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Lie Shan Xiu's presence should not possess a powerful might, because it was originally not very strong. It was rather faint, in truth. After all, it was an inheritance that lasted only till the third God of Berserkers. There was not much left.

However, if the monument's power to instill fear was used against the Immortals who had trembled under Lie Shan Xiu's might all those years ago, then the effect of this presence would reach a terrifying degree.

This was not a suppression ono one's cultivation base, neither was it going to cause Di Tian any physical damage. Instead, it was something that would affect his heart, a mighty pressure that came from the soul itself!

This mighty pressure would be stronger the greater was the Immortal who had trembled in fear due to Lie Shan Xiu's might. They would be like terrified birds who were injured by an arrow once and from then on would fall when they heard the sound of the bow again. Right then, Di Tian behaved in the exact same way!

Before he had made his name known, he had watched the first God of Berserkers raining slaughter on the Immortals. That mighty power and that terrifying massacre was his eternal nightmare.

At the instant he sensed Lie Shan Xiu's presence, Di Tian's heart trembled, a sight rarely seen on him. That shock caused his mind and expression to go blank for a brief instant.

That brief state of blankness was to Su Ming the chance he had been waiting for after all the preparations he'd made, it was also the reason behind why he prepared all the gifts for Di Tian!

At the instant the clone went into a daze, Su Ming pressed both his arms on the ground, and the red meadow immediately surged into the sky, and an area of more than thousands of feet could be seen surging up in to the sky. Red fog seeped out from the meadow, and the instant it filled the air, Su Ming grabbed the flagpole and stabbed it into the ground.

When he did so, the red fog that had spread out immediately gathered together, to turn into a gigantic shadow, and with a huge roar, it charged towards Di Tian. At the same time, with a yank from Su Ming's right hand, all the grass from the meadow flew up and enveloped Di Tian.

"Explode!" Su Ming let out a low roar, and the instant the meadow enveloped the dazed Di Tian, the flagpole let out a loud bang and exploded. The impact formed from it charged straight towards the clone.

Almost the instant the red meadow collapsed, the shadow in the red fog grabbed Di Tian's body, and right when it looked as if it was about to devour him, a look of struggle appeared on Di Tian's face. Clearly, he was about to wake up from the sudden shock the first God of Berserkers' presence had brought on him.

There was no way Su Ming would waste this chance he had seized after so much difficulty. He formed a seal with both hands and swiftly pointed forward!

"Illusion of Great Yu!"

As he pointed forward, his Nascent Divinity swiftly spread out and fused into the debris from one of Great Yu's palaces in the collapsed meadow. The debris swiftly let out a powerful dark light, and as it shone, the dark light instantly enveloped Di Tian within. The absent-minded look appeared once again, the signs of Di Tian waking up disappearing.

This happened because he had sank into the illusion of Great Yu. It was the Great Yu Dynasty that Su Ming had brought up from his own thoughts after seeing the country itself with his own eyes. The level of authenticity in it was unparalleled!

Right at the instant Di Tian became dazed once again, Su Ming let out a low roar. Right then, a flash of black suddenly appeared, and that black light was naturally the killing move Su Ming had prepared - the small black humanoid!

This creature was of unknown origins and had a mysterious background. Its strength could also not be deduced, but at the moment it appeared, it instantly entered Di Tian's body.

Su Ming seized the ground through the air with his right hand, and his body shot up. At the same moment he flew up, a virescent sword quickly charged towards him, and once Su Ming held it in his hand, he swiftly closed in on Di Tian!

The murderous aura from the sword in his hand rose into the sky and fused with the sword's aura itself. As it swept through the air, Su Ming cracked the sword like a whip on Di Tian's body, but right at the moment the sword's strike was about to reach him, a freezing glare appeared in Di Tian's dazed eyes and they became filled with clarity. There… was not a hint of blankness in him!

"The illusion of Great Yu Dynasty… I had personally joined in the fight to destroy the Great Yu Dynasty all those years ago and had even brought you away from it. This illusion… is too weak!" As Di Tian spoke calmly, he formed a seal with his right hand and pressed towards the incoming sword aura.

"I am the heavens. All manner of living exists beneath the sky. Under my rule, all the living are given different souls. If I am unwilling, I can retrieve those souls… Heavenly Deprival of Souls." At the moment these cool words that did not hold a hint of emotion tumbled out of Di Tian's lips, he pointed at the sword aura with his right index finger.

At the instant his finger touched the sword, Su Ming heard a shrill scream of pain coming from the small virescent sword in his hand. The sword also became dimmer in an instant, as if its soul was rapidly disappearing from within.

That one finger shot through the sword aura and charged straight towards Su Ming!

In the time of crisis, he swiftly lifted the sword in his hand and bit his left index finger. At the same moment he started fighting against Di Tian's finger, he swiped his left index finger across the blade.

By the time he drew that line of blood, Di Tian's finger had already touched the sword. A clear sound rang in the air, and a large amount of cracks appeared on the sword. A strange power came from it, and with a force that seemed as if it could separate a person's soul from its body, that power swept towards Su Ming.

