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Chapter 620: Confidence
That first God of Berserkers was indeed vicious . Eastern Wastelands Tower's appearance, the ninety-nine layers, and the priceless treasure at the top were enough to tempt all Immortals and Berserkers!
The twenty-six slots to the tower could incite a bloody massacre, and to prevent any sort of situation that was out of the God of Berserker's control, such as these twenty-six people working together to determine the ranks on their own in secret, the God of Berserkers had added that the blood-colored light must span a distance of ten million lis .
Because of that, what he would bring would no longer be just a bloody massacre, but genocide!
If too little Immortal blood was spilled, no one would be able to step into Eastern Wastelands Tower . If they did not have the right to enter the tower, then they would be unable to receive the great serendipity! That was why Su Ming had sensed Lie Shan Xiu's viciousness when he heard his voice reverberated in the air!
Similarly, it would make all the Immortals who heard it desire that treasure deeply, but at the same time, they would also feel a deep chill run through their bodies .
It was not as if no one had ever wondered whether those treasures truly existed in Eastern Wastelands Tower, but most of the people who were skilled in divination had predicted this to be true after the all the descended Immortals from the sects came to them!
With Lie Shan Xiu's status as the first God of Berserkers and his level of cultivation, he would definitely not lie about this . This was something that the Immortals had to admit, even though they harbored a deep grudge towards him .
Su Ming averted his gaze from the dark sky and closed his eyes .
'The first God of Berserkers' Eastern Wastelands Tower is not a trap but a blatant attack… Di Tian's clone and Evil Sect's Ji An will definitely be able to tell that this is a plan to force them to kill each other .
'They will need a sufficient amount of Immortal souls, and if… any Berserker will want to obtain this right, they will also have to fight for it with everything they have… It would have been better if there was just one person fighting for it, but there are plenty of tribes and even clans like Freezing Sky Clan in the land of Berserkers .
'These clans will be even crazier over the first God of Berserkers' legacy . . .
'What a plan . Not only did he just make the Immortals fight among themselves, he also made the Berserkers rise to fight and kill those Immortals so that they could gain a chance to obtain a great serendipity…
'In fact… there will be situations where people will band together . During these thousand days, the Eastern

Wastelands will be drenched in blood…' Su Ming opened his eyes, and a brilliant glint appeared in his eyes .
'Chaos is about to arrive…' Su Ming waved his arm and took a few steps backwards before he sitting down cross-legged on the ground . He could feel danger in the air, and he needed to recover his cultivation base as quickly as possible, for only then could he obtain his place in the soon to be very chaotic Eastern Wastelands .
'Twenty-six slots… There should be twenty-seven, but the others… don't know about my slot!'
Bao Qiu had already cleared her heart, as she remained by his side . When she looked at him, there was respect and a hint of something else in her gaze .
"Master, don't worry . I won't tell anyone about what happened today . If you have nothing else to ask of me, then I will take my leave . My sect members will be coming continuously to learn the reason why that mountain descended just now . "
Bao Qiu bent her body slightly in a bow towards Su Ming . With her beautiful head lowered, she walked backwards to leave the first floor of the building so that she could return to the ground floor .
Just as she was about to leave, Su Ming's gaze landed on her, and despite him seeing her beautiful face and alluring body, his face was as calm as still water .
"My blood helped you avoid the Berserkers' Disaster . What are your thoughts on this?"
Bao Qiu froze and a light shudder ran through her body . She lifted her head and looked at Su Ming . There was a slight hint of pity, confusion, and sentiment on her face . All these expressions fused together into an extremely complicated look on her countenance .
"I thought of nothing…" Bao Qiu dipped her head down, as if she did not dare to look him into eyes as she spoke softly .
"Have you ever met Destiny before?" Su Ming suddenly asked, looking straight at the young woman .
Once Bao Qiu heard the word 'Destiny', she shuddered again, and she instinctively took a few steps back . Her face instantly turned pale .
"I've never seen him, never heard about him… Master, please don't force me to say anything about Destiny . Every Immortal who descends to the land of Berserkers has to swear an oath, and if we say anything about Destiny, we will be punished… We will also get our families in the land of Immortals in trouble . " Bao Qiu lifted her head and looked at Su Ming with a plea for mercy in her eyes .
He remained silent for a moment . Fatigue appeared on his face and

