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Han Mountain Bell was sent back!

The Nine-Headed Dragon disintegrated!

The small Candle Dragon only had its head remaining and not much life force left. At that moment, it was tossed far away!

Anger appeared on Di Tian's face. This sort of dishevelled state was something that was incredibly rarely seen on his person.

"You're just an imitation of the Great Eastern Wasteland Desert Bell, how dare you try and seal me?!"

Di Tian's hair was a mess. His left hand had originally been black, but was rapidly regaining its actual skin color. Black liquid fell from the two wounds from the small snake, and by the looks of it, before long, he would be completely recovered.

Right at the moment Di Tian took a huge step forward, and in his anger was fully intent to end what he believed was a farce, a chilling glare appeared in Su Ming's eyes. Immediately, as the clouds in the sky tumbled, a shocking, thunderous roar traveled forth.

At the instant it sounded, a gigantic bolt of lightning crashed on Di Tian with an unbelievable speed and loud, rumbling sounds.

Di Tian's pupils shrank, and he instantly vanished. Right then, a deafening thunder clap rose into the air, and the place where Di Tian had been standing shattered completely!

Su Ming seized the air with his right hand, but at that moment, a great sense of danger rose swiftly within him. Without a single bit of hesitation, the Welcoming of Deities immediately appeared in his hand and he swallowed it.

At that moment, Di Tian walked out from the space behind him and lifted his right hand. Then, with a superior might that could not be withstood, he pushed his palm straight towards the top of Su Mimg's skull!

The space around Su Ming was completely sealed off by this attack, causing it to be absolutely impossible for him to dodge the fatal blow!

Once he was struck, he would lose all his memories. When he woke up again… perhaps he would still be him, but he… would also no longer be himself!

The hand came towards him, and Su Ming's fate seemed to be sealed. However, there was no absolute certainty in the world, and accidents could happen in every situation, including those that seemed certain! Almost at the instant Di Tian thought his palm would hit Su Ming without a single obstacle, it was less than three inches away from the top of his skull, after all, suddenly, a ray of golden light swiftly spread out from Su Ming's body!

There were five layers to this golden light, and when it spread out, the first layer that touched Di Tian's hand shattered, but within the circle that was closer to Su Ming, another layer appeared.

As the light screens shattered, more would appear, and they continuously spread out. Within that short instant, the layers had shattered several tens of thousands of times, but they never disintegrated. The seal always stayed!

This golden screen of light that would eternally exist with those five layers reappearing in an endless cycle was naturally the Five Direction Seal that held down the second God of Berserkers' left hand!

If this seal could hold down the God of Berserkers' left hand, then there was no way that Di Tian's clone would be able to break its might within a short period of time!

Su Ming's Qi continuously rose within the screen of light. At that moment, the Qi that was spreading out from his body after he swallowed the Welcoming of Deities was that belonging to the second God of Berserkers. Di Tian was incredibly familiar with it, and his expression changed.

But right at the moment his expression changed, the nine-holed cauldron appeared once again from the clouds in the sky. As of then, only three of the four original filled holes were brimming with lightning. Once it appeared, a red flash of lightning came crackling down from the sky and charged towards Di Tian.

"I didn't expect that you would have Divine Will's Lightning. As I thought, Destiny, I can really give you no chance! But this Divine Will's Lightning and that Five Direction Seal should be your last tricks!

"I'd like to see just how you will fight against me when I break your Five Direction Seal. So, the second God of Berserkers' inheritance, hmm…?"

With his intellect, Di Tian could tell with just a glance that this Five Direction Seal was not under Su Ming's control. This thing had appeared to protect him just because the second God of Berserkers' Qi had risen within Su Ming's body at that moment.

He might be referring to it as a protection, but it was in truth sealing Su Ming within!

The person inside could not get out, but the people outside could not get in either!

Yet to Di Tian, the Five Direction Seal's existence was protecting Su Ming at that moment, that was why even though he knew that this thing was actually a seal, he still chose to try and break it open!

With his power, perhaps he would be unable to do so within a short amount of time, but when he lifted his head and cast a glance at the lightning in the sky, a cold sneer appeared on his lips. He lifted his right hand, pointed towards the lightning, then lifted his left hand and pushed it towards the screen of light that belonged to the Five Direction Seal.

With a loud bang, the red lightning struck Di Tian. He jolted forward and lightning filled his entire body in an instant. It swam through him and left through his left hand. crashing onto the Five Direction Seal.

Soon after, another bolt of lightning crashed down. Di Tian let out a low growl and clenched his left hand into a fist. At the moment the lightning sparks gathered on his body, he rammed his fist against the Five Direction Seal.

It had begun cracking due to the lightning earlier, and as it continuously crumbled and shattered, when that punch landed, its speed as it repaired itself started showing signs that it could not keep up with the rate of destruction. There were no longer five layers of light that appeared outside. Only three remained.

Su Ming could not dodge. He might be in the Five Direction Seal, but the area around him was frozen up, resulting in him being unable to retreat, unable to resist, unable to struggle, but he did not plan to do so. Instead, with calm eyes, he stared at Di Tian's actions.

The black stone fragment on his neck was flashing. Within this temporary period of safety, Su Ming had time to change his plans.

At that moment, the final bolt of lightning came crashing down. Right when it came in contact with Di Tian, a glint appeared in the clone's eyes. He lifted his right hand, about to touch the screen of light and have this Divine Will's Lightning add to the power of his cultivation base before channeling it to Su Ming so that he would get a taste of his own medicine, while Di Tian himself remained uninjured, an event that was completely out of his expectations happened!

A cold sneer appeared at the corners of Su Ming's lips, and during the instant Di Tian wanted to have him suffer the might of the Divine Lightning, a dark ray of light surrounded his body and he disappeared without a trace!

Once he disappeared, the Five Direction Seal dissipated, and because of that, the place where Di Tian was about to send the power from the Divine Lightning was gone!

Di Tian's pupils shrank. Lightning erupted abruptly within his body and filled him entirely, causing blood to flow out from his mouth for the first time ever since the battle had started!

Because of the lightning, his body also became numb, and during that instant, his cultivation base froze for a moment. If it had been any other moment, this would not have mattered, but right then, almost the moment Di Tian's plan failed, Su Ming reappeared in midair!

He had stepped into the dimension in the stone fragment and had taken out the Welcoming of Deities when he was in it, that was why the Five Direction Seal did not stop him when he reappeared. With a single move, he charged towards Di Tian.

"Di Tian, this is the ninth gift I've prepared for you!"

Su Ming's face was freezing cold. Killing intent shone in his eyes, and he pressed his left hand, with the black lines, straight at the center of Di Tian's brows.

A loud boom that shook the skies reverberated in the air. As Di Tian roared in anger, Su Ming coughed up blood, but just when it seemed like he was about to be sent flying off by the rebound, he lifted his right hand, and a black bone spike took shape!

This was the God of Berserkers' spike! It was the one and only God of Berserkers' spike Si Ma Xin had hold on to!

The instant Su Ming was sent back, he warped and without caring about the injuries on his body, he sent that God of Berserkers' spike straight into Di Tian's chest!

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