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Li Fan blinked as he took in the view of the girl’s naked body then gulped.

“Tie Zhu… did you transform?”

That’s… just impossible! Li Fan believed the girl would become furious, but she actually smiled at him sweetly.

“You only have two choices. Marry me or die.”

“Eh! I will marry you then!”

Li Fan chose the option he believed to be the best, but the pretty girl opposite to him smiled back at him while saying, “As you wish, die now!”

The girl hid her bosom with her hand while her other hand scooped the warm pond water and threw it towards Li Fan.

The water drops changed into ice spikes as they charged at Li Fan! What skill is this? Li Fan didn’t have much time to think. He arched backward and entered under the pond water to evade those ice spikes!

“You think you can escape?”

The girl stated fiercely, “This lady must dig out your eyes even if you end up dead!”

“Aren’t you being too ruthless?”

Li Fan explored his head outside at the side of the pond. That aside… this pretty girl has a nice figure.

“Didn’t we agree on marriage?”

“After you die, this lady will hold your photo and burn paper for you.”

The girl chuckled while wearing an innocent, guiltless expression, “You can rest your eyes now.”

“Can’t you think over it seriously once more?”

“Let me do that then… Alright, I’ve decided. I’m going to kill you!”

The girl swung her hand again while saying those words, sending another batch of ice spikes flying towards him. The number of spikes was a bit too many this time. Li Fan immediately grabbed the bath towel to the side and flung it in front of him, catching those ice spikes inside it in a flash.

“I’ll return these to you!”

Li Fan shook the towel he was holding after imbuing the towel with his true qi, resulting in the droplets on it shooting in all directions. Those ice spikes also returned back the way they arrived. The girl was alarmed and used a movement art she was well-versed in to lean slightly and evade those ice spikes.

But at this moment, she lost her footing and slipped, dropping inside the pond water while crying out in alarm.

From the girl’s scream, it seemed like she fell quite miserably. She wouldn’t drown, right? I hope she doesn’t! I’ve come to see father-in-law today, not to kill someone. It will be a disaster if that happens!

Li Fan promptly rushed ahead to support the girl. As for the girl, almost all of her body was exposed in front of him as she laid within the water. Such a scene only happened in the movies… it was rare for someone to experience such a beautiful view in reality! Li Fan almost succumbed to temptation but reminded himself in his heart – It’s rude to look!

He shifted his eyes away difficulty, but right at this moment, a cold swept across his face. A sneer rose up on the pretty girl’s face as she slapped towards Li Fan’s face with her jade-like palm.

Li Fan felt goosebumps on his face and almost shifted his body sideways subconsciously. As a result, the slap landed on his shoulder firmly!

A cold stream of air invaded his body! At that moment, Li Fan felt as if he were currently in a world of ice, his body felt cold and stiff! But at the same time, a fiery true qi rushed out from his dantian, and as if it were a guardian protecting its home, it savagely drove out that cold air out of his body in an instant!

Steam rose up from Li Fan’s body and when he looked at his surroundings, he realized that the water had frozen around him!


The girl stood up and covered her body with a bath towel. Her gaze contained a trace of shock right now. He’s actually unharmed after suffering my Heart-Destroying Freezing Strike?

“Just who the hell are you?”


The cold air inside Li Fan’s body had already dispersed, but his body was still releasing steam constantly, “I’m Li Fan.”

“Li Fan?”

The girl raised her brows in a rather elegant manner. She then smiled all of a sudden then walked towards him, which in turn made him retreat a few steps back.

“Hey, what are you getting scared for?”

The girl licked her lips, “Are you afraid this girl would gobble you up and not even leave your bones intact?”

“You shouldn’t make such absurd jokes!”

Li Fan felt his blood race a little. This woman is too dangerous! She’s smiling on the front but plotting to kill me internally!

“How could I do that? After all, we’re family, aren’t we? My brother-in-law…”

The way she addressed him as ‘brother-in-law’ made Li Fan’s bone turn into mush. He withdrew another two steps while feeling a little agitated, “W-What did you call me?”


The girl stated sweetly, “We just had a misunderstanding… A sister-in-law is almost half a wife to her brother-in-law… you can look as much as you want.”

Fudge! What kind of concept is that?! Li Fan couldn’t help but roast her in his mind! Now that I’ve gotten a clear look at her… her face does resemble Murong Ying’s a bit! But their personalities have a sky-high difference between them. Are they really sisters?”

“This girl is called Murong Ai… I’m the little sister… If brother-in-law doesn’t believe me, you can take a closer look.”

Murong Ai stated shyly. Her behavior was poles apart from before!

Li Fan’s heart thumped. What kind of development is this? Isn’t this becoming the storyline of ‘You mustn’t, Brother-in-law’?

“Brother-in-law… this girl wants to change her decision… from before…”

Murong Ai stepped forward a little and said softly while leaning on Li Fan’s still warm chest.

“Sister-in-law… p-please conduct yourself with dignity!”

A sister-in-law offering herself up… This isn’t a dream, right? No, wait… this must be a trap! Li Fan looked at the girl bound in the towel standing before him yet another scene appeared within his mind.

It was the image of an Arachne with the torso of a pretty woman crawling on top of a huge next while he was stuck on it without any means to move!

Li Fan almost subconsciously pushed Murong Ai away, “Please behave properly, I’m actually a very traditional man!”

“Brother-in-law… but you’ve already seen all of this girl…”

Murong Ai stated a bit shyly, “Actually… we’re both girls of the Murong family. Won’t it be the same whether you marry sister or me?”

She then winked at Li Fan, “Moreover, see.. this girl is younger and prettier than my sister… and also much tender, am I right?”

Fudge… Each sentence Murong Ai spoke shot into Li Fan’s heart like arrows. In terms of looks… these pretty sisters are really on another level, both possessing their own merits… but the younger sister is obviously younger… and also looks taller than Murong Ying… Her legs are longer… No, this won’t do. Li Fan struggled internally. I have a leg fetish. The longer they are, the more I’m fond of them… won’t I fall into her trap if this goes on?

I must find an aspect where she lacks in comparison to Murong Ying! Isn’t a martial artist supposed to be good at observation?

Murong Ai didn’t evade Li Fan’s fiery gaze and even propped up her bosom pridefully.

Li Fan’s eyes brightened up suddenly, “Found it! You fall short on one thing compared to your sister!”

“How is that possible? Tell me where I’m lacking…”

“Your breasts! Are smaller than hers!”

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