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Published at 16th of June 2017 07:16:22 PM
Chapter 17
Chapter 17: A Bit of Pain in My Balls (Part 1/2)
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T/N: This chapter is over 5000 words (Qidian chapters are 2500-3000, RFSH normally has 3500-4000), plus it has really awkward Chinese run-on grammar where they cram a ton of adjective clauses into a single sentence .   So I’ll finish it tomorrow .   You gets get 1 . 5 chapters for today instead and another 1 . 5 tomorrow, not a bad deal .

T/N2: So I changed my ** footer system to have numbers to make it easier to find them using the ctrl+F function . It was rather inconvenient before . I actually considered hyperlinking them together but the formatting gets messed up fast if I start posting things in HTML . Maybe I’ll experiment with it in the future and see what works . Google docs isn’t very compatible with WordPress so I post directly from notepad .

Su Chan’s words were too good at attracting resentment, especially from those students truly devoted to taekwondo . However, they all looked at Su Chan brave enough to be angry but not brave enough to speak . They were not afraid of the delicate seeming girl . They were afraid of Li Yundong who could Zhao Yujian and his midair attack flying with a single punch .

On the other hand, there were some male students who disapproved of Zhao Yujian’s attitude and they discussed amongst themselves quietly, “I only heard ‘Of all the martial arts in the world, no defense was unbreakable, only swiftness was invincible’, where did ‘only overwhelming strength is invincible’ come from?”

Another male student scoffed and said, “You see . Ignorant and inexperienced, ain’t ya? You must not get out much . Haven’t you seen countryman* Jet Li’s ‘Fist of Legend’?”

“I’ve watched ‘Fist of Legend’, what about it?”

“Didn’t countryman Jet Li say this? If you want to learn to fight, first you need to learn to endure hits . Otherwise, even though you hit the other person many times, the other guy is just fine . When the other guy hits you once, you’re already defeated . There is truth in those words . You see? Zhao Yujian kicked Li Yundong many times, Li Yundong is just fine . But Li Yundong punched back once, even though he only hit the bottom of Zhao Yujian’s foot, Zhao Yujian couldn’t endure . Even though part of his victory is based on the art of taking hits, but his strength is no joke . I’m starting to believe that he really did punch more than 500 pounds in his strength test . And it wasn’t a malfunction of the machine!”

“Hmm . That makes sense . But isn’t that a bit exaggerated? Tyson only punches 490 pounds . It’s impossible for Li Yundong punch heavier than Tyson, right?”


On one side, they were discussing in whispers . On the other side, Ding Nan looked at the sparring arena stupefied . After a long time with a face full of sorrow, she quietly cursed, “Zhao Yujian really is a lame duck*2 . Truly useless!”

Zhou Qin knelt on the ground, her upper body was perfectly straight . Her arms were placed on her legs . Even when Li Yundong’s punch sent Zhao Yujian flying, she merely straightened her waist the tiniest bit and widened her eyes slightly . Her eyes revealed a difference, the rest of body did not engage in any extraneous action, only revealing the bearing and unperturbed manner of a girl from a rich family .

Zhou Qin slightly inclined her head and looked at Ding Qin in askance . Deep within her indifferent gaze hid a lofty arrogance, “My things are not so easily won . Ding Nan, we have been together for so many years, have you not figured that out yet?”

Ding Nan’s expression froze . She smiled embarrassed and said, “Isn’t it just that I’ve been yearning for that baggie for too long…”

Zhou Qin fixed her gaze on Ding Nan for a long time . Only when Ding Nan was starting to feel scared on the inside, she finally spoke, “You can have my bag tomorrow . ”

Ding Nan was startled, “Why are you giving it to me? I didn’t win, ya know?”

Zhou Qin turned her head back no longer looking at her, “You do not want it? That is fine…”

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Before Zhou Qin even finished speaking, Ding Nan said, “I want it, I want it! A five figure limited edition baggie . Only an idiot wouldn’t want it!”

Zhou Qin looked at the sparring area . She nodded and extended her hand toward Ding Nan, “Cellphone . ”

Ding Nan immediately got up, her face all smiles . “Wait for me a bit . My cellphone is in the locker . ”

With those words, she stood up and walked toward the changing room .

The moment she turned around and had her back to Zhou Qin, the smile on her face disappeared . In its place was a teeth gnashing expression of humiliation and anger . Only when she arrived in the changing room did Ding Nan dare to clench her fist and repeated pant large breaths in anger .

A while later, she returned from the changing room having retrieved Zhou Qin’s cellphone . She returned to Zhou Qin’s side with her a smile on her face once more . She passed the cellphone over .

Zhou Qin accepted the cellphone . The first thing she did was call for an ambulance from the hospital, explaining the current situation .

