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Chapter 78.2

Chapter 78 The First Confrontation with Firearms (II)

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Li Yundong immediately tilted his head, and almost the exact moment the gunshot sounded, his head leaned a little and the bullet flew past his ear.

After seeing that the bullet didn’t hit Li Yundong, Zhao Yujian was stunned and then shot again.

This time, Li Yundong felt a sharp pain in his right chest, so as soon as the gunshot sounded, he immediately twisted to one side. It looked like one was pulling the trigger while the other was turning at the same time.

Zhao Yujian’s second shot missed again. This time his eyes were filled with deep doubt and puzzlement.

Not only him, everyone here could not believe that someone was able to dodge bullets in this world unless they were making a film!

Zhao Yujian only hesitated for less than two seconds before he quickly gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger continuously at Li Yundong.

At this moment, Li Yundong felt a terrible danger coming toward him. The Qi in his body raised to the maximum limit he could reach. He was boiling, and his muscles were intense and excited. The hair on his body was standing up and trying to extend outward like a radar that was searching for the direction of imminent danger.

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“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Three consecutive shots!

Every time Zhao Yujian pulled the trigger, Li Yundong moved his body from one gesture to another. He moved so fast that there seemed to be an afterimage.

The students beside him were wide-eyed and looking at Li Yundong as if they didn’t know this boy at all.

Enthusiasts of Resident Evil 5 flashed back to Boss Wells who could avoid bullets!

Li Yundong evaded five shots in a row. This extremely incredible behavior gave the students in the classroom a realization: the pistol in Zhao Yujian’s hand only had one real bullet and the rest were blanks!

A student bravely stood up and rushed out, trying to escape.

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Zhao Yujian had missed all his shots. He was scared by Li Yundong and could not move. He glanced at the pistol in his hand and subconsciously wanted to take out the magazine and have a look to see if they were blanks!

But when he noticed that there was a runner, he raised his hand and shot without thinking!

With a booming sound, the student was shot in the back, and fell to the ground!

The students in the classroom suddenly exclaimed, and they knew that the bullets that Zhao Yujian had just shot atLi Yundong were not blanks!

Seeing they were not blanks, Zhao Yujian laughed wildly. He pointed at Li Yundong and pulled the trigger again.

When Zhao Yujian turned his gun, Li Yundong immediately felt it and twisted swiftly. The bullet flew past his chest again.

The bullet missed again!

The classroom fell into dead silence.

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All the students looked at Li Yundong with inexplicable shocked looks, as if the boy was an alien!

Zhao Yujian trembled. He looked at Li Yundong who had been staring at him with two sharp eyes as if a hunter staring at their prey.

It was at this moment that Zhao Yujian began to really worry. He seemed to see a devil laughing at him!

When he eliminated people with his gun as he liked, the pleasure of controlling the lives of others made him feel like a god!

But now, Zhao Yujian fearfully noticed that the man in front of him was a “God” that mortals could not compare with.

At the door, Tom and Kris were flabbergasted as they stared at the phone’s screen as it was in camera mode, and their eyeballs almost came out of their sockets.

Tom stuttered and said, “Jesus Christ, how is this possible? Is he dodging the bullets? Is he filming the Matrix?”

Kris was also shocked by Li Yundong’s astonishing performance, but she responded faster than Tom. She said and pointed at the student who was hit at the door, “Go and pull her out. Let’s see if she is alive.”

Tom gritted his teeth and crawled to the door of the classroom. He carefully looked into the room and saw Zhao Yujian standing in the classroom as he didn’t seem to notice them at all. He reached out and slowly pulled the student and teacher who were shot at the door.

He saw that teacher was hit in the head and shook his head before he used his fingers to test his pulse. “This one is dead.”

As he finished saying this, he tried the student’s pulse and immediately said, “This one is still alive!”

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