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"Next, I will try to refine some other magical equipment. This magical equipment is more useful when placed in your hands." Wei Suo directly placed the Spears of Destruction into Shui Ling'er's hands. With Shui Ling'er's cultivation level, with a high-grade Mysterious rank magic treasure, she should be able to deal with a third level Jindan Stage cultivator without any problems. If there were any enemies in the future, Wei Suo would feel more at ease. Furthermore, Wei Suo was certain that with the amount of gold in his possession, as long as he successfully forged a flying sword, the grade of the flying sword he forged would definitely not be any lower than that of the Destruction-God Spear.

"There's one more thing I need to give you as well." After placing the Extinguishing Divine Spear in Shui Ling'er's hands, Wei Suo reached out and took out the Moon Palace, placing them in her hands as well.

"Moon Split Palace!" A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Shui Ling'er's face as she looked at the Moon Palace in her hands.

"I feel that this item originally belonged to you, so I snatched it from Han Yue'er's hands." Wei Suo looked at Shui Ling'er and said.

"I used this magic treasure at the Mysterious Wind Sect. After that, the grand master agreed to marry Xu Qianyan and had me hand this magic treasure over to him." Shui Ling'er looked at Wei Suo. She wasn't too worried about this treasure that originally belonged to her, but Wei Suo's heart was moved.

"Grand Moon Palace is one body, so I used it very smoothly. Elder sister Li Hua has the Evil King's Nether Box, so we should first give the Annihilation Spear to Elder sister Ji Ya. If we fight with our enemies like this, we should each have a Mysterious rank Magic Treasure above the middle rank, and only when we fight will we be able to unleash our greatest might. " After Shui Ling'er said this, she pointed her finger and the Moon Palace transformed into a blue ray of light, like a sapphire being imprinted on her snow-white forehead. It made her look even more noble, like a fairy that had descended from the heavens.

"That's good too." Wei Suo was just thinking of what he should give to Jia, but seeing Shui Ling'er give the Extinction Spear to Jia, he also felt that it wasn't bad and nodded his head.

"Yuqing, you need to cultivate the Great Desolate Enlightenment Scripture. This Great Dark Yin Heaven Robe also has medium-grade Profound Rank defensive power. Furthermore, it can withstand the divine sense detection and soul attack of a cultivator. I'll let you defend yourself first." After that, Wei Suo took out the Great Yin Immortal Robe and gave it to Nangong Yuqing.

"Truly, if one doesn't die from a great tribulation, there will surely be a blessing in disguise." Your harvest this time is just too great. "

Looking at the items above the Xuan level of Wei Suo, the eyes of Wen Zhiyou and the others went blank. After all, they knew very well that items above the Xuan grade were extremely rare. Even a cultivator at the second or third level of the Aurous Core stage might not have them. With so many powerful treasures on Wei Suo, it was enough for him to establish his own sect.

"The sky has shattered and countless cultivators have fallen under the beast tide. However, the beast tide has brought even more resources. It is likely that even more geniuses will emerge from the world of cultivation." "After the great disaster, to the surviving cultivators, it would often mean great fortune."

"Yeah, when we came, the various materials in the cultivation world of the Profound Sky Continent had clearly become much richer, and the price had also decreased. If the sky no longer breaks, then the cultivation world will experience yet another golden age. " Zhang Yuanzhong also nodded and said.

"I think that the cultivation world is already in an era where things are going through a storm. Otherwise, there would be no cultivators like Brother Wei, and there wouldn't be an ancient Spirit Race like Ling Long Tian appearing in this world." Feng Zhiyou said.

"For a sect to have three cultivators assailing the Aurous Core stage on the same day as its sect, this is already a matter of great fortune." Great Sect Master Yin, where are they preparing to break through to the Jindan Stage? Bring us to see how fellow Daoist Qingping and Fellow Daoist Qi Long Shan are preparing them. I also know a few restrictions. Wei Suo smiled and said.

As for the Ancient Earth Mother Scripture, Wei Suo was also preparing to pass it on to Feng Zhiyou, Ji Ya, and the others. As for the Void Penetration footwork, he was not in a hurry because he had already tried it out. According to Wei Suo's estimation, Ji Ya and the others would have to reach at least the later stage of the third level of the Jindan Stage before they could barely perform the Void Penetrative Steps.

"They are at the White Bone Palace. That place was originally Ye Linglong's place of cultivation."

"That's right." Wei Suo rolled his eyes. With a smile on his face, he turned around and left, leading the way in front of them. "Since that's the case, I will have my people directly return to the Heaven Transforming Sect and say that our Yin Corpse Sect is willing to join the Great Transformation Alliance." While leading the way, Yinhua was also discussing things with Wei Suo.

"Alright." Wei Suo followed beside Yin Lihua and nodded, "That's right, when I was fighting with Lin Taixu and the others, I heard from Han Yue-er that a certain sect in the Cloud Spirit Continent might be able to grow a Holy Elixir. As for the Steel Teeth Sister, she also said that some ancient buddhist sects that cultivated cultivation methods would cultivate something like the Sage Fruit. "I wonder if there are any large sects in the Cloud Spirit Continent that have cultivation methods of the Buddhist Sect?"

"You liar, don't call me Sister Steel Teeth!" At this moment, Ling Long Tian was also following Wei Suo and using the North Mang Battle Talisman to transform into the red-faced middle-aged cultivator. However, when she heard Wei Suo say that he was the Steel Teeth Little Sister, she immediately shouted in anger.

