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Act 1 [Okinawa Disembarkation Act]

第1章 オキナワ上陸編

Chapter 11 [【Good news】 Hey, I Can Make Real Friend]

11話 【朗報】俺氏、リアフレが出来る

TL : Cnine


Part 1

The next day after the special PvP training with Shinji. I, as usual send Ruri till her school, the track and field club rolling around on the roadside of the hell slope in front of the school as usual, entering the classroom while having a foolish conversation with Shinji like usual, taking class like usual and then having a lunch like usual.

「Sou, Will you Log In today?」

Shinji’s placing his lunch box on my desk and then sitting in front of me like normal.  How blessed I’m if it was a girl who did that. No, how blessed I’m if it was Ruri. Can Ruri just skipping grade already. No, won’t there a technique which made me can do over from 3rd grade of elementary school. Will a medicine which can regress my body appearing Somewhere[i]. Won’t a certain black organization appearing Somewhere.

「Yeah, that’s my plan. I’ll leave when it’s time for dinner though」

Since I already extra careful due to the event yesterday night. Fortunately, the 【REVE】 not only have mail function, it’s also equipped with alarm function which connected to outside from inside the game.  It’ll be alright since I already setting it before I sleep last night.

「I see, then how about hunting together today? I’ve talked to the member of the guild but they’re warmly welcomed if it’s Sou」

Hunting is going to the field to beat the monster and then gaining the material. I will get raw material if I can beat the monster, and I can also get money by selling those material to the trade asSociation of the city. In addition, I can gain extra cash by doing monster subjugation type quest in HELLO WORK.

In many case  doing that with party is more efficient than doing it Solo. Though the remunition will be split equally, since in return we can looking for quest or monster that can’t be subjugated by one person alone, that’s also very natural.

but, I’m not very familiar with that game yet. So I’m currently causing trouble by going along with the people of Shinji guild.

「U~hn, it’s long awaited invitation but, I’m going to walk on my own pace to the outside of the city for today. Since I still have almost no knowledge about that world. Sorry」

「I see. I want to introduced you to those guys in the guild but, it can’t be helped if you can’t do it for today.  I’ll invite you again later」

Come to think of it, he say that the member of the guild is the students of our school. So to say maybe they know about me, and I know about them, maybe.

I’m replying while doing my best to not showing that I’m not that much interested in them expression on my face.

「Yeah, best regard for that time」

After that we’re eating our lunch while having a foolish conversation like usual and then, a beautiful girl is calling us with cold voice while approaching us just right when we finished our lunch.

「Can I have a minute, Shinji? It’s about yesterday matter」

「N?  Yo, |Midori《翠》」

The girl whose feature is her slightly almond shaped eyes and her shoulder length black hair is stopping her feet in front of our table while glaring at us.

Part 2

I’m sure that she was Shinji friend. Though I never have a conversation with her I get this feeling that I saw her few times before. I really can’t underestimate Shinji for having such beautiful friend………… They’re friend right? If she was your girlfriend, I have no choice but to request a fuel with you right away.

「Naa Shinji――」

Should I beat you―― AS IF. I wonder what was your relationship with this girl!? Please tell me who’s currently still gritting my teeth calmly about your relationship with this girl.

「AH, I never had the time to introduce her huh. She’s my childhood friend, |Wakakusa Midori《若草翠》 of the 1st year 5th class」

Childhood friend huh. Now, that’s such delicate fine line, you’re safe. But don’t be careless, Shinji. Because if I know that you’re guilty, I’ll become an oni[ii].

「Midori, this one here is――」

「I know him since he’s quite a celebrity you know. 2nd class, Todou Souichiro right. Nice to meet you, Todo-kun」

Eh, she know about me? Is she using indirect expression to avoid expressing about my home unique circumtance? If that’s true, she’s a good girl. Can I cry now.

「Nice to meet you too, Wakakusa-san」

When I’m talking to Wakakusa, Shinji’s looking around restlessly as if looking for Someone.

「Are, Fuyukawa isn’t with you?」

「Are, I was with her till a while ago though………….. Could it be that |Aoi《葵》 is straying again?」

Fumu, Shinji and Wakakusa-san is childhood friend, now when they say the girl called Fuyukawa Aoi, is she a normal friend. I have this feeling that I heard that name Somewhere before but…….. I can’t remember it. Well I mean there’s close to 200 people in the 1st year. It can’t be helped.

But, she's straying just by walking to the class. Fuyukawa Aoi-san. She’s quite a courageous person huh.

When I’m back from imagining the girl which I have yet to meet, Shiji’s looking at the door of the class while saying 「OOh」.

「Fuyukawa! Over here」

I’m also tempted to looking at the direction of the door and then, over there was the figure of a girl who was twitched due to Shinji voice.

「Are you straying again, Aoi?」

Since I Somehow―― Discovered her name due to the two of them but―― Fuyukawa Aoi was trotting at us with flushing red cheeks.

「Geez, you’re just too fast, Midori」

Her tone which is peculiar to that of docile girl, and then her small animal-like gesture.  This girl is definitely book committe member. Somehow I’m convinced with my guess.  And then…………. A beauty, maybe.

