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Chapter 48

The fact that Ming Yu's level of concern in Muse had been raised to the 'highest level was only known to Xi Ze and Ding Bo, as well as the relevant people in the PR department. No one deliberately spoke about this issue, but in the invisible background, the company was allocating more and more resources to Ming Yu. In the media coverage, they tried their utmost to safeguard Ming Yu's image.

But this time, becoming the Huaxia spokesperson for 'Nidelan' wasn't a company resource.

In the six months since he met Zhao Rui, Ming Yu often gave him verbal supervision and encouragement. He wanted to see Zhao Rui grow into a good agent.

He might not have 90 points or full marks like Zeng Shu and Ding Bo, but Ming Yu hoped that Zhao Rui could get a good grade of 80 points.

Of course, Zhao Rui truly had made progress.

In Zhao Rui's prime, he had two first-tier models, two popular second-tier models who later transitioned to become actors and even quit Muse, as well as… Cheng Su who recently became a global spokesperson for a big second-tier brand.

In short, now Zhao Rui only had Ming Yu under him. If he didn't show any progress, then his slide downhill was irreversible.

Before Ming Yu participated in Fei Sixin's fashion show, Zhao Rui spent half a month and finally won Nidelan's Huaxia spokesperson job.

At that time, Ming Yu's career had only slightly improved. He only participated in the photo shoot of two magazines and took part in the Pei Feng fashion show. He might've shot the cover of Meditation Road, but it would only be released at the end of January as a special issue.

In this case, Zhao Rui won the job over many competitors, making Ming Yu feel surprised.

Nidelan was an internationally renowned first-tier luxury brand. They were mainly a makeup brand, including a variety of skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes. The contract signed by Ming Yu was to be their Huaxia spokesperson for a series of men's fragrances that would be released next year.

Thus, the day after his break finished, Ming Yu, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru arrived at Nidelan's Huaxia headquarters in the capital and signed the one year contract.

Ming Yu's writing… it was like it was written by a dog. But when he signed the word 'Ming Yu', it was amazing, causing the head of Nidelan to feel stunned. He laughed and praised, "Mr. Ming, your handwriting is really nice."

Ming Yu smiled calmly and said, "Thank you for the compliment."

After the formal signing of the contract, Ming Yu went to the Nidelan stylist to prepare for the posters that would be shot tomorrow. The stylist was obviously very good at designing for an Eastern face like Ming Yu. Soon, the stylist finished cutting a little bit of Ming Yu's hair, giving him a good hairstyle.

The stylist wasn't a problem, but the makeup artist of Nidelan didn't fit well with Ming Yu. The male makeup artist from the United States tried three different makeups on Ming Yu, but he always felt they were a bit wrong. Ming Yu didn't need an explanation as even he looked at himself with a frown.

The makeup artist said that he might be in a bad condition and he could try again tomorrow. Then Luo Ru interrupted and asked, "Excuse me, can we bring our own private makeup artist?"

The makeup artist was surprised for a moment, before agreeing with a smile. "No problem. A private makeup artist will be most familiar with your face. They also know the style suitable for you. If you have a private makeup artist, then that is the best."

Under Ming Yu's thoughtful gaze, Luo Ru lightly nodded and agreed with the makeup artist.

After finishing up for today, since the posters would be shot tomorrow, the three people headed to the parking lot. Then Zhao Rui asked, "Little Luo, I gave you the task of finding a private makeup artist last month. Did you find one so quickly?"

Luo Ru nodded with a relaxed smile. "Yes Brother Zhao. I confirmed it with the other person two days ago. She had to do some procedures to leave her current position, but she should be able to join us tomorrow. You have been very busy lately, so I submitted the matter directly to the higher-ups. Through Zhou Wei Zhuo, the company agreed to the makeup artist, as well as her salary standards."

Zhao Rui jerked with surprise and asked, "You spoke with A'Wei? A'Wei didn't tell me anything. Who is this makeup artist? What is her salary standard, is it high? You need to report it to A'Wei."

This time, he didn't wait for Luo Ru to speak. The youth's pleasant voice rang out. "Is it Sister Zheng?"

Luo Ru swallowed down the words she wanted to say and looked over at Ming Yu with surprise. She saw that this beautiful youth was calmly watching her, a deep look in his light coloured eyes. Luo Ru slowly stopped walking.

