Xi Ze replied, "Old Fei was very pleased to agree after learning of my request."

The implication was: Master Fei's way of thinking about human relations was too simple!

However, Xi Ze was surprised to find that even though Ming Yu knew how troublesome it was to owe him a favour, Ming Yu still stuck to his idea.  Therefore, Xi Ze helpless made a phone call and summoned Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu to his studio.

Afterwards, Xi Ze didn't directly participate. Once Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu hurriedly arrived, he told them why he called and then sat on the single sofa, watching Ming Yu talk to them.

Shen Xiang was aware of the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze, but Xu Wenshu had no idea at all!

Xu Wenshu was in his early 40s this year, a king and handsome middle-aged uncle. Zhou Wei Zhuo came to him regarding 'Ming Yu' and he remembered that he had sent Ming Yu to Brother Yuan's training class. This time, Ming Yu actually looked for Xi Ze?

Xi Ze and Zhou Wei Zhuo were different!

Zhou Wei Zhuo had a good temper and easy to talk to. Ming Yu's agent was also Zhao Rui, so it was natural for Zhou Wei Zhuo to help Ming Yu.

But since when did Ming Yu have anything to do with Xi Ze?

Xi Ze was black-bellied and his poisonous tongue… cough, his words couldn't be broadcasted. In short, Xi Ze wasn't the type to help newcomers. Yet Ming Yu could unexpectedly move Xi Ze?

Xu Wenshu solemnly looked at Ming Yu and secretly thought, 'There is a problem!'

He would get an explanation later. Ming Yu directly asked them, "Director Shen, Director Xu, I wanted to ask you something. Recently, are there any movie or television jobs for a male number two or three. The role should require good acting, but at the same time, it is very lovable. A role best suited for a new debut."

Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu looked at each other with surprise at these words. Then they both turned to look at Xi Ze.

Xi Ze just calmly blew on the hot tea in his hands and didn't respond.

Finally, Shen Xiang spoke directly, "There are a few first-tier resources suitable for newcomers. Recently, there are two TV series and one movie that is good. The latter is for the male number two, with the appearance requirements and acting requirements being quite high."

Xu Wenshu saw Shen Xiang share insider news and seemed to understand. He hurriedly added. "Yes, the movie is called 'The Gauntlet' and it is about a general in the Song Dynasty…"

Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu finished telling all that they knew and Ming Yu gratefully shook hands with them. However, when Shen Xiang asked if he should have people allocate these jobs to Ming Yu, Ming Yu decisively rejected it, leaving Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu at a loss.

Once the mahogany door closed again with a 'click', Xi Ze put down the white porcelain teacup and calmly stated, "You are not suitable for acting." Xi Ze added, "Especially these three parts just now."

Ming Yu asked, "How do you know I'm not suitable for acting? I've made a lot of progress recently."

The handsome man looked at Ming Yu for a suspiciously long time and finally spoke sincerely, "For your future's sake, you should only act in a role that has a short amount of time."

Ming Yu, “… (/=_=)/~┴┴"

What was this sympathetic stare?

After a moment of silence, Ming Yu decided to forget the other person's words. "I don't want to pick a role for me." Ming Yu didn't continue, asking instead, "What favour do I owe you?"

Xi Ze's brow furrowed for a moment. "Be my exclusive model?"

Ming Yu was dumbfounded. "…That joke isn't funny at all."

Xi Ze made an innocent expression and replied, "Look, I said it but you don't agree."

Ming Yu was silent for a moment, until he couldn't help saying, "In fact, this '╮(╯_╰)╭' expression doesn't suit you."

Xi Ze thought carefully for a moment. "Then what about this? ^_^”

Ming Yu, “…”

This person was broken!!

With a 'Why is Xi Ze different every time I see him?' mood, Ming Yu returned to his lounge. Ming Yu didn't know that after he left, this solemn and elegant man's smile disappeared and he spoke with some confusion, "This feeling doesn't work?"

…This thing, it really needed to be cured!!

Xi Ze slightly changed himself every time, trying to find the right appearance to move the youth, letting him voluntarily become Xi Ze's own person.

But there was one thing he didn't change from beginning to end.

His poisonous tongue.

If he didn't have this poisonous tongue, he was afraid that Ming Xiaoyu, this person would just take him as a friend!

