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Chapter 32.1 : First Experience + Final Trump Card = Taste of Soil

I chased after Shnji who was running toward the boss at full speed. Naturally, Shinji understood my intentions.

If I were to run at my full speed, I’d arrive in front of the Jiisha first due to the fact that Shinji had no speed increasing skill. In addition, as long as that happened, due to me gathering all the hate of the boss, we are guaranteed to fail. The key to this strategy is timing. Thus, I’m always behind Shinji, waiting for that timing to come.

The Jiisha isn’t moving from its place. It might be planning to ambush us during our run. In the end, I’m forced to take a stance to intercept any ambushes.

Then, Shinji entered the boss range―― Nay, the moment that guy entered Shinji's range, our operation commenced.


The hate of the Jiisha completely switched over from me to Shinji upon hearing his loud voice.


While running non-stop, Shinji invoked his defensive arts.  Firmly holding onto his shield with both hands, he prepared for the paw attack that seemed strong enough to crush a giant tree.


He managed to parry it!

But, the Jiisha's attacks won’t stop with just that. Using the residual force caused by his paw attack, the Jiisha executed another attack with his tail.


But, Shinji also stopped that attack from the front. Along with a creaking sound from the now deformed shield far away from its original form, Shinji managed to stop two consecutive attacks without even flinching away from his place.

「It seems this is all I can do. I’ll leave the rest to you!」

「Yeah, leave it to me! 」

At that moment, I jumped over Shinji who was falling onto the ground and dove right into the Jiisha's bosom at full speed.


The Jiisha seemingly hated the fact that I was in its bosom, and did a sweep with his other paw to brush me off to the side.


Dodging the paw wasn't that hard. Though it’ll be a different matter altogether if that paw attack had came along with a whip-like tail attack. The only difficult thing right now is my own posture.

「Don’t worry, since you seem to be lonely, I definitely won’t leave your side!」

I never expected that the first one to whom I would use those words would be this monster. Come to think of it, my father has said before, that the feeling of meeting a formidable opponent that you approve is closer to the feeling of meeting someone you love. Though I used to think that there was something wrong with his brain at that time, the me right now can under—- NOOOOOOOOOO, I DEFINITELY WON’T ACCEPT THIS! Yeah, those words aren't for this monster. That was close, seriously. What was I even thinking?


It’s as if this guy was opening his mouth to express his greed in worldly materials. Here, eat this present from me for now. It’s your beloved lead bullets! Fumu, should I say “Safe” for this situation?


The Jiisha who had eaten plenty of bullets raised an agonizing wail again.

Blame on your stupid brain. Well it’ll be check mate for me if it has the ability to learn, especially with that large build. Well then, here I come, your Reaper! It seems it’ll become real red soon.

But, gradually, chances began to appear. Maybe it's because the Jiisha switched strategy from trying to mow me down to swinging down his giganting paw right from above my head. I was saved by that fact as the mowing down attack is harder to dodge.

After dodging that huge paw, the way to the Jiisha's face became open in front of me amidst a cloud of dust.

「――Oops! 」

While running toward the Jiisha's face by using his forelimb as my scaffolding, I drew the knife on my hips and thrusted it right into the right eyeball of the Jiisha.


I see, though attacking from mid range is useless, when in close range, it is effective. Jumping down from my rough scaffolding, I then sent a parting gift in the form of a hail of bullets into the Jiisha;s mouth who was showing its beautiful set of carnivorous teeth. [TL : Opening his mouth]

Moreover, when I did that, it showed a pained reaction which was obviously different from the ones it had shown so far. His HP bar was also below 25%, in short, the red area. To make the matter worse, this guy has also lost half of his field of vision. I decided to dispatch him with my last trump card.

Using the moment when his attention is distracted from me due to overwhelming pain, I climbed the Jiisha again, till I was right in front of its nose.


Grasping the long sword that I borrowed from Shinji in my right hand, I used my entire weight into stabbing the sword into its nose, even twisting it at the end. The red light effect that had never came up till now bloomed rather magnificently.


I knew that this was the most effective attack so far. Yup, once again the-Eh, it won’t come off. I'll do it this way then!

While hanging onto the sword that had pierced too deep into his nose, I  mindlessly fired bullets into the wound on the Jiisha's nose.

But as expected, I couldn't maintain that posture for long. The Jiisha shook its head to the side as if to brush off a fly-which is me-from its head. He succeeded.


Though we were separated again, this time the Jiisha suffered greatly.. The pain which came from me driving in hails of bullets after nailing in the sword. Now to finish him off.

「――【Polar】 , Activate! HERE I COME, JIIISHAAAAAAA!」

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