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Note: Sorry about missing the past few releases. The translator was on vacation for Chinese Labor Day and I was finishing finals. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 56 A Wonderful Performance

Li Yundong and Su Chan had no time to eat at home and took a taxi straight to Tiannan University.

It was as if God was going against Li Yundong as either a traffic jam or red lights occured frequently along the way. Feng Na and Sun Li were anxious like ants on a hot pan.

“What should I do? What should I do? The next program is his show and it is coming up!” Feng Na was so nervous that her palms were covered with sweat. She lifted the curtain of the stage and looked out. The theatre was full of people and the school leaders and city leaders were sitting in the front row.

“Call him again!” Feng Na anxiously said.

Sun Li also answered in a hurry, “Already did, there was a traffic jam on the road!”

Feng Na pulled her hair hard with both hands. “Oh my God. Are you kidding me?”

Cheng Cheng, who sneaked backstage, comforted her and said, “Don’t worry. He will definitely make it!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the female teacher who was in charge of the overall arrangement of the programs came up, waving the program list and shouting, “Hey, goes the Taekwondo Club’s preparations for the program?”

Feng Na, Sun Li, and Cheng Cheng looked at each other and honestly said, “Teacher Ma, one of our actors has not come yet.”

Hearing this, Teacher Ma was shocked. “What? There are two minutes left and you don’t have everyone? Are you kidding me? Who didn’t come? Which department and which year does he belong to? This is absolutely ridiculous!”

Sun Li hurriedly explained, “Teacher Ma, he is on his way. There is some traffic jam on the road!”

Teacher Ma said, “Is this an excuse? Today is the most important day since the school was founded. As a student of Tiannan University, he was able to be missing at this moment. This is ridiculous! What’s his name?”

Seeing that things wern’t going well, Feng Na scanned around and suddenly found Zhuang Hui, who was gloating not far away. She had an idea and said, “Teacher Ma, he will be here soon. Can you let the next program go first?”

Teacher Ma swore for a while, knowing that verbal abuse could not solve the problem. She had to turn to Zhuang Hui and said, “Zhuang Hui, the next program is yours. Hurry up and get ready for the stage!”

Hearing this, Zhuang Hui was shocked and angry. “Teacher Ma, our program is the finale!”

The veins stood out on Teacher Ma’s neck suddenly and violently. “What finale? Now the program is going to flop. Hurry up and don’t talk nonsense! Or I can cancel your show as well. I’ll let the host announce the end of the event! Everybody dies together, sound good? ”

Zhuang Hui sighed and gave Feng Na a ferocious look. Feng Na turned away and pretended not to see.

Zhuang Hui threw away the cosmetic case in her hand and said to her dancing partners around her, “Get ready to go on stage!”

Teacher Ma watched Zhuang Hui and her dancers. When the host announced the next event and there was no light on the stage, she said coldly, “Your actor had better arrive at once, otherwise, hum…”

After that, she left angrily.

Sun Li and Feng Na looked at each other and the latter sighed, “What can we do?”

Sun Li clenched her fist and stamped her foot. “This Li Yundong is such an asshole!”

But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Hey, hey, I worked so hard to get here, and you scold me behind my back!” Li Yundong stood at the backstage entrance and shouted.

Sun Li and Feng Na turned around and immediately rushed over to punch and kick him. “You bastard, idiot, you still remember to come?”

At that time, other students of the Taekwondo Club who had been waiting nervously all cheered, even the seniors who didn’t like Li Yundong were jubilant. They thought he was too high-profile and arrogant.

“Hurry. Change your clothes!” Feng Na took a taekwondo suit from the side and threw it at Li Yundong.

Holding the taekwondo suit, Li Yundong was pushed into the changing room. He changed his clothes and adjusted his collar. When he looked at the color of his waist belt, he was surprised. “A black belt?”

Feng Na said casually, “Its Zhao Yujian’s. I borrowed it!”

Li Yundong laughed. “If he knows, he will probably be angry!”

Sun Li said, “I don’t know whether or not he will be extremely angry, but I know we are enraged because of you!”

Li Yundong said with a smile, “I made it, didn’t I?”

Then he waved to Su Chan and motioned for her to find a seat to sit and wait for him.

Su Chan smiled at him and sat in a corner quietly.

At this time, Feng Na and the rest finally calmed down, quietly waiting for the show backstage, while some girls secretly looked at Li Yundong. They only felt that the boy seemed very masculine and handsome in the white and black taekwondo suit and whispered in succession.

“Ah, I heard that hairy men are very strong in that aspect…”

“Which aspect?”

“Hey, don’t play the fool. You will be punished. If you do that again…”

“Hee hee, look at him and you should know that he is very strong! The eyebrows, the eyes. Gee, he is going to eat someone! I don’t know if his girlfriend can stand it?”

“You bi*ch, are you thinking of something indecent? If his girlfriend can’t stand it, do you want to have a try? ”

“Bah! You do that! ”

“Hee hee, I would like to!” With this, the girls around all giggled.