Zhao Rui looked back at her with confusion and asked what happened. Luo Ru recovered and continued speaking. "Yes, it is Sister Zheng. Last time I gave her my business card. She added me as a friend and we have been in contact. When Brother Zhao asked me to find a private makeup artist, I first thought of her. But Sister Zheng works for Pei Feng and her salary isn't low. I put in a lot of effort to persuade her, promising her the salary of a Muse first-tier makeup artist."

Luo Ru spoke simply, but the difficulty of persuading a makeup artist with a steady job couldn't be imagined.

The trio talked while walking. Zhao Rui listened to Luo Ru's explanation and nodded. "Is it the makeup artist who worked on Ming Yu during the Pei Feng fashion show? I remember her way very well! The mole she placed was really ingenious. She deserves the salary of a first-tier makeup artist. Her strength is good… Wait a minute? The salary of a first-tier makeup artist?"

Zhao Rui looked aghast at Luo Ru, who nodded. "Yes, it is the salary and status of a first-tier makeup artist."

The three people took a few steps, with Zhao Rui still feeling shocked. He asked, "This thing… A'Wei really agreed?"

Luo Ru helplessly replied, "Yes Brother Zhao. Sister Wei really agreed to this matter."

The three people got on the car, but Zhao Rui still thought it was abnormal. He sighed, "This isn't right. The company's first-tier models generally don't have their own private first-tier makeup artists. How can A'Wei promise such generous treatment? You don't have to worry too much. I will call A'Wei later and ask her about it."

Zhao Rui said this and started to drive intently. The car was quiet and tranquil, with only the faint whistling of the wind through the window being heard. Ming Yu sat behind the driver's seat and calmly bowed his head over his phone.

Ming Yu realized Zhao Rui's confusion, but he didn't mind it too much.

First-tier models didn't have private first-tier makeup artists because the company believed that they wouldn't be able to climb up higher. He was granted a first-tier makeup artist, indicating that the company valued him.

Thinking of this, Ming Yu slightly narrowed his eyes and stopped looking through the fan comments.

So, what was his current level of interest in the company?

Ming Yu didn't know that at this very moment, in the public relations department of Muse, all the staff were hurrying back and forth. Everyone was busy, with disputes and lively discussions often being heard.

Muse had hundreds of models and the PR department had more than 200 employees. Even so, the 200 employees were unable to properly handle things for every model, often leading to friction and controversy.

However, this time, the controversy was something different. Linda, the deputy director of the PR department, discovered that Zhou Wei Zhuo had granted a first-tier makeup artist to Ming Yu. She immediately called Zhou Wei Zhuo and asked about the matter.

Zhou Wei Zhuo picked up the phone, knowing Linda's purpose. She told her, "This is a matter that Shen Xiang agreed to. Linda, talk to him."

Thus, at this moment, Linda came to PR Director Shen Xiang's office to ask him about this error.

Two or three months ago, the PR department's senior officials had a meeting and decided to raise Ming Yu's level to first-tier. However, this didn't mean that Ming Yu could have a first-tier makeup artist that most first-tier models didn't have. This was an overestimation and could lead to public criticism. In Linda's eyes, there were only disadvantages.

But Shen Xiang shook his head after listening to his old friend. "You have been busy with the propaganda of Luo Cheng, so I haven't had a chance to tell you. Linda, Ming Yu's present level is no longer first-tier."

Linda's brow furrowed. "Top level? It is still too soon for him to have a first-tier makeup artist."

Shen Xiang gently shook his head.

The surprised Linda asked, “Is it above top-tier? He has enough potential to be treated like Luo Cheng?"

Shen Xiang looked at his old friend's shocked appearance and smiled, revealing his white teeth. He proudly declared, "Of course it isn't the top level!" Linda gasped and patted her chest. "Fortunately, it isn't the top…"

Shen Xiang, "It is the highest level!"

Linda, “…”

She took deep breaths.

Linda didn't agree with Ming Yu being raised to the highest level. However, once Shen Xiang said that it was Xi Ze's choice, she could only temporarily step back. Xi Ze had raised He Chaoman in a year. If he wanted to boost Ming Yu, it would naturally be easy.

But after walking out of Shen Xiang's office, Linda suddenly realized. "Wait a minute! How can Ming Yu be at the highest level? Does Xi Ze hold Ming Yu to a higher status than He Chaoman?"

Muse's elder sister He Chaoman, the second ranked female supermodel.

