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Chapter 558: The God of Berserkers’ Left Hand!
Right when Su Ming stepped into the Rune and disappeared, Heaven Gate started collapsing at an even more intense pace. The remnants of the tribes who could now leave the place after they received their freedom left with Su Ming. Once they stepped into the activated Rune, they disappeared within.
When Su Ming appeared above the sea beyond the ninth summit, waves rose into the air and splashed down, moving about to turn the sea into a gigantic whirlpool. As the whirlpool let out loud booming sounds, a violent gust of wind that swept through the world was formed.
In the midst of the violent waves and the churning whirlpool, the ninth summit sank into danger, looking as if it was about to be submerged at any moment. Su Ming’s eyes sparkled and he charged over. In the blink of an eye, he approached the mountain and put Bai Su, her father, as well as the old man in white down on the ground. Then, he lifted his right leg and stomped down!
At that instant, a strong force traveled from his body into the entire ninth summit before it traveled into the seawater around the mountain. A violent rumble that sounded like thunder traveled out, and the seawater around the ninth summit exploded before tumbling outwards, causing a large hole to appear in the sea, with the ninth summit located right in the center.
The waves at the edges of the hole rose into the air. The scene was a shocking sight from the distance. The waves looked like a huge hand pressing down on the sea to form a deep hole.
The formation of that deep hole caused the ninth summit to stand protruding out of the sea. When another several thousands of feet of the mountain left the seawater, Su Ming lifted his right hand, formed a seal, and pressed his palm down on the ground.
At the same moment he pressed down, his hair was lifted by the wind. His expression was calm as light flickered in his eyes. When his palm touched the ground, a layer of golden light erupted from his body, and it started spreading outwards from his right hand. Within an instant, the golden light covered the entire ninth summit and protected it like a screen of light.
Right at that time, the seawater that Su Ming had forced away came flooding back into the hole. Once the sea recovered and the golden screen of light sparkled, the ninth summit turned into the one and only mountain among the raging waves and violent wind!
Su Ming stood still, right outside Hu Zi’s cave abode. The man himself was snoring away

in his cave. Behind Su Ming were Bai Su and her father. The duo had just witnessed Heaven Gate falling apart, and their hearts were in shock. At the same time, they also gained deeper understanding towards Su Ming’s power, especially Bai Su’s father, whose face was filled with disbelief as he looked at their savior’s back.
Then, without a single moment of hesitation, Su Ming abruptly spread his divine sense outwards.
He knew full well that his fight against Si Ma Xin had not ended. If he had not gone off to save Bai Su, he was an eighth of a chance confident that he could have killed Si Ma Xin under the continuous cycles of repetition, Wind Separation helping him.
However, the second God of Berserkers’ divine abilities Si Ma Xin inherited had made Su Ming rather concerned. He was certain that the man had not left, and he should be just around the corner. As Su Ming spread his divine sense outwards, a sharp, focused glare suddenly came to his eyes.
He could clearly sense a block of ice that had yet to completely melt in the depths of the sea. This block of ice was different from the ice that sealed Great Yu Imperial City. It was spreading out a thick layer of red the color of blood!
There was a tunnel leading into this blood red ice. Su Ming’s divine sense saw Si Ma Xin moving into the tunnel, and he was charging into the depths of the blood-red ice.
"Wait for me here."
Su Ming’s desire to kill Si Ma Xin had not lessened in the slightest. His eyes sparkled, and he immediately took a step forward to enter the seawater before he rushed to the depths of the sea.
He traveled incredibly quickly, even warping so that he could arrive at the bottom of the sea the next instant. Then, following the tracks Si Ma Xin had left behind, he ran into the tunnel and began his pursuit.
‘This… might perhaps be the glacier under Freezing Sky Clan from all those years ago, and it stayed even when the snow melted into ice… Looks like Si Ma Xin obtained his serendipity here!’
Su Ming charged through the red tunnel. He might look relaxed, but his mind remained at high alert and he had his divine sense spread out around him. As he moved through the tunnel, Si Ma Xin’s figure immediately appeared within the area covered in his divine sense.
This was a red layer of ice, and the tunnel into this ice was also the only crack in it. Yet for some unknown reason, seawater could not enter.

