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Chapter 81.1

Chapter 81 The Savior (I)

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Zhao Yujian was lying on the ground, staring at Zhou Qin, who was still in shock . His eyes were full of unwillingness and resentment . But as his eyes slowly closed, the world around him turned dark, and the exclamations and noises around became buzzing, blurred, and unrecognizable .

“Am I still alive?” Zhou Qin stared at Li Yundong and tried to speak until she found her voice had become hoarse, and she could not say a word .

At this time, Li Yundong had a forehead covered with sweat, teeth gritting, and his face looked horrible as if he was in tremendous pain .

“God, his arm is dislocated!” Seeing that Li Yundong’s shoulder joint and elbow joint were swollen, Kris immediately pushed the crowd away and came to him .

She squatted down and tried to check Li Yundong’s injury when she was stopped by a girl who said fiercely, “Back off!”

Kris was stunned . When she figured out that the girl was Su Chan who had been with Li Yundong, she argued, “He is hurt, let me have a look . I know a little medicine . ”

Su Chan sneered and glanced at the foreign girl who was wearing only one piece of underwear on her upper body . She showed disdain and scorn on her face and said, “How can you know medicine?”

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Kris was stunned and suddenly blushed .  “I just wanted to help . Why did she say that?”

Kris retorted angrily, “I have been trained professionally! Have you?”

Su Chan didn’t want to argue with her, but showed a terrible green light in her eyes as the beast showed her fangs .

Kris was scared by Su Chan’s eyes . When she recovered and was about to get angry, she suddenly saw Su Chan poke Li Yundong’s chest with her figure while whispering to him, “I need to correct your dislocated joints . Yundong, hold on!”

Li Yundong was covered in sweat . He nodded to Su Chan with a forced smile .

Su Chan squeezed the joint of Li Yundong’s arm with her hand, then grabbed his arm with one hand and his forearm with the other . Suddenly, she twisted and pushed her hands . With a cracking sound, she immediately sent Li Yundong’s dislocated forearm into the joint . Then she pushed Li Yundong’s upper arm into the shoulder joint .

After hearing the consecutive four cracking sounds from the joints, the surrounding students all felt creeped out . They sweated and grimaced as if their joints could feel the pain as well .

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But Li Yundong didn’t make a sound even though his forehead had been wet, and he was clenching his teeth .

The students around could not imagine how Li Yundong saved a person on the wall of the fourth floor and caught a girl who jumped off from the fifth floor with his bare hands, but when they saw that Li Yundong’s arms were dislocated and he could endure the pain of the correction, they couldn’t help, but admire him .

“This is a real man!” Some girls covered their mouths and looked at Li Yundong with inexplicable and complicated looks .

Kris stared at Su Chan as she skillfully corrected Li Yundong’s dislocated arm and whispered involuntarily, “God, how many times has she done such a thing?”

Tom shuddered . As a trainer, he knew that a person familiar with correcting the joints must be a person who was very familiar with disassembling said joints .

“The girl is as cute as a Barbie, but she is a terrible killer!” Tom whispered to Kris .

Kris had forgotten to film at this time, but the cell phone in her hand was still recording .

After Li Yundong took a few deep breaths, he found although he still felt a little pain, his arm seemed totally fine . He stood up and moved his arms when he saw Zhou Qin and Ding Nan looking at him in shock after he turned around .

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Li Yundong had no idea about the dialogue between Zhou Qin and Ding Nan on the roof, therefore, he didn’t know that there was a huge rift between the girls who were inseparable in the past . He nodded to Zhou Qin and asked, “Are you okay?”

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong blankly as if she couldn’t believe that she was still alive . She didn’t quite know what to say, so she didn’t answer Li Yundong’s question for a while .

Seeing that she did not respond, Li Yundong thought that Zhou Qin must be in shock, so he turned his head and said to Ding Nan, “Are you alright?”

Ding Nan was staring at Li Yundong, biting her lip . She didn’t answer the question either, just like Zhou Qin .

At this time, the teachers on the rooftop of the teaching building reacted . They rushed to the edge and looked down one by one . Seeing a figure in a pool of blood, President Ke suddenly felt his heartbeat vigorous and almost passed out . Fortunately, a teacher with sharp eyes pointed to Zhou Qin and said ecstatically, “She is fine, Zhou Qin is fine! Look, she is still moving!”

Hearing this, these teachers seemed to come back to life . They became vigorous again, no longer as soft as before . They rushed downstairs like a gust of wind, yelling, “Get out of the way; get out of the way . ”

President Ke and the others quickly came to Zhou Qin, and carefully looked the girl up and down . Confirming that she had only a little scratch, they immediately felt relieved .

Anyway, this was a big blessing amidst all the misfortune!

These teachers all surrounded Zhou Qin . As for Zhao Yujian, who was lying in a pool of blood, Ding Nan, who was still in shock, a dead teacher who was still in the classroom and a wounded student who was waiting to be saved, no one cared .

Kris looked at them with cold eyes, and scolded, “Bureaucrat!”

It was unexpected that no one heard her, but her filming with the mobile phone attracted the attention of Director Qian .

The faculty director who was scared by Zhao Yujian before, stood arrogantly in front of the students, protruding his stomach as if he was the savior here .

“Hey, who allowed you to film this?” Director Qian pointed at Kris and said in anger .

Kris was stunned and said loudly, “I have the freedom of the press!”

Director Qian sneered and grabbed the phone from her hand . “Do you know where you are now? Do you think you are in the US?”

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