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Chapter5 Dancing party While she was thinking about how to face Jiang Hao, he came out of the office by coincidence. "Pack things up immediately; there is a meeting at nine!" "Oh, okay." Mo stood still and took a breath, and she repeated the words “Calm down” in heart silently. Today, in front of the colleagues, I have said something wrong. Now I be good in front of Jiang Hao, and must not let him pick out any mistakes; otherwise this will become those old gossip women's conversation piece. These public opinions could help me in the future, but now it can only make trouble. Because of the unpleasant experience in the morning, Mo thought she would be in a bad mood, but she didn't expect that the whole day would passed by busily. Jiang Hao's schedule was much tenser than she had imagined, so much that she had no time to even go to the bathroom. He required her to follow him everywhere, so she had no time to pay attention to the strange eyes around her. Originally Mo was working in the planning department, a position that needed her to stick to her seat. But now she worked for Jiang Hao, and she had to keep up with him all day, or stand beside him. When she got off work, her high heels had made blisters on her heels. This assistant to the president was not an easy job! However, finally, when it was time to get off work, her plan of going back home to sleep was immediately and tragically ruined. Just as she was leaving the house, Jiang Hao stopped her. "there is a dance tonight, and Zhang, who is our potential client to discuss the agreement with tomorrow, is going to be there. You should come to see him with me." "Okay, I'll go back to get another dress."   Jiang Hao suddenly grasped Mo's arm, looking down and not knowing what to think. Then he looked up at her and said, "No need, I will take you to buy a suitable outfit." Mo didn't expect that; in fact, Jiang Hao had bought her a lot of costly dresses in the villa, suitable for all kinds of banquets and balls, and there was no need to buy another one for tonight. But Jiang Hao's insisted, so Mo had to follow Jiang Hao when they left the office.   Although she never took her appearance as a serious issue, there was no doubt that she was a beauty, especially in that fine white dress. "Lady, this white dress is a top-notch design, but it's very difficult to fit correctly. I didn't expect it to fit you so well, as if it had been tailor made for you." The waiter politely praised, "It seems that you are very suited for white, Miss!" The appreciation of the waiter did not catch Mo's eye. She gave a faint smile as a response. Jiang Hao, however, said, "She looks good in whatever color she wears." She looks good in any color? Such a common praise was never used by Jiang Hao. When did he ever say such words to a woman? While she thought of this, Jiang Hao swiped his card and came back. he took her to a hair salon next door.  "Help her." After saying this, he sat down and picked up a piece of newspaper to read. Mo let the hairstylist tend to her hair, watching Jiang Hao from the mirror secretly. She didn't miss any of the expressions on his face. Finally, she had an answer: she was unable to guess his heart.   Mo had thought that there would be a lot of people at the ball, but she didn't think there would be such an enormous crowd. And many of them were television and magazine celebrities. One by one, they were standing around her, holding a cup to cheer with others. She was shocked by the scene, but she did not retreat. She was the capable one in the design department for the last two years. However, she did not understand why Jiang Hao brought her to these people. She had always been hiding in the dark, and Jiang Hao used to seem very happy to see her low-key performance. But now, Jiang Hao pushed her to the stage. Yes, it was a stage. Jiang Hao extended a hand to her as a gentleman, and he took her out into the dancing area. She did not speak, only obediently following his footsteps. Melodious music made the venue magnificent, and the European-style chandeliers brightened all the spaces. Every man and woman's evening glamour wear signified the luxury of the ball, and even the goblets were characteristically luxurious. Everyone here was too good. Men were polite and charismatic, and the women were all beautiful, with smiles. But in such an environment, Mo, who was brought here by Jiang Hao, became the focus of the dance. Her perfect figure, light dance steps, and elegant temperament conquered them, and no one could find a flaw on her. But the more puzzling part was that Jiang always never brought any other female companions except his wife; today, however, he had brought such an outstanding woman. So by the end of a song, all sorts of people gathered around them. "This lady Mr. Jiang brought is extraordinary!" "Yeah, yeah! Jiang Zong knows distinguished people." "It seems that Boss Jiang has another talented right hand." Jiang Hao quietly accepted the succession of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Li, and Mr. Sun’s praises. Thin smiles appeared on his face. Mo felt weary facing such flattery. Well, now everyone came to know that Jianghao of Jiang Group had such a female companion. Jiang Hao was busy with socials on the venue, and had no time to take account of the nearby Mo. What was more, she must be properly with him to treated to these bosses. Even Mo's feet were numb, and still, she should show a smiling face, and she pretended to be fine. The whole process was a kind of torment to her. Finally, before Mo was about to faint because of fatigue, the ball was over. Jiang Hao sent her back to the villa with a peaceful face, and then he drove the car away. This was the real Jiang Hao! He never looked at anyone when he didn't need to. Mo walked upstairs in the deep and shallow steps with the high heels, and a sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

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