As she made her call, Zhou Qin’s gaze never left Li Yundong . This person who had just demonstrated incredible might just stood there seemingly at a loss . He had neither the joy of having just defeated a strong foe or the terror of hurting or possibly crippling his opponent .

Zhou Qin distinctly perceived that this man was like someone who had just suddenly charged into unfamiliar territory . He was a lone wanderer whose heart was filled with bewilderment and unfamiliarity .

He silently stood there while those in the surrounding were jealous, respectful, resentful, angry, admiring as they gazed upon him . However, he simply lowered his head and looked down at his fist as if he could not believe how much strength he possessed .

Zhou Qin silently smiled . This average looking guy was not as shallow and incompetent as she imagined .

Having received the news, Director Qian charged into the taekwondo society with his brows beaded with sweat . His narrow-minded gaze swiftly swept the room, finally stopping on Li Yundong . He quickly walked toward him .

“It’s you again!” Director Qian almost jumped up . ‘This fellow is too good at getting into trouble . In just two days, he managed to cause two large disturbances . If it were someone else, they might not cause such a disturbance their entire lives . ’

Li Yundong saw Director Qian and returned from his distracted and vacant state . His heart missed a beat and he thought to himself, “Ah crud . This plague demon*3 got summoned again!”

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As the head of the Disciplinary Department, Director Qian could be said to have ultimate power over students, especially rule breakers like Li Yundong . If Li Yundong fell into his hands, and he really wanted to deal with Li Yundong, not even expulsion would be considered an excessive option .

Director Qian wiped the sweat on his brow and squeezed his way through the crowd of students to Zhao Yujian’s side . Accessing his condition, the director secretly complain about his bitter lot . ‘In just one week, there will be an exchange between Tiannan University and Mayan Technocracy’s Bincifaneya Private University*4 . These students actually created this kind of mess, isn’t this basically making trouble especially for me?

‘Most importantly, at that time Zhao Yujian was scheduled to perform a program during the exchange as the representative of the school’s Taekwondo Society . This was Tiannan University’s most presentable program . Now that Zhao Yujian was injured like this, wasn’t this like a slap on the face?’

Director Qian’s entire face turned black like the entire nation had its power cut . *5 He sprung up and walked until he stood in front of Li Yundong . He roared, “What did you do? You’re all classmates, why did you attack so harshly! Don’t you know proposer etiquette and how to hold back? Do you know that you’ve violated the school rules? I can expul you!”

Li Yundong was originally very nervous . When he heard those words, he became angry instead, “What do you mean I attacked harshly? When Zhao Yujian attacked harshly, all these people were watching . How come he didn’t hold back on me?”

Director Qian exploded with anger . ‘A student dared to talk back to him? How could this be allowed? Where is the consideration for the face of the school leaders? Where was the authority of the official? Even if the uncle can ensure, the aunt cannot endure!*6’

“Who saw it . Step up and talk!” Director Qian placed his hands on his waist and roared .

These words had overly strong undertones . All the surrounding students looked at each other . Among them, even though there were those that disapproved of Zhao Yujian’s shamelessness, but none of them were willing to offend the disciplinary director on Li Yundong’s behalf .

They still wanted to study at this school . Offending the disciplinary direction was more disastrous than offending the headmaster .

These people all took a step back . However, there were some students who could not stand injustice and step forward . This made Li Yundong feel truly moved . ‘In this world, there really were good people . The heavens have eyes!’

But really quickly, these students pointed at Li Yundong and said something that made Li Yundong almost spit out blood, “I can act as a witness, he was the one who started the conflict!”

Li Yundong was really depressed . ‘Grassss! Where did I start what conflict!’ When he thought of that, he could not resist turning his head and glancing at the little fox who was hiding behind him with a gaze full of hidden bitterness .

All this trouble was this girl’s fault!

Upon receiving Li Yundong’s glance, Su Chan suddenly felt guilty inside . She thought ‘a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions’*7 . She could not help but stand out with her hands on her waist and roar, “I was the one who said it . What of it? If there are any accusations direct them at me! Do I need to climb a mountain of blades, or sink into a cauldron of boiling oil? Come on, tell me . I, Su Chan, will not even blink an eye, otherwise I am not a hero…”

Li Yundong was both angry and amused . He dragged Su Chan behind him and harshly smacked her head . “You want to act like a hero? Stay silent!”

Su Chan hugged her head and made an affirmative sound . She obediently held onto the hem of Li Yundong’s shirt, not saying a single word .

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Even though Director Qian had seen Su Chan in the past, but that was a mere glimpse of her graceful figure . Now that he carefully looked at her, his eyes were unable to move away, his drool almost leaked out . “You’re from what department what year? How come I’ve never seen you before?”

