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'Would I have the right to become its master…?' This thought appeared in Su Ming's heart.

Eastern Wastelands Bell. It was the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel, and was also the treasure left behind by the first God of Berserkers as a blessing for his descendants, one used as an item to intimidate all outsiders… It was the treasure that made even Di Tian, who had sent two of his clones to the place, and Ji An from Evil Sect, to only be able to change the laws governing the treasure's descent, not daring to destroy it! Perhaps they could not even destroy it!

'That one mountain and river is equivalent to the limit of a Berserker in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. If it would bring out all nine mountains, rivers, and deserts, then what level of cultivation would the wave of power that would erupt forth show…?'

Su Ming opened his eyes. Bao Qiu was trembling behind him. There was struggle on her face, and the seals on her hands were continuously changing, as she was gritting her teeth tightly. She did not ask for Su Ming to take action.

As the blood-red screen of light completely exposed the building, Bao Qiu's presence and power as an outsider showed up clearly under Eastern Wastelands Bell.

Her wave of power was between the Immortals' Soul Transformation and Soul Formation. At that moment, as the waves of her power were revealed, Eastern Wastelands Bell descended on her swiftly. The entire building shook. The illusory shadow of the female statue before Bao Qiu immediately crumbled and exploded into pieces. She coughed up a mouthful of blood, and as her face turned pale, she looked as if she was being flattened and would shatter at any moment.

Eastern Wastelands Bell descended another five feet, and it was like a great, heavy force suddenly appearing on a drowning person, as if it wanted to drag him into the depths of the water. It caused despair to appear in Bao Qiu's eyes.

As Eastern Wastelands Bell descended, the faint, illusory shadow of a bell could be seen falling on the young woman. At that moment, it had already landed on the building. It seeped through the walls, and began fulfilling its mission to kill all outsiders.

Su Ming sighed softly and turned around. At the instant the illusory bell seeped through the building and descended on Bao Qiu's jugular notch, he took a step forward. Right at that moment, he lifted his right hand to gently lift the incoming illusory bell that was descending on her!

With it, a shudder racked Su Ming's entire body, but his expression remained as calm as ever. The illusory bell no longer sank down and remained on his right hand. It was forcefully stopped in its tracks.

Almost at the instant Su Ming's right hand touched the illusory bell, Eastern Wastelands Bell let out a long bell chime in the sky. At the same time, a powerful will instantly descended on Su Ming's heart.

The will did not speak, but instead exuded a cold and ancient air. Once it scanned Su Ming's body, it returned to the sky, back to where Eastern Wastelands Bell was. Soon after, an even greater pressure descended once again, as if it wanted to move past Su Ming and crush Bao Qiu to her death.

A mountain appeared in the sky up ahead!

That mountain was a hundred thousand feet tall and towered in the clouds despite being a mere illusion. At the instant it appeared, all those who were watching in Evil Spirit Sect immediately sported changes to their expressions. Shen Dong's eyes also shone with a glint.

Up to now, only Shen Dong alone had been able to make a mountain and river show up on from the Eastern Wastelands Bell during the Berserkers' Disaster. All of the others did not have the right for the bell to react this way, because the pressure as it descended alone was enough to kill them.

"Bao Qiu…" Shen Dong mumbled softly.

The mountain occupied almost half the sky once it appeared. It was green, and as a large amount of life force filled the area, it swiftly descended on the building that protruded from the blood-red screen of light!

Bao Qiu was beside Su Ming, and at that moment, she widened her eyes. She could sense the power of that mountain in the sky. This was something she had never expected to see - a mountain manifesting when she went through the Berserkers' Disaster!

A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He suddenly realized that his previous train of thought had been wrong!

Once the Eastern Wastelands Bell retrieved its will from his body and the mountain manifested in the air, he found that it was not aimed towards Bao Qiu… but towards him!

A faint smile appeared on Su Ming's face. Once he understood this, he looked at the descending illusory mountain once again, and he could tell with just one glance that it did not harbor true killing intent towards him!

It would be difficult for anyone else to discover this, unless they were directly involved in this like Su Ming and had the exact same analysis and judgments as he did. Everyone else, they would only see the Berserkers' Disaster descending on the building.

'You, who do not harbor any killing intent towards me, what is with the mountain that appeared because of me and now it descending towards me… If you're not intending to wipe away my existence, then you must surely… be a trial!'

Su Ming's eyes flashed. And at the same time, the smile on his face grew, for within his eyes was a hint of respect.

Contrary to other people's feelings towards Eastern Wastelands Bell, he had been sad because of what he saw and respected the Sacred Vessel's persistence, due to his familiarity with Han Mountain Bell… Even if it was only a treasure, Su Ming still respected it!

As the power of that one mountain descended, Su Ming lifted his right hand. He swept his thumb across his index finger, and a thin wound immediately appeared, blood flowing out of it to dye Su Ming's right index finger red. When he lifted his head, he could sense that the power of that one mountain was getting closer, and Bao Qiu was shivering even more violently. At that moment, he pressed his bloody index finger on Bao Qiu's fair forehead.