When Ding Bo finished his work and returned to the studio, the lying down Xi Ze didn't complain. Xi Ze suddenly spoke in a solemn tone, "Let's go eat at Ruoshang Hall tonight."

Ding Bo, "…Ah?"

After a moment, Ding Bo couldn't help asking, "What special occasion it is? Did something happen today?"

Xi Ze lightly raised an eyebrow. "I am in a good mood. Why does there need to be a reason? Oh yes, remember to settle the thing with Luo Cheng. If his agent calls during the dinner, you will pay for the meal."

Ding Bo, "#$#%#$! $$%#$!!!:

You were the one who proposed that we go to dinner together, so why should he pay for it!!

Chapter 57

Luo Ru had been waiting in the lounge for a long time when Ming Yu returned.

These past two days, Zhao Rui had been busy at CX Entertainment. After all, Ming Yu would formally be filming soon, so there were many things that needed to be confirmed. Zhao Rui was temporarily unable to leave. As Ming Yu's assistant, Luo Ru was naturally always with Ming Yu.

Ming Yu noticed Luo Ru's expression as soon as he entered through the door and originally didn't intend to explain anything. However, when he saw Luo Ru's 'As expected, I knew it wasn't that simple. Why would Xi Ze choose a toilet without paper' expression, Ming Yu became very worried. If he didn't say anything, Luo Ru would suspect that Xi Ze was his (…..).

"Don't think about it too much. I have some relationship with Xi Ze. It isn't as simple as what I explained to Zhao Rui, but we really are just friends."

While Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu had been talking, Ming Yu had arranged the information. Now he handed it all to Luo Ru and said, "This is some information about recent good movie and television roles. Sister Luo, I hope you can gather detailed information about them tomorrow and arrange it for me."

Luo Ru took the papers and read it in a low voice, "Male number two in the movie 'The Gauntlet'…"

Her voice stopped abruptly and Luo Ru cried out, "You want to act?"

Ming Yu, “…”

This expression that said 'How can you go into acting?' clearly wasn't good!

Everyone mistakenly thought he wanted to act and appeared very surprised. It happened before with Xi Ze and now Luo Ru was even worse. MIng Yu sighed softly and explained. "I'm not going to act. I am going to give this information to others."

Luo Ru sighed with relief when Ming Yu promised not to act.  She was slightly startled after hearing the second half of Ming Yu's words and suddenly had a htought.

Luo Ru was a smart person. She looked at the information on the A4 paper… although the words were like a dog's writing—Ming Yu's signature was very good while his writing was…—
In any case, the information recorded was very comprehensive.

Luo Ru laughed, "Do you intend to give the arranged information to Lu Zhenxi?" She didn't give Ming Yu a chance to speak as she speculated, "If I guessed right, perhaps Lu Zhenxi missing his job is really related to you and not a coincidence. Therefore, you want to make it up to him by giving him this information."

Astonishment filled Ming Yu's eyes and he looked strangely at Luo Ru.

Luo Ru waved her hand and laughed. "Sure enough, I guessed right. You are really…"

"Sister Luo, I think you are misunderstanding me."

“You really want to give…eh? Misunderstanding?"

The bright sunshine shone through the clean glass, illuminating the laugh of the youth who revealed his white teeth. The laughter was harmless, but Luo Ru was startled by the next question, "Sister Luo, did Lu Zhenxi help me?"  ”

Luo Ru stared blankly. "No…he didn't."

Ming Yu continued, "Didn't he act badly towards me? He disliked me and even once wanted to bully me."

Luo Ru thought for a moment and earnestly nodded.

After receiving confirmation from the other side, the youth smiled exquisitely as he helpless waved his head. "Then Sister Luo, why should I help him? I'm not a bad person but I'm also not a saint. Returning evil with goodness isn't my policy. Xi Ze is the one who deprived Lu Zhenxi of opportunities, not me. I didn't persecute him, so why should I lend him a helping hand?"

Luo Ru wanted to refute the youth, but her words were stuck in her throat.

It was because she found that this youth didn't say anything wrong!

Ming Yu didn't persecute Lu Zhenxi, and Lu Zhenxi was the one who immediately took the initiative to provoke Ming Yu. Even just before, Lu Zhenxi had looked resentfully at Ming Yu, completely unable to conceal his inner jealousy and hatred.

