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Chapter 57 Trip Over in Volley!

After the waves of cheering and clapping faded away in the auditorium, the brightly dressed hostess stepped onto the stage.

“Distinguished guests, the top priority of tonight’s gathering is coming!” The hostess said fervidly, “Huang Yifei from the martial arts club of Tiannan University and Li Yundong from the Taekwondo Club will bring us a real performance!”

Then, she translated it again in English. The foreigners in the audience got excited and cheered loudly one by one.

The university students in the auditorium had only seen this kind of fighting in movies. They had never seen a real fight. Therefore, they also became excited and shouted. The atmosphere was more ardent than before!

Teacher Ma, who was in charge of the program arrangement backstage, was secretly pleased. Fortunately, the program was put at the end of the day. Otherwise, if people watched singing and dancing after this, there would be no such effect.

Although Zhuang Hui was unconvinced, she was very fond of Li Yundong, this masculine boy. Especially after she saw his performance in the background just now, she had stars coming out from her eyes. At this time, as soon as she heard there would be a real combat performance, she was so excited that she clapped her hands and cheered.

Her dancing partners rolled their eyes one by one and shook their heads secretly: what an infatuated person!

With the introduction by the hostess, Huang Yifei came up to the stage. He stepped forward and jumped onto the stage which was more than one meter high.

It immediately attracted these foreigners who were curious about Chinese kung fu and they began to whistle loudly.

A fair-haired foreigner clapped in his seat and said to the girl who had long, blond hair beside him, “Kris, didn’t you say you are a Chinese expert? Do you know what kind of kung fu this person is practicing?”

Although Kris had long wavy blond hair, her face was delicate and small that looked very much in line with the eastern aesthetic, especially her hollow eyes, Roman nose, and white skin like snow  thatwere full of exotic sentiment, attracting many boys to look at her.

Kris seemed to have gotten used to this kind of stare. She clapped and said to her companion, “Tom, you are a fighter yourself. Why do you ask me? Are you testing me? All right, look! There is an iron ring on this man’s arm! This shows that this man is practicing Iron Wire Fist! ”

Tom asked, “Iron Wire Fist? Never heard of it! ”

Kris laughed, “You claimed you were a fighting fan, but you took the gold belt of Pennsylvania State Fighting Contest for nothing! Iron Wire Fist is a popular boxing method in Guangdong, China. Do you know Hung Kuen?”

Tom exclaimed, “Hung Kuen? The boxing method taught by teacher Zhao Zhiling? Oh my god, is he practicing Hung Kuen? God, why can’t I have a chance to fight him?”

The tailor shop owner who practiced Iron Wire Fist in the movie “Kung Fu” was Zhao Zhiling, who was once as famous as Bruce Lee in the American martial arts circle. Zhao Zhiling taught Hung Kuen in the United States and had a wide reputation in the American martial arts circle.

Kris knew that the companion beside her was a senior fighting fan. He loved all kinds of fighting skills in the world. His favorite thing was to fight with people of all sorts of schools.

People who came to China to attend the university exchange meeting didn’t include him at first, but as soon as he heard the news that they were going to China, he clamored to come because he wanted to see Chinese kung fu.

Tiannan University didn’t know about this, so it specially approved Li Yundong and Huang Yifei’s actual combat performance on the stage.

Kris shook her head and said, “Iron Wire Fist is the highest-level skill of Hung Kuen. It is also known as the Three Treasures of Hung Kuen with the Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kuen and Tiger and Crane Double Form Set. You may not be his opponent.”

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said in disapproval, “That is not necessarily. However, Kris, you really deserve to be a Chinese expert since you know so much about it. It’s amazing! It’s really nice to have a grandmother of Chinese ancestry!”

Kris said nothing and looked at the stage. “Tom, you are an expert, who do you think will win?”

Tom answered without thinking, “The one who practices Iron Wire Fist!”

Kris’s mouth slightly tilted. Apparently, Tom had the same speculation as her. She asked, “Why?”

Tom said, “Look at this guy who practices Iron Wire Fist. His back deltoid muscles are high and his arms are like steel bars. God, these are all muscles with terrible explosive force! Bruce Lee had these muscles all over his body! Besides, he still has a loop on his arm. If he hits people, it will definitely be hurt.”

Tom secretly pointed at Li Yundong again and continued, “Look at the boy opposite him. Although he played well before, except for the last kick, all the attacks were fancy kung fu, which was not useful.” “And this boy has no killing intent between his brows. Obviously, he has not experienced any actual combat. I think he will lose.”

Kris secretly agreed with Tom’s judgment in her heart, but with a smile on her lips, she said, “Maybe the Chinese have already arranged the outcome of this match. Let’s stop guessing.”

Tom grunted, “You are the one who wanted to guess and to stop. As the president of the student union, you really have a huge privilege!”

Hearing his muttering, Kris smiled and said nothing as she just stared at the stage.

On the stage, Huang Yifei stood at attention the whole time he was up there. Then he lifted the left foot, bent his right knee, clenched his right hand, and put his left hand upward to his right chest and armpit. Then he pushed both of his hands to salute Li Yundong.

This move was the “starting position” in the Iron Wire Fist. The gesture of hands meant a courtesy and a start, while the gesture of leg represented bowing and paying homage. It seemed to be a polite and courteous move, but in fact, this move could both attack and defend which was one of the sharp movements of Hung Kuen.

Li Yundong didn’t know the secrets of this move. When he saw Huang Yifei’s courtesy, he also bowed to show his.

However, as soon as Huang Yifei saw him bend over, suddenly his eyes opened and his right foot stamped. His body suddenly rose and kicked toward Li Yundong’s head with his left foot.