Without any hesitation, Su Ming flicked the sword, and a sharp sword whistle reverberated through the air. A wave of sound from the sword also swept towards Di Tian.

The sword started shattering, inch by inch, and broke down in Su Ming's hands, but all the sword pieces swept towards Di Tian and crashed into his incoming finger.

Loud, booming bangs echoed in the air. Su Ming coughed up blood and his body fell backwards. Di Tian's face grew slightly colder and darker.

"You do have a few tricks up your sleeve, but do you have any left now?!"

Di Tian spoke coldly and took a step towards the pale and rapidly retreating Su Ming, but at the moment he took his second step, Su Ming's body came to an abrupt halt and a dark light shone in his eyes.

Di Tian frowned. Then, a roar shot out from the clouds in the sky. It was a dragon's roar, the crimson dragon's roar. A crimson dragon of ten thousand feet peered out from the clouds in the sky at that moment and glared at Di Tian. It did not know him, but it could sense that presence of the person who had killed its previous owner stained his body!

Roaring, the crimson dragon charged towards Di Tian, but with a calm face, the clone lifted his right hand and swung it forward.

"The dragon's soul formed by Hong Luo's Earthen Aura divine ability… dust to dust, earth to earth. There will be no second sovereign in the world!" He spoke calmly, but the moment his words were voiced, a shudder ran through his body, and a look of disbelief appeared in his face.

The divine ability he had just cast had not been brought outwards, but had instead… appeared within him. It was like self-mutilation, as if someone had just cast the exact same Art right in his face. It was used right back on him, and during that instant, Di Tian's body became slightly faded out!

The crimson dragon let out a low roar, and seizing that chance, it closed in on Di Tian, with its mouth wide open. As it roared, its body swept through the land. A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He knew exactly what had happened to Di Tian, because during moments before, he had sensed a hint of the small black humanoid's presence. He did not have time to think about how the small black humanoid had managed to do this though, because he could not waste this chance!

Closing in, Su Ming lifted his right hand. At the instant he raised his right index finger and closed in on Di Tian, his finger touched the center of the clone's brows. However, right when his finger touched him, a powerful rebound crashed straight into his body. Blood trickled out of the corner of Su Ming's lips, and his body fell backwards.

The crimson dragon went through the same series of events. As the power crashed into it and it was sent flying backwards, the waves of power that came from the Earthen Aura Dragon Vein had not even managed to injure a single hair on Di Tian's body. Instead, the crimson dragon had suffered a powerful rebound, but it went charging right back at him again, and was sent hurtling back once more. After a few times, its body shrank greatly and it even showed signs of withering away.

Di Tian's face grew as dark as thunderclouds. He simply allowed Su Ming and the crimson dragon to attack, not bothering with them. Instead, he lifted his right hand and struck his chest. With it, a shrill scream of pain came from within his body. Then, right from his back, a small black humanoid started being forced out, its body crumbling. Just as it was about to be completely kicked out—

"Nine-Headed Dragon!" Su Ming shouted, and immediately, an endless amount of bell chimes came from the clouds in the sky. When another chime sounded, as the clouds in the sky tumbled in the air, a bell that was several thousands of feet in size descended rapidly and covered Di Tian within it.

At the same time, the Nine-Headed Dragon's illusion manifested in the sky. The awakened heads roared and spat out an innumerable amount of vengeful souls right at Han Mountain Bell. The vengeful spirits filled the sky and earth, surrounded Han Mountain Bell, and even shot through the bell to charge towards Di Tian!

At that moment, Di Tian lifted his head and roared. Immediately, the small black humanoid broke down and was completely forced out of his body, but during that instant, a red glare that even Di Tian himself did not notice charged straight towards him.

The red glare was too fast and had already reached a distance of less than three feet from Di Tian. The clone waved his arm, and the red glare distorted slightly before it started using its body to resist the power from Di Tian's swing.

But… with a bang, that red glare broke down and turned into a bloody mess. It… was the small snake!

Yet even though its body had broken down, its head still remained. It bit down on Di Tian's hand, causing his left hand to instantly turn black!

Di Tian's face filled with rage. He had never been in such a pathetic state before, and it was especially humiliating since his level of cultivation surpassed Su Ming's by quite a large margin. But right then, due to his many moves, Di Tian had been injured!

"Men's revolution can be replaced by the heavens. This is what it means for the heavens to take over men!"

Di Tian's voice echoed in the air, and the power within him erupted. This caused the small snake that had managed to injure him to shatter. The awakened heads from the Nine-Headed Dragon rushed into Han Mountain Bell right as the small snake was about to die and opened their mouths wide to devour Di Tian.

A loud, violent bang reverberated in the world for a long, long time and did not disappear. Instead, that sound became even greater. For the first time, a large amount of damage appeared on Han Mountain Bell, and it shattered. Its broken pieces could be gathered together once again, but clearly, they no longer contained the spiritual aura the bell once possessed.

The Nine-Headed Dragon let out a shrill cry of pain and exploded, turning into wisps of fog that surged out in all directions.

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