Luo Ru recalled Lu Xhenxi's ferocious emotions hidden under the calm appearance and thought, 'If Lu Zhenxi has a chance for revenge, he will definitely do it without hesitation. He will use all types of means to crush Ming Yu!'

"Sister Luo, I don't owe Lu Zhenxi and he is still treating me as an enemy. Why should I want to help my enemy? It isn't my rule in life."

Listening to this, Luo Ru finally understood Ming Yu's meaning.

Ming Yu wasn't wrong for not helping Lu Zhenxi. This thing, it was 99% a drawback and 1% harmless. Yes, it was harmful, not beneficial. A man like that wouldn't be easily touched by 'kindness and mercy.' He might even become doubly resentful.

Luo Ru smiled as she thought this. "I thought wrongly."

Ming Yu opened his arms, giving Luo Ru a light hug.

Luo Ru was astonished. This young adolescent who wasn't yet an adult, he released her and looked at her, the handsome face showing a touch of a gentle smile. Luo Ru could only listen as Ming Yu said, "Sister Luo, you have been really good to me in the past six months. Your work is also excellent."

Luo Ru felt cold at these words. The yough had been observing her for half a year!

Ming Yu continued. "It is a pity for you to be my assistant with these abilities. If there is a chance, I will discuss introducing you as an agent and letting you work with a model with Brother Zhao."

"No!" Luo Ru was stunned as the word burst out of her. Then she gently smiled, "Ming Yu, I think my position right now is really good. It also lets me learn a lot of things. I am really honoured to be your assistant."

Ming Yu smiled at the expected answer and the two people didn't talk about their tacit understanding. Luo Ru also knew that Ming Yu originally intended to hand this information to A'Zhao.

According to Ming Yu, A'Zhao had helped him without wanted anything in return. But A'Zhao didn't have a choice in this, as it was Ming Yu's decision.

Luo Ru couldn't help chuckling. "Xiaoyu, you are really clear when you love or hate someone. You do so much for A'Zhao, while your heart is as cold as the autumn leaves towards Lu Zhenxi."

Ming Yu accepted this 'compliment', opening his hands and speaking helplessly, "Who told him to speculate that I was destroying his progress?"

The two people chatted for a while when Ming Yu suddenly had a thought. "Sister Luo, we shouldn't talk about today's matters with Brother Zhao."

Luo Ru shuddered and nodded. "Yes, I won't tell Brother Zhao."

The silly and sweet Zhao Rui, "…(◇)???"

The next day, Luo Ru neatly collected the details of the two TV series and one movie role. Then Ming Yu called A'Zhao out at noon break and solemnly handed the information to him.

At first, A'Zhao jokingly said, "Why is this so mysterious?" However, he suddenly froze and stared at Ming Yu when he saw the contents.

The youth lightly smiled and said, "A'Zhao. I know that you love acting and want to walk down the path of acting. I hope you can have a good start. I was really grateful when you spoke up for me last time, so I hope these things will help you."

A'Zhao still felt dizzy. He hesitated before asking, "Ming… Ming Yu, are you really giving this to me? I mean, you didn't give it to A'Xue or Old Chen? Is this really good?"

Ming Yu's lips curved, "I have given it to you. What you do with it is up to you."

After saying this, Ming Yu turned and walked away, leaving A'Zhao who was still unsure if this was good or not.

Ming Yu didn't ask anything else. He had done what he should. It was up to A'Zhao if he wanted to seize this opportunity for fame or regret the failure of the audience and stay an ordinary intern. These things weren't related to Ming Yu.

Once it reached the middle of February, all of Ming Yu's jobs came together and he formally entered a busy working perod. First, he had to finish the MV filming within a week. Then he would quickly go to Character where he would shoot the cover of the March issue. After that, there were the reality show recording in early March.

Two days before the MV filming, Zhao Rui handed the script to Ming Yu. Luo Ru had specifically reminded Zhao Rui to not let the MV's plot be too complicated. However, the story wasn't something that Zhao Rui could decided.

Therefore, when Ming Yu got the script, he looked it over and smiled at Zhao Rui. "Brother Zhao, this story is really great and challenging. I feel really good!"

Zhao Rui, "…qaq."


