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Chapter 29 [(Me+Shinji) x Dungeon = Crab]

TL : Cnine


Part 1

Me and Shinji is running across the field under the night sky. Though we were facing against monster attack along the way, the one who appearing in front of us are small fry that we can defeat even without cooperating.

My dual gun are suited for fighting against crown, I mean I have Shinji to cover me with his superior defense even if I’m surrounded. Running, fighting and then picking raw material, then repeat again. Our item box is filled with large amount of raw material after repeating those circle for 2 hours, and then, standing before us is a castle that bearing resemblance with ryuukyu* kingdom. [TL : A certain kingdom in one piece– 琉球王国–]

「This is, a dungeon? It’s gave the feeling of tourist attraction rather than a dungeon」

The paving stones are lining up at fixed interval inside that gigantic castle, beyond that is a prominent wooden structure which painted in many brilliant color.

「It seems so on the surface. But, the problem is below this. There’s a place which become the entrance to a dungeon inside of that castle, and beyond that point will give you underground dungeon-like feeling」

「I see, so that’s mean the above the ground building already being searched thoroughly right? 」

「Ah.    Since it’s normal to completely searching the surrounding building for a hint to capture the dungeon. So, I hear that due to various searching, the valuable treasures already taken」

As expected, I couldn’t get the feeling of traveling through an undiscovered historical ruin. This should be a good place tfor change of pace as Shinji say.

「Understood.  Please kindly guide me since I’m a complete noob when it comes to dungeon」

「OU!  Leave it to me」

Following after Shinji who fired up, I’m finally challanging my first dungeon.

We were descending the stairs in the building which led to underground and then we immediately entered cave-like area. The torch along the wall guarantee that we got enough light that won’t lost to daytime.

「This kind of cave is under a castle……..」

It’s said to be the fantasy world that bear the resemblance of reality but, as expected, the dungeon won’t be the same as reality. In fact I’ll be shocked if it’s turnout that there’s this kind of cave under Okinawa cast–…. There’s none right?

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