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Chapter 79.1

Chapter 79 Two Choices! (I)

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Kris nervously looked at the classroom while taking off her coat with only a milky German brand-name Diane’s bra on her upper body . She handed her coat to Tom without moving away from the screen in fear of missing a second .

Tom tore the coat into strips and then bound up the student . Although he was a trainer who had participated in various large-scale competitions, he was still nervous and sweaty . After doing that, Tom had his hands covered with blood . He subconsciously wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand, which suddenly made him bloody .

“How is it? How is it now?” Tom treated the wounded in front of him and whispered to Kris .

Kris shook her head nervously and turned her head . She glanced at Tom and said, “Call the police, hurry, idiot!”

Tom responded, took out his phone from his pocket and was about to call when he suddenly heard Kris nervously say, “Tom, stand up, be careful, something is going to happen!”

Tom nervously looked at Kris’s mobile phone screen . Zhao Yujian was still pointing his gun at Li Yundong, but he wasn’t shooting anymore .

The capacity of the modified type 54 pistol magazine was raised from eight to ten . Zhao Yujian shot twice at first and shot Li Yundong five consecutive times before . Then one bullet hit another student who wanted to escape . At this time, there were only two bullets in the magazine .

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Li Yundong’s skill was so strange that he didn’t seem like a human being . Zhao Yujian did not dare to shoot at him again .

Although he still had one more magazine, would Li Yundong give him a chance to change it? He was so fast and powerful .

Zhao Yujian held his cane with one hand and pointed at Ding Nan’s head with the other . The violence and madness on his face had turned into tension and fear at this point . A gunman suddenly turned into the weak .

He nervously watched Li Yundong’s movements and said loudly, “If you dare move again, I will kill her!”

Li Yundong was normally very calm and able to adapt himself to different circumstances, but in this situation, he was not so ambiguous . He smiled coldly and said, “Are you threatening me?”

Then, he came out from the back seat .

Zhao Yujian was so nervous that he shouted hysterically . The gun had pressed a bloody print on the head of Ding Nan . “If you move again, I will kill her!”

Li Yundong no longer moved . He didn’t want to see people whom he was familiar with falling into a pool of blood . “Well, I won’t move! But, Zhao Yujian, have you ever considered your mother when you did this? You are so self-centered, what will your mother think?”

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Zhao Yujian’s face was twisted . He laughed wildly and began to whimper . He cried out, “Can I come back now? You can hide bullets, but can you make these dead people come back alive?”

He was like a wounded beast, crying and shouting loudly . He glanced at Li Yundong and Zhou Qin . “Why, why did you push me like this! Why?”

Zhou Qin suddenly said, “Zhao Yujian, no one is trying to force you to do anything . You are pushing yourself . ”

“Shut up, shut up!!” Zhao Yujian yelled crazily and then turned the gun to Zhou Qin .

Zhou Qin stared at Zhao Yujian as if she did not see the gun pointing at her head and only Ding Nan who was next to her felt her shuddering .

“You, stand up!” Zhao Yujian pointed at Zhou Qin and said desperately and resentfully .

He couldn’t kill Li Yundong, so he had to vent his anger on the two girls in front of him .

Zhou Qin slowly stood up under the threat of Zhao Yujian who shouted at Li Yundong loudly, “You get out slowly and don’t make any sudden moves, or I will kill them!”

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Li Yundong raised his hands and stared at Zhao Yujian . He walked to the door little by little . Su Chan also followed him closely and whispered, “Yundong, you attract his attention and I’ll catch him . ”

Li Yundong was shocked . How could he put Su Chan in danger?

“Don’t do anything!” Li Yundong whispered and glanced at Su Chan .

When Zhao Yujian saw the two of them whispering, he suddenly became nervous and shouted, “What are you talking about? Don’t try to do anything, or I’ll kill them!”

Li Yundong immediately answered loudly, “We are leaving . Don’t kill them!”

Zhao Yujian shouted, “You, go downstairs and stand in a position where I can see you, otherwise, I will shoot them!”

Li Yundong had to do what he said and walked out of the classroom with Su Chan .

As soon as he got out of the classroom, Li Yundong was surrounded by Kris and Tom who had blood on his face . They were both looking at him nervously and in surprise .

“Why are you two here?” Li Yundong was stunned .

Tom looked at Li Yundong with ecstasy and screamed .

Kris looked up and down at Li Yundong with big eyes and grabbed him . “How did you do it?”

Li Yundong found the foreign girl in front of him was only wearing a bra on her chest and was scared . He asked instead of answering, pointing at Kris, “What are you doing?”

Remembering that she was almost naked, Kris realized what he meant . She pointed at the student who was injured on the ground and was about to ask Li Yundong when she heard a shout in the classroom, “Li Yundong, hurry downstairs until I can see you, otherwise, I will fire!”

Li Yundong immediately turned his head and said to Kris, “Didn’t you hear?” After he finished, he hurried down the stairs with Su Chan . Kris looked at Tom and said, “You wait here . ”

Then, she chased after him with her mobile phone .

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