"A large sect that cultivates a buddhist art?" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Ruo Lihua was slightly startled, "It is said that the Merit Sect has a few cultivation methods that originated from the ancient Buddhist Sect."

"Merit Sect?" Wei Suo was also slightly surprised.

"I'll do my best to help you find out if there are any bad fruits in the Gongde Sect." Ruo Lihua stopped and looked at Wei Suo. "Do you want to change your decision and not join the Alliance?"

"No need." Wei Suo pondered for a moment. "Even if the Heaven Transforming Sect had a sacred fruit, it wouldn't give it to us just because we joined the Great Change Sect. On the contrary, they were in his hands. When the time came, they could trade or rob him. Thus, they didn't need to worry too much about it. Furthermore, the Merit Sect may not necessarily have the chance to get their hands on the Sage Fruit. "

"Alright. When you returned to the Cloud Spirit Continent, did you inform the Sea Immortal Sect? "

"Not yet. I'm here directly."

"Do you want me to send someone to inform Ancestor Xuanyuan that he can help you collect water attributed beast cores?" The water type beast cores around the Sea Immortal Sect are the most abundant and are just perfect for your cultivation. I'll help you collect water type beast cores as well … "

"Alright, help me send a message to him. Tell him that I will be back at the Sea Immortal Sect in a while." Furthermore, I won't let the Sea Immortal Sect suffer any losses. I will bring some magical items to them …. "

As he talked about the water type monster core with the beautiful flowers, Wei Suo suddenly thought of that Pangu's Lava he had seen in his Aura Sea. It was said that no cultivator had been able to kill this water beast for thousands of years. The growth years of this water beast was usually very far away, and the ones that existed might not even be the original level. Moreover, it was said that the water attributed demonic core energy of this giant beast had some special wonders. This kind of gigantic beast loved to lurk in the deep sea, and would not easily move its nest. At that time, Wei Suo and Jia Ya had met one of them in the Sea of Stings. Now that he thought about it, he could go there once. If he was able to obtain a Demon Core from the Pangu Witch, it would definitely be of great use to Wei Suo.

The gate of the Yin Corpse Sect occupied the entire square mountain. It was very vast, and there were Yin Yuan plants and huge bones of many demonic beasts everywhere, emitting a heavy Yin energy. Most of the buildings and residences of the Yin Corpse Sect were set up in low places where Yin Qi accumulated even more. There were probably more than 10,000 of them, and with the beautiful Yin Flower leading the way, they didn't have any scruples. They directly flew through the air, and in a moment, they arrived above a valley.

He saw that in the middle of this mountain, there was a white temple that was completely made of the bones of a huge demon beast. It took up at least a thousand feet in radius.

"This is the residence of Ye Ling from before? Great Sect Master Yin, your Corpse Sect is so generous. Does every Aurous Core stage cultivator have a place like this? " When he saw the royal palaces, Wei Suo couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

He had to admit that this Yin Corpse Sect was several times stronger than the Sea Immortal Sect. The area of the Sea Immortal Sect was not even a tenth of the Yin Corpse Sect's size, and only the tallest hall of the Xuan Yuan Sect possessed the aura of the White Bone Temple.

"Our Corpse Sect has a total of 72 valleys, 10 of which are reserved for Aurous Core stage cultivators. "Once an Aurous Core stage cultivator has emerged, we will split the land into a valley. No matter how big the hall is built, we can gather a hundred inner disciples and wait for their orders." Yin Hua gave a faint smile, and took the lead to descend towards the entrance of the main hall, "In the past, the most our Yin Corpse Sect had produced were at most ten great Aurous Core stage cultivators. Now, other than the residences of Ye Ling and the others, there are three other valleys waiting for you. "

"Master." At the entrance of this white bone hall stood two Yin Corpse Sect disciples wearing emerald green vestments. Upon seeing the beautiful flower descend, these two disciples immediately displayed a look of reverence, and immediately saluted in unison.

Yin Lihua didn't say anything and just nodded. She took the lead and walked into the White Bone Temple.

The sect master controlled the life and death of all the disciples in the sect, and the beautiful flower didn't even have an ancient elder on her head. She was the true supreme existence in the Yin Corpse Sect.

There was a throne of white bones directly opposite the entrance to the main hall. It looked extremely imposing.

The beautiful flower led the way and went around the throne of bones. They entered a passage at the back. After going around a dozen or so rooms, they stopped in front of a quiet room.

"Wei... Dao Friend Wei! "You're back!"

Qi Longshan and Qing Ping, who were in the inner room, clearly sensed the arrival of Lihua and the others as well. When Lianhua and Wei Suo walked to the door of this quiet room, Qi Longshan and Qing Ping, who were laying down a formation on the floor, saw Wei Suo. He took a step forward and immediately grabbed Wei Suo's hand.

"Boss, you're back?!"

Almost at the same time, from a room at the upper level of the great hall, a scream that sounded like it came from somewhere outside of the Cloud Spirit Continent and Profound Sky Continent rang out as well.

A bunch of dim yellow flames emitted a sizzling sound as it pierced the air. In almost an instant, it arrived at the quiet room where Wei Suo and the others were.

"Boss, it's really you!"

A spirit bird wrapped in a faint yellow glow was present. Its expression was that of a human. It was Wei Suo's Yang Fat Bird.

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