The role that he was playing…

A good boy next door type was going to play someone with an antisocial personality disorder?

Chapter 58

CX Entertainment was Huaxia's largest entertainment company, with countless stars. The MV was for a song by one of the hottest singers in CX Entertainment, so the company attached great importance to it.

As mentioned before, this world's Huaxia was strict about copyrights, cracking down on piracy. People needed to pay if they wanted to watch the online video or listen to the song. As a result, this world's album music sales were always very good. Every year, there was an album that broke through millions of sales.

For example, Zhao Rui ambitiously fought for this MV because CX Entertainment's sales volume was expected to be 600,000.

It stood to reason that for such a big MV project, CX Entertainment should choose a new actor instead of a model with little acting experience. However, after seeing Ming Yu on the cover of Meditation Road, the people of CX Entertainment were glad that they chose Ming Yu.

Yes, the sexy and provocative Ming Xiaoyu on the cover of Meditation Road was too fitting with the MV male lead character!

A few years ago, the Huaxia MV market had entered the popular stream of consciousness. Recently, fans seemed to love MVs with a flowing plot. This song's style was a punk alternative and the lyrics were stimulating, so the identity of the role played by Ming Yu was—

A serial killer with an antisocial personality disorder.

…Yes, a killer.

A serial killer…

Fans would never think Xiaoyu could play such a role! The boy next today was going to transform into a serial killer? If he was successful, he would gain a lot of new fans!

A few years ago, an actor played a merciless and enchanting character, causing many new fans to become intoxicated with this cold but beautiful character!

Having said that, Zhao Rui was still very anxious before the MV shooting, Even Luo Ru was a little restless.

Adding in Ming Yu, a total of four people carefully studied the script. First of all, there was Zhao Rui. He negotiated with the director and writer for a script that didn't need excellent acting skills. The second was Luo Ru. After Ming Yu received the script, she helped draw attention to some areas and lines in the script. The third person wasn't Ming Xiaoyu, but Sister Zheng! Sister Zheng designed the makeup and a new hairstyle according to the script. Finally, there was the confident Ming Xiaoyu.

Three days passed since Zhao Rui handed the script to Ming Yu. In these three days, Ming Yu had figured out the plot and looked for the same murderous characters in the DVDs and notes that Brother Yuan gave him.

The originally clean and tidy script was now covered in small and dense writing. The words were so small that probably no one could read it except Ming Yu.

—Dog handwriting Ming Xiaoyu still maintained his supremacy ╮(╯_╰)╭.

"Today, there will be no mole. I remember that the script said that the killer… cough, the actor's face is very pale. The mole is such a dark contrast that the difference is too much." Sister Zheng spoke while holding the makeup brush in her hand.

Once the makeup was over, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru came to take a look. But when they looked at Ming Yu, their mouths twitched in a strange manner before they said, "…If I hadn't seen you sitting here while the makeup was applied, I really wouldn't think this was you!"

Was the makeup too ugly?

Of course not!

Once again, the people of CX Entertainment were overjoyed and shocked to the heavens when they saw Ming Xiaoyu on the cover of Meditation Road. You know, the set of photos from Medidation Road were the Ming Xiaoyu bible for fans! But the beauty right here was enough to make them lick their phones all night!

The reason why Zhao Rui and Luo Ru felt strange was because they had never seen such a harsh Ming Yu.

Previously, Ming Yu hadn't dyed his hair and it was his natural hair colour. For today, Sister Zheng specifically applied a one-time hair due and dyed it pure black. They didn't know whether wax or anything special was put in the hair, but Ming Yu's hair was styled in a mixed disorderly manner.

Messy! Decadent! Negative! Cold!

The youth had a pale face, blood-coloured lips and shadowed eyes. The change was simple, but it allowed Zhao Rui and Luo Ru to see the killer in the script, rather than Ming Xiaoyu.

After looking carefully, Zhao Rui wiped bitter tears and grasped Sister Zheng's hand. "Sister Zheng, you are just too good! I really couldn't think of anything to say. I could only stand here! Ming Yu will succeed! If everything goes well with the shooting this time, I really have to thank you!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Was it really appropriate to say such things right in front of him?

