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Abyss Sword was just like its name. It was a sword from the Abyss. It cut through the sky and sliced through the air, slashing through the endless fog behind and revealing a brilliant galaxy after it!

That galaxy was where the Immortals were. It was Bright Yang Emptiness. There were an endless amount of planets engaged in cultivation there, and a lot of floating continents. Su Ming… had come to this place before, and that was when he was on the ancient bronze sword!

He had also come to this place once with his will before, when he killed Si Ma Xin.

There was a gigantic vortex in this galaxy that stretched endlessly. At that moment, an astonishing whistle traveled out from the vortex, and soon, as the fog churned viciously, a sword aura shot out. That sword aura… was naturally from the sword with which Di Tian had cut through the sky earlier. It penetrated the sky, shot through the fog, went through every single obstacle in its way, and flew out into the galaxy from the vortex!

At the instant it appeared, it disappeared without a trace…

At the edge of Eastern Wastelands, right above the Dead Sea, in the land of the Berserkers, was Su Ming. At that moment, a sword aura just like the one that went into the galaxy charged towards him with a howl. The speed of it was so quick that it closed in within the blink of an eye!

The moment it did so, Su Ming closed his eyes and had his right palm turn upwards while his left palm turn downwards. He closed his eyes, and a whirlwind appeared around him. As it rotated with loud booming sounds, it hid Su Ming's body. No one outside could see within it, and there Su Ming's body turned into that of a teenager. His hair turned purple and white, and at that moment… Destiny's presence radiated off him!

A loud bang shot up in the sky at that moment. The sword rammed into the whirlwind, and without a single hint of resistance from the wind, it tore through then fell back, simply letting its aura rip through it to charge towards Su Ming, who was inside.

But the scene that happened right after caused Di Tian to experience a huge shock for the first time since the battle started. That shock was even stronger than when he faced the God of Berserkers' spike!

He widened his eyes in disbelief. Right before his eyes, he saw the sword aura penetrating the whirlwind, causing it to crumble as it charged straight towards Su Ming, but for some unknown reason, the crumbled whirlwind gathered up together once again, and the sword aura that penetrated through the wind… turned back!

It was as if time had reversed on everything that had happened just now!

If that just had been the case, Di Tian would not have been too shocked. What truly shocked him was… a presence that came forth from the recovered whirlwind; it was one that made his heart tremble!

There was no way he would mistake or forget that presence. It almost made him lose control over his mind at that instant!


At the same time that one word he would occasionally mention in conversation tumbled out of his lips, a fragile person walked out of the whirlwind where Su Ming was. He swung his right hand behind him, and the whirlwind dissipated.

What appeared before Di Tian was a teenage boy - Destiny, whose half of the head was white, and the other purple!

"This is impossible! You haven't woken up in Berserkers' Realm Mountain. You're still in the seal. You… You can't possibly bring forth the transformation to become Destiny! This isn't you. This isn't Su Ming. This isn't the Destiny I want!"

Di Tian's face twisted into a ferocious expression, as if he had gone mad, as if a fatal miscalculation had just appeared in the plan he had prepared for a long, long time. It caused him to be unable to accept this sudden matter!

"This isn't your path!"

Di Tian took a step forward, and with lightning speed, he charged towards Su Ming. For the first time, a killing intent that surged into the sky came from within him. He might have attacked before, but he had never possessed the thought to kill. He simply wanted to restore order.

Yet now, his killing intent was incredibly clear!

"This isn't the path you should take. This also isn't the Destiny that I've worked towards for such a long time, and still had hope of obtaining even if I've failed time and again!

"This isn't you!" Di Tian roared. His body closed in on Su Ming in an instant, and as he lifted his right hand, he went on to point at the kid's throat. He… wanted to kill!

Su Ming, who had turned into Destiny, looked at Di Tian coldly with a calm expression on his face. At the instant that finger closed in, he did not dodge, but before Di Tian's finger managed to touch him, the clone started swiftly moving back, as if time had started flowing back on him, causing his actions to go in reverse.

This change caused Di Tian's pupils to shrink, and for the first time, panic appeared in his eyes!

He was not panicking over the possibility of him not being able to escape from the chains of time, what caused him to go into panic was the disaster that was even more alarming among the Immortals. It was something from many years ago, before the time of the first God of Berserkers!

That disaster was a terrifying nightmare to the entire True Morning Dao World… and it was precisely because of it that the True Morning Dao World and the Immortals who had yet to recover from it were trampled by the first God of Berserkers.

