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Chapter 32 : First Experience + Final Trump Card = Taste of Soil—Teaser——-

I’m chasing after Shnji who running toward the boss at full speed. Naturally Shinji also understand the meaning behind that formation.

If I were to running at my full speed, I’ll be arriving first in front of Jiisha due to the fact that Shinji have no speed increasing skill. In addition, due to me gathering all of the boss hate, as long as we do that— Suicide like strategy— we are guaranteed to fail. The key of this strategy is timing. Thus I’m waiting behind Shinji, waiting for that timing to come.

Thw Jiisha isn’t moving from it’s place since it might be planning to ambushing us during our run. In the end I’m forced to take a stance to intercepting the ambush from middle range.

And then, the moment Shinji is entering that guy range―― Nay, the moment that guy entered Shinji range, our operation commenced.


The hate of the Jiisha is completely switching over from me to Shinji in hearing Shinji loud voice.


Shinji who running non stop is invoking his defensive arts following right after previous one. He’s firmly holding on his shield with both hand for the paw attack that seemingly enough to crushing a giant tree.


He’s managed to parry it.

But, Jiisha attack won’t stop with just that. He’s Using the residual force that caused by his paw attack to executing another attack with his tail.


(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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