Ming Yu was full of confidence as he entered the studio, because 'I studied the script more than 20 times in three days,' 'I saw a dozen or so movies with killers,' and 'I specifically consulted with Brother Yuan.'

The director didn't know Ming Xiaoyu's 'crazy acting' nickname and was happy to explain a few things to him. Then he reminded Ming Yu that it would be best if the first shot was a one-time pass.

Listening on the side, Luo Ru and Zhao Rui had bloody expressions on their faces as they stood with the confused Sister ZHeng.

But rather than the horror that Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were expected, Ming Yu unexpectedly passed his first shot smoothly!

This was a pie falling from the sky, stepping on gold, Xi Ze going into a toilet with no paper… cough, anyway, it was impossible!

Thus, the director was tricked by Ming Xiaoyu's acting. MIng Xiaoyu performed very well in the next few shots. He wasn't comparable to a movie actor or actress, but the smooth filming was remarkable.

After three scenes, there were a small break. Zhao Rui frowned and asked with confusion, "Xiaoyu, how did you progress so much? I feel… I feel like the gap between your current self and when you shot the Shu Yue Lemonade ad is too big!"

It was a huge gap. He originally NG three times on a simple smiling scene, now he passed through consecutive scenes!

…Was Brother Yuan's acting lessons so powerful? Don't tell me that Brother Yuan was a sage pretending to be an ordinary person?

Brother Yuan, who was teaching with great care, "Achoo! Who said something bad about me?"

Ming Yu drank his medicine drink while listening to Zhao Rui. Then he calmly replied, "It is because my acting improved."

Zhao Rui, "…#$%#$%#$#"

It was too strange.

On the other side, Luo Ru suddenly understood. "Ming Xiaoyu, don't tell me that you are particularly suited for these types of roles?"

Luo Ru fell silent as she, Zhao Rui and Sister Zheng stared at Ming Yu. Five seconds later, the three people stepped back in order to get a little furthur away from this dangerous element!

Ming Yu's brow furrowed at the sight and he solemnly explained, "My acting really did improve."

Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng, "…"

Who would believe that?

Luo Ru had a suggestion. "Ming Xiaoyu, try acting like a groom who is marrying his first love!"

Ming Yu was slightly surprised for a moment, before putting on a very serious expression.

Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng, "…"

What is with the (* ̄ ̄*) expression?

You should be like 'qaq', 't^t' or (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻,
It was better than  (* ̄ ̄*)!!!

Are you getting married to your first love or your enemy?!!!

Sister Zheng lamented, "I finally understand what you mean. This acting… 10 cows can't pull it back to the goal."

Luo Ru covered her eyes because she couldn't bear to see it anymore. "Ah, Ming Xiaoyu can play this role because… he must really be suitable for this antisocial personality."

The three people once again stepped back.

Ming Yu, “…”

It came this far, so Ming Yu had no choice but to admit it. "In fact, I was repeating a sentence in my mind while acting."

Zhao Rui asked, "What is that sentence?"

Ming Yu smiled slyly and replied indifferently. "I repeated: spicy chicken, you are spicy chicken."

Spicy chicken Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng, "…"

"Ah, I'm not saying that you are spicy chicken. I mean that everyone here is spicy chicken."

All of the staff members present, "…"

Today was the first day and only Ming Yu was present. So, this first day was only for solo Ming Yu scenes.

Although their mouths said, "My Xiaoyu can act?', Zhao Rui and Luo Ru couldn't help feeling startled as they saw the complex act that the youth was putting on in the middle of the studio.

This was a very bad neighbourhood. The ground was littered with waste and even blood could be seen.

The handsome youth with a face that was as beautiful as a girl's, as long as he appeared, he was destined to attract the attention of countless people. The eyes were from amazed and a few jealous ladies, and…a handful of men filled with filthy desires.

This young man walked down the street like he didn't know anything, his hands in his coat pockets. The coat was too big and the youth's thin body seemed like it would be blown away in the wind.

A gust of wind blew, causing the young man to raise a hand to his mouth as he coughed. After coughing, a few tears filled his eyes and a slight flush appeared. The pale face suddenly became rosy, making the young and delicate face seem more beautiful and stunning!

At this moment, a middle-age man sitting on the corner street couldn't resist, quietly getting up and following the youth.

The next day, the residents of the nearby alley woke up and…

Found a male corpse!

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