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Su Ming’s voice reverberated in the air above Scour Sieve Island, and as it shook it, an endless wave of echoes stirred up in the sky. As those echoes spread out and the river crashed into the island, the land seemed to have let out a thunderous roar that fell into the ears of all the people on the island.

That voice was as cold as snow. That voice burned with a killing intent that surged into the skies. That voice also exuded a terrifying intent to destroy everything, causing most of all the people who heard it to feel greatly shaken. As they lifted their heads, they saw the shocking sight of the long river of rain filling the entire sky and crashing down on the protective screen of light on their island.

Scour Sieve Island was one of the bigger islands among all those surrounding Eastern Wastelands. But it had originally not existed. It only came into being when the great continent crashed into South Morning and its top layer shattered.

Later on, these islands were taken over by all the Eastern Wastelands Cultivators who had been unable to go back to their mainland due to all sorts of reasons. They turned these islands into their paradise. These Cultivators had all sorts of backgrounds. Some of them were people who had too much blood on their hands and could not return to the mainland. Some of them were people who had betrayed their clans or tribes, and some of them were people who trained on their own.

The people whose hands were stained with blood were everywhere. They were brutal, bloodthirsty, and it was as if all of them had the same natural disposition, especially in regards towards their brutality to the people of South Morning. This in particular had turned into their biggest entertainment over the past few years.

If they ran into men from South Morning, they would usually kill them, drag their souls, and refine them. If they ran into women, then these women would suffer even worse fates. Over the past few years, the people from South Morning who had died in their hands numbered so high that they could not be counted!

Tho people from South Morning had only managed to survive through the calamity with much difficulty, and yet they had to run into another fate that was almost akin to that of the calamity itself. All of this was because South Morning was much smaller than Eastern Wastelands, that was why it had shattered completely after a few crashes, while the level of disaster Eastern Wastelands had to suffer was much smaller in comparison due to its immense size.

It could be said that when the islands were formed around Eastern Wastelands, these places turned into the gathering spots for all those who were exiled from the continent itself. In fact, over the past few years, quite a large number of people from the mainland came to these islands, causing the strength of these islands to grow day by day.

It was especially so after old Mo Luo appeared. He had used his mighty power of cultivation to sweep through the entire land and occupy most of the island, naming it Scour Sieve and becoming the biggest faction of power among all the Cultivators gathered on the sea around Eastern Wastelands!

All the Eastern Wastelands Cultivators who had affiliated themselves to old Mo Luo joined a group called Barren Swamp, and they would call themselves Savages. Not only were they brutal towards those in South Morning and invaded their land many times to slaughter them, these people were also hostile towards the orthodox Cultivators from the mainland.

However, due to their wariness towards these Cultivators, they did not dare provoke them. But if they ran into them traveling alone, those orthodox Cultivators would also end up just like people from South Morning.

Su Ming’s arrival, his astonishing presence, and the river of rain crashing onto the protective screen of light caused all the people on Scour Sieve Island to feel shocked, but they were not afraid. Instead, a wave of brutality rose within their hearts.

This was a faction formed by numerous violent criminals. These people oppressed the kind and were afraid of the wicked. They showed their fangs towards the weak, created this Scour Sieve Festival that was nothing short of them drinking the blood of those from South Morning, because this was the only way they could find any sort of value to their existence.

Due to their vast numbers, they also scoffed at the idea of submitting to those who were powerful. They thought that if they killed, if they were brutal, then they could intimidate all the powerful warriors.

Over the years, their actions had indeed caused many people to choose to avoid them, but they did not know that this time, they had run into Su Ming!

Against this sort of people, there was no need for any form of humanity. Only one word was needed to deal with them, and that was to kill!

Kill them until their blood formed flowing rivers!

Kill them until no survivors were left!

Kill them until their terror was carried even to their deaths!

He would turn this island into a warning for all of Eastern Wastelands!

Rumbling sounds reverberated in the air, and violent booms erupted forth when the rain from the sky crashed into the protective screen of light. Light kept flickering on the screen continuously, but it did not shatter.

Roars shot out from the island, and Savages flew up from all over in a group, bringing with them brutality and bloodlust.

At the same time, seven shocking, long arcs instantly flew out from the seven guardian islands around Scour Sieve Island. Hundreds of people followed behind those arcs, and at that moment, roaring sounds that shook the sky and earth shot up around Scour Sieve Island, so loud that they were deafening to the ears.

Su Ming’s arrival and his powerful presence might not have caused the Savages on Scour Sieve Island any sort of fear, but he had brought about great shock towards them. That was why they had chosen to attack with an entire group.

Most of the time, when they ran into powerful warriors, they would do the same thing, and there had been many of these powerful warriors who had been shocked and chased away by their seemingly mad and fearless attitude towards death.

This time, they wanted to use the same method!

But… this method was useless against Su Ming!

With a calm expression, he decided to temporarily put Scour Sieve Island’s protective screen of light aside. He stood in midair and looked at the ferocious faces and brutal figures charging towards him while roaring, then lifted his right hand slowly before clenching his fist in a tight grip. Immediately, strong violet light burst forth from his palm.

That violet light in Su Ming’s palm was piercing to the eyes, and with its swift spread, it turned into an impressive violet spear that was dozens of feet long, startling all those who saw it. Once Su Ming held it in one hand, his lips curled up into a cold sneer, and within his aloof eyes, killing intent shone.

