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Chapter 12 [【Breaking News】 I Can Stay Cool] [D]

12話 【速報】俺氏、大地に立つ [D]

TL : Cnine


Part 1

The night of the day when I managed to make new friends thanks to Shinji, I was heading toward 【Naha】 or dubbed as starting city by someone. It’s not Nawa[i], it’s NAHA[ii]. And then, the region where this Naha located is called Okinawa. It’s not Okinawa, it’s OKINAWA[iii].

The biggest feature of Innocent Earth Online―― Abbreviated as IEO is the fact that it’s packed with extremely familiar world and system. Though the scope isn’t just stopped at directly reflecting the real ability of the player, the real japan, wrong, it’s to the point where it’s recreating the whole earth.

This game which is spreading in the entire world must be managed by each own country server, the player who’s logging in Japan  will automatically alighted by the system toward Japan server. It’s required extravagant amount of data and labours to recreating the entire field in the earth but, the company which managing IEO is an super gigantic company which have it’s branch spreading in the entire world, the rumor say that they’re investing absurd amount of money in this project.

And then, it held tremendous amount of authority in Japan in which it’s headquarters of the company is located.  Though the game area isn't as wide as the real one, this world that is scrupulously made as real as the real Japan can easily hold population that is rumored to be in tens of thousand, hundred of thousand or even millions.  [TL : Courtesy to wuguhn[alias : Erotora] and Rinvelt for their TLC]

If you saying it in Japan term, each region of this world have it’s own regional boss, they say that you can’t advance toward the next region unless you beat the current region boss. In case of Japan server, it’s been decided that everyone starting point is 【Naha】 when they’re logging in for the first time.

The clear situation in this one month after IEO starting it’s service is Okinawa, the main isla―― I mean in OKINAWA, except for 【Naha】, there’s also several cities such as 【Uruma】 or 【Nago】, it seems there’s a rumor that the boss is hiding in one of severals dungeon which located on the northeast from 【Nago】[iv].

The unconfirmed matter is the fact that there’s no confirmation regarding the players who’re reaching all the way to the boss. But, even I think that it can’t be helpedBecause the long awaited extreme rewarding boss drop in IEO won’t be given to anyone but the party who managed to beat it first.

Though the boss itself will be revived in fixed interval after being beaten so that anyone can challanging it, I still want to do it since I’m aiming for it’s rare drop. That’s why the aim for anyone of our party is to be the one who managed to clearing it first, the result of capturing the boss aside, there’s no public disclosure on how to get the right to challenging the boss.

Due to those reason, the boss of OKINAWA still remaining un-captured despite it’s been one month since the start of the service, the next field is has yet to be known in which prefecture it’ll be.

In spite of being highly popular online game in which the crippled person[v] of the entire country gathering together, they can’t even taking down the boss of the first stage even after one month. The management side is just too cruel.

Well, that’s about the current situation of the game. I, who still barely able to fight in this world is still gathering more experience. First, I should go to HELLO WORK to get subjugation type quest.

I noticed a certain thing when I’m walking with such thought. The street light of the city have been lit. Though it’s an extremely normal things, when it comes to this, it’s means that the day have been turned into night.  Though naturally it’ll make my sense paralyzed, I noticed that the real world time and in-game time is linked together.

Wait a minute. It’s mean that i won’t be able to see anything when I left to outside…….. EH? Was I paying attention to those matter in the first day I’m logging in? Though I think I can somehow manage it since I also have the experiencea night combat,  Well, I’ll confirm that later. Let’s go to HELLO WORK first.

I’m dashing at full speed toward HELLO WORK since I can’t hold back the excitement in my heart. Though I felt several line of sight looking at me along the way, I ignoring that as I opened the door of HELLO WORK since I didn’t feel any malice in those line of sight. But, my appearance is unpleasant huh.

――WHen I opened the door, the place beyond that is the HELLO WORK.

……………. As I thought, my appearance is unpleasant huh. I can feel the malice of the management side.

