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It was not as if Su Ming had never thought about running before, but while the world might be big, where would he be able to run to? For how long would he be able to run? Putting aside the fact that it was already incredibly difficult for him to run away from Di Tian, just this great disaster itself was already something impossible for him to escape.

This was a disaster. He could not run from it, and neither did he want to run from it. It was not as if he was doomed, beyond redemption because of this disaster, and neither was it a form of suppression where he did not have an ounce of strength to fight back, because he could fight back!

In fact, he had even managed to injure Di Tian!

He was even just a hair breadth away from dealing a heavy blow on his opponent. This chance might not happen again, but Su Ming would not retreat!

'Why should I be afraid of death?! Even if I die, my will shall wake up again when I am reincarnated! Even if I die, I will still stand here and fight against fate!'

At the instant the screen of light dissipated, Su Ming's roar turned into a sound wave resisting against fate. It contained his will, his life, and all the unwillingness to submit to fate born throughout his life!


Even someone as powerful as Di Tian was also forced to come to a halt under that sound wave. His robes fluttered, and his hair danced in the air. What shocked him was not the power of that roar, but the presence of unwillingness to submit contained within it!

"Unwilling, hmm…? Once you sink, once you become obedient, I will make you willing…" Di Tian narrowed his eyes and walked towards Su Ming. He ha grown impatient by now, and decided to end this battle with brute force!

With his fastest speed, he would restore the chaos in Su Ming, thus allowing himself to feel at ease and fight with the other clone against his clan's archenemy - The Evil Sect in Eastern Wastelands!

When he moved forward, a black sea of fire appeared under his feet. It burned furiously and covered the entire area. Wherever it went, everything would be burned to ashes. The Dead Sea also started boiling, and a large amount of steam filled the air like fog.

With an incredibly domineering presence, Di Tian stormed towards Su Ming, as the black sea of fire spread out. With each step, his presence would surge like waves, as if there was no power in the world that could make him stop at that moment!

Su Ming lifted his left hand and pushed at the sky. With it, an ancient glow appeared in his eyes. He remembered the second God of Berserkers' warm left hand.

"God of Berserkers… palm lines," Su Ming said softly.

As his words traveled forth and Di Tian closed in on him, as the black sea of fire surged into the sky between the two of them, black trails swiftly appeared. They intersected with each other, looking like black fine threads. As they filled the air, they turned into gigantic palm lines!

They formed the outline of a palm, and that was the God of Berserkers' palm!

As Di Tian approached and as the black sea of fire spread out, the huge hand formed by the palm lines in the sky pressed down on him. It was so quick that it closed in on him in an instant.

From the distance, this was a shocking picture to see. The hand was pressing downwards, and right from within the flames surging into the sky Di Tian was walking out!

He did not even bother looking at the palm lines in the sky. When he walked towards Su Ming, he simply allowed them to close in. However, the sea of fire by his side rose up all around him, charging straight towards the sky to crash into those palm lines.

The clash between the God of Berserkers' palm lines and the sea of fire caused the booming sounds in the world to reach their extreme. This was a fight between two forces of power. At the instant they came into contact with each other, booming sounds shook the entire area, stirring up a wave of impact that swept towards the Dead Sea underneath, sweeping sideways across its surface, and causing a huge whirlpool right under Su Ming and Di Tian.

The whirlpool spun with loud, rumbling sounds, and the submerged ground could even be seen deep underneath!

"Your growth might have exceeded my expectations, but… you are still too weak!"

With each step Di Tian took, the palm lines in the sky collapsed under the sea of fire's impact. Blood trickled out of Su Ming's mouth, and as he retreated, Di Tian vanished. When he reappeared, he was already standing right behind Su Ming. He lifted his right hand and waved his arm. Immediately, Su Ming's body started going towards Di Tian against his will.

"Let's end this battle."

But right at that moment, Di Tian's pupils shrank, and he moved four steps backwards without any hesitation. At the instant he retreated, flames covered every single inch of Su Ming's body. He was burning!

He had just set his blood ablaze, lit fire on his own cultivation base. Just as Si Ma Xin had done before, Su Ming had set his blood ablaze to stimulate the strongest power within the inheritance from the second God of Berserkers. It could be said to be the God of Berserkers' Transformation!

Fusing with the Welcoming of Deities had just allowed him to obtain the inheritance so that he could use the God of Berserkers' divine abilities. If he wanted to bring out their full potential, Su Ming would need time to grow, just like Si Ma Xin. If he wanted to execute those divine abilities forcefully, then he would need… to go through the God of Berserkers Transformation!

To set his blood ablaze and turn into the God of Berserkers!

As Su Ming was engulfed by flames, the color of his hair started interchanging between black and white. His body was wrecked by shivers when, and when he lifted his head, cold callousness, along with madness, could be seen in his eyes. With a single step, he appeared right before Di Tian and hurled his fist towards him.