Chapter 49

A good makeup artist could create different effects for the same makeup, depending on the face. For example, changes in the position of subtle highlights, shaping of the eyebrows, etc. were all skills that a good makeup artist were adept at.

Zheng Qiurong's status in the fashion industry wasn't low. She was only 30 years old, but was already a well known first-tier makeup artist of Pei Feng.

Logically speaking, a makeup artist like Sister Zheng, at the peak of her career, didn't lack money and fame. Her work wasn't busy, only being busy around certain periods. It was a quiet and beautiful life that people envied.

How could such a successful makeup artist be persuaded to leave a second-tier big brand? It was as hard as Lanka or Star Models pulling Shen Xiang from Muse.

But Luo Ru did it.

In fact, before Zhao Rui proposed to find a makeup artist for Ming Yu, Luo Ru had quietly been in contact with Sister Zheng. Women always had many small secrets. Luo Ru soon won the trust of Sister Zheng and the two people became close friends.

As friends, Luo Ru persuaded her friend to give up a stable life and look at the world again. They were friends and she would try to give her friend better treatment.

The next day, Zheng Quirong came to the Huaxia branch of Nidelan. She was different from yesterday's makeup artist. She didn't immediately start Ming Yu's makeup, but closely observed his face, hairstyle and clothing.

After looking for a long time, Sister Zheng smiled and lowered her head to Ming Yu. "Ming Yu, almost half a year has passed. Your facial features have undergone some changes. Sure enough, you are a young man and are still growing. Your eyes are a little higher than before, I should take note of this.

Everyone present was surprised by Sister Zheng's words. They instantly understood. This time, Luo Ru had really dug up an expert!

It had been almost six months since Ming Yu and Zheng Quirong cooperated. Even then, Zheng Quirong only did a smoke makeup and it took 10 minutes. Yet Zheng Quirong still remembered Ming Yu's face.

This amazing facial memory, Zhao Rui hadn't met anyone apart from Zhou Wei Zhuo who had it.

After that, Zheng Quirong had the assistant put down her makeup case. She moved quickly and swept a variety of brushes over Ming Yu's face. Sometimes she would smear it with a finger and sometimes her fingers would dip gently. In short, Sister Zheng put down her last brush after a short span of 20 minutes.

The handsome and elegant youth looked indifferently at himself in the lit makeup mirror.

The first set of clothing was a pure teenager.

The word 'pure' wasn't just limited to beautiful girls. When the young man raised his hair slightly and revealed his white forehead, Luo Ru looked at Ming Yu and… her heartbeat actually sped up!

He wore a simple white shirt and tucked the hair on one side behind his head. The makeup was quite simple, making it hard to tell he was wearing makeup. But this youth's delicate skin, black eyes and slightly thin jaw gave off the feeling of a pure first love. However, this actually made people feel more excited!

Look at the blushing Luo Ru. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Ming Yu was very satisfied with this makeup. He had seen many superb makeup artists in his life, and Zheng Quirong was just as strong as them! Such a makeup artist willingly staying at a second-tier brand, it was really burying her skills.

Ming Yu thanked Sister Zheng and prepared to leave. He was just about to stand up when Sister Zheng shouted at him to stop.

It was a familiar scene, Zheng Quirong once again stopping Ming Yu. She carefully looked at his face and finally said, "It is a pity that there is no mole here. If you don't mind Ming Yu, can I draw it on you?"

Ming Yu was stunned for a moment, then he chuckled and nodded. "Okay, I will trouble you to do so, Sister Zheng."

Sister Zheng moved her eyeliner point and a small mole appeared at the corner of Ming Yu's right eye. Sister Zheng was very skilled! This mole was the right size and in the right location. Once the black dot appeared, it made this face become more dazzling!


So beautiful that he couldn't be ignored!

After the mole was finished, Ming Yu headed to the studio to meet the photographer.

The photographer invited by Nideland was Li Desheng, a famous new photographer. He advocated the ability of colour in the performance ability, as well as the composition of the photo. He was involved in Ming Yu's design and decided to match some colours.

Li Desheng already had contact with Ming Yu and knew that this teenager was very much in line with the theme of this range of fragrances. But once he saw the boy through the lens, Li Desheng was startled.

Nidelan's theme for this series of fragrances: Smoke.

As an eau de toilette, Smoke was divided into four different categories. It was broken down into Orange Fire Smoke, Orange Green Smoke, White Smoke and Night Smoke. Ming Yu was currently shooting for the White Smoke fragrance.