He left a mark of blood at the center of her brows!

It was like a symbol. At the instant he smeared the blood on her forehead, Bao Qiu was left completely stunned, because she realized that when the blood appeared on her forehead, she could no longer feel any sort of pressure on her!

It was as if she had been placed outside the pressure, as if she had been overlooked by Eastern Wastelands Bell, let off by the Berserkers' Disaster!

This scene caused Bao Qiu's heart to race. With shock in her heart, she looked towards Su Ming. She had a dumbfounded expression on her face, and there was a huge storm raging in her heart. The various questions that rose within her caused her breathing to instantly quicken.

It was difficult for her to understand how Su Ming could make the Berserkers' Disaster let her go by just smearing his blood at the center of her brows.

She could also not understand how he did it. Just who was he? What level of cultivation did he have? Where did he come from?

And what sort of connection did he have with that Eastern Wastelands Bell?

She could already guess that there was some sort of huge secret contained within this, though she was uncertain as to what that secret was. Then, as if she remembered something, her eyes went wide and she stared at Su Ming blankly. Disbelief and dazed confusion appeared on her face.

A loud bang reverberated in the world. As all the people from Evil Spirit Sect watched, the mountain that appeared seeped through the double-story building and descended within. Everyone, including Shen Dong, did not think that there might be another person in Bao Qiu's house.

To them, Bao Qiu was the one fighting against the power of the manifested mountain at that moment.

Su Ming swiftly lifted his right hand, as his long hair danced in the air and his robes fluttered. He looked at the illusory shadow of the green mountain with a fixed stare as it came charging towards him as if it wanted to crush his soul, and the moment it came close, he pushed his hand swiftly up!

A muffled bang reverberated in the air once he pushed against the mountain. That bang spread out like a ripple and echoed through the entire Evil Spirit Mountain, but that sound could not be heard with human ears. It could only be sensed with the soul. It was a sound only for the soul.

All those who heard that it would be dazed for different amounts of time, even Shen Dong. That sound echoed in their heads and refused to leave even after a long period of time has passed.

At that moment, Bao Qiu saw something, and it would became something she would never forget. It would even be carved into her soul to become an eternal memory.

She saw Su Ming smiling!

At the instant he touched the illusory mountain with his right hand, another illusory item appeared around him, and that was… another bell!

It manifested around Su Ming and enveloped him completely. She could see a faint figure of a nine-headed beast on the illusory bell. The pictures of mountains, rivers, and deserts might not be carved there, but the bell around Su Ming caused Bao Qiu shock once she saw it. She even had a feeling as if she saw the Eastern Wastelands Bell itself.

The sound that could only be heard with the soul and would cause others to be dazed had spread out after the power from the mountain clashed with this illusory bell!

Bai Qiu bit her bottom lip when she saw no form of killing intent or pressure bursting forth when that power from the mountain crashed into the illusory bell around Su Ming. Instead, that power dissipated as if it had melted, and then it surged into the illusory bell around the teenage boy.

When the power of the mountain completely dissipated and fused into Han Mountain Bell… a mountain that towered in the clouds appeared on the surface of Su Ming's bell besides the Nine-Headed Dragon!

"Thine appearance befits the laws left by mine master, Lie Shan Xiu. When the outsiders occupy our land of the Berserkers… I shalt bring down the Eastern Wastelands Tower… It has ninety-nine layers, and if anyone reaches the top, he shalt be my new master… He shalt also receive Lie Shan Xiu's epiphany towards all worlds, and the person shalt understand Life…

"Thine power is not enough to withstand my power… I shalt grant thee the seal of one mountain, and with it… thou shalt obtain the right to enter Eastern Wastelands Tower… and activate the Blood Trail Path.

"Thou art the first to obtain the seal of the mountain… When Eastern Wastelands Tower appeareth, twenty six others shalt receive the right to enter after you in succession…"

A cold and ancient voice echoed in Su Ming's head. When it spoke, a focused look swiftly appeared in Su Ming's eyes. After a moment, the voice disappeared, and as the blood-red screen of light changed, the double-story building was instantly concealed within it. The one that was exposed outside was another person from Evil Spirit Sect who was using this Berserkers' Disaster to train.

Su Ming's eyes sparkled. Even though the voice in his head vanished, but the meaning behind its words was enough for him to mull over for some time.

'Eastern Wastelands Tower… By the looks of it, this tower will only be allowed to descend once certain requirements are fulfilled. Besides the outsiders occupying the land of the Berserkers, the other requirement is for me to appear.

'Lie Shan Xiu…'

A pensive look appeared in Su Ming's eyes.

Bao Qiu was staring at Su Ming with a dumbfounded expression at that moment, and respect gradually appeared on her face. It did not matter whether it was born from the master servant connection linking her to him or due to other reasons, all races would always respect the strong. That was an eternal law that would never change in all worlds no matter how they had developed.

"Thank you, master." Bao Qiu got up, then wrapped her fist in her palm and bowed towards Su Ming.

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