At the instant he did so, Di Tian frowned, lifted his foot, and kicked Su Ming's leg. With a bang, Su Ming retreated several steps back, but his fist had already landed on Di Tian's body.

However, right at that instant, golden light shone on the clone's body, and he was completely uninjured!

Di Tian narrowed his eyes and walked towards Su Ming. He suddenly had a huge fondness towards Su Ming's current behavior. The more unwilling he was to submit, the more interested he was in making him submit.

This made him feel incredibly good. He did not move quickly at that moment, but with each step he took, a layer of ripples would appear in the air, as if the sky itself had turned into water.

When Su Ming fell backwards, he lifted his right hand and pressed his palm against his chest. The blood he coughed up was sent into the sky with a swing of his arm.

"God of Berserkers' alteration towards the stars, sun, and moon, Disaster of the Stars!"

As Su Ming spoke, an entire group of stars immediately appeared in the torn clouds and the darkened sky. These stars glowed, and once they covered the entire sky, starlight descended swiftly, as if the stars itself had fallen, causing a wave of murderous aura to swiftly fill up the entire area.

Along with that murderous aura was the seemingly corporeal starlight. As it shone on the ground, a strange picture took shape. Within it were all the rays of starlight twisting and distorting before they all charged towards Di Tian like sharp arrows.

Anyone looking over would find the sight the arrows that were formed from the starlight that filled the entire sky dazzling. The murderous aura would also surge into their bodies and cause their cultivation bases to freeze.

Di Tian's pupils shrank. Almost at the instant the murderous aura and the sharp arrows closed in on him, he opened his mouth and spoke.

"Stars have their own courses, and starlight has places where even it cannot shine. With my orders, I, Di Tian, announce this place where no starlight will shine. This is… what it means to have each word I say turned into law!"

Once he finished, every single word he uttered turned into a runic symbol that flew out of his mouth and disappeared into nothingness. Right then, the murderous aura from the Disaster of the Stars which Su Ming had executed vanished without a trace. The starlight also turned into darkness in an instant, and even the starry sky became indistinct.

It was as if a law had been changed, causing Su Ming's divine ability to be forcefully halted!

"You should be proud that you actually managed to make me use the power of Law. What other divine abilities do you have? Bring them out, let me see… just what you have learned during the days I did not see you." Di Tian walked towards Su Ming slowly and spoke with a calm expression.

Bitterness filled Su Ming's heart. As he watched Di Tian walk over, he gritted his teeth, lifted his right hand, and struck his forehead. With it, the Berserker Bones within his body started letting out cracking sounds, and as his power spread outwards, he lifted his hands to form the picture of the moon!

"God of Berserkers' alteration towards the stars, sun, and moon, Moon Slaughter!" When Su Ming spoke those words, the muddled sky filled with stars was no longer just an illusion. Once all them faded away, a crescent moon appeared in the night.

Almost at the instant it appeared, the exact same shadow of the moon formed by moonlight appeared around Di Tian!

It completely enveloped him within, causing his footsteps to come to a halt. He lifted his head and cast a glance at the moon in the sky.

"Not bad. This Art is at least something worthwhile." As he spoke, cracks appeared on his skin, and they appeared right at the moment the moon in the sky started showing signs of crumbling apart.

Di Tian's eyes flashed. He lifted his right hand and seized the air. A violet ray of light appeared in his palm, and as it shone, a long violet sword manifested itself!

It was nine feet and nine inches long. There was a biting cold presence coming from within its long, narrow body, and there was also the majestic might of an emperor spreading out from within it, as if all swords in its presence would have to bow down and worship it… because it was the emperor of swords!

At the instant that sword appeared, Su Ming felt sharp stab of pain in his heart. He widened his eyes and looked at the sword. He had a sudden strong hunch that this sword was not Di Tian's… but his!

That feeling came out of nowhere, but was extremely powerful, as if the sword was a part of his life!

Yet at that moment, the sword was in the clone's hands. Di Tian looked at Su Ming and smiled. He lifted his right hand, and with the sword in his grasp, sliced at the moon in the sky casually!

With that one slice, the heavens howled, and time itself suffocated. The moon in the sky exploded with a bang, and even the stars in the sky shattered. The sword had cut down the sky, and a wave of sword aura even came charging down towards Su Ming's head with a sharp whistle!

"Abyss Sword!"

Not even Di Tian's clone had noticed this, but at that moment, within one of the torn clouds in the sky was an incredibly beautiful woman. She was originally snacking on roasted seeds while watching the battle underneath, but at that instant, she widened her eyes and looked at the sword in Di Tian's hand.

Right beside her was a shrunken yellow dragon. It had a look of distress on its face, but was still swallowing every single one of the seed coats the woman threw with extremely agile movements, not missing a single one.

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