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Published at 26th of July 2019 11:38:51 PM
Chapter 81.2

Chapter 81 The Savior (II)

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Kris’s mobile phone was taken away, so she became infuriated . She screamed and rushed to Director Qian, however, Director Qian knew that if the video on the mobile phone were transmitted, the school would be finished because the video would be spread all over the world!

Director Qian quickly removed the memory card from the phone and then tossed the phone back to Kris . “Here’s the phone, but we have to check the video before we return the memory card to you!”

Kris had worked very hard and risked her life to take that video and in the blink of an eye, her work was taken away . She was so angry, and when she was going to take it back, Tom stopped her .

He was still very calm at this time . He shook his head at Kris, whispering, “Kris, calm down . Don’t clash with them at this time; solve it through official channels . ”

Kris said bitterly, “I will complain about him!”

When Director Qian heard that Kris wanted to complain about him, he laughed and shook his head as he walked to President Ke’s side . He whispered to President Ke while pointing at Kris .

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President Ke took a look at Kris, then praised Director Qian while patting his shoulder .

Not far away, Kris and Tom watched this and became worried . They knew that they could not solve this problem through official channels . Kris gnashed her teeth and said, “They are birds of the same feather!”

Tom also shook his head . “Forget it, let’s go see my master . ”

Kris snorted and turned to look at Li Yundong . By now, Li Yundong had no trouble with his hands . The swelling had gone down at the speed of deflating a balloon .

Kris had forgotten the quarrel and her unhappiness . She stared at Li Yundong’s arm and could not help shouting, “How is this possible! Just now your arm was like a balloon! How can it be fine now?”

Su Chan turned around and looked at her . She lifted her chin and said proudly, “I said you knew nothing about medicine . Are you convinced now?”

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Kris blushed, but she was a straightforward girl . “I am convinced, but can you teach me?”

Su Chan humphed and turned away . She said, “I don’t accept foreigners, and I also advise you not to try Yundong . He will never accept you as a disciple!”

Kris felt puzzled and wronged . What dynasty did she belong to? How could she be as conservative as an older woman in her 100s?

Kris grievously shouted, “I am of Chinese descent . My grandmother is Chinese!”

Li Yundong and Su Chan were both stunned and looked at each other . Li Yundong asked, “Your grandma is Chinese?”

Kris nodded . “Yes, my grandmother is called Lin Guoying . She is from Hunan, China, and she is the one who taught me Chinese and Chinese culture . ”

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Although Li Yundong’s attitude to Kris was not very friendly, it was much better than that of Su Chan . He smiled and said, “No wonder you are so good at Chinese, but you have a little Hunan accent, which should be corrected . ”

Kris shrugged her shoulders and didn’t take this kind of thing seriously . “Why should I correct it if you can understand it . There are 50 states in the United States, and I have never heard that any state of the other 49 has to learn Washington accents . ”

Li Yundong smiled slightly . He didn’t want to argue with Kris on this kind of problem . He turned his head and looked at Zhao Yujian, who was in a pool of blood, with sympathy and lament in his eyes .

In all fairness, in addition to his narrow-mindedness and extreme character, Zhao Yujian was very good in all aspects who was very attractive to the opposite sex . After he failed to pursue Zhou Qin, he chose to embark on one of the most extreme roads and achieved terrible self-destruction .

He suddenly thought of when he went to the hospital to see Zhao Yujian . At that time, Su Chan said something to him, and now he couldn’t help ,but whisper, “The great practitioners should be clear about causality… . ”

Su Chan listened to him clearly and said with a sigh, “Yes, when I saw Zhao Yujian’s mother who was biased and had spoiled him, I knew that they were doomed, and it wouldn’t end well . Now, look at him . It actually happened…”

Li Yundong had successfully rescued some people who should have died and solved a catastrophe that might have became worse, however, he was full of sadness . Kris couldn’t help, but ask, “You are a savior today, but why are you not happy at all?”

Li Yundong shook his head and sighed, “I don’t want to be a savior . If it were possible, I wish all these things would not have happened . ”

Li Yundong said it seriously and his expression was sincere and straightforward . Kris couldn’t help, but admire the boy’s chest more . She said inwardly, “Besides his amazing skills, he is masculine and kind . If such a boy studied at her university, the girls who wanted to ask him to go out on a date every week would line from Harrisburg to Washington!

She recalled the person who made fun of Tom and ridiculed her and the one who dodged bullets in the classroom . She became a little confused since she didn’t know which one was the real Li Yundong .

Li Yundong no longer spoke to Kris . He looked at the blood pool not far away and felt empty at that moment: the various reasons before had caused all the events that happened today, but what kind of future would it lead to??

Buddhism talks about karma, Taoism values the causal circle . No one would know what kind of change of fate this tragedy had been brought to everyone here today .

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