The girls laughed and made a commotion, trying not to be heard by Li Yundong, but they didn’t expect that Li Yundong had been successful in refining Qi and had good hearing and vision. He could hear what they said clearly.

Li Yundong was bewildered by these bold, unrestrained girls and his face was slightly burning. He murmured inside, “I just kissed my little girl and did nothing else!”

When he was muttering in his heart, Feng Na suddenly gave him a push and whispered, “Hey, it’s show time!”

Li Yundong got frightened and trotted onto the stage from backstage.

As soon as he got on stage, applause, cheers, and whistles roared up, and the lights on the stage became colorful, which made it hard to open his eyes.

When he finally adapted to the light, he opened his eyes and saw a dark area under the stage full of wriggling heads. In front of the stage sat a dozen foreigners with golden eyes, male and female, old and young. Presumably, they were teachers and students from the University of Pennsylvania who had come to Tiannan University to communicate.

Under so many eyes, Li Yundong was excited, but fortunately, he was no longer an ordinary otaku. Otherwise, he might have soft feet.

Li Yundong took a deep breath and calmly stood in front of the taekwondo club members, bending over to the audience.

The teachers and students under the stage looked at this handsome, masculine boy, while the foreigners from the University of Pennsylvania were also watching Li Yundong curiously, whispering to each other.

All of a sudden, behind Li Yundong, a stick came toward his head, and he seemed unaware of it!

The audience could see it clearly, and they all exclaimed.

But just as the stick was about to hit Li Yundong on his head, he suddenly crouched down, turned his foot, twisted his body, and thumped his elbow back. He hit the attacker’s waist and abdomen, dodging the stick and fighting back.

“Oh!” The audience immediately gasped admiration. When they were about to applaud Li Yundong’s response, suddenly the taekwondo club students around shouted loudly, picking up their sticks, and ran toward Li Yundong.

At that time, the teachers and students under the stage felt a great stab of tension. In their view, the sticks were coming in all directions. How could he be able to hide or dodge?

Li Yundong did not hide or dodge. He jumped and his legs split like tomahawks, and his arms swung like meteors. He played “foot knife”, “front split”, “side split”, “rear suspension kick”, “double foot kick” and “air churning and whirling kick”. One taekwondo move after another move was displayed. The clicking sounds of wooden sticks breaking off came out continuously from the stage.

The audience could only see the shadow of his two long legs in white trousers because they were moving so fast. They were almost overwhelmed. Every time they saw the white shadow flash, a wooden stick was kicked off. Li Yundong’s legs were fast and fierce, and some people in the audience could not tell which leg Li Yundong had kicked!

At that moment, everyone under the stage realized that this was a wonderful part of the program and they clapped loudly and cheered. Each time Li Yundong broke a wooden stick, they cheered loudly.

Until the last stick hit Li Yundong, he suddenly kicked the attacker’s hand and the stick in his hand rolled into the air.

Li Yundong didn’t look at the rolling wooden stick in the air. He kicked the ground, and his body flew high as if he was walking in clouds. Then he kicked in the air and broke the rolling wooden stick with a loud noise!

His kicking caused a good cheer from the audience. Zhou Yu and his senior brother Huang Yifei, who had been watching aside coldly, were touched.

An amateur would consider this an excellent performance, but the expert would see the critical point. Li Yundong had beaten more than one enemy on the stage, and his skills with his legs were unrestrained and clean, full of strength, which drew cheers from the people. However, Zhou Yu and Huang Yifei watched with disdain the  whole time.

This kind of performance of kicking a wooden stick was arranged in advance. As long as one had the strength to break the wooden stick and had enough practice with their legs, anyone could accomplish that.

However, the kick that Li Yundong took in the air and broke the rolling stick was not easy!

Before, the stick was held by a person. The stick was stressed, so it was easy to break when it was kicked. However, this rolling stick in the air had no stress, but Li Yundong broke it anyway!

What a horrible explosive force!

Zhou Yu and Huang Yifei looked at each other and their eyes filled with horror.

“Impossible!” Yu Zhou thought before he said, “The stick must have been broken in advance and then put together with glue! Otherwise, kicking off a wooden stick that is rolling in the air with less than a meter length cannot be done even by our master!”

Huang Yifei shook his head slowly. “Not necessarily. I saw the strength of his kick and the sound of the broken wooden stick just now. It was not cheating.”

Zhou Yu’s eyes were filled with worry. “Senior brother, shall we not go up?”

Huang Yifei smiled coldly and poked at the diamond ring on his arm. “He has great strength, so what? Is a cow strong? When did you see a cow eat a wolf? Wait and see. I’ll give him an internal injury and turn him into a basket case in three years! ”

Zhou Yu calmed down and coldly looked at Li Yundong, who had attracted much attention on stage like a star.

At that time, the teachers and students in the school auditorium were cheering loudly. The foreigners from across the Pacific Ocean were also shocked by Li Yundong’s excellent performance. They stood up one by one, clapping and whistling.

Li Yundong stood on the stage, blinding lights and loud cheers flooded him. At this moment, he was the absolute star and the complete leading role here.

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