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Chapter 28 : IEO BBS ~Part 2~ Part 1

【IEO】Innocent Earth Online

203  Name : Nameless Adventurer

Damn, just when will we be able to beat the Okinawa boss…..

204  Name : Nameless Adventurer

It seems that the management of operation won’t budge no matter how earth-shattering the protest that coming from the players.

205  Name : Nameless Adventurer

It seems that lately, many players were mesmerized in doing role-play, hobby and manufacturing while leaving the capture boss to the top guild.

Thus I’m also going to play baseball with everyone in the guild by the next week.

206  Name : Nameless Adventurer

To be honest, how many people do you think that truly aiming to be the first to capture the boss?

By the way, I gave up by the previous week.

207  Name : Nameless Adventurer

Our guild is not giving up yet.

We could make the boss HP gauge turned yellow before.

Don’t ask what happened after that.

208  Name : Nameless Adventurer

We’re fifty-fifty.

But there’s the guy who was aiming at it in their own pace.

209  Name : Nameless Adventurer

Impossible, my heart is broken already.

210  Name : Nameless Adventurer

You got shot by an arrow on the knee huh………

211  Name : Nameless Adventurer


Just shaving that boss HP by half is already an amazing feat right?

doesn't that mean you got superior data?

212  Name : Nameless Adventurer


Though I don’t know which guild it is, it might be famous capture guild from somewhere.

I’ll help you.

213  Name : Nameless Adventurer


Please upload the subjugation video if you managed to beat the boss.

I’ll be waiting.

214  Name : Nameless Adventurer

Any report about the boss red HP gauge?

215  Name : Nameless Adventurer



The fool who is just looking around and doing a public stunt is eliminated.

216  Name : Nameless Adventurer

What is the best party configuration for it?

Please tell me even if it’s just general explanation.

217  Name : Nameless Adventurer


8 persons configuration huh?

2 tanker for hate control.

1 with higher evasion rate and combat capability to gradually chip the boss HP down.

2 for distraction and healing.

2 with high firepower.

the last one is up to you.

What do you think about that configuration?

218  Name : Nameless Adventurer

Generally it’s like that.

In the first place, the maximum number of people who can go to challenge that cheat boss is 2 party composed of 8 people.

To be honest, even twice of that number is barely enough to defeat that boss.

219  Name : Nameless Adventurer


Ideally, I want to have a healer who can cast double as the long range attacker too.

And not just someone who specializes at healing, with just that the degree of difficulties in hate management for healing specialization will rise very much.

220  Name : Nameless Adventurer

I see.

Then does that mean the most important point in capturing the boss is how to use the healer?

221  Name : Nameless Adventurer


Maybe not.

I just feel that keeping everyone from dying is the most important point.

Since the degree of difficulties will rise to another level just by having a party member dying.

222  Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’m asking for a good party composition but I think it’s just so so.

Part 2

224 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Why are you saying something like that……….

225 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Though I’m not against the common formation, the most important point is the guy with high evasion rate and able to gradually shave the boss HP down.

If possible I want that guy to have high enough firepower to gather the hate from the boss.

When it comes to balanced occupation or firepower occupation to manage the hate of the boss, what comes to me is healer occupation right.

226 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Though such things is possible, it’s way too difficult you know.

Many of those guys with high evasion rate have paper-like defence since they haven’t learnt defensive skill or arts.

The fate of the party with such guy is decided once that guy makes a mistake.

227 Name : Nameless Adventurer

If such guy exist, I want him to come to our party by all means.

Unfortunately such guy doesn’t exist.

228 Name : Nameless Adventurer

If there’s that kind of guy, the capture party won’t leave him alone right.

Since majority of those big shot of solo players have been invited.

229 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Since the service just started and one month barely elapsed, the new content is gradually increasing.

230 Name : Nameless Adventurer


What is the new thing you’re expecting?

231 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Idiots whose party will be charging toward the boss all at once.

The guy who is going to play the game from now on is seething with curiosity to the game that just launched.

Don’t you know the continuation for that?

232 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Don’t you guys become too excited.

Well it’s not like I can’t understand your feeling.

233 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Sorry for the intrusion.

I just saw something a bit too absurd in Naha.

By the way, please watch the video in the link below.


234 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Oioi, don’t you think that video is way too weird.

235 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Since it’s too scary, I won’t look at it.

Please tell me your impression

236 Name : Nameless Adventurer


237 Name : Nameless Adventurer

What the hell is this…………..

238 Name : Nameless Adventurer

What the heck is this?

Is this some sort of event?

239 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I can’t see the video since my PC is under weather.

Please give me the detailed explanation within 3 lines.

240 Name : Nameless Adventurer


There’s 3 fella surrounding a girl.

A man then come to save her at that time.

That savior then annihilated those 3 fellas with his transcendental technique.

241 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Thank you.

That guy is amazing to be able to win against 3 opponent.

But then, is his skill really that amazing?

242 Name : Nameless Adventurer


The nature of his movement is dangerous.

It’s a movement where I think it won't be possible without combining evasion and offensive arts.

243 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Using simultaneous arts shouldn’t be possible right.

Or else this art might be the combination of evasion and offensive in one art.

244 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Look at this guy equipment.

Not just his weapon, even his attire is of those initial equipments.

245 Name : Nameless Adventurer

His opponent is fist fighter and thief.

Part 3

246 Name : Nameless Adventurer

If I’m not wrong, their assist is a gunner.