Because Li Yundong had experienced being “ambushed” before, the audience thought this was another arranged show, so no one was worried. Instead, they applauded Huang Yifei’s agility.

Li Yundong had strong Qi inside his body, so once he heard the wind, he subconscious stepped backward and retreated.

Huang Yifei knew that Li Yundong had impressive power, so he had to continue without mercy. He turned his hand and shot a “ha” when his hands turned into fists. Then he immediately pushed them up straight to Li Yundong’s chest and head.

This was the “Two Tigers Hide” of the Iron Wire Fist!

With these two punchs from him, the iron ring on his forearm stirred with his shouting. It looked ferocious and fantastic!

It could be said that Li Yundong had not practiced kong fu, even though he had the Qi of the gold pill in his body and had fought with gangsters with knifes before.

But those gangsters were not practitioners. Li Yundong was almost a martial warrior at that time, so he beat them as if he was hitting dummies.

Therefore, it was completely different with Yi Huang.

The first threat Li Yundong felt at this time was the strong killing intent from Huang Yifei, and his aggressive momentum. Compared with him, Zhao Yujian was as gentle as a virgin.

Li Yundong didn’t know how to deal with such fierce moves, so he had to press his foot again, and his body shrank back.

Huang Yifei’s attack hit air, and he immediately withdrew his fist. He stepped forward and lifted his fists from his waist to the axilla of his chest. Then, he turned his fists into palms like blades and split off toward Li Yundong’s shoulders. At the same time, he began to exhale and shouted “ho.”

“Double swords cut bridge!”

Huang Yifei’s shouting was so loud that even the applause in the hall could not cover it up. People thought he was like pines when in peace and turned to a tiger when he took action. He really had the demeanor of a Martial Arts expert.

These college students in the ivory tower had never seen such masters, and they were excited, shouting and cheering wildly. They didn’t know that the fighting on stage was real.

Tom was an insider and he naturally could see the difference. Huang Yifei’s two moves frightened him. He repeatedly shouted. “Good, good!”

Zhou Qin, Feng Na, Zhuang Hui, and others who were very fond of Li Yundong involuntarily clenched their fists backstage, afraid of Li Yundong being hit by the hard punch of Huang Yifei.

Su Chan, who had been absent-minded before, also couldn’t help being alert. She thought Li Yundong could easily cope with such an opponent, but after she had a look at Huang Yifei, she knew that although this guy was not a cultivator, his fist hid soft strength in power. As long as Li Yundong was hit, the soft strength would rush into Li Yundong’s body, destroying his meridians and internal organs and causing internal injuries.

Cultivators were not invincible. If they were hit in a vital part by martial arts experts with fists before they had a Golden Body, they would be injured or die as everyone would.

This principle was the same as a great martial arts expert would be killed when he was knocked on the back of the head with a brick by a woman who had no strength.

Su Chan stared at the stage for a moment, then suddenly shouted, “Yundong, strike back!”

Li Yundong had been driven in a muddle by Huang Yifei and gradually back to the backstage. He could not help but say, “How can I fight back?”

Su Chan shouted, “Use your Qi and go straight in to beat him!”

Li Yundong was inspired and recalled the feeling that he practiced Qi with the help of Su Chan. At that time, his breath went up and down smoothly through his body.

At that time, Huang Yifei had been chasing to beat Li Yundong for several moves. “The old monk carries the burden”, “Jinghong wing”, “Left and right inches bridge”, “Big immortal salute” and “Qin Qiong offer the mace” had been played and they were all the skills of hand-to-hand combat. As long as Li Yundong was hit, he would suffer from internal injuries!

Even though Li Yundong didn’t know how to deal with these moves, he kept retreating. As long as he continued to retreat, Huang Yifei would not be able to hit him with any vicious moves.

Huang Yifei had missed several moves and he became secretly anxious. He clearly heard Li Yundong and Su Chan’s words and felt shocked. He did not dare to delay anymore. In his heart, he was thinking of how to force Li Yundong to fight with him.

However, at this time, Li Yundong suddenly stood still. Seeing this, Huang Yifei was immediately overjoyed. He squared away and moved his two palms from top to his two ears. His palms were tilted downward and turned into fists, shooting a punch at Li Yundong with a roar from his mouth.

His great roar sounded like a tiger’s, coupling with the clanging of the iron ring on his forearm. It was like a dragon singing in the distance!

“It’s a good ‘Roaring of the tiger and the dragon’!” The Chinese expert Kris couldn’t help brightening her eyes and sighing.

Huang Yifei’s move was breathtaking. Almost everyone didn’t believe that Li Yundong could hold up against it and would definitely retreat.

But at this moment, Li Yundong took a deep breath. His Qi rolled up from his lower dantian abdomen, through the middle dantian heart and arrived at the upper dantian brain. All his dantians were boiling and unobstructed!

All the meridians in Li Yundong’s body seemed to be activated at once and they were leaping and writhing. Li Yundong only felt like he had endless strength. Even if there were mountains and seas in front of him, he could take them down. He could behead the commander’s head among thousands of soldiers like taking things out of a bag!


Li Yundong swung out one punch, and the Qi in his whole body swept up from his bicep, to his wrist, to his fist. There were three clear popping sounds, like firecrackers. Finally, the Qi formed a strong air flow and roared out of Li Yundong’s fist, blasting off Huang Yifei, who was more than one meter away from him.

The Qi was sufficient and hot straight.

Huang Yifei only felt a fierce air coming to his face. He subconsciously blocked it with his fists and then he was knocked away.

The auditorium, which was originally full of excitement, was suddenly silent.

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