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Chapter 34 : Strengthening ≒ Reinforcement + Date—Teaser—-

「I see, I understood. The things I can do is to cooperate」

After explaining the general reason why I want to looking for a new weapon, Hanzou-san is agreeing to my request while flourishing his muscular arms.

「ANyway, please enter my store. You may find whatever item to your liking」

After following Hanzou-san to entering the store, one side of the wall isn’t just decorated with shelves, there’s knife, dagger, spear and long sword. Edged weapon aside, there’s also shield and hammer. It’s quite a magnificent scenery.

「Feel free to looking at them. I’ll even add an extrea service for you, Sou-kun」

「Thank you verymuch」

Let’s looking for subtitute knife for now. I could feel relieved since my purse filled money after converting the loot I gained so far but, as expected, the most expensive item is…………… Yup, it’s too expensive for me.

I take a common knife which I feel most familiar with and then giving it to Hanzou-san.

「I’m going to buy this one, Hanzou-san」

The knife that I gave to him was somewhat of the big size with 7 centimetres thickness and 36 centimetres length. I feel stronger since the size is somewhat bigger than my previous knife but, it came to me the moment I held it, it’s weight feels are the closest one with the one I’m used to in reality.

「It’s harder to use since the size is somewhat bigger than common knife but, that knife is quite a powerful one. It’s P. Attack is 12. It’s boasting of it’s highest attack power amongst the one of the same price」

It’s attack power is double of my previous knife. It doesn’t mean that the attack power is doubled but, it’s undoubtly will become a great war potential.

But when I’m about to purchase it, Hanzou-san is blocking my way.

「And this is my present from me, Sou-kun. It’s my gratitude for the transaction with Sakura yesterday」

「Eh, no it’ll be hard on me to receive such gift. I received a proper payment from Sakursan and I’m really enjoying it yesterday. Rather, if it’s gratitude, I should be the――」

When I’m saying that far, Hanzou-san is pushing his fist to me.

「This is a form of investment to me. Since I can also get various smithing material in the next stage if you can beat the boss. That’s why this is also for me. SO will you receive this」

Ah as expected, I really can’t just reject this. But is this also the form or Hanzou-san chivalry?. If that was the case, should I accept this? U~hm………..

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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