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Chapter 50

The cold winter was about to pass, the warm but not dazzling sun shining down on the earth. As the winter winds gradually lost their power, the passersby no longer feared for their feet. Even the pale colours in the air were slowly disappearing.

After nearly a month of busy days, Ming Yu finally managed to complete the shooting for Nidelan, with all the hard photographs and posters being finished.

Ming Yu spent New Year busy working. Once he turned around, the warm atmosphere of the new year had passed and most people were looking forward to the arrival of the spring festival.

This time, no matter what Ming Yu said, Zhao Rui hoped that he would give himself a holiday, have a good rest. According to Zhao Rui, "Xiaoyu, you have to take a break. You have to take good care of your body and relax, so that you can continue working in a better condition. Besides, the spring festival will be held soon. You missed the new year; shouldn't you celebrate the spring festival?"

Ming Yu was dumbfounded when he heard this. "Brother Zhao, I certainly have to rest for a while. You are saying this like I don't know how tired I am. I'm not a working machine."

Zhao Rui looked surprised. "You also know that you aren't a working machine!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

By the end of January, the warm winter intensified and the north of the capital became warmer than ever before. It might be a holiday but Ming Yu still had to care about his own fans. Wasn't it heartless to play around the entire time?

Therefore, when Chinese New Year was approaching, a group of hungry fans was fed, like rain after a long drought!

Today, Ming Xiaoyu wrote a sentence on the forum of his official website: 【 This morning I ate dumplings, the pine nuts were really fresh! 】

In the evening, Ming Xiaoyu updated his Weibo with a photo and the text: 【 It has been a long time since I've eaten . It tastes great and is especially fresh. 】

At noon the next day, Ming Xiaoyu wrote a long paragraph with the title "Today's Recipe." The beginning sentence was: 【 Today I started cooking for myself since I should eat well ^_^ 】 The fans saw this and their eyes immediately brightened!

【 Ming Xiaoyu will cook! He is simply Mr. Perfect! Ming Xiaoyu, do you need a starving dog~ I am 160cm and cute ~~~ Woof woof~! 】

【 In life, I see familiar people and often have this feeling: These two people fit together, they are a perfect match. How come they aren't together despite so many years passing? Like me and Ming Xiaoyu. 】

【 The person above is shameless!!  Daring to steal my husband!! 】……

A variety of comments like 'Ming Xiaoyu is my perfect man', 'I am Ming Xiaoyu's lady,' 'Ming Xiaoyu is my husband', 'Don't steal, I am your mother in law (?)' appeared under Ming Yu's post. However, at this moment, Ming Xiaoyu didn't notice these various responses. He was solemnly using his spatula to turn over the dish in the pan, looking like a kitchen god.

After 10 minutes, Ming Yu carefully poured the food onto a plate.

He was done and could share what he cooked with his fans!

Ming Yu excitedly wrote out his cooking process on the computer and emphasized some points to pay attention to, excitedly writing out thousands of words.

After Ming Xiaoyu disappeared, the fans had been refreshing an 'n' number of times, letting out a burst of f5 as they waited for Ming Xiaoyu to record the cooking process. A new post finally appeared after refreshing, causing the fans to feel ecstatic—

Oh god! It had to be at least 1,000 words right?  This could be called a long review!!!

The overjoyed fans 'sat on their sofa' for a 'front row view' and scrolled down with a mighty vigor. The people looking at Ming Yu's post were shocked as they stared at the first lines—

Ming Yu: 【 Today's dish is tomato scrambled eggs. This dish is still difficult and takes a bit of effort. There are many areas that you need to pay attention to… 】

Still difficult…

Still difficult…

Still diffi…


Wasn't tomato scrambled eggs the simplest beginner's dish in the food industry? There was a saying since ancient times that as long as you had both hands, you could make tomato scrambled eggs!

What was so hard about it?

This roared in their hearts like 10,000 grass mud horses, but the fans continued to scroll down and read.

Once they found out that their god was even obsessed with how to carefully peel off the tomato skin, their mouths twitched and they accepted it. But they could no longer bear it when Ming Yu put in the eggs before the oil!!

In just half an hour, identical replies appeared on Ming Yu's official Muse website.

【 Ming Xiaoyu, come to my house, I will feed you Dongpo pork! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu, come to my house, I will feed you Kung Pao chicken! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu, come to my house, I will feed you sweet and sour pork! 】…

After another two hours, Ming Yu was searching Weibo when he suddenly found a familiar name in 9th place of the hot topics. Ming Yu looked at it with surprise. The topic name—

#Feeding Ming Xiaoyu#

And under that topic—

【 Poor Ming Xiaoyu, he still feels good despite eating burnt tomato scrambled eggs… 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu must be fed!!!  I will cook shrimp, sweet and sour carp, pork chops, pepper fish head, spicy fried clams, pork strips stir fried with yuxiang, mapo tofu, twice-cooked pork, cumin meat slices, vinegar fish… Ming Xiaoyu, come eat at my home!!! 】

【 I shouldn't have come to this topic… are there really no problems in the late-night topics? 】……

Ming Yu carefully read this topic for a long time. When he exited again, he was surprised to find that this topic actually reached 2nd place! It was second only to the spring festival's mascot!