At the instant Di Tian's actions started flowing backwards, Su Ming took a step forward. He lifted his right hand and pointed at the center of Di Tian's brows. A bang reverberated in the air, and golden light shone around the clone's body.

At the instant the power in the finger was neutralized, a glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes, and the golden light that spread outwards immediately disappeared, causing Di Tian to no longer have the protection from the screen of light. At that moment, Su Ming lifted his foot and kicked the clone.

With a bang, Di Tian was pushed backwards. Su Ming went straight towards him, and in the span of a breath, he caught up to him. With a swing of his left arm, the same moment time started changing again, he tapped the center of Di Tian's brows. Once it happened a few times, the clone coughed up a mouthful of blood, and he swiftly snapped back to his senses.

"I would rather not have this plan, because I cannot let you continue living! I will destroy your consciousness here completely!" Di Tian lifted his right hand and had his fingers face in front of him. At the instant Su Ming closed in, he pushed forward.

"Soar to the White Sky!"

Di Tian spoke slowly. His other clone had cast this other divine ability all those years ago, and right then, he was casting it again. A strong white light shone from his right hand, and the white light stained the entire sky.

Then, he clenched his right hand into a fist and pointed upwards… and a white sun appeared in the sky!

It looked as if a star was plunging downwards, causing the sea underneath to cave in with a bang. The seawater started spreading outwards, and the entire world turned white!

The light from the sun turned into the strongest light in the word!

A white sky apocalypse!

Di Tian slowly lifted his left hand, and as it got closer to his right hand, which represented the white sun, the process itself represented soaring!

Su Ming, who was Destiny, was standing not too far away at that moment. His face was calm, and within his eyes was absolute indifference, as well as a hint of reluctance to part with his life. It was also… a deep regret towards the home buried deep in his memories, as well as the ninth summit.

'Dark Mountain's secret… If I can remember it in my next life, I will search for it…

'Master, I'll be leaving now. Being unable to find you is a regret I harbor within myself.

'Eldest senior brother, second senior brother… If we are reincarnated, let's be fellow disciples again. I… will have to take my leave first!

'Hu Zi… third senior brother…'

A smile appeared on Su Ming's face. At that moment, a destructive presence spread out from his body. It came from him burning his own life. It was him using everything in his life to activate what little remained of the God of Berserkers' hair on his right index finger, which he lifted!

That strand of hair had managed to kill Di Tian's clone in the past. As of then, there was not much left, and Su Ming knew whatever was remaining would not be sufficient to kill Di Tian. That was why he had used everything he had to fight against him previously, and all of it was for the sake of injuring the clone, to make him weaker.

But a pity… the difference in their power was simply too great. He could only marginally hurt him, could not even weaken him too greatly.

"Oh well…"

Su Ming lifted his right hand, and it was swiftly lit in flames. At that moment, every single drop of his life was gathered on what little remained of the God of Berserkers' hair wrapped on his right index finger. The hair was immediately set ablaze and the power that belonged to the first God of Berserkers erupted forth from Su Ming's body.

Even though there was only little remaining of the hair, but the power that erupted forth was much stronger that what Su Ming had managed to bring out in the past, because, this time, his life as well as Destiny's power was contained within it!

Destiny's power was the overlapping between the past and the future, the burning of his life produced flames that continuously rose and gathering together on the hair wrapped around the little finger, and there was also the increasingly stronger fluctuation of power from all over his body.

The sky was white. The white sun illuminated everything and hid it all away. As Di Tian roared and his hands approached each other, the strongest power of his divine ability erupted forth from the endless white light!

At that moment, Su Ming decided to stop gathering power on his right index finger. Instead, he pointed towards the white light that had filled up the entire world, right in the direction of Di Tian. Then, the power gathered in his finger swiftly shot out like a shooting star!

It was also at that moment that the woman's petite face turned solemn, as she hid in the clouds. She looked as if she was hesitating about something, but then gritted her teeth.

"Oh, fine, I'll help him just this once!" As she spoke, she lifted her hand. Her face instantly turned pale, and green light appeared on her hand. She pushed downwards.

Di Tian did not notice this, and neither did the woman, but right after Su Ming pointed forward with all his life gathered in the finger, a song from a xun echoed in the air beside him within the white world. He was the only one who could hear it, and at the same time the song started playing in the air, a bone xun flew out of his body.

That xun was given to him by the old xun maker…

"What is Life? My child, this is the path you chose. Do you… understand now?"

This was the last thing Su Ming heard before he lost consciousness.

A bang that shook the sky and earth stirred up a loud roar in the Dead Sea beyond Eastern Wastelands, and that roar rang through the air for a long time...

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