Because the only one with dual gun as their weapon is a gunner

247 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Gunner, but this guy can use knife and dual gun, is he a knife user?

248 Name : Nameless Adventurer


I’m a gunner but I don’t remember there’s such arts in my arts list.

Maybe he’s a leading group from βtester.

249 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I want to ask a question to those with shooting occupation.

Is it possible to score such rapid shooting headshot?

Though I barely able to see it with slow motion, this savior guy was firing six bullet into this fella mouth.

250 Name : Nameless Adventurer



251 Name : Nameless Adventurer


NO WAY!!!!!

Such feat is impossible you knowwwwww

252 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Let me teach these guys who know nothing about using gun.

Gun is completely different from air gun.

The recoil is beyond what you thought when you shot using arts.

At very least, shooting the gun with one hand without the assistance of arts is IMPOSSIBLE.

Rapid fire is just TOO ABSURD.

253 Name : Nameless Adventurer

That’s why the firepower of the gun of initial equipment is low, there’s no such arts.

Just how long it’ll take for one to raise their arts and skill proficiency till one can do such feat.

254 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I want to become the disciple of this person.

The uploader of this video is the acquaintance of this per-……… Maybe not.

255 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Sorry, I just happened to be passing by that place.

256 Name : Nameless Adventurer

WAA………… That last kicking skill? Is it a throwing skill? Or is it something similiar to that?

It sends shiver on my spine for a moment.

257 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Do we have that kind of arts?

Looking down on the possibilities of this game

258 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Could it be that this guy is switching job to a gunner?

Since he can do that sort of skill, his previous occupation might be a thief, or a fist fighter, or even a ninja.

259 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Though we can’t dismiss such possibilities, I think it’s just too difficult.

Though there’s a merit in switching job, it has its downside too.

It’s difficult to exhibit the firepower of the previous job arts and skills with shooting job. I happen to know that the effect will be declined by 20%.

Or should I say that this guy grappling skill and knife handling skill is……….. Waay too professional.

I can vouch for this since I myself am a fist fighter (T^T)

260 Name : Nameless Adventurer


I never know that there’s such demerit in switching job.

261 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Well as long as one looking on long term, it’s a merit itself.

I just think that doing that sort of things within one month is way too difficult.

262 Name : Nameless Adventurer

The highest possibilities is cheat, right?

263 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Are you trying to say that there’s abnormality within the security of the management side or the fact that there’s a hacker?

Is that even possible?

264 Name : Nameless Adventurer

What else then?

But in the worst case, we’ll be banned for being annoyance of falsely accusing someone who isn’t using a cheat as a cheater.

265 Name : Nameless Adventurer


No matter how much you try to tell the management side about this, you need a solid proof and readiness for saying that sort of thing in the game.

266 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Hey……. it’s slightly off topic but, don’t you think that this guy with his evasion rate is just the right candidate to gradually shave away the HP of the boss?

He might be able to manage the boss hate if he can score that many damage by shooting at the boss vital point.

Or rather, he might be amongst ACE class of capture party if he can exhibit that kind of movement.

267 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Part 4

268 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’ll go to Naha right away

269 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I just remembered that I have a business.

Naha I'm coming

270 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Oi stop it already guys.

This fellow is mine.

271 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Are you a gay?

272 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Can’t I?

273 Name : Nameless Adventurer


No, it’s okay, even more so, I’m cheering for both of you.

274 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Though I won’t stop you guys, do you even know who this savior guy is?

274 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’ve got the information you know

I’ll go to gather his information on the actual place.

275 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Be cautious since he’ll be discovered by the management side.

274 Name : Nameless Adventurer

By the way I’ll pass this time since I’m getting scared of being BANNED along with this guy if he really was cheating.

You guys, be my sacrifice.

275 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Shall we try to report this video to the management of operation for the time being.

Nevertheless, this guys might be innocence right.

276 Name : Nameless Adventurer


It’s not too late to start moving from now.

277 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Whatever, please just capture the Okinawa boss quickly.

If you can beat that boss, anything else is trivial matter.

278 Name : Nameless Adventurer

The adventurer team is already on boiling point.

My head is already full with tomorrow soccer tournament.

279 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Are you me?

280 Name : Nameless Adventurer


I’m here

281 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Eh, when did I write that message?

282 Name : Nameless Adventurer


The soccer boy become way too excited Lol

This place became some sort of place to do your hobby [TL : Not too sure about this]

283 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Because the subjugation is stagnating, the amount of people who turn to their hobby is increasing proportionally.

By the way, I'm gonna be fishing tomorrow.

While hunting monster at the same time.

284 Name : Nameless Adventurer

In the end, It came to monster subjugation huh?

285 Name : Nameless Adventurer

At this rate those guys will become even more fiery as long as this boss isn’t subjugated.

286 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Those guys?

287 Name : Nameless Adventurer

The guys who change this game into a shitty game.

Those guys starting to appear everywhere.

Yeah, the name of those guys are Ran——-

288 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Oi, stop it.

289 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Those guys have yet to become too hot right.

As long as we can clear Okinawa stage……..

290 Name : Nameless Adventurer

|ω・`) Ran……….

291 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Be quiet, master of forest!

292 Name : Nameless Adventurer


GET OUT! This is a human country!

293 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Please………….. Someone ………….. Clear Okinawa already………….

294 Name : Nameless Adventurer

A thread like this again, another extra work huh.

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