This red ice was quite thick, causing the crack to stretch out for a long distance. The ground under this ice was crimson red, as if it had been dyed in blood. When Su ming saw this striking crimson in his divine sense, he came to a realization that this seemingly red ice was actually just a transparent layer, and the ice was really projecting the blood-red world underneath.
There was a gigantic arm several hundreds of feet long on the ground under the layer of ice. It was stretching out towards the sky, and all its five fingers were positioned in the shape of a claw, as if there was a spirit that refused to accept its fate buried in the ground underneath, stretching out its hand to rip apart the sky.
This was a left hand!
The palm lines on this hand could be seen clearly. While the skin was rough, it looked incredibly real. There was also a presence coming out of that arm that was so great it almost made Su Ming’s divine sense immediately disintegrate when it came into brief contact with it.
This was… the second God of Berserkers’ left hand!
There was a person sitting on the palm, and naturally... that person was Si Ma Xin!
This was the place where Si Ma Xin had received his serendipity, and it was also the source which gave him the second God of Berserkers’ legacy! Unless he absolutely needed to, Si Ma Xin would not have lured Su Ming to this place. Yet the strange battle against him in Heaven Gate’s eighth layer had nearly driven him mad when he found that he could not control his own actions, as the time repeated itself. It made him not want to go through that sort of pain anymore. That was why he wanted to come to this place, because he wanted to raise the curtains for the final battle to the death between him and Su Ming here!
When Su Ming detected Si Ma Xin, his divine sense shattered, causing his footsteps to freeze for a moment. His face turned slightly paler, but quickly recovered. A dark look appeared on his face and he cast a glance at the crack before him. After a moment, a glint appeared in his eyes, and he charged into the tunnel.
Si Ma Xin was sitting cross-legged on the second God of Berserkers’ left palm at that moment while killing intent shone in his eyes. He had his palms placed palms down beside him, having his hands touch the palm while his head was lifted to look at the layer of ice illuminated in a crimson

a crimson shade above him. A cold sneer appeared on his lips.
After a moment, a chilling glare shone in his eyes and he swiftly lifted his hand to swing it in the air. The God of Berserkers’ left hand started trembling, and an illusory shadow of it manifested. It remained indistinct, and as Si Ma Xin waved his arm, the second God of Berserkers’ left palm charged towards the crimson layer of ice, straight towards the person who was charging through the tunnel at an extreme speed.
This was an extremely shocking sight from the distance. With an indescribable speed, the gigantic palm that looked as if it had stretched out from the ground seized the person who was charging through the ice. That hand tightened its grip, and loud booming sounds traveled through the air.
The layer of ice shuddered, and as it tore and broke, cracks spread out, until a large amount of shattered. These crushed pieces fell to the ground, and for a time, falling ice filled the air, covering Si Ma Xin’s field of vision. Red light was reflected off this ice, causing the area to seem as if there was a piercing light shining in the water, and no one could see what was going on clearly.
Si Ma Xin’s pupils constricted. He had prepared this strike for a long time, but he did not believe that he would be able to kill Su Ming so effortlessly. If he could be killed so easily, then he would not have been able to survive up to this point.
In Si Ma Xin’s eyes, Su Ming was his greatest enemy. If did not matter if it was when he was the prodigy of Freezing Sky Clan in the past or now when he had declared himself the fourth God of Berserkers after obtaining the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance, he had completely lost every single time in Su Ming’s hands!
Although it might seem as if his divine sense had destroyed Su Ming when he was passing through the tunnel, he did not let down his guard. His pupils shrank and his hands began to rapidly form a seal before he swung his arm in the air above him. All the crushed ice in the air exploded and surged upwards.
Almost the moment the ice above his head surged upwards, a strong sense of danger appeared in Si Ma Xin’s heart. At the same time, a figure shot out like a shooting star slicing through the air at an extreme speed, and he was charging towards Si Ma Xin, as loud rumbling sounds rang in the air.
That figure was traveling too quickly, forcing its quickly, forcing its way into Si Ma Xin’s gaze. In the blink an eye, that figure was already less than hundreds of feet away, and that figure… was naturally Su Ming!
He was traveling too quickly, and killing intent flashed in his eyes like a bolt of lightning. When he lifted his right hand, he pointed towards Si Ma Xin. That finger contained Su Ming’s will, and as if his entire being had fused into that one finger, it closed in on Si Ma Xin with an earth-shattering force.
Danger was looming right above his head. If it was anyone else, perhaps they would be unable to dodge that finger charging towards them at such an extreme speed. However, Si Ma Xin was a prodigy in the past and now called himself the fourth God of Berserkers. There were certain aspects within him which were the source of his arrogance. Without any hesitation, he opened his mouth wide and did not dodge Su Ming’s attack. Instead, he let out a roar that shook the skies and earth.
It was not a normal roar, but contained the essence of the power that belonged to the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance. This was a roar of Chi Shan Po, the second God of Berserkers, and it seemed to have traveled through the passages of time by using Si Ma Xin’s body as its carrier!
This was the God of Berserkers’ roar!
The instant it rang out, Su Ming’s pupils shrank. Booming sounds immediately rang in his ears, and blood trickled out of them. The space around him started shattering inch by inch, turning into fragments. An indescribably powerful force crashed into him, causing him to freeze for a moment.
Rumbling sounds came from within him, and a feeling as if his flesh and bones were being torn apart continuously shot up his body. Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth, and he was forced back several thousands of feet.
The power of that roar might be shocking, but Si Ma Xin himself could not cast it as he pleased. When he let out that roar, his body started withering away rapidly, as if all his flesh, blood, and essence had been absorbed by the attack. The God of Berserkers’ left hand shuddered lightly, and an invisible aura seeped into Si Ma Xin. Once it swam through his body, it started nourishing him.
"Su Ming, this place will be your grave!"
A ferocious look appeared on Si Ma Xin’s face as he glared at Su Ming standing thousands of feet away. His face started recovering rapidly from its withered state, but as he recovered, his appearance turned incredibly hideous.

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