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Chapter 34.1 : Strengthening ≒ Reinforcement + Date

「I see, I understand. The only thing I can do is to cooperate then.」

After explaining the reason why I needed to find a new weapon, Hanzou-san agreed to my request while flourishing his muscular arms.

「Anyway, please enter my store. You may find an item to your liking in there.」

Following Hanzou-san into his store, I discovered that one side of the wall wasn't just decorated with shelves, there were also knives, daggers, spears and long swords. Edged weapons aside, there were also shields and hammers. It was quite the magnificent scenery.

「Feel free to look at them. I’ll even add an extra service for you, Sou-kun.」

「Thank you very much!」

Let’s find a subtitute knife for now. I could feel relieved since my purse is filled with money after converting the loot I've gained so far. But, as expected, the most expensive item here is…

Yup, it’s too expensive for me.

I took a common knife which I felt the most familiar with and passed it to Hanzou-san.

「I’m going to buy this one, Hanzou-san.」

The knife that I gave him was somewhat of a bigger size, 7 centimetres thick and 36 centimetres long. I felt stronger holding it, since its size is only somewhat bigger than my previous knife. It also came to me the moment I held it, that its weight was about the same as the one I’m using in reality.

「It’ll be harder to use since its size is somewhat bigger than a common knife but, it's also a powerful one. Its Physical Attack is 12, boasting the highest attack power amongst the ones of the same price.」

Its attack power is double of my previous knife. It doesn’t mean that my damage will be doubled but, it’ll undoubtedly become a great war potential.

But when I was about to purchase it, Hanzou-san blocked my way.

「This is my present from me to you, Sou-kun. It’s my gratitude for the transaction with Sakura yesterday.」

「Eh, it’ll be hard on me to receive such a gift. I've already received a proper payment from Sakursan and I also really enjoyed it yesterday. Rather, if it’s gratitude, I should be the――」

When I said that far, Hanzou-san suddenly pushed his fist to me.

「This is a form of investment by me, since I can also get various smithing material from the next stage if you can beat the boss. That’s why this is also for me. So, you must receive this!」

Ah, as expected, I really can’t just reject this. But, is this also the form of Hanzou-san's chivalry? If that was the case, should I just accept this then? U~hm…

I hesitated for a short while.

「Then, thank you very much. I will keep this knife with my utmost care!」

I will return this favor. Definitely!

「That’s a relief. Being able to be useful is the greatest happiness for a craftsman」

Hanzou-san's expression when saying so is in fact so cool and refreshing.

After saying my gratitude to Hanzou-san, I’m heading toward the next weapon store in order to update my firearms. Though I expected that I’ll have a hard time in finding one, Hanzou-san who knew that I’m going to get a new gun next is introducing me to his acquaintances.

I really am in care for him for everything. I absolutely will repay this gratitude. Defeating the boss could only pay the interest. I’m properly ingraining that deep in my heart as I’m opening the door of the next store.

The store was quite a big one which is designed to be able to house several stores in one floor. Upon a closer look there’s the store that specialize in rifle, gun, crossbow and bow. There’s also unique store which is placing some kind of pachinko-like machine amongst those stores.

「This is quite a spectacle huh. What are you going to do Sou, are we going to gather here? 」

「That’s right.  I want to stroll for a while to look for gun related store. Is it fine?  」

「Absolutely fine. I’ll be going to hellowork to get some quest in the meantime」

Eh, is that mean I’m going to hold a flower in each hand? What's with this harem situation. Isn’t this the best situation.

「Ah, in that case I’ll go with Hive《Shinji》」

Yup, I knew it. I guess Fuyukawsan will also be heading to somewhere else next right? I can see the ending.

「Shall we split into two team then. Since I’m going with Leaf《Midori》 to get some quest, Sou will go with Blue《Aoi》 as her bodyguard. Please be careful to not getting separated since she most likely will be lost if we leave her alone」

「I won’t! 」

「Ahaha, I’ll leave her to you then」

After saying so, Shinji and Wakakussan left the store with profound smile on their face.

Eh, is that mean it just me and Fuyukawsan then? This, isn’t this a date? Speaking of date, isn’t it about that? 【Date】, a continues shared time and space between a man and a woman which only permitted to a stalwart who mastered certain level of communication skill, isn’t it?

「Geez………. Shall we go then, Sou-kun」

「Y-Yeah. Let’s get going」

Fuyukawsan is so calm about this huh. Even though my heart is beating lou-………. Eh?

「Blue, that way is to the entrance you know」

「Hau, EH! ? 」

No way, she’s almost become a lost child from the first step. It seems she really will become a lost child so easily as Shinji says. If I’m not paying special attention on her.

「W-W-W-W-Well then, Sou-kun! L-L-L-L-Let’s go! 」

No need to be that stiff…………… Are you really that embarrassed when you almost become a lost child. Nay, it seems it’s better for me to not touch of this subject. This is where I should turn into a nonchalant leader. Be a nonchalant leader.

「W-W-W-W-W-Well, let’s go then! 」

God*ess d*mn it..

Our face turning completely red as we entered the destinated store.

「Uwaa~………. There’s a lot of gun. Which one is the one you’re looking for, Sou-kun? 」

「I’ll be using the one I’m using now, handgun. It’s better if it has smaller size」

Fuyukawsan is listening to my explanation and then went to pick one of the hand gun that being displayed on the shelves.

「WAH……….. It’s quite heavy isn’t it」

「Well, they’re different from air gun after all. Well the recoil is also powerful since they made so close to reality」

All of the handgun here is player made since this is the store that is managed by a player. And speaking of gun, how are they able to make the guns. Does he make the gun powder too? Our strategy for boss capture will be drastically increasing in the degree of freedom if he can make hand granade too.

「What is the name of this pretty gun, Sou-kun? 」

The gun she holds on her hands is just a simple automatic pistol despite its georgeous silver color.

「This one is……….. There are a few different parts but…….. No, don’t tell me…………. Is this a desert eagle? 」

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