Part 3

I attached “maybe” because there was fine line to deciding it. Because she is a shy person who hide her face with peculiar bangs[iii]. Her beautiful black hair is hiding the contour of her face and not limited to her eyes, and just like that it’s flowing down till under her shoulder. I reallyreally want to succumbing to the impulse of wanting to separating her bangs.

Moreover, hidden this girls even further than her bangs which hide her eyes is a pairs of glasses. She’s just way too hardcore as a shy person of book committee member.  I’m convinced with the height of this girl potential, no I’m trembled by her profound potential.

I know about this type that will change into a transcendental beauty just by changing her hair style and taking off her glasses from the mang-―― No, from the bible that was lend by Shinji.  I can feel that my cosmos will experiencing a |Supernova Explosion《Supernova》[iv] when this girl is taking off her glasses and separated her bangs.

No, taking off her glasses might be a bit too much for her. Though it certainly is true that many girls are wearing limiter-like glasses to raise their fighting power to it’s pinnacle when it being taken off, on the contrary it’s also true that there’s girls who wear booster-like glasses to raise their fighting power to it’s pinnacle[v]. For me to forgetting about such natural things, I’m still have way more to go.

「Sou, this small one over there is Fuyukawa Aoi of the 5th class」

「P-Please don’t call me small, Takahashi-kun!」

「That’s right Shinji, Aoi is small but her chest is another matter」


Small animal―― Cough, Fuyukawa-san is raising a protest to the duo of Shinji and Midori while blushing red till her ears. Shinji and Wakakusa-san is smiling when looking at her face, somehow I can guess the relationship of these three people with this one act. You’ve it nice huh Shinji, such positive change. Your chair.  And then, thank you for such delicious information, Midori-san.

But, as expected just how pitiful she is. Should I send a lifeboat.

「Nice to meet you, Fuyukawa-san. My name is Toudou Souichiro, Shinji friend」

「E!?    Ah, EH, That’s」

Though I was planning to send a lifeboat, Fuyukawa-san’s grabbing the front of her skirt with flustered manner and returned my greeting in hurry.  Fumu, it’s became a preemptive strike instead of a lifeboat.

「I-I’m sorry, I’m Fuyukawa Aoi. U-Uhm, I’m always hearing about you from Takahashi-kun. Takahashi-kun always indebted to you」

So cute. And then, what about me that Shinji telling to Fuyukawa-san. Depending on the subject, I can become an angel, or reaper.

「Oyoy Fuyukawa. Isn’t that sound like that I’m always causing trouble for Sou」

「Ara, was I wrong?」

「M-Midori…………… Why are you defecting on her side at this kind of timing」

I’ve grasped the gist of their relationship. At most it seems that they’re getting along with Shinji. As I thought, this guy is more suited to be surrounded by amongst people rather than just hanging out with me.

Part 4

Well then, should I secretly taking my leave. Wakakusa-san have said that she know about me, Fuyukawa-san also showing that kind of reaction of someone who know about me. Since most of the girls who know about me is afraid of me.

「Well then, Shinji. I will――」

「Hold on, Sou!」

To me who tried to leave that place with suitable excuse, Shinji stopped me with sharp eyes that was different than his eyes till now. His pressure made me unintentionally stopped both my legs and lips.

「Didn’t you just think that you’ll only become the third wheel?」

……………. I thought.

「I’m not. I just recalled that I have small business」

「You have a habit of removing your line of sight when telling a lie you know」

……………… I have that kind of habit. Just how cliche I am.

「They definitely are saying that the know about your situation at the beginning but, they’re not the kind of people who will judge someone else just by their family circumtance and rumor」

To me who’s still dumbfounded by his words, I was greeted by Wakakusa-san from the side.

「I often heard about Toudou-kun from Shinji. He say that you’re a really strong but awkward person, and then kind on top of that. Well though I often heard the rumor about you half-killed a pervert or about you destroyed a biker gang, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to harm me right? 」

「Eh, that is , well」

「If it was like that, then it have nothing to do with me. Rather I’m glad to be able to get along with someone who can do that」

My head unable to catching up with such high speed and unexpected development. Is this person not afraid of me? Those rumor, regarding me half-killing the pervert who was being carried inside police van and me who destroyed a biker gang since they disturbed the sleep of my|Angel《妹[Imotou]》[vi], everything is true you know?To do be precise, it’s done by me and father though.

「I’m not some kind of saint that can do something like understanding about Toudou-kun in such short amount of time but, I know that you’re the best friend of Shinji. That’s why, Toudou-kun――」

Wakakusa-san is exchanging look with Fuyukawa-san for a moment and then both of them is nodding lightly.

「「(Please) Become our friend」」

――I made new friends on this day.

[i] [TL* : If you don’t know, it’s the medicine in detective conan]

[ii] A demon, in this case Souumething similar to FFF

[iii] [TL : Ex –> Nodoka from Negima]

[iv] [TL : Definitely seint seiya reference, supernova = 7th sense]

[v] [TL : I don’t know what reference is this]

[vi] [TL : If you don’t know what imotou means, it means little sister]


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