Li Yundong saw that Director Qian’s eyes were practically green with fixation . He silently moved forward a step, shielding Su Chan from the front, and said, “She is my girlfriend . She isn’t a student of this school . ”

Director Qian heard the unpleasant sound of the word girlfriend, plus his view of Su Chan had been blocked by Li Yundong, so he could not help but feel annoying and angry . “Someone who isn’t from this school and you dare come here to misbehave?”

Li Yundong forcibly suppressed his anger, “Who ruled that students not from this school could not enter? Furthermore, today’s disturbance had nothing to do with us misbehaving, but rather someone else disliked me on sight and kept on provoking me . ”

Director Qian blew up in anger, “Who provoked you? Who can act as your witness?”

“Me…” a voiced sounded out from the side . Zhou Qin slowly walked over .

Director Qian took a look and immediately felt an enormous headache coming in . ‘How come this little grand aunt is everywhere?’

Director Qian’s complexion immediately changed . The speed of his face changing was enough to make Sichuan opera performers feel inferior enough to die . *8 “Aiya . Zhou Qin, when did you join the taekwondo society?”

Zhou Qin faintly smiled, “I’ve been a member for more than a year . It’s just that I rarely attend, that’s all . ”

Director Qian smiled insipidly . “Today’s matter, you also… saw all of it?”

Zhou Qin nodded and unhurriedly narrated the entire progression of events . Then she swept her gaze over Li Yundong and said, “Basically it was like that . I believe Director Qian will handle this matter impartially, right?”

Director Qian’s heart was full of hate like the endless flowing of river water . ‘Why did Zhou Qin pretend this little bastard every time? Last time could be counted as a coincidence . What about this time?

‘It can’t be that Zhou Qin took a fancy to this fellow, right?’

Director Qin gave himself a scare . He twisted his head around and sized up Li Yundong .

When he did not carefully size up Li Yundong it was fine, but now that he took a careful look, Director Qian sucked in a breath of air . The resentment in his heart grew was like the flooding of Yellow River, completely out of control .

‘What’s so good about this fellow? Why did he have a beauty of a thousand charms acting like a little bird relying on him? Why did even Zhou Qin that super beauty act as if she had feeling for him?’

Director Qian had a heart full of indignation . He roared internally, ‘he isn’t even as handsome as me . Why would those two beauties take a fancy to him, and not to me?’

Being a relatively successful middle aged public figure, who for a long time could not satisfy his heart’s desire because he acted cold on the outside despite being passionate on the inside, he naturally had a strong desire for women, especially beautiful women, and this was a desire that was continuously growing stronger .

Director Qian watched Zhou Qin’s departing back . He hatefully glanced at Li Yundong and shouted, “Follow me back to the disciplinary department!” Then he attempted to flirtatiously brush his fingers through his middle management hairstyle . He said to the little fox, “And you, you come too!”

The little fox followed behind Li Yundong, timidly grasping at his fingers .

Li Yundong looked back to see the little fox silent mouth a word at him, “Sorry . ”

Li Yundong smiled . He indulgently reached out and squeezed the little fox’s nose . The little fox giggled happily and raised her own hand to knocked away Li Yundong’s .

… (to be continued)

*1 同学 tongxue – classmate/student: In Chinese slang, sometimes you refer to other people as classmate even if you don’t know them . I kind of understand how to use it but not really . It expresses some degree of commonality between you and the person mentioned . It sets the ambiance, letting you know it’s a bit of a joking tone . My co-workers when I worked in China for a while sometimes called me tongxue, often as a part of a joke .

*2 fubuqi de adou – it’s a reference to A Dou, which is the childhood name of Liu Shan, a inept emperor who was the last of his dynasty . Hopeless case . Useless person . Milksop . Something along lines . Person who could not be helped/supported . Disappointing person . Let down .

*3 This refers to a person who causes trouble for whoever they meet (mostly you) .

*4 Ah yes, M Country . You have just entered an alternate universe different from the alternate history of Chinese RFSH, where secret supernatural intervention prevented the fall of the Mayan Empire or something like that . It went through a bunch of historical revolutions and stands approximately where Mexico and the US are now . Bincifaneya is Pennsy… everything is vague for now, there will be more details in future . Why Mayans? They’re the traditional modern cultivation villains . Either controlling the Americans from the background like in that one work or like in Tempest of the Stellar War where they’re another rival civilization originating from Earth, or they control the underworld .

*5 face turned black in Chinese means to look unwell and the part after that is a joke .

*6 Basically another version of “If this can be endured then what cannot be endured?”

*7 Which is pretty ironic considering she’s neither a man or a human .

*8 In Sichuan opera, actors wore many layers of colored face masks and took them off layer by layer to show changes in expression throughout the show . Being black in the face in Sichuan opera is very literal . This Director Qian is so good at changing faces (expressions) that he’d make these guys feel inferior enough to die .

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