Part 2

Despite the mixed feeling I felt inside, and then I keep advancing since nothing will begin otherwise.

When I’m inside, the inside of the building is crammed with players who wore various kind of equipments. Majority of them is loitering in front of the huge display board on which the quest is pasted on to, and then long line of player is formed in front of the receptionist counter which with player  who held paper quest which is taken off from the display.

「This……………… The number of people is beyond my expectation」

Though there’s several HELLOWORK in the city of Naha, the other places might be in similiar situation. Maybe if this scene was a real one it’s the sign of great recession in this world.

But, this is more crowded than what I expected. Morever, there’s too many absurd quest pasted on the display board……….. Let’s come again next time. I-If I’m really going for it, I can get a job anytime! I just didn’t take it too seriously yet. It’s only because there’s no suitable job for me!

I can’t do it. My head actually become so chaotic after having myself come to HELLOWORK. I’m not in anyway to calm myself.  Calm down, I’m still in highschool, A STUDENT. Not a jobless, definitely NOT A JOBLESS, JOBLESSISSCARYJOBLESSISSCARY.

……………. Not good, let’s get out of here.

In the end, I who completely giving up on receiving a job from HELLOWORK is left to the field without accepting any quest despite the fall in efficiency.

Any yet just when I thought that I won’t be able to see since it’s already night, it doesn’t happen. I can see fairly well. It’s a bit dark though.

Though the field during night is certainly feels gloomy, it was guaranteed of 50 metres field of vision. In that case, it seems I will be able to somehow manage it if it’s a clear and unobstructed field.  When looking at my surrounding I can see several others player on the field, they might be a beginner similiar to me.

The monster that popping up in the vicinities of Naha city is basically small fry, it’s unpopular except for the beginner since it’s also have bad efficiency on the funds. But, due to extremely great number of beginner in this one month after IEO starting it’s service, the field on the vicinities of Naha city are still filled with beginner.

「Oy, that place is our hunting ground!」

「Don’t make such selfish decision!」

Even if I can’t hear it clearly, I can hear that kind of exchange from various place. Uh~n, that’s too bloodthirsty exchange……….. Let’s pass on this place. There wasn’t that much people when I came to this place with Shinji before but, it seems the harvested material over there is also of the lowest quality. Where should I go now…………….

「Well no use in pondering about it forever. Should I just venturing into the forest」

Part 3

I want to the forest in order to escape from the place with too many people. The visibility inside of the forest is far worse than on the field, I can see nothing but few metres in front of me. Nevertheless, I keep walking forward without caring whether I can see clearly or not and then the scenery of the city is completely vanished as if being swallowed by the overgrown and thick sea of trees.

I keep walking while paying close attention to the radar that will detecting the presence of my enemies on the corner of my field of vision and then, I noticed that there’s several sign of what considered as monster on my surrounding. But, it’s not showing in the searching for enemies radar. Am I just being too paranoid. Or else, the searching for enemies ability is too low so that it won’t show me the presence of the enemies on my vicinity.

I’m slightly lost so I decided to believing in my own intuition. The closest sign which I can feel from the shadow of the tree standing in front of me. Their number is 3. As I keep walking and then passing the side of the tree without halting my steps―― 3 snake-like monster is springing all at once.

Their length is around 2 metres. Poison colored-like liquid is gathering on it’s bared sharp fangsYup, it’s a giant Habu[vi].

The survival knife which I always placed on my hips is―― Yup, it’s not on there. I hold my twin gun and then fired the first two bullet each on the head of the snake that coming from above and below, following by sending the one that come from middle flying with my kick. If it’s the real world, no snake will survive from those attack but, this is virtual world. Even while those 3 snake is agonizing on it’s position, it keep being hostile toward me.

「Well, I’ll just shoot you till you’re dead then」

I shoot the second volley of bullets into the head of the snake who’s transformed into unmoving object, and made it completely unable to enter the combat stance. Thereupon, those snake is vanishing as it’s emitting the light effect and leaving 3 violet colored tiny fangs on the place where it’s vanished.

