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"The place where I was born still did things according to the laws of the universe. When I was born, the Berserkers had weakened…" Su Ming took a step forward and walked onto air. Sorrow could be seen on his face, and loneliness could be felt coming from his body as he mumbled under his breath.

"If the heavens are heartless, then we will all be separated. The earth was heartless, and it made my Dark Mountain die.

"When war begins, the world is broken and torn to shreds. When a person is lost, his path home grieves for him…

"If the heavens have eyes, then why do they never see that my world is plunged into eternal darkness? If the deities have souls, then why did they divide the sky and seas to the south and north?

"I kept my duty to the heavens, so why did they not let me see the darkness of night? I kept my duty to the deities, so why did they tear me into pieces and scatter my memories?!

"I yearn for my home all day and night, I am forced to wander and cannot see the pain of the heavens… I yearn for my family and friends, but where are they? Their souls yearn for me, but we are separated by death!

"Reality and fantasy cannot be differentiated, and Dark Mountain is too far away! We live and we die in this world, but where is my place in all of it?! I cry tears of blood when I lift my head, and tell me, why should I cherish this life and not defy the world?!"

Su Ming lifted his head and roared. His voice sounded like thunder rumbling, causing the clouds in the sky to tumble backwards, and a slim ray of sunlight shot through the thinned out layers of clouds.

When the sunlight descended, Su Ming took a huge step forward and charged towards Scour Sieve Island.

Killing intent and murderous aura filled his entire body. The sorrow brought by the six numbers, the confusion behind whether Dark Mountain was real or simply a fake, and the aura of death that had transformed from his drop of blood on Fang Cang Lan’s fingertips, all of these things made Su Ming begin laughing loudly as he continued moving forward.

His laughter rang through the air, but it was filled with a freezing chill!

He laughed at the heavens, laughed at the world, laughed at his own life, laughed at Di Tian’s intentions!

‘I cry tears of blood when I lift my head, and tell me, why should I cherish this life and not defy the world?!’

"Who am I? It doesn’t matter whether I am Su Ming or Destiny. I don’t know who I am, but I know that no matter how big this world is, I will be the one who will control my own fate!

"Who am I? Is that really important…?"

Su Ming threw up his head and laughed. He understood now. All the life and death experiences he had gone through had allowed him to grow. He had even come to understand the secrets of Dark Mountain on Southern Swamp Island, had seen how different Fang Cang Lan had become, and all of this had allowed him to understand!

"It’s not important. What is important is that I exist! What is important is that I will exist forever! What is important is that I will tear apart this mystery with all my power! What is important is that I will crush all of these things under my heel!

"I am not me!

"I am me!"

There was a wave of wild arrogance in Su Ming’s laughter, along with a wave of sorrow that was hidden beneath. When a person found that the things he treasured the most might possibly be fake time and again, how would he end up…?

Either he would give up, or… he would rise!

"What is reality, and what is fantasy? So what if it’s reality? So what if it’s fantasy?!"

Su Ming charged forth, and wherever he went, the world would rumble. Under his extreme speed, the giants in the sea dared not lift their heads, the birds in the sky dared not get closer, and all the living beings around him did not dare look at him!

"Since you call me Destiny, then I, Su Ming, will be your Destiny!

"And if you call me Su Ming, then from now on, I will still be Su Ming!"

Su Ming let out a long string of laughter towards the sky. His killing intent and murderous aura became even thicker as he laughed, surging towards the sky and pushing the layers of clouds to charge straight towards Eastern Wasteland’s Scour Sieve Island!

As he rushed forward under that extreme speed, he did not see that woman who still remained on the now distant Southern Swamp Island, did not see the Fated Kin worship his statue on their island, neither did he see Hu Zi roaring towards the sky in fury and in endless suffering on the ninth summit in the land of the Berserkers.

Nor did he see the relocation gate deep in the depths of the ground that would lead him to another place. In that place was a frozen world, and in that frozen world was the buried Great Yu Imperial City. In that city was a tall altar, and on that altar was the frozen Court Diviner of Great Yu. Right before him was a ferocious beast’s spine, and on it… were a line of words that were carved into the spine before the old man died!

"When you learn who you are, you… are no longer you!

"When you no longer know who you are, you… will be you!"

Besides these sentences, the things Great Yu’s Court Diviner had seen in the past with those gray eyes that could no longer see the world had all turned into a faint, loving smile filled with compassion and expectation.

Su Ming had not seen that smile clearly when he came, but if he had been able to see it, then he would have definitely been shocked to the core and his mind would have definitely gone blank with loud rumbles occupying his thoughts… and tears would have absolutely fallen from his eyes as he stood before Great Yu’s Court Diviner on the frozen altar.

Because Su Ming would never forget that smile, that loving smile…

He did not think about who he was. It did not matter whether he was a Berserker or a Shaman, Su Ming or Destiny. It did not matter where he came from or whether he was alive or dead. It did not matter whether this place was truly the land of the Berserkers or just that so called Yin’s Death Region.

He did not bother about these things. The only thing he cared about right then was what laid right before his eyes. The only things he cared about were the ninth summit and the Scour Sieve Festival that was held once every two years. He was going to help all the people of South Morning get rid of this festival!

Get rid of it forever!

He was going to tell the Cultivators in Eastern Wastelands… that there were also powerful warriors in South Morning after the calamity, and he would not let anyone trespass their land!

With that killing intent burning within him, Su Ming’s speed reached its peak. Several days later, as the sky turned bright and dark before the process repeated itself, as rumbling sounds continued traveling from the clouds, as the rain falling from the sky was dragged out and pulled into a long river of water in the sky by Su Ming as he continued onward with that extreme speed, a gigantic island appeared before his eyes!

A screen of light flashed outside it with a variety of colors. There was also a great power coming from it. There were seven small islands around that big island, looking as if they were stars surrounding the moon, like guards protecting their master.

Waves upon waves of powerful presences faintly traveled forth from the main island. If the screen of light had not been around, those presences would spread out without any filter. Yet even so, it was enough to intimidate all the people who came, as well as the ferocious beasts in the Dead Sea.

The island was shaped in the form of a crescent moon. Numerous pompous buildings built of jade and marble could be seen there, and the island itself was decorated extravagantly. Su Ming also could see a large number of Eastern Wasteland Cultivators moving about on the ground. It was an incredibly lively sight.

Even though the Scour Sieve Festival still had yet to begin, the preparations for it were already on the way!

Su Ming did not even attempt to hide his arrival a single bit. That was why the moment he closed in on the island, the long arc he brought along with him in the sky startled all the people on Scour Sieve Island!

"I, Su Ming of South Morning, have come to Scour Sieve Island to destroy your island. When I leave, blood will be flowing through this island in rivers, and you will all serve as a warning for Eastern Wastelands!"

Without holding anything back, he swiftly spread out his great divine sense and sent it crashing right down on the island!

His voice instantly caused thunder to roar down below, and the moment all the people heard his words, that long river of rain that Su Ming had brought along behind him charged forth with a howl, and like the river of heaven spilling down from the sky, it rammed straight down on Scour Sieve Island’s protective screen of light.

Right before everyone’s eyes, the river from heaven fell on them!

Right before everyone’s eyes, rain poured down on them like arrows!

Right before everyone’s eyes, the Dead Sea roared!

Right before everyone’s eyes, the world shattered!

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