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After these girls came into contact with Li Yundong’s pure yang qi, when they turned back to look at the handsome man dancing on stage, they somehow felt he was so feminine that it made them feel disgust and the urge to vomit.

Even Zhuang Hui who was dancing on stage could not resist having her gaze become firmly captivated at first sight. She was more stunned than when she first saw Su Chan. ‘Who is this man?’

Since ancient times, the more beautiful a woman was, the stronger the yin qi of her body, and the easier it is for her to be attracted to a man with vigorous yang qi. The opposite is also true. The more heroic, outstanding or indomitable a man was, the stronger the yang qi of his body, and the easier it is for him to be attracted to a woman with vigorous yin qi.

The so-called beautiful women love heroes and heroes love beautiful women, is actually due to this principle.

When the little fox first appeared, the handsome male dancer seemed to forget how to dance just a little bit. When Li Yundong first appeared, Zhuang Hui who was dancing onstage began to repeatedly make mistakes. These two were stiff like zombies on the dance floor.

The little fox stood below the stage. She accepted the milk tea that Li Yundong passed her and took a sip. Then she asked, “What are they doing?”

Li Yundong replied with a smile, “They’re dancing of course. Can’t you tell?”

The little fox opened her eyes really wide, and with astonishment written all over her face, she loudly exclaimed, “What? They aren’t being possessed?*1”

Those words were too great at face slapping. Zhuang Hui heard them clearly. Her foot slipped and with a bang, she fell horizontally onto the floor. At this point, she reflexively tried to catch herself with her hand, in order to save her fake breasts from being forcibly broken by the fall. In the end, a cracking sound could be heard from her wrist, and her entire person was instantly ‘oh noes’.

The students and the teachers of the judging panel in the audience were suddenly in an uproar.

Feng Nuo was overjoyed to the point of swaying back and forth. “That was a really great fall! How come her fake breasts didn’t break!”

Cheng Cheng angrily said, “Hey, you stole my line!”

Feng Nuo completely ignored Cheng Cheng, She directly ran up onto the stage and faked an extremely concerned look. “Aiya, what happened? What happened? Where did you fall down? Aiya, if you hurt your hand now, how will you dance? Wouldn’t that be a waste of all the effort you’ve put into practice and rehearsal?”

Zhuang Hui’s face was flushed purple and red. She was full of anger and hate. Tears were even starting to well up in her eyes.

One teacher, who could not stand to keep watching, stood up. He pointed at Su Chan’s back and angrily said, “Student over there. Where did you come from? Why are you intentionally causing trouble. Go away. You are not welcome here!”

The little fox Su Chan turned around and said in an aggrieved tone, “I didn’t want this to happen either.”

Her appearance was such that no one could resist loving her. That sanctimonious teacher immediately softened his stance. He dry coughed once and his expression changed as quickly as flipping the page. “So it’s like that. In that case, it should be a misunderstanding. You need to pay attention to your volume. Try not to be too loud.”

The surrounding students and teachers heard, and they could help but deeply hold this teacher in contempt. ‘Possessing sexuality, lacking humanity!”

Li Yundong did not know of the grudge between Zhuang Hui and Feng Nuo. Seeing Feng Nuo so anxious, he turned to Su Chan and said, “Look at you. Every time you open your mouth, you cause trouble. Just great. Now what will we do?”

Su Chan puffed up her cheeks and said, “Fine, I’ll go fix her up.”

With those words, she moved onto the stage with a single small jump. She walked over and reached for Zhuang Hui’s arm.

Zhuang Hui, having made such a large fool of herself in public, hated Su Chan to death. She hid her arm from Su Chan. Her tears flowed freely even as she roared in anger, “I don’t want your help!”

Su Chan turned back around and looked at Li Yundong helplessly. Having no other option, Li Yundong also jumped onto the stage with a whoosh, his movements were crisp and clean, his posture gave an impression of elegance and power. It made the eyes of those in the surrounding light up.

Li Yundong smiled at Zhuang Hui in a friendly manner. “Classmate, just now the speaker did not intend to offend the listener. It was purely an accident, so please don’t take offense. Let this girl take a look. She is very skillful.”

Zhuang Hui saw that Li Yundong was smiling at her. Her heart was so tense that it seemed like it stopped beating. Even the intense pain of her wrist was forgotten as she distractedly nodded her head.

At this time, Su Chan reached forth and grabbed for Zhuang Hui’s arm and hand. She felt around and said, “It’s not a problem, the wrist is simply dislocated.”

With those words, she put strength into her two hands and snapped the wrist back into place.

Only now did Zhuang Hui seem to wake up from a dream, the pain causing her to scream.

Su Chan put down Zhuang Hui’s hand and said, “Okay! It’s all better now!”

Zhuang Hui tested out her wrist by moving it around. In both surprise and delight, she yelled out, “My wrist is fine now!”

The female support dancers all close in and curiously inspected Zhuang Hui’s hand. They also regarded Su Chan with respectful gazes, but often, they were inspecting Li Yundong who stood close by.

Zhuang Hui’s hand had been treated. However, she did not intend to thank Su Chan. In her mind, her hand was only injured because of what Su Chan said. Rather than that, she wanted to take this opportunity to befriend this handsome guy in front of her.

Zhuang Hui was very beautiful. She had big eyes, willowy eyebrows, and when she smiled sweetly, she was quite charming. “What’s your name, handsome? How come I’ve never seen you around before?”