「Hee, so this is the drop item huh」

WHen I’m taking that violet colored fangs, the explanation note is surfacing in front of me.

【Fang of Habu : Despite can be used as material, it’s utility value is low】

Just that! Or rather, the name of that snake is really matching with Habu. The management already make a bit of pun here. I picked those raw material and then tossing it into the mysterious personal space which dubbed as “Item box”. Though I’ve heard from Shinji that it’s useful with it’s surprise box for coming out when you’re wishing for it, it’s too useful. It’s super wanted convenient in reality.

「Well, at any rate first subjugation is a success. Next one is――」

As if reacting to my words, the monster who was hiding in my vicinities are rushing at me all at once from four side.

「――To getting rid of them huh」

First is the monkey monster who’s rushing from my left and right. It’s size is that of the normal nihonzaru[vii] but, it’s eyes is carrying red glint in it, and releasing killing intent which completely unlike normal monkey. Despite firing bullets toward those guys head which is coming from both side, if based on the Habu from a while ago, I fired 3 bullet for each of them for a sure kill. Yup, I beat them. It seems I can beat them with around 3 head shoot into their head.

Just like that, I keep firing 3 bullets for each monkey monster and Habu who keep attacking from the four side.  Though some of those monsters are managed to slipping away till my boson since they keep coming all at once, I let them to have a taste of my shoes just like the first snake. Though I’m fully focusing on avoiding all the attack in the case of running out of bullets, I’m not trained to be hit by such uncooperative and linier movement.

In the process of doing that for few times, raw materials of the monsters are scattering on my surrounding. But I’m not going to pick them and turning my attention toward the sign inside the forest instead.

Part 4


It came. I’ve been worried since it’s continously emitting such huge presence just by itself but………… That is, Inoshishi[Boar]?. But――

「It’s huge」

Though I hunted wild boar so many times in real life, As expected, this guy is the biggest one with height around my own. My ventilation will surely improved if one of those huge tusk piercing my body. But, it won’t be able to do that.

I’m lunging myself at the same time as that huge Inoshishi charging toward me. If we’re collided as of now, I’m surely will be the one who’ll be send flying like a mannequin being running over by truck. But, naturally I’m not going to do that. I’m jumping upward just before colliding with the Inoshishi and aiming for behind it and shooting 4 bullets toward each of it’s achiless heel while turning my body in the middle of air. Though aiming for head shot is piece of cake, the cranium of charging animal is extremely hard. Moreover, it’s also have a huge size. I’m just being cautious and decided to taking away it’s mobility.

Sure enough, the huge Inoshishi is collapsed right on that place and unable to get up. I’m fired my bullet right at the position where the Inoshishi heart is. Ah, the heart of this Inoshishi might be not always in the same position as the real boar.

Or should I say, naturally, that much won’t be enough to kill the Inoshishi, it’s standing again and then charging toward my position. But,it’s completely lost it’s explosive power that it shown in the beginning, there’s completely no power behind it. In that case it’ll just simple work of me keep firing my bullet into it’s mouth, eyes and nose.

「This is difficult. I’ve no hobbies of tormenting my prey. I’ll end your suffering immediately」

Today is great hunting day. Next is, what should I do about that guy who keep following me from the city………… Should I left him  alone as long as he didn’t pick a fight.

[i] [TL : the raw is [ナハ/Naha] but remember the title of this act is OKINAWA disembarkment. While “Ha” katakana can be read as “Wa” this might be a pun]

[TL* : 那覇]

[ii] [TL* : ナハ]

[iii] [TL : The first is [沖縄 : Okinawa], the second is [オキナワ : Okinawa]]

[iv] [TL : all the name of those cities are pun of their counterpart in Japan]

[v] I don't know why he use crippled person[廃人] term in there

[vi] [TL : yellow-spotted pit viper]

[vii] [TL* : japanese macaque, in short a monkey]


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