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Su Ming was immersed in his thoughts, and he did not pay any attention to Bao Qiu.

After some time, she straightened up and meekly stood by the side. Occasionally, her gaze would land on Su Ming, and gradually, a hint of curiosity… and complication appeared on her face.

She had never expected to meet this person here…

In truth, at the moment the Berserkers' Disaster disappeared from her when Su Ming smeared that drop of blood at the center of her brows, she had been shocked, but at the same time, she recalled someone…

She had absolutely not expected that they would meet in such a manner… and he would become her master.

Time trickled by. The area outside the tower was silent, but the pressure and the bell chimes continued outside. When the sky gradually turned dark and midnight eventually arrived, more than thirty people had died under that Berserkers' Disaster in Evil Spirit Sect!

Most of these people were Berserkers who had changed their blood inheritance. These people had betrayed the Berserkers and their ancestors for all sorts of reasons by changing their blood inheritance to practice Evil Arts.

Eastern Wastelands Bell did not just appear above Evil Spirit Sect on that day. Its body had remained above Evil Lust Sect, Evil Dust Sect, and Evil Immortal Sect as well.

In fact, the bell had also descended on some of the Immortals who did not belong to any of the sects in the land who had accidentally revealed their power on the ground. They were then killed by the Eastern Wastelands Bell that appeared right above them at the moment they revealed their presence.

When midnight was about to arrive and there were no longer any Immortals who had to go through the Berserkers' Disaster in Evil Spirit Sect, the blood-red screen of light covered the entire place, as if it had shrouded the Eastern Wastelands Bell's eyes so that it could not see the waves of power from the outsiders, causing it to only be able to slowly fade away during the last moments of that one day. Now it could only wait for another fifty years… to appear once again.

As time passed, a brilliant glare slowly appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He took a few steps forward, to move beside the window, and watched the dark sky outside to wait for a scene that might appear once dawn was over.

'Based on what that voice said, this Eastern Wastelands Tower…' While Su Ming was in deep thought, dawn arrived!

On that day, the dawn was a scene that was incredibly difficult for all of those in Eastern Wastelands to forget. It would forever be carved into their memories, and they would never be able to chase it away!

The Immortal sects as well as those from the Evil Sect which had descended on Eastern Wastelands had been waiting for one thing for a long time, but it had never appeared. But on that day, it arrived!

Ji An from Evil Sect had used a large amount of his power without holding back to change the laws governing the descent of Eastern Wastelands Bell because he was also hoping for this one thing to arrive. However, no one knew just what sort of requirement was needed for that one thing they desired to show up.

All the Immortal Sects as well as Di Tian's clone knew that one of the requirements for that thing to appear was that there must be enough outsiders in the land of Berserkers.

However, as years went by and as more outsiders landed on Eastern Wastelands… the thing they desired still did not appear… because of that, they reached a unanimous, unplanned agreement, and all of them executed a wide scale plan that required them to use up a large amount of their power and divine abilities, and had even made them give up an unimaginable price… make Eastern Wastelands ram into South Morning!

Since they had no idea how to make that thing appear, they could only fumble around for clues and try out everything that might possibly be the other requirement and hopefully fulfill it.

The crash between Eastern Wastelands and South Morning might be a unanimous but unplanned idea, yet Evil Sect and all the other Immortal Sets had also used their own methods to search for the best in divination and had them predict the requirement for that thing's appearance.

It was the reason behind the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands!

Because while the predicted results Evil Sect and all the other Immortal Sects gained were different, the meaning between them was incredibly similar. The crash between two continents would bring forth the key for the appearance of that thing.

But no one knew what that key was.

However, no matter what, the first Berserkers' Disaster post-crash was the critical moment to check whether this key had truly appeared, and if it truly happened, then it would mean that the Immortals' prediction was a success.

If it did not happen, then they would continue trying other methods, and that thing would surely appear eventually.

Because the key might have appeared in this Berserkers' Disaster to bring forth that thing, that was why all the Immortal sects that had descended to this place used everything in their disposal and even the power of their sects to have their best prodigies descend in the land of the Berserkers.

Like… Beiling, Chenxin, Chenchong, Sikong… and also Bifeng from Eastern Wasteland's Evil Sect… along with Ye Wang from Justice Heaven Dao. These prodigies all descended to this place, and their trial would start once this thing appeared!

In fact, they had been sent out to search for the sealed limbs of the second God of Berserkers in South Morning and Eastern Wastelands because their sects believed that perhaps one of the requirements for this thing was connected to the second God of Berserkers.

This was a thing that was highly desired by all the Immortals that descended on Eastern Wastelands, and it was also something that they had tried to reach with various methods for many years but never succeeded.

This thing was connected to the first God of Berserkers!

As the Immortals that descended in the land of the Berserkers continuously occupied the Berserkers' territory, as they slowly unveiled the mysteries among the Berserkers that had made them respect this race so much in the past, and as they continued understanding and digging through their secrets, the Immortals gradually learned of a secret.

There was a tower in Eastern Wastelands, and it went by the name of Eastern Wastelands Tower. There were ninety-nine layers to this tower, and whoever reached its final layer would receive the first God of Berserkers' epiphany towards World Planes… and Plane Kalpa.