Nearby, Feng Nuo was thinking to herself, ‘This flirtatious floozy is using this chance to entice and seduce. She has no shame! But, how come that handsome guy looks a little familiar? Wait… isn’t the beauty standing beside him? It can’t be… he’s Li Yundong?’

Li Yundong smiled at Zhuang Hui and said, “My name is Li Yundong. Pleased to meet you.”

Zhuang Hui suddenly widened her eyes. Her expression was brilliant. She looked like she had seen a ghost. The corners of her eyes twitched and she said in an embarrassed manner, “You.. your name is Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Replacement guaranteed if not authentic.”

Zhuang Hui loudly blurted out, “Impossible. Weren’t you really fat?”

Li Yundong secretly frowned to himself. His gaze became less friendly. “Haven’t you heard the idiom: three days without seeing a man, he can become a better person?”

Zhuang Hui secretly regretted saying such dumb words, causing the attitude of the handsome guy in front of her to instantly become cold.

Li Yundong turned around and said to Feng Nuo, “I say, senior, did you manage to solve my issue?”

Before Feng Nuo even had a chance to respond, she heard an angry voice come from under the stage. It was Director Qian.

“Li Yundong? What are you doing up there? Come down. Get down here right now. Don’t delay the rehearsal. Hostility could clearly be seen on Director Qian’s face. He had already decided to expel Li Yundong. Otherwise, if Li Yundong stayed, that was practically a ticking time bomb. Who knows when Li Yundong would publicize the incident where he tried to seduce Su Chan.

Even if that incident would not affect his position and status, in the field of education, who did not cherish their reputation? Who did not fear being pointed at and ridiculed behind their back?

At this time, Zhou Qin made her entrance. With a slight smile, she said, “Director Qian, may I discuss something with you?”

Director Qian turned his head and took a glance. A smile as brilliant as a chrysanthemum blossomed on his face. “Hey. It’s Zhou Qin. What is it? You can ask me anything.”

Zhou Qin asked, “I heard you wanted to expel Li Yundong?”

The smile on Director Qian’s face abruptly stiffened. “How did you know?”

Zhou Qin smiled but did not answer. Instead she said, “Could you place give me face and not expel him?”

Director Qian started cursing indignantly in head. ‘What’s so good about this Li Yundong? How come so many beautiful women were take with him? Zhou Qin was famous for being cold, both on the outside and on the inside. And yet, once and again, she helped Li Yundong! Could it be that she really did fall for Li Yundong?’

Director Qian’s expression became overcast. He remained silent unwilling to reply.

Zhou Qin secretly frowned to herself. She originally thought Director Qian would agree immediately. She did not think the old man would actually start putting on airs.

Zhou Qin’s patience reached its limit so she asked, “Director Qian, allow me to presumptuously ask whether or not there exists some sort of conflict between you and Li Yundong.”

When Director Qian heard, he immediately responded with righteous words and said, “Of course not! Do you think I’m the kind of person that would use his position to avenge private wrongs? No, I simply feel that this student is far too unsightly. Look, in just a few days, he’s already caused so many incidents. Moreover, he always brings a girl who is not one of our students and parades around ostentatiously. He is an extremely negative influence on our school!”

The corner of Zhou Qin’s lips curved up. Her smile seemed quite cold. “Then even if you want to expel him, you should at least wait until after the exchange, right? At this time, he is acting as Zhao Yujian’s replacement. As the bigger person, you should not lower yourself to deal with this petty matter.”

Director Qian sized up Zhou Qin, then he suddenly smile, “That’s fine. I’ll give you face and let him be until the end of the exchange meeting! However, my stance is clear. This kind of troublemaker, I will definitely kick them out!”

Once he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Zhou Qin was furious inside. However, her upbringing was excellent and not a bit of her feelings could be seen on her face. Ding Nan, on the other hand, spat with a pshaw and sneered, “What a bastard. Just now, his eyes when he looked at you practically wanted to eat you up!”

Zhou Qin twitched her mouth, without saying another word. She simply nodded at Feng Nuo in the distance.

Feng Nuo was delighted. She also nodded toward Zhou Qin expressing her gratitude.

Zhou Qin, having completed the task entrusted to her by Feng Nuo, turned around intending to leave. She was annoyed to the point of agitation. Ding Nan unexpectedly spoke up beside her, “You aren’t going to watch the next program?”

Zhou Qin frowned. “No.”

Ding Nan smiled and winked, “Feng Nuo spent that much effort convincing him to substitute. Aren’t you curious what kind of program Li Yundong will perform?”

Zhou Qin stopped walking. In the end, she turned around. With her arms crossed over her chest, she frowned and said, “I’ll watch for a just a minute.”

Ding Nan smiled, but on the inside, she looked down on Zhou Qin and thought, ‘hypocrite!’

On the stage, Feng Nuo firmly patted Li Yundong’s shoulder and said, “You’re in luck. The issue has been solved. It’s time for you to carry out your part of the deal!”

Li Yundong was quite unequivocal. He said to Su Chan, “Listen, wait for me down there.”

Su Chan nodded obediently and jumped down from the stage. She sipped her milk tea, and as she waved hand, she said to Li Yundong, “Add oil!*2”

Li Yundong smiled at her. This smile looked very resplendent and sunny, causing the hearts of the girls in the surroundings to beat faster.

Then Li Yundong turned to face Feng Nuo and asked, “What should I do?”

Feng Nuo said to Li Yundong, “It’ll be easy. First act out some sparring with your teammates, then you need to do a special act, and that’s all.”

Li Yundong nodded and said, “Not a problem!”

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