and he closed his eyes, no longer interrogating her about this matter .
What would he be able to do if he learned about Destiny, anyway? What could he do even after proving his own guesses correct? He would still be in Yin Death Region, and he would still not know where his memories lay . He would still not know where the girl who had called him her big brother was .
'In the end, I still need to be the one… who tears through this layer of mystery . One of these days, I will break this sky and walk out of this world!
'That day is already not too far away . ' At the instant Su Ming closed his eyes, he said these words to himself quietly .
Bao Qiu left . After the Berserkers' Disaster, Evil Spirit Sect returned to its usual activities . Quite a large number of sect members came to visit Bao Qiu and asked about the mountain descending for her . None of these people noticed Su Ming's presence, not even the Grand Sect Elder Shen Dong . If Su Ming wanted to hide himself from him, it would be very difficult for the man to find him within a short period of time .
All the Immortal sects in Eastern Wastelands might seem as if they were in peace after the Berserkers' Disaster, for they acted as if it had never happened, but the gigantic pit in the sky, the flattened mountain range, and the tall Eastern Wastelands Tower at the center of the continent were a stark reminder that all of it had indeed happened!
Perhaps some people had investigated the tower in secret . Su Ming did not know what results they had obtained, but he did discover some minor changes within Evil Spirit Sect after a month had passed since the Berserkers' Disaster .
A large number of people in isolation had chosen to egress . Occasionally, mighty waves of power would appear on the mountain . None of the Outer Sect disciples dared to leave the mountain, and a large number of those who had left for training earlier were swiftly returning to their sect every single day, as if they had been summoned back .
A monstrously huge mountain protection Rune gradually enveloped Evil Spirit Mountain . At the same time it sealed off the mountain, a large amount of power of the world was sucked into the place, causing the place to look as if fog had surrounded it .
In fact, some of the Outer Sect disciples who had been driven to the foot of the mountain as punishment had been summoned back . They returned to their original positions and started making preparations in secret .
A tense atmosphere surrounded the entire Evil Spirit Sect . Su Ming was

Ming was not unfamiliar with it . These people… were preparing for war!
Bao Qiu would deliver medicinal cores every single day to him, and the quality of those cores was becoming better . From the bits and pieces of the things she told him when she came, Su Ming knew clearly that what he had sensed was not incorrect . They were indeed preparing for war . All of this was due to an order sent by Evil Immortal Sect three days after the Berserkers' Disaster .
That order was filled with a clear, bloodthirsty air, and there were only two sentences contained within it .
"Prepare for war . Get ready to fight!"
During that month, the recovery of Su Ming's cultivation base had sped up due to the medicinal cores . By his calculations, if this continued, then with just another month, a nine-tenths of his cultivation base would have recovered, and half a year later, he would be back at his full power . He then would reach a pinnacle of strength he had never achieved before .
At that time, he would be able to attempt breaking through into the Berserker Soul Realm . If he succeeded, then he would be able to overlook all those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!
This was his confidence!
'Half a year is a little too long… It would have been fine if everything was going on as usual, but now, there's a thousand days limit set for the Eastern Wastelands Tower, and because of that, I need to reach the Berserker Soul Realm as soon as possible . Looks like I'll have to go out and test the Secret Art I inherited from Hong Luo . Fortunately, my cultivation base is mostly recovered and I will be able to cast it somewhat . There might be some drawbacks, but I'll have to do this .
'Eastern Wastelands Tower… will not activate if that blood-colored light doesn't reach ten million lis, but judging from the first God of Berserkers' words, this restriction is set for the twenty-six slots… He didn't mention me .
'If I have the chance, I should go and check whether it restriction on me as well . If I don't…' Su Ming's eyes sparkled, and he continued immersing himself in his training .
In the blink of an eye, another half a month went by . On this day during noon, Su Ming's eyes flew open while he was seated . A brilliant flash shone briefly in his eyes and he lifted his head . With a gaze as if he could see through walls, he looked at the sky beyond the building .
Three long arcs were charging towards the mountain protection Rune around Evil Spirit Sect . They traveled side by side side by side and looked as if they were shooting stars that were surrounded by black fog . As piercing whistles rang in the air, the three long arcs closed in on the mountain protection Rune, and with a flash of black, they shot through and appeared within Evil Spirit Sect .
Their appearance immediately caught all the people's attention, who fixed their gazes on the trio .
"By the orders of Sir Ji An, Shen Dong of Evil Spirit Sect come forth and receive the declaration!"
Almost at the moment those words left their mouths, an eerie voice traveled forth from the black smoke rising into the sky in Evil Spirit Mountain .
"I, Shen Dong, greet the three Evil Sect messengers . "
The trio immediately wrapped their fists in their palms and bowed towards the black smoke, from which came Shen Dong's voice . The person in the lead brought out a jade slip, and once he crushed it, an illusionary shadow immediately appeared before him as the air distorted .
The shadow's face could not be seen clearly, and only a black robe could be glimpsed on his body, which also covered his head and face . A cold and sinister presence immediately spread out, instantly enveloping the whole Evil Spirit Sect, which caused all the people's hearts to tremble . They lowered their heads and prostrated themselves on the ground in worship .
As that cold presence filled the air, the sky, too, immediately darkened, as if a layer of fog had covered it so that the people could not see it clearly .
"Shen Dong . " A deep voice traveled out from that shadow . There was not a hint of emotion that could be detected from those words, and all those who heard them felt a chill filling their bodies .
"Bring the Evil Spirit Sect and trample Thousand River Valley . Your goal is one of the branches of Hidden Dragon Sect located there… You have ten days, and your mission is to kill all of them!
"Set up a line of defense there, and let it become one of the bases for us Evil Sect to invade all the other Immortal Sects here!"
A middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe walked out from the black smoke at that moment . He wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed respectfully towards the shadow .
"I understand!"
The shadow no longer spoke, but instead slowly faded away . The three Evil Sect messengers wrapped their fists towards Shen Dong in silence . Two of them turned around and transformed into long arcs that shot through the mountain protection Rune, speeding away .
The last person remained on the spot after giving Shen Dong a wrapped fist as a salute . He did not say a word .

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