Before the photos were official developed, no one knew what the photographer saw. At this moment, Li Desheng saw the scene of a fairy-tale youth slightly squinting at him.

Li Desheng had a good friend who worked as a photographer at Fashion Entertainment. As you guessed, it was Brother Luo. Li Desheng heard Brother Luo say a long time ago, "Ming Yu is a model with a very good temperament. His ability to control the lens is very strong. Many times, you haven't thought of the next image, but he will directly show you the vague shadow in your heart! It is really great to work with him. It is a photography experience that I've never encountered with another model."

Of course, Li Desheng's reputation in the industry was superior to Brother Luo's. He took photographs of supermodels on the world's rankings, and understood the 'tacit understanding between model and photographer.'

Before shooting Ming Yu, Li Desheng thought, 'This Ming Yu is a very talented person. His sense of the lens is very good and his expressive ability is very strong. However, he is still lacking a little perception compared to supermodels and won't be able to show the deepest things in the photo.'

Now Li Desheng regretted his original thoughts.

"Great! Yes, that's it!"

“Yes, turn around! Right, right!"

"Good, good, one more! Yes!"


In just 30 minutes, Li Desheng had no less than 300 photos saved on his SLR. Fortunately, he recently used the latest memory card. Otherwise, all the photos might not fit on the SLR and he would have to change to a second one.

Once Ming Yu left the studio to change clothes and makeup, Li Desheng quickly copied the photos to his computer. He couldn't bear to delete any of the photo. The quality was too high!

Lighting, background layout, perfect styling, the model…

Full points!

He wasn't afraid to give full points! ~(≧▽≦)/~ It was the first time that Li Desheng thought that the time for a model to change makeup and clothing was too short. He had only looked through a few hundred photos when Ming Yu appeared again in warm orange clothing.

This bright colour make the youth seem whiter, his red lips contrasting with the white skin. Li Desheng almost felt himself bend!

Looking at the dazzling youth in his lends, Li Desheng wiped at his bitter tears. What was this? It was longing for the essence of a person! You tell me. What photographer, who pursued beauty, wouldn't get a good impression of the youth after meeting such a beauty?

In this regard, poor Brother Luo and Master Fei's praise was only worth 32 points!

Thus, the whole day was spent taking photos. Ming Yu changed into six or seven sets of cloths, and also changed makeups three or four times. No less than 2,000 photos were shot. The number of photos might be a bit high, but the speed of the shooting wasn't slow.

It was because the young man gave three different shapes in one second!

Then why were only 2,000 photos taken in an entire afternoon?

Li Desheng raised a hand to take the blame. 'I couldn't press the button and adjust the angle fast enough…'

After all the photos were shot, Ming Yu changed clothes and removed his makeup, his work day finally ending.

Sister Zheng looked at the face clean of makeup and said with a smile, "The condition of you skin is very good. Ming Yu, it seems like you have been paying attention to moisturizing, very good! I know a male model who always refuses to look after his face. He just says that men don't need such products, they are only for women."

Luo Ru listened to these words and interrupted, "Ah, male chauvinism."

Sister Zheng looked at her friend. "Isn't it? He is a model so his face could be considered his meal ticket. Besides, everyone should care for their own body. However, he got retribution for not looking after his face. After two years of makeup, his face became rotten. Now he wants to go back and use those 'girly things', but it is too late."

Luo Ru and Sister Zheng started to gossip. Their topic quickly changed from cosmetics to skin care products and then to small and exquisite bags.

Ming Yu and Zhao Rui helplessly glanced at each other on the side. They understood each other's meaning. A woman's mind really couldn't be understood.

After tidying up, Ming Yu's group left Nidelan, ending the full day's trip.

Was this the end?


The 2,000 photos were just a drop in the bucket. There were still the large posters that would be placed at counters, at subway stations, public transport platforms, movie theatres and big shopping malls!

In the next month or so, Ming Yu travelled to Nidelan's Huaxia branch for photo shoots. Many of the Nidelan staff met this young man, with a lot of them asking for his signature.

Ming Yu signed his name well, fooling many people. They were intoxicated by the beautiful 'Ming Yu' and cried out emotionally, "Ming Xiaoyu is too good. He has a good temperament, good appearance and even his writing is good-looking!"

Dog writing Ming Xiaoyu, he hid it deeply.

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