Perhaps the epiphany towards World Planes could not attract the attention of the few truly powerful warriors among the Immortals… but it was different for Plane Kalpa. This was the source they dreamed of tapping, and if they could gain that epiphany, then it would serve as a great help towards the breakthrough in their level of cultivation.

The first God of Berserkers' priceless treasure was left in that tower, along with his divine abilities and Arts. All of these things were enough to tempt the Immortals' hearts, and once they were certain of this, they desired the Eastern Wastelands Tower.

More importantly, once they finished analysing all the clues they had in their possession, they believed that there was a great secret hidden within the final layer of Eastern Wastelands Tower!

This secret… was related to Great Yu Barren Cauldron!

It was the clue that would lead them to the strongest treasure among the Berserkers!

This treasure was also related to an order that had come from Sacred Morning Dao World's [1] Morning Dao Planet and had spread through the entire Sacred World in ancient times!

"All cultivators of Sacred Morning Dao World, you are to search for the Cauldron of Dao's Roots, also known as Great Yu Barren Cauldron… I, Dao Chen Yi Bo, shall give the person who will find this cauldron my inheritance, and he shall also be the sovereign of Sacred Morning Dao World!"

Su Ming did not know about any of these, but it did not stop him from standing beside the window of the building and looking at the night as he waited… for the scene spoken by that voice to appear.

At that moment, he was not the only one acting this way. As one of the people who knew about this secret since he was the Grand Sect Elder of Evil Spirit Sect, Shen Dong too looked at the sky and waited.

'Let's hope it works this time… The mystery of the land of the Berserkers caused those truly powerful old monsters to be unable to have their true bodies descend in this place, and even Sir Ji An can only have his clone down here to oversee things… I… might have a chance to bring a great contribution to the sect!'

It was the same situation in Evil Dust Sect and Evil Lust Sect. The Grand Sect Elders in those two sects and all those who knew about this secret were all looking at the sky anxiously.

Evil Sects were not the only ones that acted this way. Di Tian's clone was standing in his courtyard silently within Great Leaf Immortal Sect as he looked at the sky. His face was cold and aloof, but a brilliant light could be seen shining within his eyes.

Hidden Dragon Sect and Sky Mist Dao also had their own sects in Eastern Wastelands, and those who knew of the secret in those sects were all acting in the same manner. They were all looking at the sky in anxiety and anticipation, because they had already given up too much to make this Eastern Wastelands Tower appear.

Tian Lan Meng and Tian Lan You's expressions were different as they stood beside Sky Mist's ancestor. They were both looking at the night silently. Tian Lan You's face was icy cold, like ice that would never melt. As for Tian Lan Meng, there was a constant, complicated look on her face. She seemed rather dejected, as if there were many things troubling her.

At the instant dawn was over, suddenly, the expressions of all the people looking at the sky from all the different parts of Eastern Wastelands immediately changed.

The long crack in the sky did not close up and vanish as it did fifty years ago. Instead, brilliant rays of light came from within! They instantly illuminated the entire sky above Eastern Wastelands, and not a single dark spot could be seen!

Loud, booming sounds echoed in the air, and the crack in the sky swiftly widened. When it started spreading outwards, a gigantic object descended from inside.

It was like there was a gigantic rock that caused the crack to be unable to withstand its size. Once it was torn apart, it crumbled, turning into a gigantic pit that was several hundreds of thousands of feet wide!

Once that pit appeared, the gigantic object lowered itself, and it was the base of an immense tower that was octagonal in shape!

With a loud bang, the entire land trembled, and the gigantic tower swiftly landed on the ground. There were originally a mountain underneath, but it was too feeble and could not withstand the force of the landing. It shattered into pieces, allowing the tower to stand erect on the ground in a stable manner!

Its height… was endless. The part that was revealed between the ground and the sky was just a part of it. The other half was still in that pit high above!

This was a gigantic tower that could stun all those who saw it!

"The Eastern Wastelands Tower has appeared… from now onwards… I will give you a thousand days to fight for the remaining twenty-six spots in the tower… A thousand days later, you will all offer your sacrifices to make the blood-red light from the Eastern Wastelands Tower shine past ten million lis… The twenty-six people who will offer the largest amount of Immortal souls will earn the right to enter the tower.

"If the sacrifices offered are not enough to make the light from the Eastern Wastelands Tower shine past ten million lis, the tower will not open.

"Within this tower lies my priceless treasure, my divine abilities, my Arts, and my medicinal cores, and they can all be used by Berserkers and Immortals. It also contains my epiphany towards the World Planes and the enlightenment of the Plane Kalpa I gained after gathering all the understanding I have towards all worlds, as well as half of the cultivation I gained over half my life…

"Within this tower also lies… the clue to Great Yu Barren Cauldron, the greatest treasure of the Berserkers, which is also the treasure I had snatched from Dao Chen! I swear by my Life that you will be able to find the Great Barren Cauldron with this clue!"

Su Ming's heart trembled. As he looked at the sky, that unique voice rang in his ears once again. There was arrogance in that voice, along with a hint of wildness.

'The first God of Berserkers, Lie Shan Xiu… What a vicious man…'

Su Ming sucked in a deep breath.

Translator's Notes:

1. Sacred Morning Dao World and True Morning Dao World: Are the same thing, apparently that's how the Immortals call it.

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