The instant his killing intent appeared, violet light shone around his entire body. The violet light covered him like flowing water. In the midst of that dazzling light, his right arm became covered in armor, and as if it possessed life, it spread out rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it covered Su Ming’s entire body. Once a violet helmet manifested to cover his head as well, his hair too looked as if it had turned violet as it flowed behind his head.

With the violet armor and long spear, Su Ming’s presence immediately became even more shocking as he stood in the sky.

He lifted his head swiftly, and with one swing of the long spear lying horizontally before him, a piercing sound reverberated in the air. He pointed the tip of the spear towards one of the seven guardian islands around Scour Sieve Island, straight in the direction of the many long arcs coming towards him.

"All those who violate us from South Morning will be executed, no matter how far away you are!"

The moment Su Ming said those words, he took a step forward, and with an indescribable speed, he turned into a long violet arc that charged in the direction of the group of people coming towards him.

This group of people were the guardians from the sixth island. The person leading the charge was a middle-aged man. He was dressed in a Hanfu [1] and his expression was tainted with sullenness along with bloodthirst. However, his heart was shuddering, filled with shock at the moment.

Su Ming had arrived among them with that mighty, intimidating presence as well as that violet armor manifesting on his body. Its light filled the man’s entire vision and made fear grow in his heart, despite the fact that he was already a Berserker in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm.

However, he believed that all powerful warriors would choose to run under the Savages’ crazed and reckless charge. With that thought in mind, the middle-aged man let out a roar, and as he lifted his right hand, his divine ability took physical form. Just as he was about to strike with his full power, a violet figure suddenly appeared in his pupils.

That violet figure seemed to have forced himself into his field of view, causing the middle-aged man to be momentarily stunned. When he eventually reacted to it and was just about to retreat, a stab of pain appeared at the center of his brows. The long violet spear had pierced through his head at some unknown point of time, with the other end going out the back of his head, bringing with it blood that splattered everywhere.

Besides that long spear, he also saw an aloof figure in violet armor holding onto that long spear, and that was the last scene he saw in his life.

A loud bang rang in the air. The body of that person whose head had been shot through by Su Ming’s spear under that extreme speed exploded. But even as his blood spilled in all directions in the air, the followers behind him did not stop for even a single moment and continued charging forward as if they had gone mad.

Su Ming looked towards them aloofly, then took a step forward. Violet light surged into the sky, and shrill screams of pain reverberated in the air the next instant. The violet spear would sweep through the air horizontally wherever Su Ming went, just like a violet dragon charging into the crowd. After a moment, when Su Ming walked out of the crowd, all the people from the sixth guardian island had exploded behind him and their blood poured into the sea.

There was even a trail of fresh blood that flowed with the movement of Su Ming’s long spear, which was now traveling in a diagonal arc. He stood in midair and turned his head around slowly to look at the sky coldly, straight towards the remaining figures who had flown out of the other six islands.

"All those who have humiliated us from South Morning will have what they did to us… delivered right back to them!" Su Ming declared coolly. His voice spread out, and at the same moment he turned into a long arc and charged into another crowd. It was as if once he donned on that violet armor, he would only attack, he would never retreat!

Murderous aura surged into the sky from his body. There was also a ferocious illusory shadow manifesting behind him, and it looked as if it was roaring murderously towards the sky!

All Scour Sieve’s Savages who saw Su Ming at that moment were startled, shocked, and fear conquered their minds and bodies.

Because no matter what sort of cultivation level they had, when Su Ming closed in on them, no one standing in the sky outside the island had any chance of surviving!

Because even though they were filled with crazed frenzy, Su Ming was filled with even more madness!

Because even though they were brutal and bloodthirsty, they discovered that Su Ming was even more brutal than they were!

That phrase promising to return what they did to those in South Morning became the eulogy for these Savages, turning into an echo that shook the skies. Su Ming killed, and wherever he went, all those who tried to stop him, as well as all those who fell into his line of sight, would find their bodies exploding into smithereens when he left. Rain poured down from the sky, and the blood seemed to have fused with the rain from the sky, causing the sky to begin raining blood!

So what if these people were in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm? In just a moment, right before the people who were still on the Scour Sieve Island’s eyes, the sky outside practically turned red with blood. As it poured down from above, most of the people from the guardian islands died. The sort of shock they felt in their hearts was something words could not describe.

If they were already in such a state, then it was even more so for the Savages from the guardian island standing outside the screen of light. When this group of hundreds was cut down to merely dozens during the slaughter, the Savages who believed themselves to be more brutal and reckless than anyone else had their minds broken. Their wills were shattered, causing them to scream in fear and scatter away.

"He’s mad!"

"He’s a bloodthirsty malicious spirit!"

"There’s… There’s such a brutal person in South Morning? This… This is…"

When Su Ming saw the still alive people around him fleeing hastily in fear, he lifted his left hand and pointed towards the sky. All the clouds started spinning with a loud rumble, turning into a whirlwind that descended upon the escapees. It swept through the sea, lifted up a wave that surged into the skies, and as it swept through the air, the dozens of fleeing people were all dragged into the whirlwind, and as booming sounds filled the air, all of them were shredded apart! None survived!

Translator’s Notes:

1. Hanfu: Traditional clothes for Han people, during the Han dynasty. Here is a link to how it looks like:

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