Ming Yu couldn't help sending a text message to Zhao Rui, asking if this was something that Muse's PR department did. Zhao Rui sent him a message back after a moment. 【 Shen Xiang had nothing to do with it. He wants to suppress your topic. After all, you are now too easy to be targeted by the sunspots. 】

Ming Yu was surprised for a moment and replied again, 【 Then I am actually ranked 2nd on the hot topics? 】

There was no reply for a long time. Just as Ming Yu thought that Zhao Rui wasn't going to say anything, he received the slow answer, 【 You have to understand that as long as it is related to eating, the people will go crazy. However, Xiaoyu, you don't have to force yourself. The tomato scrambled eggs… cough. Don't eat it, eating instant noodles is also good. 】

Ming Yu, "…"

In his heart, his tomato scrambled eggs were better than instant noodles!!

In this way, the originally noble God Ming Xiaoyu slowly descended the altar in the fans' hearts. A lot of fans even added 'stupidly adorable' to the Ming Yu's name in their hearts.


At this historic turning point!

The new year's special issue of Meditation Road was finally on sale!

The comments of 'Ming Xiaoyu is really stupid stupid' and 'Ming Xiaoyu is silly and cute' suddenly changed tones. They shouted in unison, "Ahhhh!!!  Ming Xiaoyu is too handsome!!!  Beautiful beautiful beautiful, I want to lick, lick, lick!"

Meditation Road was the leader of the second-tier fashion magazines in Huaxia and cooperated with Ming Yu four years ago. This was their second time working together. This time, Meditation Road took the initiative to invite Ming Yu as their cover model. It wasn't commissioned to Muse like last time.

Ming Yu's performance didn't disappoint Meditation Road.

On the first day of sales, all 100,000 volumes sold out!

The next day, more magazines were printed and they were sold out by evening!

The third day, the fourth day…

It wasn't until the fifth day that the fans' buying spree really ended.

Why were the fans buying so crazily? Some people even bought 2, 3, 4… 56, 57, 58?

Who told Meditation Road to publish with such a large poster of Ming Yu, or for the poster to be one of five randomly selected photos!

This damn marketing person! Whose bad idea was it?

But even though they inwardly cursed the magazine's marketing demon, the fans who bought the magazine were very excited. They stared at the cover for at least 10 minutes.

On the glossy magazine cover, a beautiful young boy was slightly bowed, his eyes staring straight up like he was looking at them. He seemed to have just left the water, as his black hair was wet and there were still drops of water on it. Their hair was messy but very beautiful, covering half the forehead.

You said that the hair was messy?

A mess!

But the photo was still beautiful?


The white shirt was wet and almost transparent. Through it, they could see the youth's extremely beautiful thin layer of muscles, despite still being young. In particular, a fan noticed a small bead of water on the youth's raised clavicle and everyone could no longer restrain their roaring hearts!

【 I am that drop of water, I am that drop of water! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu's collarbone is so sexy! 】

【 It is a simple wet play! Geez, why is my nose a little hot? What? Blood!!! 】……

The cover of Meditation Road, several photos on the inside pages and the five posters, they could be called the sexiest set of photos taken since Ming Yu's rebirth. At the time of filming, Ming Yu was bare-faced because even the most waterproof makeup couldn't endure after being soaked in water.

But this bare face couldn't cover up the youth's beauty!

Perhaps after another year, Ming Yu wouldn't be able to shoot such sentimental and mature photos. It was because his facial features would develop and become stereotypical, no longer having the same neutral beauty.

However, this set of photos allowed many people to suddenly notice this stunning youth. Among them were well-known photographers, fashion designers, wealthy and extravagant luxury brands, as well as directors and producers of TV dramas and movies.

In the midst of this, a tall and handsome man was standing in the chief designer's office of 'Ji and Ya', looking down at this sexy and gorgeous photo with slightly narrowed eyes.

He didn't speak for a long time after Ding Bo knocked on the door. Then a low and magnetic voice was suddenly heard, "Ding Bo, buy me 50 copies of Meditation Lord."

Ding Bo, "…Ah?"

Xi Ze raised his eyes and indifferently looked over. "No, buy me 100."

Ding Bo, "…"

Do you want to buy enough to bathe in?

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